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Angie Ochoa

2 years ago

The care is done well for the animals but the wait is long. Takes several weeks to get an appointment even if it's a new condition your pet has as an already established patient. So, if your animal is in relatively good condition and don't mind waiting weeks before appointments are establish then this place is great for that.

Melvin Prasad

2 years ago

Dr. Wert and the other ladies at VMA are absolutely the best. We have two rabbits (Hops Solo and Luke Skyhopper) and they have taken excellent care of them. They are all so friendly and professional as well as always address all of our questions and concerns. 10/10 would recommend.

13catsinblack S.

2 years ago

I've been trying to find a vet to see my cat for 3 weeks now with no luck. I called VMA for the first time and they squeezed me in last minute. I can't express how greatful I am. They staff and Dr were wonderful and really eased my mind, during a stressful time with my sick kitty. Thank you all so much


2 years ago

We've been taking our pets here for over a decade now and have received excellent service. They've handled dogs, guinea pigs, cats, and even turtles from our family, and all recieved wonderful care. In my experience the quality of care here is top notch but you get what you pay for so it can be a bit pricey at times. I am happy to have my animals recive the best care and their treatments done right the first time, which has not been the experience at other places we've gone in the past.

Dragons Art

2 years ago

I'm grateful and bless by the doctors and faculty for all of there efforts in trying to save our beloved bird. Dr. Hilary Wert is awesome thank you for all of your efforts. But it's with great sadness that our beloved pet bird Alaska didn't make it. He was a recuse that has a rough beginning. It took some time but he slowly trusted us. We truly loved him, enjoyed his singing of the "Andy Griffith Theme song", and his best buddy was Samuel. In 2018 Alaska owner Christina won 2nd place with her artwork of Alaska and Samuel. Currently her artwork hangs in VCA Old River Animal Hospital in one of the exam rooms in Tracy, ca. He will be missed but never forgotten.

Tiffany Devito

2 years ago

I wish I could give 100 stars! I brought my Red eared slider turtle in to see the vet, due to what I thought was shell rot. I was very stressed out thinking that it was going to cost an arm and a leg to get her treated. Not only was the visit inexpensive, they were very honest! Come to find out my turtle was experiencing shedding. The Dr cleaned the old scales and made sure I knew what she is supposed to eat/clean habitat, etc. The doctor is absolutely wonderful and very knowledgeable. The staff is so friendly and will go above and beyond. Do not think twice about coming here. If you want a doctor and staff that treats you and your pet like family, this is the only place to go. I am so grateful to that entire office!


2 years ago

Do NOT take your snakes here! I have never witnessed such disregard for an animal by a veterinarian in my entire life. We took our Brazilian rainbow boa here who hadn’t eaten in at least 2 months since we’ve had her in our own care, and who had gotten sick from the cold. We waited 2 weeks for our appointment, and waited a full hour in our car before we could leave from the appointment. We received no paperwork outlining her exam that costed $55, not even text saying how much she weighed. The veterinarian recommended Amikacin injections (the paperwork did not even state exactly how much she would be dosed) to help treat our snake’s respiratory infection, that could have possibly been pneumonia, on top of an x-ray and other testing to determine what exactly our snake had. We explained that we had NO CHOICE and could NOT afford to pay for additional tests due to being stuck on unemployment due to COVID. Unemployment has frozen millions of accounts, including ours, and we will not be able to certify to get money that we are owed from weeks ago until weeks from now. We truthfully could not afford our snake’s appointment but we had to make a big sacrifice in the hopes of easing her suffering. So, we said that we could afford to start the Amikacin injections. Not once were we educated on the potential side effects of the injections, and how it would affect our snake who had not eaten for at least 2 months. It wasn’t until after we found our rainbow boa dead right after the appointment that we researched that Amikacin is extremely hard on the kidneys. Had we been educated about Amikacin and it’s negative effects on a starving animal, we would NEVER have allowed the treatment. Here, you can see that our rainbow boa had been killed nearly right after receiving the injection. Originally, we did not have our snake inside of this pillowcase. The pillowcase was slipped over the plastic carrier that we had her in to keep her feeling secured. When they brought her back out to us after giving her the injection, the veterinarian had placed her inside of the pillowcase as if to hide her dead body. We can’t know for sure what the intentions were here, but we did find it highly suspicious. When calling the veterinarian to express our understandable discontent with our freshly dead snake, we received nothing but disregard, defensiveness, and blame shifting. This veterinarian really attempted to blame her death on our watch because we didn’t pay for an X ray or further tests to determine the type of infection she had, when we had absolutely no choice whether or not to pay for additional testing. There was zero sympathy from this veterinarian. This experience has made me absolutely sick. Please take your animals to a veterinarian who actually cares about the welfare of your animals and who will actually invest their time, knowledge, and years of experience into your situation with your sick pet.

Roseanna Noyer

3 years ago

I have trusted the vets at VMA with my senior cat for years.They have worked with me to care for his needs, which have been many! We adopted a new kitten several months ago and the same care and professionalism has extended to her care. I couldn't ask for better vets, vet techs, or office staff. I love VMA!

Miranda Bucio

3 years ago

Sorry I just really wanted to know the price for injured bunny open wound and bone is sticking out really want to the price for it I really need it for Benny? Please

Kathy B

3 years ago

I’ve gone to VMA for many years I love them. My daughter Jen has been a Vet Tech for Dr. Kahler 20+ years. I have multiple dogs & cats that are mostly seen by Dr. Wert. She takes very good care of them. The Staff is kind & courteous. Since the pandemic it is curbside service only. I don’t like it but it is what it is for the health of us humans.

Ed Lambert

3 years ago

Really great with our cats and dog, much better pricing than in our east bay neighborhood.

Billy Bob

3 years ago

Very compassionate about animals. They care. Heart emoji.

Jaime Brown

4 years ago

Updated review 3/22/19 *Old review below.* Finding another vet. I USED to love VMA. But today they told me they would charge me an additional $100 to sit wih my cat while he's euthanized!!! That's over the base fee of $99 to just drop him off & leave him. Cremation not included, of course. I've called EVERY other vet in the area & none of them charge an extra fee to sit with my pet while he goes. Turlock Spay & Neuter $85. Valley Veterinary on McHenry? $112. Total!!! I am appalled, insulted, & angry. What kind of awful, morbid, greedy people are they?!!! As bad as a damn funeral home!!! They have gotten a horrible reputation in the rescue community for charging every little thing, too. I will NOT be coming back. So, congratulations, VMA, you've lost my business for my 2 dogs & multiple cats. ***Old Review*** First of all, they are the only exotic vets in town. Thank God Dr. Kahler & Dr. Wort are 2 of the finest vets I have ever encountered. I have multiple elderly pets of various species (dogs, cats, rats) with complicated health issues as well as a new puppy. The practice offers a fabulous puppy package ($400-$440, all-inclusive). And Dr. Kahler has seen my beloved 9 year old Dachshund, Emilee safely through several big health scares. Dr. Kahler also does a fabulous job treating my rats (which I have found is rare) & gives the same respect to the exotic babies that he does to dogs & cats. The vets & the staff are some of the most loving & compassionate people. I have a background in both human medicine (RN) & animal rescue (9 years), so I am not easy to please. I have walked out of many vets in my time. But I can wholeheartedly reccommend this practice. In fact, I have only ever found 1 other vet in my life I could reccommend as highly (and he retired).

Evelyn Peckett

4 years ago

Very caring, friendly staff. Knowledgeable and educating about my dog’s needs.

Melissa Young

4 years ago

Took my guinea pig in cuz he was in bad shape and I didn't want him suffering so I was already going to see if they would put him to sleep. It was close to closing time but they still let me come in since it was considered an emergency. The doctor was really nice and even agreed it was probably best to put him down. I wanted to be there but they said I couldn't cuz he was small and they do it a certain way. That made me sad but I understood. They gave me as much time as I needed to say goodbye to him.

kim castle

4 years ago

First time here Absolutely Love This Place. The staff is wonderful I felt very comfortable.

Kathryn McCormack

4 years ago

I absolutely love this place. We’re new to the state so and were a bit nervous picking a vet without a personal recommendation. The techs and office staff were so welcoming and accommodating and our big boy just loved the Dr. Terrific practice!

Judy Liberti

4 years ago

Our regular vet does not provide care for birds so when we awoke this morning to find one of our parakeets on the floor of his cage, obviously dying, I called Veterinary Medical Associates. He was barely conscious and dying but we didn't want him to suffer so I called and asked if they provide euthanasia for small birds, and the receptionist said yes and to bring him right in. When we arrived we were given an estimate of $177 to put him to sleep. They insisted he had to have a complete examination by the avian vet, prolonging his suffering, before they could euthanize him. I told them he'd likely die before the vet, who was busy with another client, could do the exam and we told them that the proposed cost to put a tiny bird to sleep was ridiculous. We ended up bringing him home and holding him while he passed away about 20 minutes later. I will never go there again. They are cold, uncaring, rigid and in it for money. Our little guy should not have had to suffer that final half hour.

Ismael Ayala

4 years ago

Took my guinea pig on a saturday as an emergency since everyone else was closed first time I've ever been there friendliest staff and the doctor was so nice and helpful and helped my baby bounce back would highly recommend this vet in case of any exotic emergencies thank you alot (:

nancy pinoli

5 years ago

Took my sick rabbit here, Dr. Kahler said she had bad teeth, but ran blood before sedating her. Partial blood results showed high liver values, plan was for her to stay the weekend on IV fluids and antibiotics. Later called for the rest of the blood results, was told they were not in. I said this is unexceptable, blood test results on regular panels are in within 24 hours especially since she was sick. Tech said she would call them. The vet called me, she was extremely rude, saying results came back with a high white blood count (infection), never saying she was anemic. There is no note in her chart stating anemia. No treatment was done for anemia. Not knowing about the anemia at the time I asked if there was anything more they could do for her liver. Vet said they were doing everything, when I asked about Milk Thistle, vet said we give that to dogs and she could get a dose from that, but she never did. Next day when I called I was told by the tech Bigfoot was difficult, unruly and the doc wanted her to go home regardless of how sick she was and that she needed to be on IV fluids. When I picked her up the tech said there was some bruising on her leg from a reaction to the IV line, but the reaction was on one leg not both. For her one day stay with unprofessional staff members it cost me $1000. Manager all took most of the day to forward records so I could take her somewhere else. I will be filing a complaint with the veterinarian board because she was not give adequate care, nothing for anemia nor given Milk Thistle when vet said she would. Wrote Dr. Kahler e-mail but he never responded.

Melissa Sanchez

5 years ago

I brought my dog Cookie here after him having diarrhea and throwing up for a few days. The staff was very kind and attentive and Dr. Kahler was absolutely wonderful! He explained everything that needed to happen in order to have Cookie recover. They did an amazing job! I highly recommend this place to anyone seeking a great vet for their pets. If I could give this place more stars I would!

jt prime

5 years ago

I took my guinea pig there today i was in there one sec and they were already on the move to help but it passed but you can tell all the workers and dr there were really compassionate and felt some heart break also really good staff very nice people and care for animals just as if they were thier own if you animal has a 911 i would definitly recomend this to be the vet it goes to

Cleta Triplett

5 years ago

I have taken my dog to both veterinarians and they are equally qualified excellent doctors.The office staff as well as the vet tech staff is very caring and knowledgeable. Emergency eye surgery on Christmas Eve, for a corneal tear accident, was never questioned. Just examined, diagnosed, and repaired... no hesitation. I am very grateful to have this kind of outstanding care for my Dixie.

Adam Tarkovian

5 years ago

We took our pup, Harry Potter, to multiple different facilities in search of the perfect place for him. We found that place with VMA. We were incredibly surprised by how much they cared for our pup, day one. As if he was apart of their family. Harry Potter in turn, loved them as well. Dr. Kahler did everything he could throughout the course of Harry's Life and was always able to give a strong, descriptive accounting of his situation, recommendations, and what to do. Eventually Harry Potter passed which was absolutely devastating. We did not contact VMA to let them know of his passing or anything of that sort. So for them to even just send us a card during our difficult time was shocking and it put a smile on all of our faces. This being the first dog I've ever owned it was truly heartbreaking but i know when and if i get another pupper, this is the only place i'll be taking them to. There really isn't another place like this anywhere else. Thank you, Dr. Kahler and the incredible staff you have.

Tracy Higgins

6 years ago

Dr. Wert has taken care of my Domino McBunz a few times. She is very caring. I will definitely return and I would 100% recommend this office for your animals.

Marge Umsted

7 years ago

This is THE PLACE to be. Staff and Drs. are incredible!


9 years ago

I have two Amazon Parrots. Both are Rescues. One had some serious medical Issues. I am not a fan of going to vets that do not specialize in Parrots or exotic birds. Parrots can be tricky. It can take a specialist to help a parrot. I have found the staff and Dr. Kahler to be absolutely FANTASTIC. More than that, my birds know people immediately. They are sensitive to people who don't appreciate parrots. My birds have attacked people they don't like. They are very aggressive towards my sister. However, my birds are calm around VMA staff. This tells me much. Not only is the staff very competent, but, they like animals and my birds know it. My bird is recovering. My bird is a difficult situation since she came out of a very bad environment that fed her candy, chain smoked, and hand raised her improperly and she has stunted growth. Thank you Dr. Kahler and VMA associats. We have a long way to go. but, VMA KNOWS THEIR STUFF. I would give them 10 stars if I could. I also read the review by the person who took their dog to the vet. I will defend Dr. Kahler. INFORMATION is everything. Information wins wars and medical battles. I don't have allot of money. I talked with the staff and we worked at trying to resolve the problem within a reasonable budget. But without tests, the doctor doesn't have much to work with. We did an Xray and started from there. Bills have added up. But no unnecessary tests have been performed. Tests that were asked for upon my first visit, eventually were done. And, wallah, issues were found and treated. Just because the Dr. Wanted to do surgery, doesn't make him a fraud. Fraud is a form of Malice with intent to do harm. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to decide if they are going to throw bottomless pits full of money at the problem or to see what can be done within a budget the owner is willing to live with. I don't know why Dr. Kahler diagnosed the dog with an abscess. The dog owner didn't state why. Were there Xrays? Did the infection appear to be life threatening? I have severe sinus problems, Deviated septum. I know how life threatening infections in the eye and sinus area can be. There is too much information missing from the dog owner's story to take it as credible. My bird, Louie, is a long way from being perfectly healthy. I will followup with this as things progress. Though the expenses have been more than would have liked to spend, Tests that were requested up front were done a month later and were indeed necessary. Pets are like humans. Want to gamble, don't do tests and let nature take its course. Do tests. Some will be positive, some negative. But, the tests help to find the problems. Until Star Trek Medical scanners are invented, this is how things are done.

Howard Artom

9 years ago

We went to Veterinary Medical Associates and seen Dr. Kahler after our female dog became infected with a bacteria in her eye after being spayed. Upon examining her eye his diagnoses was she needed surgery because there was an abscess behind the eye that was transmitted from her surgery. He wanted us to leave her there for an operation that would cost $1600. She also had difficulty opening her mouth and he claimed that her it was due to the abscess and when she opened her mouth it therefore put pressure on the infection. He gave her an antibiotic injection to prepare her for surgery but we opted not to leave her there overnight. Upon arriving home we noticed that her eye was almost completely and her mouth appeared to be recovering as well. I called to cancel the surgery and asked if we can continue the treatment with antibiotics. He reluctantly agreed as he said that the abscess behind the eye could not reached with medication and he still wanted to operate. The antibiotics worked perfectly. When we returned her for a checkup Dr. Kahler admitted that his diagnoses was wrong since the alleged abscess was indeed neutralized without surgery. Along with our female we brought our male dog who had no major issues except for a minor ear infection as well as a small amount of pus around his eyes. For him we merely wanted to continue the eye drops we had been giving him when we were clients of our previous veterinarian. Without explaining why he did numerous tests on our male dog disregarding our authorization and not explaining the fees. He then charged us $704 and, of course, our dog had no health issues as we already had learned from our previous vet. As far as Dr. Kahler is concerned, I find it deplorable that a doctor would suggest surgery on a dog who had a minor problem. Her condition was obliviously treatable with medication. Wanting to rush into something as delicate and costly as surgery is quite disingenuous and, subsequently, charging us for multiple unnecessary tests without informing us as to their costs reaffirms our suspicions of fraudulent activity on Dr. Kahler's part.

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