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Laura Yochum

2 years ago

We’ve owned two Vizsla males from Golden Meadows since 2012, every year we see they produce more and more pups and raise their prices significantly each year. Now they’re on a MASTER LIST WAIT and taking $500 deposits per puppy. THIS IS NOT NORMAL and a huge red flag for a puppy mill which we found they were accused of many years ago. Both of our boys had/have many health issues… many owners I’ve talked to have their dogs from this breeder pass away before 9yrs (also not normal). Our boys’ have/had multiple health issues and they are night and day compared to the next breeders that we were referred to from Vizsla Club of SoCal - Golden Meadows is on the “DO NOT BUY FROM” list on countless sites. Please do your homework and learn from our mistakes. I personally reached out to 23 owners of their litters over the years and have many replies that they’d never purchase from them again.

Alana Henrickson

2 years ago

I am a first-time dog mom of a now six-month-old golden retriever from Golden Meadows Kennel. My puppy is a happy, healthy girl who loves people and other dogs. She has plenty of energy to run and retrieve balls as well as hangout and chill on the sofa. She was crate-trained when I got her so continuing to use the crate has been so easy and comfortable. I had nothing but a positive experience with this kennel throughout the duration of my relationship with them as they quickly responded to my questions and concerns. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from Golden Meadows again should I need another golden retriever in the future.

Chelsea Brown

2 years ago

What can I say, Golden Meadows gifted our family the best dog, our beloved Vizsla- Koa boy. Great family run business.

Anne Hey

2 years ago

We just got a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy from Golden Meadows and she has such a lovely temperament and wonderful personality. She is an amazing puppy and already sleeps through the night and responds to commands. This is our first dog ever as a family and I wanted to go with the best breeder I could to get a great family dog. While we did have to wait quite a while for her given how many people want puppies these days it was worth it. She is a lovely addition to our family and my young son's BFF

Chauntel Trusewych

2 years ago

We love our Vizsla puppy! We can tell that she was well taken care of before coming to our family and for that I am truly greatful! They were very professional and helpful every step of the way. Gave us a list of everything we needed to know about her and her breed. Even sent us home with a whole bag full of stuff for her. They truly went above and beyond! They were also much nicer than other breeders I had previously spoke with in regards to this breed. Even super responsive after we brought her home, I emailed asking about any allergies because our baby had an allergic reaction to something. We live in a forest and the fires have made the air quality terrible; so really it could be anything. Nothing to do with the breeder, but they were super helpful and seemed worried about her as well, more than I would have expected <3 Update: wasn't a food allergy at all... it's hives from stress (visiting with the neighbor's dogs... they have 2 very large/friendly dogs) We are just glad it's not a food allergy :)

Verlynn Swinney

3 years ago

Golden Meadows is amazing. The dogs are trained very very well. They are fed high quality food, vitamins and kennel trained. The puppy that we picked up came with all paperwork and charts. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for our new addition to our family.

Trevor Kelly

3 years ago

5 1/2 years ago we brought home our first Vizsla puppy from Golden Meadows and fell in love with her instantly! It was so nice that she came already crate trained through the night and with such a great temperament she was easily house trained and the basic commands we taught her she learned quickly. There was no doubt where we would get our next family member this time. We just brought home our second little female and they both get along just great! She’s so smart and playful. Loves to cuddle and is quite silly with our kids. She is perfect! Thank you Tim and Barbie for all you do to prepare these puppies to mold so nicely into a new family life.

swathi jampani

3 years ago

To begin with.. this is our first time owning a dog and I went with Golden Meadow kennels based on reviews and I’m happy I did. Our lil boy Kai is a healthy, happy and vibrant floof ball. He is now 16 weeks old and everybody including his vet and his trainer have told us he has an amazing temperament and is very high quality. Health wise haven’t had an issue with his so far and what what I liked about GMK is, they have been very communicative about the puppy and Kept us posted about our boy. They are professional and I did not have to worry about Kai’s vaccinations or his health records etc. they were transparent about it and had him up to date on everything by the time he came home. They are serious about what they do. If we decide to get another golden, we will go back to GMK.

suzanne luu

3 years ago

My partner and I have had a Rottweiler, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a Labrador Retriever, a Samoyed, and a Golden Retriever. After the last couple passed we just weren't ready to do it again. 4.5 years later we knew it was time and after extensive research, we knew Golden Meadows was the best and only choice for us. From the beginning, before we even put down a deposit, everyone at Golden Meadows (GM) was super communicative, responsive to our questions, and considerate of our needs as well as those of their babies and what is today, our love, Milo. It is obvious GM cares for all their dogs and puppies - top quality food and vitamins, vaccinations, chipping, health certificates, training, and more information than I've ever experienced from a breeder. GM is an extraordinary breeder. From the day we brought Milo home (at a mere 8.5 weeks old), she was kind, playful, obedient, and mellow. Everyone she meets marvels at how calm and passive yet loving and playful she is with adults, children, and other dogs (big and small). Even her Veterinarian and puppy training teacher remark about how calm she is when being handled (she's like a lump of clay). As her caregivers we really want to take credit for her incredible personality, but really that credit goes to Golden Meadows for breeding her and starting her off. I can't thank or praise them or enough for the gift that she is. It is without a doubt, Golden Meadows is 5 stars and highly recommended. Sincerely, thank you for our beautiful puppy; we couldn't be more in love with her and grateful for you.

Richard McCarroll

3 years ago

Our handsome boy Benson turned 1 this month. He is incredible, such a joy and so well behaved. We get so many compliments on him everywhere we take him. I can’t thank Golden Meadows ( Tim and Jessie) enough for all the training and things they did for us. They were so awesome with helping us pick him out.

Noah Wutkee

3 years ago

Puppies were too high priced for our family, but they were very kind in the reply. You should definitely purchase although we couldn't

Melissa Bush

3 years ago

WE LOVE THOMAS! He is just simply the best, most kind, and sweet dog. He is goofy, silly, and loves to play with my two kids. We could not be happier with our decision to get a dog with Golden Meadows. I cannot believe how wonderfully mellow his disposition is at one year of age. I have included a few pictures of Thomas who is now 13 months old.

Kristi Hronek

3 years ago

We have had the pleasure of owning 2 golden retrievers from Golden Meadows Retrievers. Our first girl, Leisel, was born in 2004 and we had her for almost 12 years. She was the perfect dog. We recently decided it was time to add a new puppy to our family. We reached out to Golden Meadows to see if there were any litters available. The process of applying for the master list and the communication about expected litters was fantastic. We were hand matched with our little puppy, Gretl, in September 2020 and could not be more pleased. Gretl is now 16 weeks old. She is absolutely amazing and such a cuddle bug. Her temperment is fabulous. She is completely house broken and sleeps in her crate from 10:00 pm - 6:30 am. She has mastered, commands including: sit, leave it, off, no jump, down, and is learning "army crawl". She is also good in a sit/stay for about 30 seconds. Gretl is great in the car and enjoys short trips around town. The neighbors love her and we cannot imagine our house without her. Our vet is so impressed with her calm nature and we adore her. We are truly blessed. Thank you for allowing her to join our family. We are forever grateful.

Kelly A

3 years ago

I got Rubi nearly 11 years ago now from Golden Meadows and it was the best decision. She has been very healthy and has a great temperament. I couldn’t be happier.

Joseph Salazar

3 years ago

Very helpful and insightful. They are really busy at the moment with covid restrictions but overall pleasant experience


4 years ago

(this is my opinion) Note how on their website there are no mentions of health clearances, and their CH's are INTCH which is not a respected organization. English Creme isn't a real breed of dog, it's a marketing ploy which the breeders use to charge premium prices. They charge prices usually reserved for show dogs. These dogs are not show dogs, they are not bred selectively for genetics and as a result their health varies widely. Example 1: our dog ziggy. 3 years ago we bought Ziggy, he was a great dog, we loved him very much. We had a great 3 years with Ziggy. He died from bone marrow cancer a few months ago. The trauma I personally have gone through as a result of this loss was not worth $3,250. We thought, assuming that Golden Meadows was a prestigious organization, that our dog would live a healthy, long, life. These guys are really shady, please look up "golden meadows dog reddit" That reddit thread is full of information on how horribly dishonest they are. This is a complete front and its honestly disgusting.

Dawn Howie

4 years ago

We have 2 beautiful golden boys from Golden Meadows-one, Tico, is almost 11 years old and still going strong, the other is our 7 month old sweetie, Jack. We decided to add Jack to our family after having such a wonderful experience with Tico. Tico is so intelligent and well behaved. I swear he seems to understand some of our conversations and seems more human than dog. Jack came home to us at 3 months old after a month of training. He already knew the commands sit, down, shake, crawl, rollover, dance, stay, and come and had good leash skills. He is very sweet, intelligent, and healthy. I would never go anywhere else for the canine members of our family than Golden Meadows.

Forrest Brewer

4 years ago

Very well behaved and trained Golden Retrievers, from champion lines, expertly socialized and available at different levels of training. Brought out dogs we'd requested, no prrssure. Found just the puppy we wanted, mostly house trained and already with basic skills started.

Hugh Fisher

4 years ago

My experience so far has been nothing but great

J. Edward Smith

4 years ago

Be very careful before buying a dog from this outfit. They claim to have very quality breeding and healthy dogs. Not true! My daughter purchased a Golden Retriever and the poor dog has had nothing but health problems since he was 5 months old. The problems stem from severe allergies. We have come in contact with other buyers who purchased Golden Retrievers from Golden Meadow Retrievers and unbelievably they have the same problems with their dog. In fact we both go to the same Veterinarian. We contacted Golden Meadows and they blew us off. One of their ridiculous sales pitches is that they sell to a lot of celebrities... haven’t we all heard that before. That tells you something about this place. Why would celebrities know more about quality dogs than the average person... they don’t. I suggest one use caution when buying from this place. It’s sad because my 21 year old daughter really loves her dog but she also is very upset each day watching him suffer. Shame on the owners and staff of Golden Meadow Retrievers.


4 years ago

Golden Meadows Retrievers — The smart and right choice in choosing a Golden Retriever pup. We’ve enjoyed our Compadre’s companionship for 16 months now, enjoying every moment. Our boy is enriching our lives daily through his puppy smiles and curious energy. He’s healthy, smart, vocal, and fun to be with. Thank you!

Matthew OKeefe

4 years ago

My Golden is 12 years old and is the sweetest and best dog. We got her from Golden Meadows and feel so fortunate. She is the best dog/3rd child.

Missy Schnurstein

4 years ago

Tim and Alicia are fantastic and have been so incredibly helpful to us even after bringing our sweet beautiful baby Golden home. They are experts and have such helpful suggestions for training and care. Their facility is beautiful and the dogs are handled with expertise and loving care. They use top quality food and vitamins and we continue to use them for our fur baby's health. They also provide certification for hips, shoulders, etc. We couldn't be happier with our beautiful sweet girl and are incredibly grateful to Golden Meadows!

Samantha Elliot

4 years ago

I LOVE Golden Meadows -- Barbie, Tim, and Alicia truly made mine and my family's dreams come true! After losing our Golden (Honey) of 16 long, wonderful, and happy years, we were devastated and our home never really felt the same after. That was until Penny (formally named and known as Aileen) came along! I'll never forget the day Barbie emailed me -- the subject read: "puppy for you!" Less than a week later, my mom and I drove out to their beautiful home in Moorpark, CA to meet our new baby for the first time. Penny is the MOST lovable, happy, sweet little girl in the world...and she has the most amazing disposition and the funniest little personality ever! Penny has truly made our house feel like a home again. And for that, we will always feel so blessed and thankful for all the time and thoughtfulness that Barbie put in to presenting us with the perfect pup for our family. Before reaching out to Golden Meadows, I did a lot of research and read A LOT of reviews about them. And to be perfectly honest, there are some really ignorant people out there. Once you meet this wonderful team, you too will then understand how amazing they are as people and as ETHICAL breeders. I would recommend Golden Meadows to anyone who's looking for a new pup.

Sonya Worley

4 years ago

I flew out there and was treated like royalty. I inspected the place which was immaculately clean with ample amount of staff to care for all of the beautiful dogs that were in top condition and happy and well cared for I was totally impressed with the operation the attention to detail and courteous customer service Five stars !!!

Stephanie Rangel

4 years ago

Hi Everyone, This is our second puppy in 1 year from Golden Meadows. The most important thing to know is that Tim and Alicia walk you through absolutely everything you need to know about becoming a Golden Meadows parent. Our first dog, Winston, was truly such an incredibly well behaved, gorgeous and fun dog that we couldn't wait to get our second! Yep, we did it. And...I was concerned because I wanted another male. Tim walked me through the entire process and told me what we needed to know and how to train our newest addition, Wallace. They stayed in touch with us and ensured we felt comfortable with our newest addition. Golden Meadows - from the moment you arrive - are hospitable, professional and really take the time to get to know you and choose the right puppy for you and your family. I promise, they haven't paid me to say any of this! The cost is a bit expensive, BUT it's worth every penny to know you are receiving a healthy, stunning and first class pup! And I must say, almost daily we receive compliments on how absolutely stunning our dogs look. We have English Creams and we just adore them. Thank you Tim and Alicia for blessing our family.

Michelle Tang

5 years ago

We got our new, Vizsla family member from Golden Meadows and highly recommend them! We wanted a Vizsla to be trained as a service dog. They hand picked a girl for us based on an easy temperament and then trained her until she was 6 months …

dani lindeman

5 years ago

EDITED AS OF OCTOBER 23rd. This morning Golden Meadows Retrievers contacted me and profusely apologized for the lack of communication and for what we have experienced thus far. It was sincere and there was genuine concern regarding Luca's well-being which I am absolutely thankful for. I was emotional and understandably distraught given our circumstances but was met very kindly and with an overwhelming amount of reassurance. The kennel is no longer breeding the pair that Luca is from, and have also agreed to contact her siblings as a precautionary measure. Additionally they have offered to refund us for the price of Luca in full (no, we won't be returning her!) which will give us a cushion as we continue to push through her medical bills. OCTOBER 21st, PLEASE SEE REVISION. My review on Golden Meadows Retrievers in Moorpark, California. As a breeder the heavily prides themselves on a life-long commitment to their puppy buyers, I was more than disappointed when my girl fell ill and I was given the cold shoulder. Despite expressing serious concern that my dog's heart condition could be genetic and was potentially fatal, I was ignored. I have given more than adequate time for a response as my emails (numerous) were sent on and around the beginning of August when we received the diagnosis. Furthermore, on August eleventh I contacted Golden Meadows Retrievers regarding Luca's medical condition and that evening I received a generic response in which they assured us that they were committed to their puppy's progress both physically and mentally. Fantastic. Sounds promising. On August eighteenth, as requested, I forwarded all of Luca's medical records. I did not hear back. On October eighteenth I went public and shared my poor experience on their Facebook page, which has since been deleted. I am extremely frustrated and disappointed in their response, or lack thereof, and refuse to stand back. This is not the doing of a reputable breeder, nor one that is committed to the longevity of the pups they are producing. Beware when shopping for puppies and do your research.

Lilian Vejar

5 years ago

Golden Meadows, although slow to respond at times, will listen to your concerns regarding a sick pup and will take note of any diseases to better their future lines which is all we can ask for. A place that cares for their pups well after they’ve been adopted and is always looking to better their dog lineage. I hope they don’t stop being this helpful as they we’re with Luca and maybe just pick up the pace a little. If you’re going to buy a puppy here rest assured they will answer your questions and concerns with a gentle tone and ensure your pup is perfect for you.

Sarah Milner

5 years ago

This review is long overdue! My boyfriend and I researched a ton of Vizsla breeders in SoCal and found Golden Meadows to be the all-around favorite for reasons they certainly lived up to. From their honesty and care to their prompt communication, beautiful facility, and vast knowledge, Tim, Barbie, and Alicia made the entire experience a breeze for us first time puppy owners. When getting our baby Bruno back in September 2017, they let us do a meet & greet with his parents, have ample play time with Bruno and one of his siblings (the final 2 left for sale in that particular litter) and spend a ton of time mulling over the decision to purchase. Just to be clear: We were certain in our decision to purchase from Golden Meadows but were uncertain as to the timing given our work schedules at that point. They gave us a comprehensive manual which included his vaccination history, training tips, daily routine, lineage, etc. We also received a large bag of dog food and a blanket that smelled like their facility to help with the transition. I know this is a business and reviews only go so far, but trust me when I say Tim, Barbie, and Alicia really make you feel at home. Flash Forward to May 2018 - As we approached Bruno's first birthday on June 10, we thought it would be fun to reunite him with his littermates. I reached out to Alicia over email and within just a day or two she was able to help me arrange a play session with Bruno and one of his sisters and brothers at Golden Meadows. Bruno had a blast, was worn out the rest of the day, and it's a special memory my boyfriend and I will always treasure. Thank you Golden Meadows! We love you guys!

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