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2 years ago

I have an elderly rabbit, so I looked for an specialized vet doctor for exotics. Came here 2 times for my rabbit. For all rabbit parents, I WOULDN'T recommend seeing the vet at this location, even though it is certified as an exotic pet clinic. Like all doctors, vets, dentists, etc, in the medical field there's always better ones that are more resourced and have a better understanding than others. *****side note**** I suggest, get information and recommendations of exotic pets at Rabbit House Society, which has info of how to take care of rabbits. It even has recommendations of reliable exotic vets in your area that they recommend [[rabbit . org]] **************** We chose this place the first time because I noticed my rabbit had tiny bugs on its fur and was very worried and need to take him to a close and reliable place to get treated. Since this vet was closest to me, even though it is still kinda far from my home, I truly hoped that the vet would be good and will treat my rabbit. I have an elderly rabbit, so I looked for an specialized vet doctor for exotics. At that time I went, they didn't allow anyone go into the clinic. You have to call and let them know you're outside and they take your pet inside. The vet tech came outside and I told him what was wrong with my rabbit, he said he'll relay the info to Dr. Gueniat. After 10-15 min or so, Dr. Gueniat came out and talked to stating that she didn't want to exam in my rabbit because she didn't want the clinic to be infested with she stated poultry mites, which I completely understand. She told me to buy flea medicine at a pet store and wash it all out. I told her that rabbits can't be bathed, she assured me that it was 'ok' and that she has done it lots of times before and rabbits were fine. We bought the items she suggested and bathed my rabbit that night. I thought he was going to die because he was kicking ans squirming with us bathing him and then he would go completely limb and close his eyes. I was so scared he wasn't going to make it. On top of after bathing, we had to dry him....OMG it took more than 2 hour to dry him with a hair dryer in low heat settings (making sure not to burn his skin). The medicine did get mites off and we gave him flea medicine that we got from Dr. Gueniat. (I didn't know at that time, but that flea medicine is one of the strongest flea med for rabbits and isn't supposed to use unless it's something very severe.) After a week or 2, we came again, per Dr. Gueniat's orders to come again for a check up. (which we paid again to see the Dr. Gueniat). I got to go into the clinic this time, but my rabbit was taken somewhere else with me when I was in the room by myself. When I saw Dr. Gueniat, she stated my rabbit was fine, even though I had told her about his limping and problems with his foot and wanted meds or something to help with his pain. She didn't diagnose anything...completely nothing. Didn't offer meds, treatment, pain relieve, diagnosis...NOTHING..... She just told us to come back if it gets worse.... (I feel that his leg is already really bad since he doesn't bare much weight on it.) I had specifically asked if she checked my rabbit heart, lungs, joints, ears, skin, and teeth. She said from last time my rabbit was there, he was good, so she didn't really need to check much. I thought about it last time we were there..where we had an infestation of mites on his skin/fur, AND Dr. Gueniat told us she'll do a complete checkup for him when we come back. However, she told me that everything was good with my rabbit. I don't believe that to be true since he is still limping. I won't be coming back to this clinic anymore. I'll go to the recommended ones from Rabbit House Society.

Jocelyn Barragan

2 years ago

The doctor is very unprofessional. They try to get money off of you before even giving you answers. Every time I have come to this place they are no help. I suggest to find a better place that actually cares about your pet.

Keylee Godina

2 years ago

They are horrible. Won’t tell you what’s wrong with your pet unless you give them more money. I’ve gone twice and they were no help. The veterinarians also sound like they don’t know what they are doing. DON’T GO!

rain luv

2 years ago

The vet is very rude and insensitive and i suspect that they are only after money. They don't really care for the pets.

Maria Harty

2 years ago

Great place to take your fur babies the staff is very nice Veterinarian Dr. Takes great Care of your pets. The price for their services are worth it.

Robert McGaha

2 years ago

Super grateful! Doc G and her crew LOVE YOUR PETS! I live out of town but my Sweetheart lives here....when my Pup needed help I was of course nervous about seeing a new Vet. This group is friendly and very compassionate. I'm happy to have discovered them and am stoked to know that when I'm here in the Pup is covered by a top shelf group. Thanks Doc G!

Tania Rivera

2 years ago

Wonderful staff very caring I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who loves their pet.

Alan Goto

2 years ago

Everyone is friendly and helpful. They explained what our dog needed.

Janice Haywood

2 years ago

Very professional. Got me in quickly once I expressed concern about my dog. All test results came back quickly. They were great with follow up even down to ordering my dogs food. Happy dog is a healthy dog!

leslie mcintosh

2 years ago

They won't help me with my dog.. They said they were booked..

Cheryl Nickel

2 years ago

I have taken Midnight there twice now, once for his annual medical check-up and shots, and just a few days ago for another issue he had. I appreciate that I can get him in there pretty fast. They are local to where I live, and I appreciate that, as he does, also. I would recommend this vet and their practice.

Taneesha White

2 years ago

My daughter contacted them with concerns about her guinine pig not eating and being very tired. They didnt have any available appointments for that day but gave her a few numbers to call for immediate service as they were concerned for the piggie. After reaching out and finding that not too many people service guining pigs or had availalbe appointments we called back and took the earliest appointment which was a Friday morning. We called upon arrival, a nurse came out to get our information and take duck back. Then the doctor came out to give us the feedback. She really wanted to assure us that nothing would gaurantee if the piggie lived or not but gave us detail instructions on what to do when we went home. I am happy to say that Duck is doing well now. He is eating and gaining weight again. I am so happy that we found this vet. The price wasn't expensive for us and they take care credit.


3 years ago

First of all they gave me the wrong appointment which cost me 60 dollars to and back home in Uber, I paid 40 dollars to be told what I already knew, they said they’d call me about a medicine to which they did days later but I asked “how much would everything come out to?” To which I was told they’d call me back ASAP, I didn’t hear back till about 3 days from that day and by then my turtle passed away. Lost my turtle including my time and money super unprofessional!

Adrian M.

3 years ago

While most vets were booked to capacity, Dr. G made time and took care of my rabbit as a drop in appointment. She also sat down with us and talked to us about how to ensure our 10 year old rabbit stays healthy. Thank you !

Ashley Ledezma

3 years ago

I took my dog in for an infection he got in his paw. The lady at the front desk was pretty nice but my main problem was with the Dr. Gueniat who was VERY rude. I had a payment issue and she was very degrading and made it seem like I couldn't afford the service even when I tried to suggest a solution. She started to mention that she had an emergency and needed to leave and even started sharing the details of her emergency which I thought was just flat out unprofessional. I understand that in an emergency people get frantic but the way she went about it was really RUDE. Not only that but for being in a rush she shaved off a patch of my dogs paw for absolutely no reason. This is the FIRST and LAST time I come to this vet!

Jaime Ledezma

3 years ago

I never will go back to this place the dr was so unprofessional rude and rices! Bad services..

Matthew Woodin

3 years ago

My daughter and I have adopted several rabbits over the last few year and when we've needed help Dr. Gueniat and her staff have been there for us. Monday afternoon one of our rabbits was bitten by his cousin and MAMC made time for us to be seen. Not only did they take us without an appointment, they cared for our rabbit, and were able to do so in a timely manner. Furthermore, the Dr took time to chat with us, especially my daughter, about rabbit and the care he'd need after the visit. While I hope we never have more rabbit emergencies, I know that if we do where we will go: Monrovia Animal Medical Center.

Maureen Lynch Kerr

3 years ago

Wonderful. Saw us right away that day. Dr. Was very kind and knowledgeable yet with a common sense approach to our dog. Our dog is doing so well this week. Also...the new client discount was a nice surprise....made cost very reasonable for elderly lady on fixed income. Thank you so much!!☺

Nova Kat

3 years ago

Fallows COVID-19 guidelines, humans wait in their cars while the pets are examined and treated in the medical center. Staff wears masks while practicing social distancing. My experience on 12/29/2020, the vet contacted me by phone to give a report on my pet. The service and respect is still exceptional.


3 years ago

They are great with the animals and explain everything nicely.

Sean Forbes

3 years ago

Doctor doesn't pull punches and is a bit judgy but has gotten better since my last visit.

jessica miranda

4 years ago

Doctor G, she was great in checking and knowledgable about gienapigs and their health. Very eager to help and solve my guneapigs health issue, also detailed and informative. Staff is nice and also helpful. Clean and organized, thank you all for Doing the best to cure my ginea piggie.! We thank you!

Cynthia Trotta

4 years ago

Dr. G is a great diagnostician! I've been with her for cover 20 years. She's fantastic! Takes great care of my fur babies!

Kevin Grimley

4 years ago

Had to have my cat euthanized. They were so supportive and let me have grieving time. No rushing me out I left when I was ready.

Nikkie Moon

4 years ago

We have trusted Dr G and her team to care for all of our furry family members for many many years now (approximately 10 years). Dr. G is an incredible clinician. Honestly, the care she provides us and our animals with, exceeds many human physicians! She is so intelligent, knowledgable, reasonable, caring, and kind! We had seen other vets before and always felt like they were trying to make money off of us by ordering unnecessary tests or procedures..... not Dr. G and her staff! They are not the cheapest or biggest practice but they are by far the best quality care team i have ever seen! They really are a wonderful team at Monrovia Animal Medical Center! Dr. Gueniat is truly the most exceptional veterinarian I have ever met. I am an ICU nurse and she explains every detail and every lab so that i can fully understand what is going on with any of my pets. They are all amazing. Jennifer, Nshan and Kiars are also incredible!

Phyllis Manley

4 years ago

I have used Dr. G. for a vet since I moved to Duarte over 14 years ago. She is careful to listen and ready to give me her opinion. I trust her completely with my animals.

Venessa Hanna

4 years ago

I am so fortunate to have found this practice. Dr Gueniat is a expert in treating animals. This is the very first vet I have been to that didn't make me feel that I needed to have multiple costly test done to diagnose and treat a simple problem. She was very focused on my German shepards symptoms and simply used what is just common sense with her years of experience to treat her. Wow! Her staff was so gentle with my Shepard too. Aware that a dog her age has painful hip problems. I was grateful over there concern for how she was having to deal with this pain everyday as well. Dr G provided some pain relief that made her feel so much better than I had seen in a long time. Thank you Dr. G and staff we will be clients forever.

maria cano

5 years ago

The doctor was very professional, gentle and empathetic. She took her time with us knowig the pain we were going through was going to be overwhelming! I'm grateful to know she will be there again when my 18 year old is ready to cross the rainbow bridge.

Paul Czarnick

5 years ago

Bad Bad Bad All About $$$ That don't Recommend This Place ????????????


6 years ago

Been waiting to speak to the vet after a visit and still haven't heard from her.

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