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Jean-Paul Dracolakis

a year ago

Great store with amazing selection 10/10 will return

Adriana Guzman

a year ago

Love the selections of products

Hannah Ferguson

a year ago

A bunch of fun if you’re a huge dog nerd (that would be me!) Gear, food, treats, toys, and and some neat specialty items. My dog couldn’t stop sniffing around

Blac Williams

a year ago

It's a cool place,low cost vac for my mutts,team was knowledgeable, quick and efficient ????????????

Asher Rumack

a year ago

Great selection and super helpful staff. Maybe not the cheapest place but it feels good to support local businesses and actually get expert advice when you need it - these people love dogs. They’re also very fair / generous about returns.

Jocelyn Chavira

a year ago

I think its on the pricier side but its good. My picky cat and dog enjoy the food from BlueCollar the Most. The staff is also very helpful.

No Noise

a year ago

This place will scan lost dogs for microchips for free. Employees are very friendly. And they have great products.

Jonathan Leon

2 years ago

Worst service ever products are over priced and there not good quality

Alesia Robbins

2 years ago

My dog loved it. Great products and services.

Gerald Candelaria

2 years ago

Great place... very helpful people!!

Natalie Honeywell

2 years ago

I purchased a service dog vest for my dog here. I left the store to go about my business and put the new vest on him while he was working. Within a few minutes of me putting the vest my service dog began to shake his body, scratch, and was exhibiting signs of distress. My service dog is both well behaved and well trained, he does not act this way for no reason. I bent down to examine him closer to see what was bothering him, to my horror I discovered the new vest I had just purchased from this store was infested with small white bugs crawling all over the vest and onto my dog. I immediately removed the vest from my service animal and attempted to call the store multiple times with no answer. The voicemail stated they were not accepting new voicemails at this time so I was left with no other choice than to return to the store and try to figure out what these bugs that were now on my service animal were. My service animal continued to itch and scratch and act as though something was irritating him during this time. When I entered the store again I showed the man at the counter the vest with the insects crawling all over it which he acknowledged and said something to the effect that sometimes bugs fall from the ceiling. This alarmed me greatly to hear that the store may have known about the insect issue that potentially harmed my service animal yet sold me this vest anyways. I asked the store employee if he knew what they were, he said he could not tell me for certain. I asked him if he had anything to remove the unknown insect from my service animal who may I remind you was still exhibiting signs of distress, he said no. I called my service animal’s veterinarian, they were unable to see him until the next day. The emergency veterinarian offices I called were able to look but said to keep my money because even if they could tell me what bug was on my service animal, they would be unable to prescribe anything because they do not typically carry insecticides so I would have to see my regular veterinarian anyways to get whatever medication my service animal might need. I had no other choice but to wait until the next morning while my service animal continued to exhibit signs of distress and was unable to perform his job properly due to the insects on his body. As a working dog handler I am extremely displeased with this situation and I’m certain if my service dog could speak he would say the same. Though I was able to return the items and the cashier was not unfairly unkind, not one person in the store made any attempt to apologize for the situation and now I have to spend extra money to get my service dog back into prime health and address the medical concerns related to an unknown insect exposure. I do not wish any ill will towards this store or it’s employees however I will not will I ever recommend anyone going back here. I’m sure everyone’s experience at this store is different, this was mine and it was not a pleasant one. As it stands I have emailed the store and also contacted them on Instagram as well and have yet to hear a response. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day.

Ruben Soto

2 years ago

Dnt need to go anywhere else Best food and toys and treats and equipment for your Partner and at the very best prices. GodBless these ppl, they will always be my first pick! And always my recommendation

shannon aganz

2 years ago

great selection of EVERYTHING dog and i especially love their selection of raw food. best quality accessories, especially for big dogs. good quality isnt cheap so i really like their punch cards that gives u a punch for every $50 spent and $50 off when its filled up. the staff is really cool and very knowledgeable too. love this place!

Gregory Fortado

2 years ago

Great customer service and fast easy checkout. Love the LEO discount.

Luis Ernesto Glenn

2 years ago

We went to run some errands and happened to walk right in front of this totally new place for us since we don't go to the echo park area as often as we did many years ago. We walked in to this big nice and clean place. Very well stocked. We were pleased to find some products cheaper than other stores (that's the only reason for that one star). The only thing is that we didn't hear a single welcome from any of the employees. We walked around and there was this guy just leaning on some packages there, and I'm sure he was an employee there. There was another sitting right behind the counter that just looked at us and went back to mind his own business. What I mean is that, we walked around very obviously looking for some specific items and none of them bother to go and ask us if we needed help or if we had any question...but that's probably because we're not that fancy looking to waste their time, or business is going great that they can careless about one more or one less customer. I did not feel welcome at all. Bad, bad service for sure.

Nick Anguiano

2 years ago

Awesome place, fully stocked, staff very helpful, they have their own parking lot.

Jeannette Lara

2 years ago

Moved to Santa Clarita from echo park and this is still the only place we buy our dog food and supplies.

Jesse Lozano

2 years ago

Great variety of pet products and knowledgeable staff.


2 years ago

Helpful and great selection of anything you could need.

Stacy Pierre

2 years ago

Always find great items here with good quality and helpful employees.

Sarah Rams

2 years ago

Food its decent for the price!! But other items are "" Over Priced"" i instantly went online and compared prices!! Prices were doubled! ????

RdeR Lady T

2 years ago

Big store with large variety of products. Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Rachel Davila

2 years ago

Low cost vet clinic monthly, fast, good customer service, organized, clean

Queen Unicorn

2 years ago

I love this place ! They have everything I need for my frenchies :)

Patrick McIntyre

2 years ago

This place is a dog trainers dream. All kinds of specialty training equipment.

Nancy Fox

2 years ago

I love this place bc they give out top of the line food in their donations for dogs and cats as well. They offer training from general to k9 security. The facility is huge and they have all the things you want or need to make your pet happy healthy and well trained which makes everyone happy and the dog life much more content.

Marie M

2 years ago

Great store for strong dogs. A little pricey but I found everything I needed.

lovelyn kenison

2 years ago

Always a first stop to get what we need for our working ????dogs

Christine Kantner

2 years ago

I go out of my way to shop here. Good alternative to corporate chains and Tech/AI/Bot pet food delivery. Always experience great service here. Small business which needs our support RN. Parking is never an issue either.

Allen Torres

2 years ago

Very nice staff that really do know their stuff about dog nutrition, diet, and life style. The actual store itself is pretty spacious so it doesn't feel cramped. Additionally, the place doesn't smell like wet dog or old pet food as a lot of pet store places do so thats a plus.

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