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Vanessa St. Amand

2 years ago

The receptionist Kristy or Christy is VERY rude and has no commendable customer service abilities whatsoever. From one vet med professional to another- do better.

Kenny Cardenas

2 years ago

The receptionist and veterinarian are very rude . Not professional at all. If they don’t care about basic customer service , why would they care about the well-being of your family pet ?

daniel serrano

2 years ago

The receptionist was EXTREMELY rude.Not professional at all. I didn’t really care because I was picking up my dog so I was happy. I had to ask all the questions About my dogs surgery and was given very short answers. Will definitely not bring my dog here agian! As far as surgery my dog came out well no complications. I have to give credit were it is due she is a good surgeon. But as far as customer service terrible!

Rebecca Hu

2 years ago

As a new cat mom during the pandemic it's been a STRUGGLE trying to find a vet to take in new clients. Although it's not the flashiest, fanciest vet and sometimes feels a little DIY, they are singlehandedly the only place (out of the 50 vets I called inc. urgent care clinics) that would take my 2 cats. My baby had a serious URI and even stayed overnight for 5 days and they were very transparent about the price per night (I was worried I was racking up bills). Thought things were expensive at first until I went to Limehouse Vets and was charged $130 for a check up and ear exam. Every time I went in (they do walk-in's), they took my kitties and I never waited longer than 30 minutes (rare, nowadays). Also, unlike most other clinics during COVID, they let you inside to with your pet to get seen which I'll take over just driving up and dropping them off any day. Sometimes there is a lack of communication and it feels disorganized, but honestly at this point, if you need a cheap, accessible, almost always available, always pick up your phone calls vet, would recommend just coming here! Bc honestly pet care is just getting them in ASAP before it becomes a larger problem.

Stacy Lande

2 years ago

I have been bringing my pets to Dr. Fernandez for 30 years. I love the kind attention provided by Dr. Fernandez, Kristy, Benito, and Roberto. They are like a family place, and treat my pets like members of the family. I trust them, and have gotten great care here. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Karla Eduvia

2 years ago

I’ve been taking my two dogs to Doctor Fernandes for the past 17 years! She is not only knowledgeable, compassionate, loving but full of wisdom. Her prices are more than fair, she isn’t in the business to rip off like most Vets but to care and save lives of animals everyday. I’d trust my own life in her hands.

Bladie Gutierrez

2 years ago

Extraordinary, knowledgeable, care and nice personal ????

Marley Charles

2 years ago

Do not take your pet here. My dog has been limping and not been himself for a couple of days. I took him here on a Wednesday and was told they found a foxtail in his paw but he was fidgety and they would need him to come back the following morning before 9am to be sedated so they could explore the rest of his paws for more foxtails. I explained clearly to the doctor that I am uncomfortable and my dog is uncomfortable with cages and a recent rescue still working on trust and I don’t want to do anything avoidable that could cause him to be scared. She said she gets there at 8:30 and to get him there around then. The next morning I dropped him off that the agreed time and asked if I could come back when he was awake they said I would have to wait til 3-4pm. I figured I would call around 1 to see if he was done and could get him early. They said no, to try in 30 minutes. I did and was able to go get him to which I was informed he wasn’t sedated and had been sitting there all day for no reason. No additional foxtails has been found and the doctor doesn’t start working on patients until noon. This really upset me as I would’ve dropped him off later in the afternoon and not canceled morning meetings to get him there closer to a time he could been seen vs him sitting in a cage from 8:30am until who only knows when. I was then charged $150 for them to put a bandaid on my dogs foot and for a foxtail removal that had happened the previous day and which I was charged. They then told me I need to come back in a week for a follow up to which I declined. They want your money and do not care about your animals well being.

tadeusz charewicz

3 years ago

Dr. Fernandez is great. Honest, not overpriced, compassionate, truthful. Staff is great, my pets are very comfortable in her care.

Jessica Jurado

3 years ago

The only veterinarian that I trust. I've been going here for 13 years. Just brought my new fur baby here to get fixed. They are kind, professional and really care. You won't want to go anywhere else.

Davit D.

3 years ago

The receptionist would not allow us to talk to the veterinarian and would give us attitude. The veteran would constantly give us different prices and would say that the dog will die if we do not go through with the procedure after we spent over $1,000 she kept on bring up more test which weren’t necessary and had nothing to do with my dogs kidney problems she eventually gave us pills to give to r dog but would not proscribe more once we said the dog was getting better she said that to get the pills we would have to go through more procedures (things that had nothing to do with her damaged kidney) the veterinarian later proscribed a type of dog food that would help strengthen the kidney but would not write the proscription and said if we wanted the dog food we would have to buy it from her (to obtain this dog food you need a proscription) the food sold for $12 dollars at pet smart but she sold the same bag for $50 if you want to save your pet do NOT take them here due to this money hungry lady my dog passed she overcharges and under-delivers.

Dane T

3 years ago

Dr Gonzalez is sweet and has known my dog for over 11 years. It's not the nicest nor fanciest vet around but it'll do the trick for most


4 years ago

A dedicated, caring physician & staff.

claudia hernandez

4 years ago

I had a bad experience here, starting with the receptionist. She’s very rude! The vet is a total b!*ch Avoid this place don’t come here!! They just want your money.

Kiara Burns

4 years ago

I had such a fantastic experience here today. They took me in with my cat right away and gently talked through courses of action for her constantly getting sick. This will be our new vet! Thank you so much for your time and care.

Libby Kauper

4 years ago

Hands on service, sole Vet proprietor who is knowledgeable and caring for your animal. Efficient office and front desk, very reasonable prices.

Ray Andrew

4 years ago

My husky had an accident and was bitten by another dog - she needed stitches. I was able to take her that same morning and the staff and Dr. tended to her right away. Also was able to get vaccinations as well at the same time. I would recommend this place as it has a very family owned feel to it.

Venera Sardaryan

4 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUT PETS TO THIS HOSPITAL. This vet killed my healthy dog.


4 years ago

Avoid this vet. I shouldn't have ignored all of those negative reviews here and yelps. Even you have to drive more, find somewhere else.

Nonato Esteves

5 years ago

Exceptional veterinary services with reasonable charges.

Celeste Peterson

6 years ago

I went to this place once for a travel cert. The receptionist is dour. The doctor is nice, but the place smells weird and isn't very sterile. I wouldn't personally feel comfortable getting treated there or recommending anyone to go there. So, even though nothing went "wrong", I just wouldn't feel right telling anyone to go there. We live in a condo building nearby, and two fellow dog owners who also live in the building said not to go there, one said this rather adamantly.

Teresa Conboy

6 years ago

This is the best place to go - fairly priced, very competent. You will not be spending thousands of dollars like you do at other vets that play on your emotions.

Francisco Raposo

7 years ago

I love Dr. Fernandez. She's straight forward and tells it like it is. They've always taken very good care of my dogs and cat. She's performed surgery on my dogs twice (dental and removal of fatty lumps), and kept my IG for an extended period of time when he had a stomach virus. The dogs have always been well taken care of and both surgeries went smoothly with no complications. I've since moved to Pasadena but still make the trek to Silverlake to see Dr. Fernandez.

Meg Alexandrian

7 years ago

Rude staff. Rude doctor. All about money. Will withhold your records against the law to get you to go back in and pay her more for her to stick a thermometer up your pet and charge you $40 and still not provide you with your records. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and I suggest you stay away from them and take your pet to any other place.

Joel Myers

7 years ago

Good service so far. Been coming here for puppy shots. A bit behind the times on technology and closing for lunch makes it difficult at times.

Tom West

7 years ago

They tried to charge me $40 to stick a thermometer up my cat's butt even though I had a voucher from the vet and then the reception got psycho over me refusing to pay


7 years ago

They withheld medical records and told me that I had to make a return visit to get them then they tried to charge me for a new visit. When I told the receptionist that I never agreed to a new visit and wasn't paying she threw my paperwork and told me to leave (still didn't get her records). Don't fall for their ruse; they're very shady. They also forced me to buy the medicine there and wouldn't give me the prescription...

Joseph F

8 years ago

Dr. Fernandez is an excellent surgeon. She performed surgery on my three dogs ( 2 female, one male) and several cats (male and female). My one pet now is a 17 year old cat named Angel that Dr. Fernandez has saved several times when I was sure it was all over.

John Weselcouch

8 years ago

Old school, no frills, straight forward V.E.T.

Gabriela Tollman

8 years ago

They never over charge or try take advantage financially when pet cat is ill. I can't say the same for all the other vets around.

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