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2 years ago

Most Beautiful Place Excellent Loving Amazing in every way.

N b

2 years ago


R. Quiroga

3 years ago

I just write them by e-mail and I got the answer very quickly . thank you so much

Scott Tesar

3 years ago

Sadly, we recently had to use the Park's services when our dog, Tailer, lost his battle against cancer. However, Stacy and the other young lady in the office were SO empathetic and compassionate in our time of grief and sorrow that I want to publicly acknowledge them both, for their kindness and service. Even moreso,, J.P. was our cremation technician and HIS sensitivity, compassion and empathy were off-the-charts great...Keep in mind that his primary role is as a groundsman, but he genuinely cares for people in their time of need, as well as the Park's grounds! These nice folks made a very sad day as pleasant as possible and I want to thank all if them for their exemplary customer service! Plus, the Park is in great shape & has opened up a new section that looks beautiful... Please keep them in mind if you need after-care for a beloved family companion...

Steve Donaldson

3 years ago

We just said goodbye to our sweet Butterscotch quite unexpectedly. Everyone here was extremely helpful, kind, understanding and very empathetic. It takes strong souls to help those that are grieving and they were extremely caring.

Jason McCord

4 years ago

We've SOPHIE twice now in the past year (tell me about it) and are always so happy we did. There is one lady there specifically who is so empathetic, it really makes us feel like she's grieving too. This really makes the process much easier, so thank you for that. Each time, we have cremated our pet and picked up the remains, so I can't speak to the cemetery. We would definitely recommend people use their service.

Kelly Kort

4 years ago

Most awesome experience! It transformed my grief. I put my beloved cat down on Thursday at my vet and was distraught at the thought of him in a freezer awaiting creamatiin as I had planned. I found this place Friday night called early Saturday AM was so kindly received and made immediate arrangements to bring in my pet for a burial. I picked up Luke at the vet took him there, found a beautiful plot on a hill surrounded by trees, they thawed him out, groomed him and presented my sweet boy for myself and my five year old so we had closure. We had a beautiful ceremony and now we can see Luke and he was was buried with dignity. The groundskeepers were sympathetic at the plot but let’s here about the amazing office staff that were so kind and so sympathetic to my loss and literally made miracles happen within hours for us. They guided me through the process seamlessly and eased my pain enormously. I cannot recommend a better final resting place for you pet and look forward to sitting under the trees on the hill with my beautiful boy and daughter. Thank you to all who made an impossible situation so much better ????

Michelle Madonna

4 years ago

Exceptional caring honest help! The staff & especially the groundskeepers are really wonderful. They are happy to help you with any questions you may have & will take you on a tour at the drop of a hat. The office staff is very empathetic and caring. Especially the lady who preps your precious family pet for burial. Very impressed with my experience here.

Rick Beltran

4 years ago

This place is amazing. They really do care about what you fur babies meaning to you. Such a beautiful place to come visit them.


4 years ago

I've gone here 3 times over the last several years to have my pets cremated. Today being one of those times. I find it to be a very comforting place in my times of grief and the staff very accommodating.

Laura Weintraub

5 years ago

NEVER EVER EVER!!! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! Just said goodbye to my Great Dane and waited for the arrival of SOPHIE for my scheduled pickup at 10:45am. 11:10 rolled around and still no one. After calling several times I am informed that someone was on their way. I live less than 10 minutes from the facility, and 20 minutes go by and still nobody. I call again, this time speaking to the manager "Shara" or something similar was her name. THIS IS THE MOST AWFUL WOMAN I HAVE EVER SPOKEN TO IN MY LIFE!!!!!! The very first thing she does is make a joke about being Italian because my last name is. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? All I heard was excuses and her talking about her business. There was ZERO accountability and a measly, sarcastic apology. She made light of the whole conversation while I was devastated over the loss of my Dane. The woman couldn't have cared less and had no compassion or reliability. They wouldn't have even shown up if I hadn't called 6+ times! Please do yourself a favor DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!! This is not what you want to experience following a huge loss.

Mar B

5 years ago

My family and I have been customers for over 20 years and have seen alot of management changes. Its a beautiful place and protected. Its much more beautiful than human cemeteries, BUT...the prices, rules, and regulations are constantly changing, and unless you're rich to pay for favors you will be jerked around (examples: what you can and can't do at your pet's grave site such as decorations and flowers, the type & size of gravemaker allowed, prices are inconsistent, additional fees sprung on you). I have talked to other pet owners there and they have the same frustrations. There's some bias treatment and its not fair. I get that the job isn't easy. The staff is dealing with particular to neurotic grief-stricken pet owners that can be demanding and even unbearable to deal with. I get it. So I always try to be polite and patience, but still a little bed side matter from staff would be nice after payment has been made. On another note, this is more of a suggestion, I heard about mistakes and dishonest things taking place at pet cemeteries, so I make a point to observe everything to make sure that is indeed my pet in the casket or being cremated and that's the correct ashes (yes, I witness the cremation process). Crazy? Well, scroll through the comments and read about a customer's nightmare regarding their great dane's ashes. Sure, its not pleasant, but at least I have peace of mind. The staff won't offer if you want to observe, so speak up. If you can't emotionally do it, then ask a friend. Overall, its a nice place and its protected, so you feel safe burying your pet there. Some staff are nice. I understand in some circumstances mistakes happen and some issues are out of management's control. I get it that some rules change because some pet owners abuse them and ruin it for everyone else. I think the pros out weigh the cons. So that's why I continue to be a customer despite some issues that bother me.

Dave Mattera

6 years ago

PLEASE!!! NEVER GO HERE!! In April, I had my best friend and amazing 170 lb Great Dane Rudie cremated here. I bought a very expensive urn from them. Apparently with his remains in it! Months later, I got a phone call from an employee of Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park & Crematorium saying.. “Rudie’s ashes are ready.” I said “Then who’s remains do I have?!” Then they had to call me back .. Realizing, I’m sure, that they shouldn’t have called me and that I clearly had another dog’s remains. After talking to them again, I went to their business. The manager and an employee opened the urn and there were two different bags, ripped open to make the weight of the urn feel like a bigger dog. There were CLEARLY two different pet’s ashes in there.. (As you can see in the pictures and I also have the video). The bags just ripped open and stuffed in!! The bag that they had saying “These are Rudie’s ashes” definitely wasn’t as much as a Great Dane would have! They said that they had recently fired the last manager which they had discovered tons of problems that he had caused. For example, there was one dog that had been in the freezer for a year! The new manager said that they had found a filing cabinet full of bags of ashes, so they started calling people. Also saying “Maybe it’s better not to call anyone else if we find the remains” (??!!!) After that, they gave me the remains of the other two pets’ ashes and apparently Rudie’s! Now I have 2 urns and at least 3 dogs’ remains! Absolutely INSANE!!! I can’t believe that this happened and I also can’t imagine how often this must happen. I feel bad for anyone that used this company and whose dogs I have, they could be anyone’s.. This was really hard for me to even put into words how horrible this has been. He was like a kid to me and I’m heart broken.

E Vides

7 years ago

It is a lovely peaceful place. It makes me happy to see how people still care for their pets even after dying. I love going and sitting on the benches and seeing the squirrels run around and the dragonflies fly around.

Jeff Momo

8 years ago

Hi my name is Jeff M, I brought my 14 year old Lhasa Apso in yesterday 9/23/15 for a cremation. This was my first experience with your company, and it was not starting off very well. After paying for your services, I had to wait over an hour for someone on a golf cart to come pick up my dead pet in my van. I finally had to go back in the office and tell someone that I'm still waiting. I started questioning if this was even a good idea, everyone seemed to busy and preoccupied. Did anyone realize I was just sitting around with my dead pet? Then once the guy finally came to get my pet he drove off and crashed into a building I believe injuring himself? My pet was left on the back of the golf cart in the hot afternoon sun. With the ER of their employee, being rushed off my pet was forgotten about. I made another trip to the office to explain what just happened. The lady in the office had no clue what was going on, her communication skills are horrible and she doesn't know what customer service is. Finally a grounds keeper was able to take me and my dog up to the crematory. This is when everything changed for the best, I didn't get this persons name but he got things started. I then met Adolfo Perez who was a blessing for me and my family. He was so compassionate about things and made us feel very comfortable about the whole process. He treated us like actual people and talked with us, he didn't leave our sides until he was completed with my pet Louie and gave us Louie's remains within a few hours. Adolfo, we thank you so much for your caring heart, they need more people like you in this world. As for The Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park & Crematorium, you owe a big thank you to Adolfo Perez he saved your company from having a very disappointed customer. I believe Adolfo should be recognized for his good deed. Thank you again Adolfo! I'm providing a Google Rating of 5 only because of Adolfo if it wasn't for him I'd provide a 3 star rating. Jeff M RIP Louie

Karen TheChewTwoPointZero

8 years ago

My beloved dog drowned while we were on vacation in Los Angeles from out of state. The help and compassion I received from LA Pet Cemetery was amazing. The driver who came to pick up my sweet boy's body at our hotel kept me informed of his ETA (it was Friday rush hour) & treated him with dignity & respect - he even let me kiss him goodbye one last time. I was able to pay for the entire cremation process & have his cremains sent via Certified mail directly to my home. I was even able to delay the delivery since I feared we wouldn't be back in AZ in time to sign for the delivery. The gentleman at the front desk who answered all my calls, from the initial tearful one just before they closed that fateful Friday afternoon to the one saying it was okay to send my angel to us was very patient & efficient. The cremains arrived the day after I called & were in a beautiful wooden container. I've had pets cremated here in Tucson before & the cremains came back to me in a Ziploc bag, so how LA Pet Cemetery returned him was a pleasant surprise. If my little guy had to die, I'm glad it was in LA where his precious body was dealt with the dignity & respect he deserved. Thank you SOPHIE Los Angeles Pet Cemetery for all you did for me and my precious dog during this difficult time. You took a load off my already burdened shoulders.

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Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park & Crematorium, California, Calabasas

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