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2 years ago

We couldn't get in to see our regular vet, so we came here as a walk-in. The vet was very pessimistic about our animal's prognosis without ~$400 in lab work and x-rays. He seemed like he was practically ready to euthanize our pet. We said we'd think about doing the tests. We subsequently got an appointment at our regular vet five days later. After ~$200 in lab work, our vet told us we couldn't ask for better results, that our pet was very healthy, and he probably just had had some kind of bug that made him very sick. He's been fine since then.

maria angelica farfan aragon

2 years ago

very professional, I always take my dog ​​there, thank you

Dava Ruiz

2 years ago

GO HERE IF YOU WANT TO BE TREATED WITH NO RESPECT BY THE VET. The negative reviews already posted are exactly what I experienced. I have never filled out a review before and I am so upset about my experience I decided I have to share with others. The receptionist informed me there is only 1 vet at this facility so it is the same one I believe Meza was his name. He got frustrated when I asked a question and was condescending with his response. He pressured me to make decisions quickly and when it wasn't fast enough (because I didn't have the info I wanted from lack of ability to ask questions) he said "you can decide what you want to do" and walked out of the room. When I left the office I wasn't even sure what medicine had been given to my dog. When I pointed to the treatment plan and asked what something was he responded, "I already told you.. and injection" so I didn't ask again. I would have liked to know what medicine it was and what it does.. clears infection or for pain or relieves stomach acid etc. I went through liver failure for my previous dog and I have been to many vets. I have never, ever been treated in this way. It is also true, as I saw in another review, he has an accent and it does make it a little more difficult to put together what he's saying, in addition to trying to take in the medical terms and biological information, it is hard to grasp everything the first time. My dog had 4 different things wrong with him, there was a lot of information to digest. It was ABSOLUTELY INAPPROPRIATE for a client to feel uncomfortable asking questions.. especially when you are paying a lot of money for services. This was not just a $50 visit. I also told the vet that I would be getting the medicine somewhere else and he seemed bothered. He said, "You aren't going to find it cheaper anywhere else," and walked away from me. Well, everything was 50% cheaper from other places like in addition, I feel he tried to make it difficult for me to get the medicine from chewy approved. Also, when I asked why something in chew tablet form (exact same medicine and miligrams) wouldn't be approved instead of traditional tablet form the answer was, "that's not what I wrote for the script." Horrible horrible attitude. COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. I would rather pay more at another vet to not be treated that way. The receptionists are very kind and understanding. They are also caring about my pet and situation. I hope they find somewhere else to work.

D Contador

2 years ago

great attention, very friendly work group, they saved my pet

Cyd Chance

2 years ago

We have taken our pets to this clinic for over 20 years. Dr. Meza pulled some miracles. Got our tiny pup through a swallowed chicken bone without surgery when all other vets wanted to operate. Added 4 years to our Rhodesian Ridgeback who was dying before Dr. Meza put him through a 4-day treatment ... he lived to 18! He may seem abrupt at times but his heart is in the right place. As far as paying up front, it is only after he has told you what your options are, and it is because people often don't pay after the work is done. Don't blame him.

Caramel Frappuccino

2 years ago

I was here not so long ago because my pet was sick. Dr Meza or whatever his name is was extremely rude. Don’t waste your money here and visit another center.

Daisy Erazo

2 years ago

What a disappointment of a vet. He is very into himself and only sees dollar bills. I took my dog to his clinic and ended up with two estimates that I had to sign??? He charges three times more than a regular vet hospital. I ended up having to pay an office visit for him to just concentrate on giving estimates. I took my baby to a vet hospital where they charged me $75 for a visit and antibiotics. He was charging $295.00 for a visit and antibiotics. What a disappointment of a vet. PLEASE STAY AWAY and look for another place where they will treat your pet and yourself with respect.

Anthony Loya

2 years ago

Did not like the bedside manner of Dr. Meza. He's pushy and condescending like a used car salesman. I simply asked him what he thinks is wrong with my sick cat and he aggressively says, in a bully like attitude, "it's right there in black and white." He has a heavy accent so understanding him is somewhat difficult thus I had to ask. Maybe he was having a bad day but there are plenty of other vets I will check out. I would suggest going somewhere else to my friends and family. The rest of the staff I interacted with were delightful and friendly.

E .T

2 years ago

Very rude vetenerian, over charging for allergen exams and left little to no space to ask questions about treatment.

Long Rob

2 years ago


M. Miranda

2 years ago

Our dog of 15 yrs had to be put down her last few minutes of life she was alone after other fees for exams were done another fee just to be present in the room would be charged on top of what had already been paid. In a profession like this they should be more sympathetic I understand the whole covid situation and mask, but literally it's a few minutes with their pet to say goodbye.

Howard Rogue

3 years ago

Heart-felt care as always. Dr. Meza and his staff have never been anything but courteous, informative and caring with my pets.

Alondra Solis

3 years ago

So upsetting. I brought my puppy Lola to get her shots and everything was rushed didn’t get much of information about how the shots worked from some female with glasses and a black choker that had so much attitude. I guess I just gave them free money. Worst vet clinic experience I received a phone call from them but didn’t leave a voicemail or didn’t answer when I called back.

Alvaro Garibo

3 years ago

Doctor asks me,,,, how much money I have to expend before examining our kitties,,,, ladies at the front desk should get a better place to work , they are way more professional...

Angelica Medina

3 years ago

I been coming to vet care animal center for years now. What I also value that it is a family owned business. ????‍????‍???? I have two Chihuahuas, one is 22 (Duquesa) and the other is 15 (Catrin) For my oldest dog Duquesa, Man! Dr. Meza and his wonderful staff has brought her back to life multiple times! When she was 16, she was attacked by a big dog and lost a lot of blood, I took her to Vet Care animal center, they gave her surgery, (of course with anything it can go 50/50, but that's my baby I had to give her a shot). She came back stronger than ever and low key it was like an added neck lift for her lol. At 18, she got bitten by a Brown Recluse Spider and started to have seizures. As an owner, I was freaking out!I thought the damn spider might have won and that would be the last of her. Once again took her to Dr.Meza and his wonderful staff (you girls are dope!), and with the treatments he prescribed, she was back to her normal self again with time. At 22, she is still with me and everyday can be her last.... but I want to thank Dr Meza and his staff for all the care for both Duquesa???? and Catrin ☠️. Thank you!

Claudia Lopez

3 years ago

Dr. Meza is the kindest and most humane Vet ever. Your pet’s happiness, health and comfort is his only priority. This is a family-run business, and that is exactly how they treat you and your pet, like family. Dr. Meza extended the life of my angel Mattie by many years with his excellent and superior care. A prior vet had told me that Mattie would die young due to her many ailments, but by switching to Dr. Meza when she became seriously ill, she lived to nearly 15 years. Dr. Meza provides specialized care tailored to your individual pet’s needs. He is realistic and honest in explaining medical analysis, but will fill you with positive optimism at the same time. He recognizes distress in both owner and pet, and actively addresses to relieve both. I have had the misfortune of meeting many vets who are only interested in making money to the detriment of my pets. I have had vets carry out unnecessary surgeries and procedures on both of my pets Mattie and Sofie, only to get money out of me. That is not Dr. Meza. He has a passion and gift for caring for animals, and that combined with his top notch medical knowledge makes for the best care available for my fur babies. His prices are very reasonable, and much lower than other Vets offices I have been to. I would rather travel over an hour to get to his office (I live in Long Beach) than go to any of the 3 Vet offices I have within 5 miles of my home because these offices are just out to steal money and could care less about the well-being of my pets. The staff that works at Dr. Meza’s are professional and care for your animals as if they were their own. When my Mattie finally did pass away, Dr. Meza’s wife, who is also the head Nurse and office manager, created the most beautiful picture of my angel from a photo she had taken. It is a gorgeous composition that is very precious to me. Only a family that genuinely and sincerely cares for animals would do such a kind act. As long as I have pets, I will only come to this office. They are a God-send.

Elle Bee

3 years ago

Girls at Front desk are awesome! No wait. Doctor was awesome

Fernando Diossa

3 years ago

Great job taking care of my dog.


3 years ago

Staff and doctor are very rude. Very unprofessional the Peruvian doctor is a Mr. Crab ???? he is there only for the money. Charge me for thing that my dog did not get. My experience was really bad. There are others Animal clinics much that can offer us better service


3 years ago

I had both of my cats examined with this Dr. they checked out my cat’s, and I was told they both needed medications for their treatment. I signed & paid $700.00 my cat was HURT during the process of drawing blood & getting his shots. His ear was bleeding and his excuse was “He was going wild.” ... I’m disgusted, I strongly recommend a different vet. The Dr. is MONEY hungry and does not care for your pet. Grab your pets and go elsewhere. The girls in the front were lovely :) The Dr. is a complete a hole.

Jim L

3 years ago

Pretty good staff. Prices are a bit to high. Limited hours and no emergency long term care.

Margie Parras

3 years ago

Horrible, all of the above and more. What a lousy experience my poor mother had here today. My daughter is in town and was nice enough to make an appointment for mom's dog to have a sore on her paw checked, and something bothering her eye. They arrived early, only to wait an hour and there weren't any other customers in there. That wasn't bad enough. You would think that when my mom asked how long they would be because my daughter was outside waiting in the car, that they would either hurry it up or say it was ok for her to go inside for a while, especially since there wasn't anyone there besides the staff. What a rip-off. They didn't even ask about a physical, just went ahead and did it, did not address the problems, and took her for $200 just like that. They're mean enough to steal from an elderly woman, I hope it happens to their relative one day. I know business is tough with the virus thing going on, but that doesn't mean anyone should be taken advantage of just because they're a 90 year old still trying to enjoy their pets and take care of them. I'll make sure she doesn't go back there and for sure I won't recommend them to anyone. I'll stick with the vet I go to and take my mom's dogs there from now on.

Marlynn Limas

3 years ago

Don't take your dying pets here or critically injured. They will make you fill out/sign forms and pay upfront before examining your pet.. I understand most places have to do that.. but when its life or death.. they prefer MONEY ! And if you try and leave.. they will close the gate on you so you can PAY...

Paola Molina

3 years ago

The ladies in front are quite friendly. but the doctor is a pain! He wants to make you feel bad about your dog. It seems like he doesn't really like his job. He referred to my little dog in a very derogatory way and that disliked me. I think he is too abusive with his words. I don't see it as really professional ... he gave me a series of medicines for my dog, and I only wanted to buy the ones that I considered necessary (or only those that my budget would allow) but he wanted to make me feel bad saying that if the dog had it something was going to do my fault ... do you really know my budget ?! Do you think I want a bad thing for my puppy? I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT FOR ANYTHING. TOO RUDE ‼‼ Totally sorry to have come to that place! ❌

Stephanie Wood

3 years ago

I have been going to Dr. Meza and Vet Care Animal Center (Collette vet) for about seven years now. They have taken care of my fur babies throughout their good and bad times.. through cancer and bacterial/immunity sickness and more. The entire staff at Collette vet have always helped me when in need, from carrying my big dog food bags out to the car because of my bad back, to helping me with my other animals when one was sick. The entire team always treats me and my animals with the best of care. Dr. Meza is the BEST and I trust him completely -- and that is saying alot, as I don't put my trust into many. He has always made my babies feel better and there is nothing more important than that! He listens and is open to all matters when it comes to the healing and care of animals -- he knows what he is doing and stays on top of current and new veterinarian practices. My fur babies are my life and I wouldn't go anywhere else! Trust me when I say, you are in awesome hands and your fur babies are getting the best care when you visit Collette vet. I don't reviews, but Dr. Meza once again brought my sick baby back to good health and I feel it necessary to not only say THANK YOU, but sing him and his staff nothing but praise!!!

Teresa Lopez

3 years ago

I highly recommend this VET, the experience I have had has been extraordinary, my dog Chihuahua Picolina 7 years old, was saved by DOCTOR ANDRE MEZA. By the bad medical practice of the other veterinarian, my dog was going to die of widespread infection. Thanks to the profesional service and the care dedicated by the staff, who support the doctor, my family enjoys the companion of mi little Chihuahua. Grateful for ever. Teresa

Veronica Areli Perez Lopez

3 years ago

They are very nice. You can tell they care about our pets. Their prices are super affordable. My sister's puppy got parvo, she dying and they brought her back to life. I recommend this place.

Sosha Badal

4 years ago

very bad experience just try to charge never help the animal or its master

Cindy Perez

4 years ago

My family dog has past away and I thought to bring him here, because it was the closes to bring him. Everything was done, but they told me to wait 1 to 2 weeks for his ashes. It’s been 3 and half and I’ve been waiting for their call. I had to call them and ask if it’s ready. They don’t know where he was at first. So they called me back and he was there the whole time. And now it says it was open, tues. 9am to 12pm, I wanted to pick him up. But once I got there it was completely closed, didn’t give a reason. And I have to wait another day for a part of family won’t be left out. But who knows if it will be here tomorrow.

Mr Green Law

4 years ago

The staff are friendly but the Doctor is rude no compassion money hungry.

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