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Stacie Clyde

a year ago

To those of you with exotics, I can honestly recommend VCA-WLA. VCA is not an expense, it is an investment. The staff is always friendly and ready to help. This place is definitely worth our 3 hr. drive. …

Paige Smith

a year ago

I’ve been taking my rats to VCA West LA for almost two years. They have great service and they really care about the animals. My rat Cash passed away last week. He needed to be put down, and Dr. Robertson handled it with kindness and …

Sarah G

a year ago

Dr. Farber was warm, attentive, knowledgeable, and patiently answered all of my questions. The check-in staff was wonderful. The two star rating reflects follow-up. Getting my dog’s prescribed medication filled took weeks. VCA was oddly disorganized and difficult to work with. Per Chewy, West LA VCA has a “strict no contact policy” in that the Chewy pharmacy is NOT allowed to reach out to them. Luckily this policy is not universal for VCA and we’ve since transferred care to another site that we’re very happy with

Brian Song

a year ago

They just want your pet to die, they do not care for emergencies at all. Should remove the emergency walk-in option when clearly they are far too busy to take a dying pet.

Allison Klein

a year ago

I cannot say enough great things about my experience with VCA West LA. I switched to VCA West LA years ago because of the convenience of my vet being in the same place where I can bring my dog in for emergencies. I've been bringing my dog to Dr. Chowdry for the last 6 years at least and he couldn't be in better hands. She always goes the extra mile to reach out before and/or after appointments, review results, answer any questions, or even just to check in. It's clear that she and her team are thorough and genuinely care, and that's important to me now that my dog is getting older. Thank you, Dr. Chowdry!

aliza menkes

a year ago

We brought in our cat who was very sick. The decision to put him to sleep was made. Dr. Jared Palmquist was very professional and so very kind. He understood our financial situation and was able to help.My only criticism of this hospital is their unbelievably high costs.

Theresa Scales

a year ago

I came to this vet with high hopes that my dogs behavioral issues would be diagnosed and treated but that is not the case. I spent over $1000 for absolutely nothing. My dog still has the same issues as before and all they did was briefly look at him for about 5 min, then had us do virtual “training” sessions which did not even target the issue. Waste of time and money. The only reason I give 2 stars is because the staff I worked with were really nice.

Elle flowers

a year ago

I had an unfortunate & unpleasant experience here with Mary Ford who is terrible at her job. I hope her managers can figure out what to do with that unprofessional mess they got working up in there.

Team Penguin

a year ago

VCA- WLA This place caused my own dog to die and almost killed my foster dog! And I have lived in the area for over 25 years and heard many horror stories about this place from other dog owners. The ONLY doctor I would recommend here is the Veterinary Opthalmologist Dr. Michael Chang. He and his team (Carlos & Patty) are amazing. The best bet for eyes and very patient & gentle with scared & frail animals.Unfortunately everyone & everything there is awful/a nightmare. With the exception of Dr. Chang you are better off going to another veterinary hospital even if you have to drive farther.

Ramiro Pastrana

a year ago

They took great care of my sisters dogs.

Henry Somerfeld

a year ago

Service and care is excellent. However, when your pet is ill early December, to not be able to get an appointment until the end of December is absurd. Do you just wait until he is critically ill to bring him in and pay emergency fees?


a year ago

Do not take your rabbit here. I took my healthy 1 year old Holland lop bunny here, and she died. Then they mishandled her ashes and went on to cremate her without my permission. Those are the facts. Waffle was scheduled for a spay and was killed by pre - anesthesia two hours after dropping her off before even getting into surgery. Dr. Robertson was the vet in charge of taking care of my bunny and Cindy Ziegler was the anesthesiologist. I want to believe that they are good people with big hearts that also felt the grief when she left this earth under their care. I want to believe that they and everyone else in charge of taking care of my precious waffle did the best they could to make sure she was safe, but I can’t. She was completely healthy and even did blood work a week before. I’ve had a bunny die before under the same procedure by an in experienced vet and I never thought I would feel this grief again. It’s absolutely crushing, heart breaking, and traumatic. unfortunately, to make things worse i was charged $500 for cpr and $2100 for a necropsy for answers (i’m still waiting for the results). In order for the necropsy to be done the last thing I heard from VCA was that she was being sent another place, which I now know was UC DAVIS. Then they accidentally communally cremated her despite knowing my wishes were to keep her ashes. This is unbelievably unacceptable. I trusted VCA with my beloved animal and unfortunately my worst nightmare became real, and they made it even worse. While I am still so beyond hurt, sad, angry, and emotional about this traumatic experience I want to encourage others to do your research, ask a lot questions, and get informed before you leave your pet at any vet, especially this one. Rest In Peace Waffle.

Ari Sasmal

a year ago

They were absolutely horrible. It is so expensive and they are very inexperienced at least for exotics. We brought our rabbit to them with weepy eyes and they told us they couldn't flush his eyes and that he needed a $1400 ct scan. We didn't get the ct scan. Then they told us they needed a $350 blood work to give him special eye meds which we did but they have us metacam which is a generic pain med. Overall we spent $700 at this place for no reason. We went to the long Beach animal hospital and they gave us meds and did the eye flush (successfully) for $200 over two visits.

Jay Torres

a year ago

If you love your pet and want the absolute best care for them... find another Vet. Absolute worst heartless service. Will lie to you and take your money

Wayne Clyde

a year ago

Dr. Robertson has recently joined them in their zoomed dept. She has taken care of our rabbit for the past three years. We had been to eight different vets and were told there was not any hope for him. We were not going to give up on him and ended up at UC Davis, where we met Dr. Robertson; we explained to her that we would not give up on him. She worked with us and for us and has always made us feel good by explaining everything she is treating him for and why he is doing great, but we still have to keep treating him he is now five years old. If you want the best, she is the one. who is intelligent, caring, honest, and genuinely loves what she is doing. Ask for her. You will not be disappointed whatever the outcome; you can be sure she did everything possible to care for your pet.

Scott Torres

a year ago

I'd like to give a big shout out to this location. Friendly staff and super respectful, they made sure my dog Max was taking care of properly I'd like to thank the Employee Justin who took care of us swiftly and made sure we had everything we needed

Pheebs Flowers

a year ago

If you don’t ask for an update on your pet they won’t check on him/her. I was told everything had been done to my cat already but they still took 2 more hours to give him to me after I asked for a 3rd update. I was also told they didn’t even complete everything I was getting charged for. Lady at front wasn’t in the best mood and didn’t hide it. They do have parking and a big wait area though.

kevin LR

a year ago

Could be some wait time put it in mind, the overall experience was ok, not complaints.


a year ago

I took my 12 week ShihTzu in for generalized hair loss with a bigger patch of hair missing on her head with the underlining skin looking infected. Ultimately, she was prescribed an antibiotic, but the underlying reason for the hair loss was never pursued or explained despite asking. The antibiotics helped (although I was never given directions on how to mix them up and administer them...I was just handed a bag when I went to go pick my puppy up). I picked her up after they were closed, but I was given No discharge orders, or instructions or a chance to ask questions. Just a tech there to hand me a bag and my dog. Fast airways, my dog had increasing hair loss and I think she has Mange. I’m going to take her back as see if I am right abs if they will correct their mistake by not diagnosing the first five.

Allan Perez

a year ago

This is the 3rd time I'm writing this comment somehow they keep removing it but I took my German Shepard puppy in urgently after he had been raned over he had a broken pelvic and hip he was going to be okay but they charged me $3.000 just to take him x rays and because they had took him in, the following morning they told me that he needed immediate surgery and it was going to cost$ 25,000 Like who has that money to spare. They also said he was in too critical condition to transfer him to a more affordable hospital that I found and they didn't release me him.This place took my puppy away he was only 10 months old I miss you bandit I think about you every day????????

Izzy Hernandez

a year ago

I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience here. I came in with a pet emergency after calling multiple different vets in the area. Justin provided the best service and helped my dog quickly, provided great solutions and eased my worries. You can tell this clinic cares about your pet as #1 priority vs. trying to get your money. 10/10 will be coming back!

Basil Ballard

a year ago

Justin and Eric were kind and compassionate to me. That makes all the difference.

Brittany Durie

a year ago

Do not take your pet here! Pets are left waiting for hours and there is no communication. Owners were crying in the waiting room trying to get information after waiting 8 hours. I get there is a huge demand but there must be a better system to get pets seen. This is inhumane and unacceptable for everyone. Go somewhere else!

Janyce Okamoto

a year ago

Went to get treatment for my dog that was bit by another dog, and after calling 5 other vets who weren't taking new clients (just moved to the area so I haven't found a primary provider yet), VCA was able to get me in. Only wanted 25 min, and everyone was so nice. I trust that they gave exceptional care for my dog and didn't charge me for unnecessary things or try to get me to do more than needed. This place was recommended to me by 3 other friends as well!

Kanchan Singh

a year ago

This place sucks. Communication was terrible. Wait times were crazy (I was there for over 4 hours for a simple physical exam and had to wait almost an hour AFTER my cat was done to be able to pick her up). Customer service was awful. And I got no answers about my pet’s condition. I’m never bringing my pet here ever, ever again.

Tara Reeves

a year ago

Thank you so much to Justin and Dr. Kaplan for helping our dog! They were quick, efficient, and listened to our needs. We couldn't get into our regular vet day of, and while our situation wasn't a high level emergency we were still seen by the vet quickly and taken seriously.

Robert Barnes

2 years ago

Our older pup has had all sorts of health issues since we adopted him several years ago, and VCA West LA has been our ER during that time. Most recently, our dog had an issue that required immediate surgery. Dr. Yaz and the ER/surgery/vet tech staff were responsive, understanding, and compassionate. Dr. Yaz in particular has been wonderful.

Jazmin Martinez

2 years ago

I took my cat Luna for an emergency visit since her tail had to be amputated. This hospital tries to take you for all your worth… that’s for sure. They made it seem like they could potentially save her tail and that I had to leave her overnight to be seen quickly by the surgeon. It was almost 5 thousand in total without even the surgery. They claimed they flushed and cleaned out her maggots from her injury but when I went to another hospital for the much needed amputation, they found more maggots in her wound. Just to clean her wound and for pain meds alone it was almost 700. The least they could do was clean her wound properly considering I was there for almost 9 hours. I’m glad I backed out of paying that absurd amount because they were so willing for me to go into debt and some of their front desk people were not very detailed about their explanations. I felt like I was stuck and forced to choose them for their services but I’m glad I didn’t and chose a low cost hospital. I understand the long wait time, but the least they could’ve done was clean her wound properly… at that point I should’ve just waited until the next day to take my cat to where I have her now. But nonetheless… I don’t think I would go back. It’s expensive and they don’t try to work with you or give you options. They don’t even try to give you low cost options!!! No mention of it until I went back and canceled their high cost service to just take Luna elsewhere. I’m really disappointed by their treatment of my cat. I expected more compassion and patience with the questions I had. There were a few nice people up front but I feel like some of the workers didn’t care enough to let me know of other options, they obviously just care about the money.

Lauren Jamison

2 years ago

I hesitate to give a 4 star review because the doctors and the front staff were excellent, the care my dog received was excellent, and the system they are using during covid is pretty good, but it could be improved. The staff are all around kind caring people, and knowledgeable about animal medicine. They have a system where you park your car in a certain spot and wait with your animal, the tech comes out to hear what’s going on and collect your pet. That was good because my dog is very anxious so being in the car kept her more chill. The only flaw in this system is that they make you wait until the doctor is seeing your pet before you can go home. Since it’s a level 1 trauma center, if your pet is stable and not very serious, you keep getting bumped down the line. That’s understandable. I watched a dog that was basically bleeding out come and get helped in front of me and, yeah, it should be helped before my dog. But they make you wait in person. I wish I could go home once the tech came and got my dog because I was waiting for 7 hours and I would have been more comfortable in my house, there was really no need for me to be in the parking lot. Otherwise the doctor was so kind and accommodating. It’s expensive but I’ve been to emergency hospitals that cost twice as much, but I still felt like my dog was receiving quality care. (Get insurance anyways, your life will be so much easier if you do) Also shout out to the front staff because they let me go to the bathroom and got me water during my 7 hour wait, and were willing to give me updates whenever i wanted which was nice. I watched them get yelled at by another lady, and even after dealing with those stressful things they were kind to me.

Maurício Mota

2 years ago

Really impressed overall with the attention and care from check in to triage. Eric (triage) and Justin (vet tech) were amazing through the whole process and very thorough explain the situation with my dog and finding a solution. Highly recommended this place.

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