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michael reyes

2 years ago

This animal hospital was very helpful and professional. Take my cat here for check ups and one emergency and decided never to go anywhere else. Excellent customer service and Jessica, the manager was awesome to work with.

Ted Diaz

2 years ago

Myself and my wife were very happy with our/and our pet's experience at Alpine Animal hospital. I would definitely recommend them to all my friends living near here.

Jewel Weigand

2 years ago

Great friendly and honest. A little high price but that's the area. Getting my online prescription approved has been a struggle and a half.


2 years ago

Awful experience trying to schedule a first appointment for my new pup. I showed up for an appointment only to be told that the system was down and that I’d need to reschedule. I was asked via text if I could accommodate an appointment the next day, and when I called to ask about the time a few minutes later I was told that there wasn’t an appointment available until 3 days later. I confirmed an appointment then, only to receive a call back saying that there actually wasn’t an opening until next week. Extremely disorganized. However, I will say that Jay who works at the reception was extremely professional about the situation, I acknowledge that it isn’t any one person’s fault but the overall poor communication left a bad taste in my mouth and I decided I didn’t feel comfortable trusting this place with my fur baby. Sharing in case this helps anyone else make a better informed decision!

Shawn White

2 years ago

I recently changed to this veterinary clinic. So thrilled that I did the staff is incredible you never have to wait on the phone or for an appointment prices are reasonable and they are always caring and concerned five stars!!

Niclas Gyllenram

2 years ago

Rude staff and terribly unprofessional. They are just hustlers, trying to cheat and fool their customers into paying for irrelevant and unnecessary treatments or tests. Don't go here

Hannah Smith

2 years ago

I just absolutely love this this vet and all of the staff. They honestly have helped my babies so much. I highly recommend.

Mark Tashima

2 years ago

I've used another place but this vet is better. My dogs have been patients for over a decade. Appointments are on time and service is very professional. The staff is very pet friendly. Current Covid protocols are very stringent and you have to wait outside during the appointment.

Stephanie Foreman

2 years ago

I really wanted to like this facility, despite a poor first encounter with a male Vet that seemed annoyed I was even there. I subsequently saw a different female vet and she was kind and helpful. I paid over $700 for a thorough exam and meds. I found the staff to be unhelpful, often forgetting important details during my calls for appointments or to convey information to the vet, at times indicating my pet was not even in their system. I find using their Petdesk appointment system frustrating because every time slot available that I selected, I would get an email back days later saying its not available. I needed a refill on meds, but they wouldn't do it without another exam. After calling and making an appointment, I brought my cat in, was told to pick her up 45 minutes later, just before they closed. When I returned, I was told they had not even seen my cat yet, I assume they left her in her carrier the entire time, which is frustrating. I asked why they didn't call me to tell me they were behind and I was told they were too busy. After waiting on hold for 10 minutes to see what needs to happen, they told me I would need to make another appointment because my cat needed a thorough exam. Again, I just needed a refill on meds, had already spent a lot of money within the past year for a "thorough exam" and was totally done with this place. Back to Adobe I go. The service here is just poor, no reason to throw away money.

Leticia Rosando

2 years ago

Everyone was so nice that my Little Lola was excited when her technician came out to car to get her. It made m feel so at ease.

Marshall Brickeen

2 years ago

At best, this place is just incompetent. At worst, dishonest and scamming their customers with no regard for the pets in their care. I took my cat here to get fixed and was told I needed a consultation, which was fast and revealed less than my 2 minute Google search. Then a second appointment to draw blood. This is a traumatic experience for a cat. The lab work was normal but unable to get a platelet count. So we had a third appointment and second blood draw attempt. The cat was uncooperative, the staff was unable to deal with it, and no blood was drawn although my poor cat was stabbed a few times. On our fourth appointment, they drugged my cat, drew blood again, and sent the blood to a more expensive lab that specializes in counting platelets. Sounds sketchy, I know, but I didn’t think the cat or I would survive a fourth blood draw attempt. I needed a fifth appointment to find out the platelet count was as normal as the rest of the blood work. Did I mention they charge per appointment and aren’t keen on phone or email? Then the vet said I needed to wait five months and get the blood work again—ALL THESE VISITS AND CAT STABBINGS WERE UNNECESSARY! They were necessary for Alpine’s profit margin, but at the expense of the health of my pet. Apparently I need to wait until the cat’s heat cycles are four weeks apart to get her fixed. Hers are now two weeks apart. The vet said by the end of summer I should come back and do the blood work again, then get her fixed. But be sure to schedule a consultation appointment first. When I asked why the hell the vet didn’t disclose this from the start, and what was the point of all the blood tests, I got a shrug and muddled “I forgot, these things happen” answer. I then showed the blood work to another vet outside of Alpine, and have an appointment there to get my cat fixed next week.

Jasmine Leong

2 years ago

I'm sad to have to write this review, but my experiences need to be put out there. Consider this a warning to the rest of you. I started coming here 4 and a half years ago for my puppy (at the time). The doctors, techs, and receptionists were all kind, caring, and professional with decent, maybe above-average pricing, but I never felt pressured or upsold by staff, and I figured I was paying a premium for good quality care. Fast forward to 2020-2021: I'm writing this review and sadly saying sayonara, Alpine. As time passed, every time I would go, there would be more and more new staff (doctors, techs, AND receptionists) - all that turnover throughout the years seems indicative of a failing clinic, or at the very least, bad culture within the clinic, and while the current receptionists and techs in my experience are still kind and professional, the doctor I was paired with specifically has left a horrible taste in my mouth and has been the catalyst to me leaving. It all started with an office visit to prepare my dog for her first teeth cleaning (estimated at $1000-1800!). I was told they require pre-op bloodwork to make sure pup was healthy enough to go under [anesthesia]. So, I got that done for $225 (plus the $50 office visit charge). Then, because I brought up that a previous vet had heard a II/VI low-grade heart murmur in pup, I was pressured into completing a $550 cardiologist consultation a week-2 weeks later to verify whether the heart murmur exists, and if so, what the cause of it was, even though pup has undergone 2 other surgeries before and came out of them just fine! When I questioned just how necessary the consult was and whether I could skip it, the doctor told me she would REFUSE to complete pup's teeth cleaning if I didn't go through with it! In hindsight, I should have said goodbye, Alpine, right there and then, but I felt compelled to listen to her as she's the vet...So we did the consult and the doctor called to confirm pup only has a I/VI low-grade heart murmur - great. I guess I paid to have peace of mind? Then the receptionist calls and tells me my total for the day is $585. Huh? I was told it'd be $550. What's the extra $35 for? A "brief exam" by the doctor? Why is she examining pup again? I was never told that that would happen. Or is it really a charge for calling me on the phone and summarizing the work the cardiologist did? Thankfully, the receptionist was able to take that charge off. Hindsight is 20/20: shame on me for being bamboozled, but shame on that doctor for bamboozling and nickel & dime-ing me. Needless to say, I'm not doing the teeth cleaning with them after all. Lucky for me, a friend referred a much fairer-priced vet (a THIRD of Alpine's pricing!) in the Bay with great reviews. Congratulations, doc. You've gained some from me, but you've ultimately lost another customer with your practices.

Maria Rosales

2 years ago

Great service but expensive for me.

Carmela Abraham

3 years ago

Even with Covid and all the craziness, they took our cat same day for an emergency as she is doing much better now.

Taylor Varilly

3 years ago

I dropped my cat off for an 8:40AM appointment to receive a travel health certificate. I was told by the vet tech that the process should only take ~10-30 minutes. They held the cat for over 6 hours and would not let me pick him up any sooner. After 3 hours of waiting, I called to inquire about why it was taking so much longer than expected and if everything was ok. The receptionist said "I don't know." I asked if they could check whether or not he could be picked up any sooner, as I know being at the vet stresses him out. I was told that the receptionist was not responsible for scheduling and that they could not inquire about a sooner pickup. I would have been ok with them changing the appointment time if the clinic was that busy, or if they had been transparent about the expected wait time. My poor cat was legitimately at the vet for less time when he had dental surgery than when he was there for his 10-minute travel inspection. Speaking of, they charged exorbitantly for dental services and have tried in the past to push blood work, procedures, and products that were entirely unnecessary. Do yourself and your pet a favor and find a family-owned vet clinic outside of the Bay proper. Pros: There's always parking?

Crysta Krames

3 years ago

Terrible communication by staff. I had an appointment yet it was 1.5 hours before they even looked at my dog. Each time I had to call them to figure out the situation. The vet herself was actually lovely in talking through concerns, but again no communication between she and tech about my concerns so consistent repeat. Then they needed an hour to actually do the necessary medical shots etc. they called me to come get him and pay. I waited another 30 minutes for them to just bring him outside to me (called in twice) AFTER I had paid. They did not have the antibiotic meds in the bag they gave me and I had to wait further for them to talk to the vet tech about it. Finally, the next day I got a vm from them, not checking on my puppy, but requesting payment for the antibiotic!

DaWiseguy Reviewer

3 years ago

Owner is a fool and rude!

Emma Rayner

3 years ago

Alpine Animal Hospital DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR PET - THEY CARE ABOUT MONEY. They will milk you for every cent they can. During COVID-19 they are taking precaution and pet owners wait in their car whilst their pets are seen to - the vets do over the phone consultations (a rushed chat) and there are "messengers" who deliver the meds, your pet and any additional information. I waited 3 hours for a CHECK UP and got charged an additional money for a signature on a travel form (over an above a $75 GVI fee) which is part of the reason I took my dog in. I then did not receive the medicine I came in for for my dog and whilst on the phone (in the third hour of being there) the vet walked straight out and left - STILL DURING WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN A CONSULTATION IF WE WERE IN PERSON. I cannot urge you enough to shop around for a different vet unless you could not care less about spending $1000's. My husband and I have spent over $1500 at Alpine Animal Hospital in less than 9 months with nothing to show. I took the dog to a different vet today and everything is sorted. This is not a money thing, I would not take my child to a doctor who was always trying to make an extra buck, don't do it to your animal. Really sad that you abuse your authority. Don't be fooled by other fake reviews, I work in digital marketing... DO NOT TRUST THIS VET CLINIC

gaming with cris

3 years ago

Great place! Friendly, caring and very good with my cat! They helped her on Christmas Eve and she's doing great!

jg reviewer

3 years ago

friendly staff good support but long time(1 hour) waiting for picking up. So 4 stars - 1

Nat Pau Perez

3 years ago

I visited this vet because I was traveling outside of the country with my cats and wanted to have the paperwork ready. The vet was very knowledgable of the paperwork that is needed and helped us get our kitties ready for travel with vaccines and medicine for the long trip. They were very friendly and caring of our kitties and made the visit as soothing as possible for them. Getting an appointment was super easy, and I found the pricing to be much better than the other vets in the area. I would definitely recommend this place!

Pat Leach

3 years ago

I was desperate to find veterinary care for my new pup. She was sick and needed care the day I received her. I spent hours on the telephone trying to establish my pet with a vet practice - only to find them closed to new patients. Between COVID and the huge upswing in pet adoptions this certainly made sense. Finally called Alpine after another practice suggested them. My initial visit was impressive (I could not be present due to COVID) and the tech staff gave me a summary of what went on. Later in the day the vet called and explained the needed care. I felt comfortable with her plan. From that point on the experience was inexcusably frustrating. Getting a response from their online appointment site ( 24-48 hour promise to get back to you) was a total fail. I made 4 online requests and a direct email and to this day (6 weeks later) still no response. As individuals, the staff is pleasant and would have one believe that there was at least a modicum of coordination of care and attention to detail. This group seems to operate in isolation and with some degree of incompetence. The web based record management was inaccurate and was clearly not reviewed in any way to reflect the care my pet received. This practice needs to shutter and revamp from the ground up.

Shannon Thomson

3 years ago

Friendly and helpful staff. Knowledgeable veterinary personnel. Drs have spent lots of extra time to carefully explain and answer questions about our pet's (unfortunately) many chronic conditions.

Dillan Boparai

4 years ago

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. 5 stars!

Sue Lowley

4 years ago

Thorough and kind. I felt that my pet was very well cared for .


4 years ago

We’ve been taking our two cats here for a year now and it’s been a great experience! The staff is very friendly and helpful. Every time we have an appointment, we get checked in and seated in our exam room promptly. The technician that sees us is great with our cats and is very knowledgeable. So far we’ve been seen by Dr. O’Hara and she’s amazing! She makes it easy for our cats to be examined and always has new information to share. As a new animal owner it has been nice knowing that they’ll be taken care of and made to feel comfortable here! The end of appointment goodie-bags are thoughtful and much appreciated. Definitely recommend checking this animal hospital out!

michelle delaossa

4 years ago

Boone gets great care and attention at Alpine. And, we usually get same day appointments which makes it wonderful for a very busy Mom! The vet techs are patient and loving and the front office staff is always professional and pleasant.

Joe Cavanagh

4 years ago

It pains me to write this, but after a couple good years with this vet, I am done. My cat has chronic problems with urinary crystals, and has had two full blockages in the past - a life threatening issue. I took him off the urinary food once, and he was blocked within two weeks. Never again. So, kitty has been eating Royal Canin Urinary SO for about 6 years. Other urinary health brands (Purina, Hills) upset his stomach - this is what he can eat. I went to reorder last week, and was told that my prescription had expired. No problem, I’ll get it renewed. Wrong! A doctor I’d never heard of declined to renew it - saying I must come in for an exam. Four phone calls later, and after sending exam records from another vet (including a urinalysis). I get absolutely nowhere. For cat food. He doesn’t need a new exam, and trying to explain that was just talking to a brick wall. Eventually, they offer to sell me a little 7lb bag from their own stock, but still refuse to authorize Chewy for one shipment. At this point, I realize what should have been obvious - they just want to get paid. Exam or food margin, they gotta get dat money. Health of my cat with a life-threatening chronic illness be damned. Absolutely disgusting. I’m not giving them a dime. There was a good reason why the most recent exam was done by another vet. Kitty also had some vomiting issues which Alpine failed to root cause and failed to suggest new tests beyond a basic radiograph. The vomiting was multiple times a week for months - no help from Alpine. Sunnyvale Vet Clinic suggested many alternatives - ultimately unsuccessful, but at least they actually tried in earnest.

Jared Christen

4 years ago

I get a different doctor every time I come here, even though they only list one doctor on their website. As such, I've had mixed experiences and no chance to build a relationship with a vet. Most recently I saw Dr. Frederick Shapiro (not listed on their website), who I would not recommend to anyone. My dog is nervous with strangers, especially at the vet, and Dr. Shapiro made no attempt to build trust with him. Unsurprisingly, this made for a stressful experience for everyone.

Jenny Schroder

4 years ago

Very helpful and caring staff, relatively easy to get an appointment.

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