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a year ago

after watching the show as a pro I can sadly say this guy is making a lot of rookie mistakes that put the dogs under stress. I was hoping to maybe find a cool TV show but this one is not :/ please do not follow the techniques shown is this show

pierre mallette

a year ago

Wish i was working with all of you Please come to Montreal

Cheryl Fritz

2 years ago

I love the training methods they use!

Carol Watkins

2 years ago

I called them within an hour Nancy got back to me. $200 for the first visit is a little steep right now but as soon as I get a job they will be my first investment. I have pitbull who is highly other dog aggressive. I need people like zen dog to help me with my unruly dog. Thank you Nancy for your quick response

Mary Castellanos

2 years ago

What I like most about their service is their passion. Most people just train puppies as a job but these people do it from the heart.


2 years ago

I want WhatsApp number very interesting place and important place for our fur children's good behavior I want to be a part of that team


2 years ago

This place is lovely and I like the slogan of the daycare no dog is a bad dog


2 years ago


Suzan Brittan

2 years ago

Elena is our trainer and she is patient, knowledgeable, and professional. My puppy was very shy and insecure about his surroundings, but Elena worked with him and taught him that he’s capable. Even better, she teaches the doggy parents how to be the best owners and how to train when she’s not there. Puppy classes are a must for socialization and super cute!!

I am a Melon

2 years ago

I watched the TV program and was curious about them. I think that what they do is phenomenal for both the dogs and the humans. I also like the style of training.

Shannon Tymkiw

3 years ago

Amazing place. The last stop when we had dogs that just could not get along with other dogs, with each other... they are amazing. Even if they always just had to go there to be with other dogs knowing they go go there to be socialized was just amazing I LOVE this place.

Marilyn Launa

3 years ago

Maybe I could get more than that you 3would would 3PM and the one that you would have had been with a ones to be with her family has been the one thing that 2AM and I are a great team for that you have 2AM 12th anniversary of her life in a new world where she's been in the

Elizabeth Culver

3 years ago

Cool TV show! Makes me want to visit!

Denise Ellis Stewart

3 years ago

The staff at The Zen Dog is exceptional. We boarded our dog reactive dog with them and she had a fantastic experience. They kept her safe, worked on her skills, and she came back to us a better dog. The people who work at the Zen Dog are amazing. Communication is a priority for them and they are fantastic listeners and gathers of key information. We've had bad board experiences in the past with places that came highly recommended, so I was nervous. Their thorough questionnaire and insightful followup questions put me at ease. I felt secure leaving my dog with them and they exceeded every expectation I had. Thanks guys. We appreciate you so much.

Dakota Boren

3 years ago

I recently started watching your show and wow you are just amazing and have showed me where I lack as a dog person thank you!


3 years ago

Absolutely wonderful, put my dog in there thinking nothing too crazy would happen and within weeks my dog was floating two feet off the ground as a level 45 Buddha. Thank you!

mary cunniff

4 years ago

Love the site and info on TV, wish I lived closer to actually go there!!

Los Angeles

4 years ago

Great place to have your pets. They do daycare and boarding. They also can set up at home sessions with the trainers.

Gina Lozano

4 years ago

I am basing the Stars on their website and TV show. I would give it five stars if I had visited the place & loved it. It looks like a great experience & great results!!! ????????❤????

Corey Towne

4 years ago

Just dropped off Alex (my wire haired Yorkie) and met some of the staff, who were great to deal with since i couldn't find the right parking lot off Lamar due to street construction going on. But they came around the other side of the building and found me. Hopefully I'll get a tour tomorrow when i come back to get Alex (hopefully with less aggression towards other instigative dogs! lol)

Carol Lewis

4 years ago

There are SO many dog “help” shows on TV now and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get and hold my interest. Then, Dog: Impossible premiered. Wow! I was fascinated beginning to end! I get so involved in the episodes that I’m surprised and a bit sad when they are suddenly over!! Congratulations, you managed to stop my bad habit of crocheting while a show was on TV! Keep up the great work!!!

Lecia Harmer

5 years ago

The Zen Dog is a fantastic place for dogs. Matt and his team have made such a difference for our pitbull. I trust the Zen dog 100%. We have worked with Matt for many years with our dog, and we have boarded our dog at the Zen dog many times throughout those years. We have also had Matt come to our house to do a private lesson. When our dog boards anywhere else, he comes home skinny because he does not eat. At the Zen dog, he comes home with more energy and the same weight as when we dropped him off. I cannot recommend the zen dog enough. They really do care about your dog. You can't go wrong with them

Kathie Roseberry

5 years ago

We had THE most amazing experience when Matt at The Zen Dog came to our home for a training session. I was so frustrated and close to giving up on our recently adopted shelter dog. Group classes, hours upon hours of scouring the internet, watching videos, reading about behavioral issues were doing no good. I didn't want to yell at my dog, be alpha, teach her tricks, I just wanted her to feel safe and be a calm member of our family. Of course, I was doing just about everything wrong, Matt was so kind and changed everything for us. I can't recommend him enough!!

Jason Smith

5 years ago

Matt and his crew of the Zen dog are truly wonderful people. I don't usually review places but his approach and the philosophy here make everyone feel empowered and special.

Stephanie Martz

6 years ago

Matt is amazing! He did wonders working with my dog during a private training session. I have since boarded my dog there twice and wouldn't board anywhere else. They have controlled meetings between dogs and only have 2-3 dogs playing together under supervision. They rotate the dogs between playtime and rest the entire day, so I know my dog is not being stuck in a kennel 90% of the day. Not only is my dog excited when we get there, but when I pick him up he is on his best behavior and I know that they are being consistent with the training he was given.

Leah Martin-Brown

6 years ago

I absolutely LOVE The Zen Dog and its wonderful staff! Booked my German Shepherd/Husky mix in for (initially) two weeks while I was in Australia. I ended up having to extend his stay to one month and they were so easy to deal with throughout the whole process. They sent email updates and photos of him playing with new friends he'd made and even sent me a link to purchase new food when his had run out mid-way through his extended stay. I noticed the real difference when I got him back. Although I did not pay for training, simply boarding, he seemed calmer around other dogs and also played less aggressively- he is a golden little member of pupper society! I have booked him back in for a week in November and another three weeks over Christmas. Wonderful establishment and caring staff, the really look after your pup.

Gabe Rose

6 years ago

Excellent trainers and passionate about their work - great place to go with challenging dogs. They were the only place that really made a difference for our dog. Can’t recommend them highly enough.

Ashley Cawthon

7 years ago

Best boarding place in la

Dave Chung

8 years ago

With any dog trainer, your mileage may vary. Our two little dogs didn't respect Matt's methods at all. Our dogs used to be have leash aggression towards other dogs. They don't any longer, but not because of The Zen Dog. We did everything Matt asked of us - feeding rituals, creating a calm place by the door, keeping them off the bed, even using a terrible halty on our 9 pound poodle that he hated. It literally didn't do a thing. When I think about the two sessions we had with Matt, it ranks up there with the worst $300-$400 I've ever spent on any service. We spent more time talking than we did practicing. When we practiced, it was clear that Matt was overmatched by our two small dogs, which I should have noticed off the bat. Our dogs are both pretty small and in the realm of bad behaving dogs, they're not that bad. I should have known that Matt was ill-prepared to handle our dogs when he couldn't even walk them past other dogs without them reacting to them. Every other dog trainer we've ever used has easily been able to get our dogs in line around other dogs. Matt couldn't. After a miserable month of making our 9 pound poodle wear this muzzle-like halty, we said screw it. We found a true dog behaviorist, not someone who just read Cesar Milan, and our dogs are totally cured with the simplest fix of all time. Our dogs are calmer than ever, have minimal leash aggression (if any), and the fix was 1000x more reasonable than Matt's suggestions -- no halty, no choke chains, no treats, no tricks. I'm sure some people will have good results with Matt, but our little dogs walked all over him.

Katherine Shearon

8 years ago

Wonderful for day play, extended boarding, and training. Matt has come to our home twice to work with our rescue Min Pin. She has issues with aggression in the home, and began biting us. Being newer dog owners, we were at a loss as to how to proceed. Matt gave us the tools and knowledge to work with her, when no one else would; other places required programs up to $4,000 and 2-week boarding before even starting training with us in the home. She has come leaps and bounds, forming a real bond with us, thanks to Matt! He has kept us on track, and is so wonderful with her. Even though she is nervous around other dogs, she has a great time boarding at their new facility! Their daily Facebook and Instagram updates also keep us smiling whether our pup is staying their or not!

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