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Elisabeth Burnor

a year ago

My dog gets excellent care here. Appointments book out one or two weeks ahead of time. Sometimes you can get a last minute appointment if there's a cancellation, but they don't take walk ins. My dog is very timid and afraid at the vet, but they are really great with him.

G Ben

a year ago

They are the absolute sweetest! They were very understanding and willing to work with me despite the fact that I ended up being unprepared for my appointment, allowed me to bring in paperwork later and even provide them with information later to add to my kittens file. They were super accommodating with appointments and flexible with getting my kittens in when they needed their vaccinations.

Shawn Henderson

a year ago

It was our first time here and they was so very professional if my pet need medical help i sure will be returning to this place

Wilfredo Cardenas

a year ago

If you come here you have to ask for Sonia cute girl in the front colored hair extremely helpful and got me an appointment for my little cat. She had no open appointments but would call me back and told me she just got an appointment open and yes I went and thanked her. I'll just ask for her when I go back :) was worth it.

Jason Hickey

a year ago

Acceptable but not an awesome experience, they appear to treat the animals well. Getting appointments is hard but no harder than anywhere else. Prices seem ok but not cheap. Reception staff range from very helpful to kind of defensive. It's very busy so I don't blame them. So yeah, overall acceptable but lower prices, less wait time and less staff anxiety would make it a better experience.

Helen Marie Barree

2 years ago

Awesome, Friendly And Very HELPFUL ‼️????

Misty Arceneaux

2 years ago

Very nice staff. Vet was attentive and listened to my concerns.


2 years ago

Always the same story, high prices and very little medical treatment, more like: just give her more pills for that. It’s a Dr. Feelgood environment. What els? • Plenty of parking • Appointments required • No phone support • Office Visit $60 • Overheard Music • Ample room size • No overnight care • Air-conditioning • Clean and Smells fresh • Credited License in Los Angels • Fishtank (Open Lobby) •

Josh Popkin

2 years ago

Very attentive. Let's you know price of every procedure ahead of time.

Frank Kang

2 years ago

Gave me enough meds for my dog to have it lay around the house like a vegetable for days!

Ita Soto

2 years ago

The doctors are so nice. My kitty loves them. They don't over charge. They just keep my kitty healthy. That's what they care about. ????

Alejandra Stern

2 years ago

Dr. Knowles, Thank you for everything ❤. She is the only reason I am giving the group a ONE STAR.

Ash Ryan

2 years ago

They helped me really tackle the flea infestation we found ourselves in over the summer & their tips were what made the difference!

Tylyn Aviles

2 years ago

They got they got rid of Dr Jeff Werber! He started the practice and I have been a client of his for thirty years. The other vets are ok, but I want Dr Jeff back! He is really great with my animals. I will NOT be going back to this clinic. I'm sure many other clients feel this way! REALLY lame brain move VCA!

Jakki Alleyne

2 years ago

Went in with a healthy dog only complaint was her ear was tender to the touch. She suggested that she needed to due blood work, which I was never told the results. I was given ear drops and a bill of $450.00. Dr Weber was my dog doctor before he left. Does any one knows where Dr Weber went? I was not happy with the female doctor. If you go to VCA watch out for unnecessary charges. Won’t be going back, my dog has been going there for 8 years.

john leblanc

2 years ago

Always happy with the care here. Dr. Nitido is great, the staff has adapted well to covid restrictions and are doing a great job! Oh and they I’m pretty sure they brushed his teeth without me even asking. Thanks guys!

Lisa Rotondi

2 years ago

I called to make an appointment for my dog who is in pain and they told me I could wait a week for an appointment with them or go to an emergency care. When I asked a road trip I was taking and that I needed some meds for my pup, they said in a curt voice, "ok would you like to schedule an appointment?" We have been going to this vet for 2 years since we got our rescue and only because the rescue suggested this place. Apparently the good doctor left and the whole place is run to make $ $ $. Beware.

Mary Welch

2 years ago

Silvana is making it impossible for me to receive an approval for my pets monthly medications (Simparica and Heart Guard). Last week they declined the request because they have not seen my pet since November. So I asked if I could get an appointment and they (I unfortunately did not get a name) told me that they are not accepting appointments due to the Covid-19 situation but they will go ahead and approve the request. A week later (today) it has not been approved. I explained the situation to Silvana and she said that they cannot approve it as they have not seen my pet. Ok, I understand but you're telling mw that you won't see my pet so then what am I supposed to do!? She was unwilling to ask the current vet to sign off on this because the vet is 'booked all day' and may not have time. I warned Silvana that my pet is going to lapse if they don't approve this on time. She was not very reassuring that she would help. They are making it impossible. If I don't get closure on this I will take my pet elsewhere. We've been coming here for almost three years and it is unfortunate that they are being this way.

Roel Vandergoot

2 years ago

VCA is very a honest veterinarian place to care for your family pet in a very passionate and caring way


2 years ago

Take your baby some where else. I have been bringing my dog here since pre-Covid. I have a beartcoat sharpei (smushy snout) she gets terrible anxiety at the vet, have absolutely no clue why. She is a very friendly runs up and kisses everyone but for some reason when we get here she is literally shaking before we get into the door. I brought her in for her vaccinations and to get a flight form for her to be able to fly with me. The other day I was late to my appointment 3:00 (I thought it was 330), I walked in, they told me to go wait outside. I go back outside...a couple minutes pass...and I realize the door says to call them when outside. Called the number who then asked me if it was emergency or I could hold. I said I could hold. Waited a little bit, they answer the phone I inform them I there for my appointment and give them my information. They inform me I'm late to my appointment and need to reschedule. Obviously I'm a little annoyed but I say okay and schedule it for next day. Come in next day about 10-15 minutes early to my appointment. I give them a call and once again "vca is this an emergency or can you hold." To which I reply I'm outside with my dog for an appointment...not wanting to be on hold and be counted late again. (I have called a couple times, normally I don't mind being on hold and sometimes the hold takes a while) She then checks me in and asks me to wait. My dog once again shaking in her skin as we sit outside and wait. I'm trying to calm her. Around 5ish a guy comes out to take her in I ask if I could come in with her (have a mask and everything) as I have to ask the vet a couple questions. The guy tells me he has to asks but they aren't letting people in right now. My dog is slightly panicked the guy kindly tries to reassure her, she gives his hand a couple of kisses but she obviously doesn't want to go with him. She is looking to me like "don't let them take me" I'm sorry if that sounds dramatic but this dog is like my child. Her discomfort stresses me as well. I asked if I could come sit or wait with her. They once again tell me no and literally drag her into the door. My dog is obviously stressed and whining...I am telling her "it's okay." They take her inside. I am sitting on sidewalk no seats not really sure what to do or how long it's going to take. I call them to ask what it is I'm supposed to do...wait in the car or outside. They tell me either is okay they would call me when they were bringing her out. I say ok and decide to wait by the door. 15-20 minutes go by and they call me and said that they can't give her the vaccination because her temperature was rising and it would be unsafe. Apparently they checked her when she came in and it was 103 and then again before the vaccine it's 104. They inform me she was panting. I asked if I could come in and sit with her to calm her down because she gets really stressed at the vet (like even before covid I would have to coax her onto the scale because she didn't want the vet techs to touch her) once again they informed me I couldn't do that. For those of you who don't know, dogs pant when they are stressed and smushy snout dogs are proned to overheat easier. She was fine at home. She was fine in the car. She wasn't fine when we got to the vet. They then also informed me that they couldn't fill out her flight form because the last veterinary who examed her was no longer there and they would have to make another appointment. Obviously frustrated again I tell them to bring my dog outside so I could take her home. My dog was relieved to see me. Still panting. I sit in the car with her giving her kisses, speaking softly and gently to her as you would do trying to calm down a child after her ordeal. I drive her home we get home she is no longer panting. I rechecked her temperature it is no longer 104 or 103... It's dropping. She still doesn't have her vaccinations. My form still isn't filled out.TIME WASTED They refused to listen when I told them about her anxiety. A doctor wouldn't drag a child into a room alone. I hoped for better. Was disappointed.

Stephanie H

2 years ago

Great vets. Parking is available behind the building.

Steve Clark

2 years ago

This place is great. Very friendly service that cater to the owner as well as the pets. Very knowledgeable and great at their craft.

Tony the Old Guy

2 years ago

Well, this pandemic makes people even more disrespectful, I guess.. I got to our appointment and they meet you at the door then take your pet inside while you wait outside, I am disabled. Waiting outside with NO where to sit and relax or just wait...they did NOT one time listen to me..I couldn't go in to use the restroom even..I called them back while I was waiting and asked for a chair at least and was told NO it would only take 10 minutes. ..I was brought a chair, finally...IT took longer than 10 minutes... me buddy was finished and brought to the door to me and was asked for payment... I paid and got almost the correct change..(?) NO receipt or documentation saying I paid or that my pet was even treated.... The behavior and attitude was the first WRONG thing I noticed....

Rae Lynn Love

3 years ago

They were great, my dog had to have a tumor removed from his eyelid and it went great. The entire staff and Dr. Werber were so friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to everyone.

Kayla S

3 years ago

Very professional, kind and honest vet. Love this place.

Kira Haynie

3 years ago

I took one of my cats here to get his teeth cleaned due to him being in pain when he ate, we saw Dr. Werber and he was able to do it the same day as my appointment. I was impressed with their flexibility and he was amazing with my cat and had many suggestions to make him feel better. Almost a week after I started noticing changes in my cat for the better, he seems to be happier and has almost no problems eating. I’m only knocking off a star because they have longer than average wait times and they seem to be on the high end of price, but it’s definitely worth it to see my cat healthy and happy and we also live very close. Thanks to all the wonderful staff, I will take my other cat to see Dr. Werber too eventually.

Laurel Brown-Harris

3 years ago

This wonderful group of veterinarians take great care of my dog!

Lauren Blankenship REALTOR

3 years ago

Outstanding visit. The receptionists, facilities, and vet - all warm, wonderful, and on top of things. We brought our new adopted dog here for shots and checkup - couldn't feel better about this practice or our choice. Now our go-to vets.

Thomas Turelli

3 years ago

My experience was that of not good nature.waited over an hour to see Dr.werber even though I had an appointment.the receptionist was rude and short with me "issabelle" "Laura".and the way they spoke on the phone.not nice.once I was finally called into the exam room it was filthy.urine in the corner hair everywhere,exam table smelled like poop.dr.werber is great.i felt comfortable with him but not the room tech "Devon"she was cold and running.if you like to wait and be treated badly by non verinarian staff up to and including management "Hillary" then this is the place for you.i wish dr.werber would open his own practice and build.other than that I've noticed alot of what I think are bogus reviews.if u read them it's from "a Google user" it reads almost the same.5 stars everyone's great,can't be real.hope this was helpful to some pet parents.

victor Greenwood

3 years ago

Nice. Clean & Pet Friendly.

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