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Karan Bhatia

a year ago

My pets mean the world to me, so we put a lot of thought and effort into the vet we choose. She is high anxiety and becomes extremely scared around vets. Berkeley recognizes this and always exercises massive amounts of patience. They listen to me and let me remain present to ensure our dog gets the care and attention she needs. I can’t imagine taking our pet anywhere else. Highly recommend this practice for anyone who has a dog that needs extra patience and attention!

natalie ludick

a year ago

Love love this vet. Had emergency they got me right in snd so reasonable. Caring and compassionate. Thank you all at Berkley my Bella is doing so much better????????????????

Mike Stanimirovich

a year ago

I have read some responses from the hospital and will never bring my fur baby here. There are no excuses for any part of any company, business or practice when dealing with customers. Especially Loved family members ❤ such as our pets which are our sons and daughters. I read when someone was late ! Who cares its an a living being we are talking about so when I saw that I burst . I will never trust excuses because that is just laziness which I would NEVER put my Lucky in those hands. Never been here and will never go.

More Cuter

2 years ago

Great place love it here

Ashley Johnson

2 years ago

My dog had an ear infection. I was very happy with the service, vet techs were awesome. And the veterinarian wasn’t trying to push expensive services, just necessary care while letting me know all options and possibilities. Good price, great service, will come again.

Gladys Ramirez

2 years ago

Ive had multiple problems here, first they had my sister waiting hours even though she had an appointment! What is the purpose of making an appointment then? Next they had her waiting for an hour to be charged, they charged her for medication they didn’t give her. When I called and left voicemail that I was charged and not given medication they didn’t call me back for two days then they said the medicine has been here we already dispensed it so we won’t give you a refund. Hello if I didn’t get the medication that is your staff’s problem not mine. I just wanted a refund since my girls got better without the medication I wasn’t going to give it to them for no reason, i called and they would say they’d call me back and never did after the 4th time I asked to speak to doctor and she never called me back and the office would say she’s in surgery. Second time I needed medical record to be transferred to new veterinary they never got them, then I needed rabies vaccine records for my dogs or they won’t allow me to have them at my apartment when I move in and I’ve called them at least 3 times they say they will but never so i called a 4th time asked to be to doctor because I need medical records and vaccine records and the just say she’s unavailable she’ll call me back and never does. They are quick to charge leave you waiting and not provide the services they’re supposed to!!


2 years ago

Ughhhh I hate going there!!!that's all I have to say!!!

Cat Zapata

2 years ago

Was almost charged $65 to just get my cat weighed …until I complained enough for it to be $20 .

Rosa Avina

2 years ago

Dr. Park and her staff are AWESOME!!!

Lisa Y

2 years ago

In Urgent need for an appt and got one only 2 days away. The urgency in their care is highly appreciated.


2 years ago

the hispanic guy on the phone working May 26 at 12:30 was giving me a lot of attitude for no reason. would not trust these guys

Louis Mel

2 years ago

Had an appointment scheduled at 11:30 and they made me wait 30min and gave me attitude when I wanted to reschedule

Zach S

2 years ago

Really nice receptionists but this place is super disorganized. You will struggle to make an appointment despite there being a web application. Don’t expect them to call you back. Even if you call they don’t answer the phone and they don’t respond to voicemails.

Marrianne H

2 years ago

Needed to make an appt QUICKLY. I called, Texted, emailed & called again but have not received a response. Its been over a week. Unbelievable.... Are they still in business? Big "F" for Communication skills. Highly disappointing....

Duncan Barton

2 years ago

Not very communicative, I didn’t find the doctor to be reassuring whatsoever when speaking with her. Don’t feel comfortable leaving my pet here

Frank H Papini

2 years ago

Service was good! The only thing I didn't like was the price of the medicine! They charged a total of $55 for famotidine... PEPCID!!! Be more reasonable on the prices on meds, and I will start recommending my friends!

Greg Hokanson

2 years ago

Great service for my 20 year old cat. In these pandemic times, the rsvp/check-in process was simple and the staff and doctor were excellent.

CynLiz JimPe

2 years ago

My pet has been taken to this veterinary 3 times past year. At first it seem as I was goin to like it here but past 2 times...well, just feel like the clinic is in it to make money not quality care, with the patient. I give it 3 stars but really after discussing treatments for my pet with the female veterinarian, I actually feel it should be a 2. Staff there seem to be nice although it can feel a little off at times. I feel this is because they just follow drs orders. We all look for a good caring, understanding vet for our pets. Unfortunately, this vet doctor, (sounds hindu or filipino) make the discussions very awkward. With vague answers and just rigid, nonchalant, cold attitude, made me feel very uncomfortable leaving my pet under her care. She even rushed me when I was debating the treatment of my pet. Quote " Well, it's 4 oclock now, and I need to get back to other pts" Like I understand, but...really? Wow!! I looked at past recent reviews, and sad to say some express same feelings. She makes it sound that she is just there for the money. No integrity. The more you pay, the better she give you attention. Otherwise, NOT. IDK. That IS how they made me feel. When I picked up my pet last time, he was dirty frm his bottom; uncleaned and bloody from his behind and just scared. If pets could talk right?!! Well, I'm sorry I had to leave this negative post, but I am just being honest. It was an urgent matter to take my pet, but I dont believe will be returning. Unless, things change. It used to be a nice place by what I read. Very unhappy with doctor there.

Roderick Hayden

2 years ago

I have been taking my cat to Berkeley for a number of years and have received excellent service. All the employees are really into caring for animals especially the doctor.

Rean Luttrell

2 years ago

Berkley take excellent care of my dog and the entire staff is wonderful.

Phoebe Slattery

2 years ago

I Did not have a good experience there could not understand the doctor and they kept me on hold for so long to make an appointment I should I hung up and went someplace else

Sunny Hanna

2 years ago

Dr. Park is a reckless incompetent excuse for an animal doctor who treats your pet like a disposable piece of meat. My poor puppy couldn’t walk for 4 days! after being treated by her and her staff. It was a simple neutering. The entire underbelly of my dog was completely cut up from the clippers they used to shave him. They didn’t even clean the wounds, he was covered in blood. Go on yelp to see the pictures.

Niecy T

2 years ago

Great place! They are very friendly and attentive. They make sure they take care of your fur babies. I was recommended by a friend to come here because I had a horrible experience at another Veterinarian place. My first day there was a great experience. As soon as I walked in, the front desk staff was so friendly, the Vet was so nice that even my furbaby let herself be held, that's usually not something that happens easily. Since then I have been coming to this place and I recommend this place to many. I don't plan on taking my fur baby anywhere else. Furbaby and myself are happy to come here.

Warren Battis

2 years ago

Great Vet. Great people who are covid-19 conscious and sensitive to any questions. I've been using them for my 2 dogs for over a year now.

Lynn Swanson

2 years ago

Berkley Pet Hospital was founded by a great vet, Dr. Krivoy, who has since retired and the wonderful Dr. Park has taken over. Her empathy is amazing and her staff is lovely and caring.

Cayla Amanno

2 years ago

Great vet! Best prices in the Valley

Elise Wine

2 years ago

I am very disappointed with Berkley Pet Hospital. We rescued a puppy this summer and the shelter recommended Berkley so we decided to come to a couple of issues our dog was having. At one of our appointments, they took our dog under their arm and then just walked around with him to other cars to get other people's information instead of bringing our dog inside first. That was crazy unprofessional. After they checked our dog, they came out and gave us their suggestions which was immediately to give him 3 shots - when I asked when they were for and if there were other less invasive remedies, they seemed surprised that I was asking questions. They gave vague answers and tried pressuring us into spend all of that money without wanting to have any discussion. All I wanted was to discuss other possibilities and to talk about what to do with my dog (not too much to ask). I do hope for their sake that it was a couple of bad days for the veterinarian and that it's not always like that. But my advice, if you want a personalized experience and to feel valued, don't come here. But if you want a quick fix, no matter the shots or cost, then this is the place for you.

Darshann S

2 years ago

Fast, clean, no nonsense, sane pricing vet. Cat was comfortable. Got meds we needed.

Elizabeth Susana Palomino

2 years ago

Dr. Park is just wonderful and everyone is so patient with my very shy pitbull. I know she's in good hands when I take her there.

ariana melero

2 years ago

Berkeley Pet Hospital puts their clients first. They are so kind and calming which is so comforting when our pets are not doing well. All the vets go above and beyond in finding solutions and collaborating with clients. We’ve come here a few times over the years. We’ve tried other vets that are closer to home, but always come back for the customer service and the support we get from the amazing staff. I highly recommend Berkley Pet Hospital to anyone who’s tired of the hidden fees or cold interactions at other vet hospitals. They are always kind and patient, no matter how the clients are acting or feeling. I can’t recommend them enough.

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