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Sarah West

2 years ago

I am so impressed with Perry's Place. A week before Christmas, I saw a TikTok from their account of a sweet calico. I filled out an adoption application, and was able to get an appointment to see her within two days. I ended up taking her and another girl home with me that day. While I was at Perry's Place, they answered all my questions, gave me information that I wouldn't have thought to ask, and allowed me all the time I needed to visit with the cats to make a decision. But what has really impressed me is the contact I continue to have with Perry's Place after the adoption. They utilize an app that sent me surveys on my cats' acclimation, eating, and bathroom habits in their new home, with responses to my survey answers. They also sent me emails to check in on my new roomates and see if I had any questions or concerns. I have sent them pictures of the cats via email and their Instragram account, and they always respond quickly. The people who work at Perry's Place are genuine in their concern and care for the well being of cats. I'm so glad I made the decision to contact them as it brought me two fabulous roommates.

Carol McGovney

2 years ago

Beautiful Fabulous wonderful people in a comfortable and great set up for cats & Kittens to meet new people who might be their permanent humans. My Lulu Mcg is now a little over 2 years old and we are very happy

manny lira

2 years ago

Great place needs all the help we can give. I got my foster cat from here Mr. Good bar

Juliana Fridline

2 years ago

I've adopted a kitten from this place and after a week I took him to the vet for a basic check and I find that he had ringworms and upper respiratory issue which was not mentioned at all at the adoption time. He was not in a good health condition to be adopted but this was my worst adopting experience. Before I surrendered my kitten, I had to lock him in my bathroom knowing that will last at least for 2 months. I wanted a companion not a cat where I lock him in a bathroom until the treatment was resolved. Please be cautious of what you are getting into.

Sandra Leon

2 years ago

This place really helps kitten and well as senior felines too. I love the updates on adoption and the photos I get. They also have a foster option if I'm not in the place to take a cat full time.

Lady Fiona Armstrong Jones

2 years ago

Perry's Place is awesome! They do so much to help the homeless cats and kittens of the world get the love and care they need while working to find good homes for all of them! If you are looking for a new feline family member, I highly recommend you make an appointment to visit Perry's Place and meet all the wonderful babies there.

raymond hakoopian

2 years ago

I adopted a kitten from here and they told me the kitten had worms and then had bad diarrhea for awhile after but the diarrhea had “resolved”. The kitten has had diarrhea since I brought him home 2 months ago and when I called to ask how they resolved his diarrhea before adopting him out to me they had NO explanation. Also during this phone call I found out the kitten had actually been infected with worms at their facility. Very careless to bring in animals and put them with other kittens without testing them. It seems they have caused this kitten a lifetime of bowel issues due to their absolute carelessness. And Clearly they lied about the diarrhea being resolved as I am still dealing with it. I have spent so much money taking him to different veterinary locations and no one can tell me what is causing his diarrhea. Further, the kitten was calicivirus positive without my knowledge and he gave it to my other kitten which cost me another 4k in expenses. Adopting from this shelter has been an absolute nightmare. I would not wish this experience on anyone

Andrea Diaz

2 years ago

A loving group of cat Mom and catdead

Sharon Eye

3 years ago

Sign on and pick a pet to adopt! We have to spread the love to our furry friends , their braving the covid too,,,with no mask!!!!

suzanna guillen

3 years ago

A lot of dogs need adoption pit bull

scott gutierrez

3 years ago

Found Perry's place through a Google search, went online to the available pets and found Miss Penny.. they have secerak available and i had a list of 7. Eric helped me through the whole process and was amazing with information and answering all my questions. Perry's Place made it very easy to Foster/Adopt Miss Penny. Needless to say, she has been an amazing addition to my family and a complete joy to have wround. Never a dull moment!!

Lizbeth Donnelly

3 years ago

The best place to adopt a new member of the family, the staff is always very nice. I recently adopted two wonderful kittens ????. During my adoption process, I wasn't very sure about getting two cats, so they offered me to foster both of them for two weeks to see if I feel comfortable with them. After a week, I fell in love with these two ✌️ girls.

James inLA

3 years ago

We met our two new little loves and Eric was very helpful. He explained the whole fostering and adoption processes to us. Our little siblings are so precious.

todd yetenekian

4 years ago

This is a great cat sanctuary, and a great place to adopt a friend for life.

Art Masihi

4 years ago

Very nice place with very friendly staff. They really take good care of their cats and kitties. I have adopted my cat 4 years ago from this facility and I always recommend everyone to adopt cats from this place.

Ian Rudolph

4 years ago

Wonderful place to adopt a cat! Loving volunteers and staff were wonderful. But. Don’t expect to just go in there and Just come home with a cat same day, you have to jump through a few hoops to make sure that cat is a good fit for you. Which I really appreciated and my new cat Sasha is an amazing addition to my family. Make sure to look at the day:times as they are not open to the public every day.

Karen Schreiber

4 years ago

Lots of happy cats & a very caring staff! It's nice to see that there are rooms where the residents are able to live without cages. It allows them to socialize with the other cats & not be so confined.

Luke Raymond

4 years ago

Great place for cat adoptions. I got my boys, Benny and Van, here.

Maggie Gravelle

4 years ago

This rescue is incredible to work with. I adopted my two boys from them and couldn't be happier with them out the experience of the adoption. They didn't push or rush me, and the cats are very well taken care of there. I have recommended them to friends as well! Highly recommend!

Nda Putri

4 years ago

OMG I love this place! They have so many cats and kittens, the employees are nice and friendly. Could spend hours in this place just to play with the cats they have..

Pam Jgmail

4 years ago

They helped me fix my colony of feral cats who are all happy healthy outdoor cats now over 3 years later. Fabulous people, wonderful service to the community.

Patty Lopez

4 years ago

I love this place. Such a great organization. We adopted a few cats from them. Very supportive, very involved, they care. Kim is fantastic. Love all the staff there.

Vighnaharta Sabale

4 years ago

Great place to adopt some loving animals.


5 years ago

Got my first three cats from this place and they are thriving. Couldn't have asked for better service. They genuinely care for the cats and the people because they put so much time into the cats' welfare that they don't want to see it get returned. Great place to volunteer at if you have time, need community service hours (they help you add your hours), and you actually feel like you're making a difference.

Mr. Van de Car

5 years ago

The Ladies who run the place like to act as if the adopters do not know anything about owning a cat, they are condescending, rude and overall not pleasant to deal with. I hope for the best for all the cats that are their, however the employees need to check on the attitudes they have, and not treat potential adopters like idiots. I dont believe I will be adopting from them, I would much rather go to Best Friends shelter near mission hills the staff their know how to run an adoption center. Perrys Place should go their and learn how to interact with potential adopters.

Jenn Smith

5 years ago

I love this place great place to adopt a cat or kitten

Emma Wollaeger

5 years ago

We found the purr-fect for my family!????

Anya Genevieve Rayne

5 years ago

This is the go-to place for cats, rooms and rooms full of them where you can socialize and get to know each other, lots of kittens, I am currently fostering a family and it's the best thing I've ever done.

Anita Yordi

5 years ago

Adopted my first kitten here and it was a complete success! They made sure my kitten was healthy and spayed before I was allowed to take her home. The staff is super friendly and down to earth. They're honest about the cats and their health as well. It is very clear the staff loves cats which made the experience even better! If you want any age cat I definitely recommend this place!

Ashley L Molloy

6 years ago

Such a wonderful organization !

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