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joey alvarez

2 years ago

Great place! They had detailed reports of how my dog did while we were gone also my doggie loved it as well!! We will definitely be back! A+ service. I highly recommend this place.

Dee Frederick

2 years ago

We have had our dog for over 13 years. We have never left him overnight ever. We went on vacation and boarded him with this place for 7 nights. I was so worried and scared. The staff was above and beyond . They took such care and affection for my baby! I would recommend them highly!! My dog had a great time and we ready set a play date in the future for him!! Can't thank them enough!!

Juan Torres

2 years ago

I’ve boarded my pup at other Kennels and this one by far is the Best and worth what they charge. The staff is friendly and very helpful.The facility is very clean and has air conditioning throughout the building and kennels .

Jakki Lineaweaver

2 years ago

Boarded Leo for a week. Staff is very nice. He did good. Very tired after a week of playing I recommend top notch. Next time I'll take his own food. He didn't like what they fed him

Julie Yassin

3 years ago

Grace loves going to Top Notch daycare to play with her friends.

RoadPirate 50

3 years ago

They are super easy to make reservations with them on the phone or online. The dogs love goibg there to stay and play. It costs a little more than other places but they take great care of my dogs. They are always tired and happy when I pick them up!

Johnson Jennifer

3 years ago

My dog Max has had such a wonderful time meeting new dogs when he was boarded there two different times. Thou they haven't learned my dog doesn't need to be in the slow and steady group. He's very energetic. Needs to be in a group with more energy.

Elizabeth Ziegler

3 years ago

They were able to board my dog Alligator last minute, the staff was very friendly and greeted my pup with enthusiasm, they are also very reasonably priced! When I picked up Alligator the next day, she was very sad to leave, she whined in the car when we left, she NEVER whines about anything! Which tells me she had a wonderful time and absolutely enjoyed her stay, she was even a little depressed when she got home. I will be using them again, even for just a day stay, and I cant wait to use their grooming services as well.

Mary Bloxham

3 years ago

. We liked it. Mostly the dogs.

edward robles

3 years ago

My dog loves this place, only 4 stars because it is a little pricey for dog play.

Bobbie Ables-Smith

3 years ago

Doggie Resort! Top Notch is the best all around. My Jellybean, a chihuahua, just loved her recent stay at the peewee cottage. The dogs are pampered like family and are happy there. She was fed and pampered just like she was at home.

Brett Houser

3 years ago

Great staff. They truly care about the dogs.


3 years ago

I unfortunately had to move out of Modesto. My dog absolutely loved the girls there. She had been going since she was a puppy. After 4 years, we had to say goodbye. On her last day, all the girls had gotten a basket together of goodies, toys, clothes, magnetic pictures of my dog, and a card with all their warm wishes and goodbyes. I have the basket and i pull a new toy out every other week or have her wear a new piece of clothing. She smells the basket and remembers her friends there. I honestly was sadder about picking her up that last day her than I was about moving. I so truly appreciated everything they did for my little girl. Your dog would be in absolutely good hands with this establishment.


3 years ago

Incredible care, attentiveness and one on one service for my babies! Love the Customer service!

David Giddings

3 years ago

Not my area of expertise, but my family's dogs get the spa treatment here, treated quite well I must say. My wife's 6 lb terror is the warrior princess, the dog is pampered. My son's 80 lb hopelessly lovingly lethargic Great Pyrenees gets the attention of a rock star. The girls doing the work of cutting and caring are no less artisan's at their craft. Well done... High marks for the fur person spa.

Deborah Colbert

3 years ago

Oziah was so relaxed he really liked it Everyone was so helpful while understanding our needs Fabulous service

Eduardo Torres

3 years ago

Very clean and well kept. Polite, professional and knowledgeable staff.

Gerard Wellman

3 years ago

I attempted to take my 10 week old golden doodle puppy to Top Notch’s puppy socialization classes. Over the course of five attempts over two weeks, I was successful only once. They kept inventing excuses why he couldn’t be part of the class - the most recent excuse, and the last straw for me, was that he had a scab on his nose (yes, you read that correctly). The scab was small and healing and falling off, but nope, he couldn’t play with other puppies or receive socialization because of a *scab*. They offered to move him into “one-on-one socialization with a trainer,” but we all know that’s code for “our intern will play with him.” Thanks, but I can do that at home without paying $30 a day. It seems the type of dog they’re looking for in these classes is a small indoor breed, not a rough and tumble puppy who likes to play outdoors and chew on sticks. That’s fine, but please tell me that up front and please don’t invent lame excuses. Regarding their other services, I have had a previous dog get injured in boarding and develop a nasty stomach bug. About a 50/50 success story with them overall with that dog. While overall they’re nice and friendly, be aware they’re not actually delivering what they’re selling, and value for the expense is quite low. If you must use their services, know what you’re getting yourself into. It’s a roll of the dice with them.

j. zacarias

3 years ago

So far our experiences have been great. Our pooch seems excited to be dropped of. Fees did go up recently for boarding.

Kathy Perry

3 years ago

Our baby girl Malie has been part of the Top Notch family for 6 and 1/2 years since she was a puppy. She gets excited every time we pull up to the door. They take wonderful care of her.

Laura Bahamón

3 years ago

A very organized place. The staff was really friendly , I left my dog here for a weekend and she was happy and excited !

Nathan Smith

3 years ago

Awesome place, great people working together as a team and everyone that I encountered. Loves animals, I felt at ease with this place, beautiful play area for dogs, will be going back in the future.

Omar Conger (Google User)

3 years ago

This is an updated review. Both my dogs recently stayed for a week and the service and care was outstanding, beyond what I had expected. Both of my dogs ended up with various medical 'needs' (at no fault of the kennel). The kennel can be a bit on the expensive side, but it was well worth the money.

John Medrano

4 years ago

First time eval and daycare for the bubbies and it was perfect. Very helpful and understanding staff.

Carolyn Crown

4 years ago

Dogs said they had an awesome time.

Chonse Wright

4 years ago

Our 5 year old Doberman DIED at their Turlock facility. We had boarded in Modesto close to 10 times, he always loved and enjoyed in there. But Modesto was full, waitlist only, so they suggested calling Turlock. Turlock also had a 5 dog waitlist in front of us, but miraculously had an opening the next day. This was suspicious, my wife worked in a kennel when she was younger and enlightened me to horrors of overcrowding. However we were leaving for business and needed Him watched for 4 days. Upon Arriving in Turlock he quickly marked his territory on the front counter and went into the back room. Back there he jumped up on the window to see us and seemed scared, this was unusual behavior for him. 2 days passed when I received a call from the Owner Lisa, who said he had passed in his sleep. She did a good job with the theatrics on the phone, claiming this had never happened before, etc. She was quick to want to take him to UCDavis for testing but seemed to have a preconceived option on his death being twisted stomach/ bloat (GDV). The doctor later 'confirmed' but after talking with him seem coached/ bribed and unprepared for my call. He did say it could have been found and surgically fix if noticed, which tells us he was left unattended for a long stretch of time without interaction/ supervision. After I pushed back for more information/ documentation from the kennel, none was available. We're not really buying it. The point is, there would have been signs. Had someone been present something as simple as gas-x could have gave him relief and bought time to surgically correct it. Ultimately our whole family has zero closure and very little information to help cope with a loss of a loved family member that slept by our side every night. I'm not here to bash this specific kennel or owner, rather want to warn owners please ask questions to kennels about GDV and other possible complications and if / how they are prepared and trained in treating your specific animals and breeds needs. Don't be a guinea pig or statistic in order to create awareness.

Cynthia Braun

4 years ago

The friendliest place. Every body is so nice. Won't know have our dog was yet picking her up on Saturday.

Ed Gonzalez

4 years ago

First time experience was fantastic. Never worried about our dog and he was very well cared for.

Gina Magallanes

4 years ago

Doesn't smell good it should be cleaner

Paul Braun

4 years ago

Excellent place to board your dog.They give your friend the attention and care that you would. At checkout they give a detailed report card on how your dog did. I wouldn't leave my dog anywhere else.

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