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Jeff Eirich

2 years ago

I used to go to another vet but decided to go to them because they are closer to my home. Would not go there again. Customer service is questionable. They say one thing and then back out of there commitment. They conduct unnecessary testing to increase the bill. Can not talk to the doctor directly unless you have an appointment. Lots of good vets around so suggest not using this one. Would like to respond to the vet owners comment about 'extortion' . Is the owner of the pet extorting when the medication notes 1 refill left but was refused because the vet wanted to charge them for a visit and blood testing or is that extortion by the vet. You the reader should be the judge. Interesting to note that the owner did not respond to my review until after they read my comments, called us asking if I was going to use there services again which we said no. Would like to add that due to COVID it is understandable that you are not allowed in the vet's office. But after we spend a large amount of money we could not even talk to the vet about some questions we had. The assistant responded to us. In fact we had asked a few time to speak with the vet but was denied. Lastly, we are not the only unhappy customer. Suggest you read some of the other reviews on this site and Yelp before you make a decisions about using their services.

Christine Kipp

2 years ago

Dr Taylor is very thorough. Staff is great with big dogs and very nice to customers making quick appointments for vaccines.

Alex Cohen

2 years ago

Have seen some reviews on staff friendliness and cost of care at the hospital and all I can say is: 1) Dr Taylor and his staff were upfront about cost, gave me quotes before agreeing to provide any additional services. Prices were fair, similar to other clinics I have been to 2) Were nice and explained exactly what they were doing I brought both dogs in for routine checkups, the doctor was thorough, and then I brought one dog back for skin allergies. The doctor explained what we needed to prescribe to help relieve the allergies and we did it. 2 weeks later, his skin is all cleared up and better. Will be going back for future care

Yi Wang

2 years ago

1. The doctor was rude to the nurse girl and yelled at her. I had to persuade myself that I didn't want to become involved. 2. The doctor had my pet prolapse in order to get a stool sample. 3. When the doctor checked the dog and told me things, he mumbled quickly in a low voice. There is no interactivity. I won't be able to ask a question unless I stop him. 4. After the testing, there is no email or SMS report. Only a phone call. I spent around $400 on the vaccination and exams. 5. I received no email, SMS, or other type of reminder after calling to schedule an appointment. 6. I'll pay $80 in advance when I book the appointment. I was warned that if I am late, my pet will not be treated and my $80 will be forfeited. 7. Following the $400 immunization and tests, he demanded $80 for a $30 Surolan the following day.

Jennifer Stevenson

2 years ago

I had a great experience at Miramonte this weekend with my chicken who was experiencing a prolapse and other associated vent problems. Everyone was very professional, the two ladies assisting the vet were lovely and made my chicken and I feel at ease. The Dr was very thorough in his exam which I appreciated.

Victor Ying

2 years ago

bad, my chicken was left untreated after paying hefty fees

Vandana Mukherjee

3 years ago

Doc is great. Great service, very thorough

Nikolay Samokhvalov

3 years ago

A very bad service. Choose anything else, not this one. However, if you enjoy being punished, you might want to have a little adventure here. All you need to do is to make an appointment and then be 20 minutes late. To reach an extreme level of satisfaction, just repeat it. Spoiler alert: Don't read the other reviews here. Spoiler alert 2: don't look to the answer to this comment, because it already reveals how they will treat you ;-)

Jutta Gonzalez

3 years ago

DO NOT GO THERE ! We had the absolutely worst experience with our sick chicken. We took her in because of a respiratory illness and the doctor was completely unprofessional every step of the visit. It was obvious that he did not care much for the patient nor did he want to get any valuable information from us that would have certainly helped in diagnosing her illness. That itself I could have understood as he was obviously in a hurry but his diagnosis based on x rays he took showed that he was clueless. He then recommended antibiotics although he stated that he did not think it would have any benefit. I later received a call that they are happy to euthanize our chicken, for another fee of course. When I contacted the office for the antibiotics he recommended only a few days later to prevent an infection, the receptionist told us that they would need to do another exam and further testing, with more fees associated of course. I asked to speak to the doctor himself to clarify but that was not possible unless I would pay a fee for consultation. The receptionist then hung up on me while I was speaking. Absolutely unprofessional behavior and unethical standards in my opinion. I should have listened to other reviews and known better when he was the only vet that had availability to see birds.

Hedy Ak

3 years ago

Before doing the exam, they do not mention how much they are going to charge for each procedure. They just do it and then expect you to pay $196. Too much overcharging. The doctor clipped my puppy’s nail without using any positive reinforcement. So my puppy started to scream and peed out of anxiety. Everyone there is rude and impolite.

Céline Bisson

3 years ago

Dr. Taylor and the staff at Miramonte Veterinary Hospital are wonderful! My kitten Yuumi was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia and they were there for us every step of the way. Dr. Taylor was really good about explaining everything that was going on with Yuumi and checking with us before running any tests or moving forward with any procedures. Yuumi was in a really critical state and they were amazing about making space for her appointments in their schedule even though they were often very last minute. They called us every day to check in on Yuumi and give us opportunities to ask questions. Yuumi is so loved when she is there, all the staff are so good about keeping her comfortable and petting her while they do procedures. They are all kind and compassionate towards our cat and towards my partner and I. This is by far the best vet I have ever been to. Plus they have a really cool parrot, Bill, who hangs out in the office and will say "Bye!" as you leave!

Carrie Shaked

3 years ago

Dr. Taylor helped us make very difficult decisions when our cat got cancer. His patience and kindness is above and beyond.

Billy Badson

4 years ago

This place is good in theory, they really care about the animals that they see, but they don't care about the people, and that is very obvious. They look down on people who can't afford to pay for what the doctor thinks they should have done, people can't choose what tests they gave done, and Doctor Taylor is just a bitter old man. If you're a minute late don't expect to be treated kindly, even if you call a head of time. His only response will be "You should have been here on time." He will literally have the receptionist call you 2 minutes before your appointment to figure out where you are. Pet owners are not treated like humans, but their pets are. The receptionists argue with you, hang up on you, and laugh in your face. And as you can see by the comments, they take the time to argue with customers on here as well. Very bad business mentality. You'd be better off spending your money elsewhere.

Ashley Mercier

4 years ago

Dr. Taylor is so incredibly intelligent. My cat is 5 years old and for the last 3 years of his life i think he has had back pain. When I first noticed it I took him to our other vet who didnt seem to find much wrong with him, even upon …

Casey Olson

4 years ago

Post response review: I wonder who responded to this review. It sure seems like Wendy, the receptionest who was so disrespectful and inconsiderate, that I was able to remember her …

Doug Stillinger

4 years ago

I saw Doctor Taylor for a previous dog for 15 years. Unfortunately, in that time, Dr. Ken Taylor has become a grouchy, impatient, embittered man who simply cannot be bothered to treat his patients' humans with anything resembling respect. I don't know if something happened to him personally, or if he simply dropped any pretense of amicability or professionalism. In either case, he should have retired before he became the detestable man he is. Again, he used to be a great vet with a middling bedside manner. Now he is a deeply unpleasant man you will be only too happy to avoid.

Jacqueline Lindahn

4 years ago

The receptionist at the front desk, Shana I think, is very unprofessional and rude. My first time visiting there I was in the waiting room and someone came in for a …

Kay Blom

4 years ago

We have been taking pets to Dr. Taylor at Miramonte for 20 years. He is caring, knowledgeable, and professional in the every way, especially in the way he practices medicine. Our pets have had varied and unusual ailments, and if Dr. …

Nicholas Wameling

4 years ago

This is the best veterinary hospital I’ve been to hands down. This is what sets Miramonte above the rest: When it comes to Dr. Taylor this man really cares about the animals. You know your pet is in good hands when you give him to Dr. Taylor. The staff there is very nice and genuine. They are willing to help and answer any questions you have. My dog Beacon had an emergency situation. And Dr. T made sure I knew he was going to be okay. Now that he is fully recovered it really helped having that reassurance. In the past I’ve left other Vets with a lot of unanswered questions and still worried about my pet(s). I fully recommend this hospital. I wouldn’t want to take my dog anywhere else.

Carla Murray Kenworthy

5 years ago

We’ve been clients of Miramonte Vet for over 15 years, and during that time Dr Taylor has treated my dogs and parrot. I credit Dr. Taylor with helping my first rescue dog live as healthy and pain-free a life as possible for the 14 years we had her. Now I’m happy to continue with my new rescued dobie. I’ve referred several friends and neighbors to Dr.Taylor, and they have told me how satisfied they are, as well.

Scott Stanford

5 years ago

Dr. Taylor is very caring and knowledge.

Nannette may

5 years ago

Dr. Taylor is the absolute best. He cares for our dog and both our birds. He and his staff are increcible. I have been going to Dr. Taylor for about 9 years and i highly recommend him. He goes the extra steps to make sure the animals he treats are comfortable and doing well for weeks later.

Nora Seymour

6 years ago

I have been bringing my cats to Dr. Taylor for the past 11 years. 2 of my kitties were special needs cats adopted from the shelters. Dr. Taylor took the time to research their ailments and provide treatment that extended both of their lives …

Clifford Harris

6 years ago

Highly recommended! As a physician myself, I have high expectations for the medical care of all my family members. I am delighted with the level of care that Dr. Taylor has given to our little dog. Dr. Taylor accurately and quickly diagnosed an unusual bone disease in my pup's hind leg. I got three other opinions before proceeding with the surgery that he recommended. Although the other vets did not all agree with Dr. Taylor's diagnosis, it turned out that he was right. I followed his recommendations and now my dog runs and plays as if nothing had ever happened. The whole team is very professional and compassionate.

Jordan Archer

6 years ago

Great people and my adopted stray did great in their hands.

Tracy Perez

6 years ago

Dr. Taylor saved our cat's life. We took Chloe to an emergency pet hospital when she suddenly became extremely lethargic. There she received several blood transfusions for severe anemia. She eventually stabilized but would not eat. Unbeknownst to us, she had previously stopped eating due to the underlying illness that led up to her hospitalization. Being overweight, this caused her to develop hepatic lipidosis ("fatty liver"), which can be fatal if not aggressively treated. Dr. Taylor made an immediate diagnosis and ensured that she received the proper treatment. Thanks to his quick thinking, we still have our beloved Chloe. Dr. Taylor has also given us valuable guidance in treating our senior dog who suffers from arthritis. He recommended a combination of medications that enables Sabrina to have continued mobility as a nearly 14 year old Labrador Retriever. Dr. Taylor is very knowledgeable and highly experienced. You can trust him to provide outstanding medical care and always do what is best for your pet.

Sara Chaney

6 years ago

Worst experience ever! I agree with person who said that as long as you have MONEY, they will help you, if you don't have the money they want from you, then you are out of luck. This is the only vet that I have been to where you can NOT choose which tests to force on your pet, especially when they wanted to test for things that she has not even been exposed to! From his own mouth. However he required us to do ALL the tests or he would not treat her.

Kathi Guerrant

6 years ago

I have been bringing my dogs to Dr. Taylor for 20 years. I really appreciate his professionalism and his willingness to explain everything to me. He is very good at indicating which tests are most important and which will be potentially helpful but won't necessarily change the treatment of the animal. I was surprised that one person said he didn't allow you choices because that isn't my experience at all. Also, he doesn't push unnecessary treatments but he lets you know about issues that might need treatment in the future. My dogs have had a variety of challenging medical issues; I have always felt they were in good hands under Dr. Taylor's care.

Jyothi Sunkara

8 years ago

Dr.Taylor is competent and considerate. He seems to be on target when diagnosing and treating my 14yr. old dog. for a variety of ailments and a couple of injuries.

Carrie Barton

8 years ago

I rescued a Pit bull about three years ago. He was very sick. I have spent thousands of dollars at this veterinary hospital. I can say this, they are very helpful if you have money to spend. At the end of Jan. 2015 I took my Pit bull in …

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