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stephanie bruni

2 years ago

we've been going there since 2016. i had noticed they were more about the money and not so much about a personalized service, which is frustrating but not uncommon, unfortunately. they also charge an insane amount of money for health certificates, and don't remember you or your pets, but it was convenient cause they're open late, so we've been rolling with it. today our dog had an emergency, i called, and they turned us down, for covid reasons. they gave me a number for an emergency clinic. i told them my dog had been a patient of theirs since we got her and that she was in pain but they could have cared less. perhaps if the message had been delivered with empathy or care, it would have been easier to swallow, but it was quite cold an disappointing. i think we're done here.

Doug Williams

2 years ago

This place always does a great job at fitting in emergencies. Our cat was experiencing pain and discomfort. Called, made a same day appointment. You wait in your car and a friendly technician comes to get your pet. After vet does exam, you get a call. Dr. Amezcua was friendly, helpful and answered all questions.


2 years ago

Very professional service and the staff and the doctors I've interacted with have always shown care and concern for my cats. The only knock is they're a bit on the pricey side but if your pet needs immediate care, I recommend them highly.

Pamela Bouganim

2 years ago

Very professional! Very Clean and organize Great Doctors/ veterinarians! Dr.Bouganim Saves lives! The best, "Mo mo "Shiba Inu dog s life!! Manny the Tech is so helpful! I recommend The VCC

Linda Krejci

2 years ago

They gave me false rabies vaccine documents ! My dog used to come here when I first got him and this vet administered his first rabies vaccine. I received proof and a certificate for the rabies vaccine stating it was for THREE years. All of the paperwork they have given me confirms that it was a 3 year vaccine and it was NOT. Luckily I found out from my other very trustworthy vet but god forbid he was bitten and something worse had happened. Get your paperwork together. No one even apologized when I called them to tell them what happened. Absolutely ridiculous.

Heather Rozman

2 years ago

Dr. Latos is phenomenal. Always stays in good communication, even after hours. Hands down, the best vet in LA.

Enid Dunkelman

2 years ago

We were very happy at VCC, especially with Dr. Goldman. We are going to make our appointments with Dr. Goldman all the time

Belle Johnson

2 years ago

Tried to make an appointment. The rep I spoke with said they have availability tomorrow. She asked for my contact info to pull up my file. I told her I’d never been there. She said they can’t take me because I’m new and they’re not seeing new patients. I asked why, as that seemed discriminating. She hung up.

Urs Mann

2 years ago

WORST VET IN LOS ANGELES. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. You’ve been warned. Prepare to overpay for everything, WAIT IN YOUR CAR (no one else does this….what does my vet even look like????) …and also you will be talked down to with an attitude. Everyone who works here is miserable and every single time I’ve come here there was an issue. I had my records emailed to me so I can go to someone else immediately.

Richie K

2 years ago

The staff are professional and compassionate. Your pets well being is their priority!

Ant Davis

2 years ago

One of the best bet offices iv ever been too,two thumbs up ????????

Joan Leider

2 years ago

Everyone is caring and efficient. Bugzee loves them after one minute of barking.

Adriana Velasquez

2 years ago

Always the best vets and staff and such a clean and nice place. If you have insurance or money I would definitely recommend you go here.

Amanda Petrone

2 years ago

Do not go here if you have your pets best interest in mind. They turned away my cat multiple time’s because they didn’t have the skills to deal with an animal in distress. I brought my cat in because he was acting really strange and they told me it wasn’t an emergency, to bring him in the following afternoon. I ended up in the ER that night and was told my cat almost died of his bladder bursting. They are not fit to care for animals and almost killed mine. When I called to let them know what had happened they didn’t apologize in any capacity and just told me they would send me his medical records. This place should go out of business.

Hive Stay

2 years ago

The most incompetent receptionists. For the third time in a row, this clinic tells us they are going to call into the pharmacy so we can pick up our dogs medication, they never do it and end up leaving our epileptic dog without his medication. We have to repeatedly remind them and even then they fail to purely call in, putting our dogs life in serious risk without his anti seizure medication. It’s really not that hard to pick up the phone and dial the same pharmacy that we have always used. Side note, they don’t let you in with your dog, and pretty much always have you on hold for an extended period of time. They’re lacking basic professionalism and organizational skills.

Ingrid Lobos

2 years ago

Excellent service. I highly recommend it.

Claudia Taylor

2 years ago

Such a professional organization. My pup was brought here after being attacked at her day care. The vet was able to see her right away.

Manifesting The Vision

2 years ago

Idk where to even begin w these guys but definitely not using them ever again. Like all the comments besides me I'm not blind to the fact that its a business, but like every business there should be a level of professionalism, the team operating this clinic are just money hungry people. I called in and asked for an appointment for the shots my dog was supposed to receive, because I never got a call from them to come in even though they told me they will schedule the next appointment and update me w the information. Brought my dog there, mind this covid restrictions have been lifted everywhere including hospitals but they still need to take your pet. ( first time he came back traumatized and acted extremely weird for the rest of the day) didn't like that. When I came i got out of my car to give my dog some air while we wait and called the desk to tell them im here. The lady kept asking me what car I was in after I told her like 4 times Im standing w my dog by the door and I see her talking to me on the phone. They take my dog in call me and tell me that hes getting the same shots he got last time because I didnt come on time for the next round. Again their fault... I told them I had pet insurance but nobody wanted to hear anything and they told me it was X amount and said I would be provided w the receipt of charges ( never got that ) ALSOOOO this one is like beyond me... My dog has a bleeding gum because he lost his baby tooth couple hours prior to the appointment, I asked if they could clean it up while he had his appointment, they told me to schedule an appointment for that... HOW IN THE its a bleeding baby in your clinic and you tell me to make another appointment for a later date for a bleeding gum??? Never again, i would rather drive 30 minutes to someone who actually cares about pets rather than go here.

Rich Cooke

2 years ago of the persistent covid protocol of "wait outside in your car" but overall the care is always very good!

Michelle Mann

2 years ago

We took our cat to get a general checkup so we could enroll her in insurance. The vet was so kind and spent so much time to do a very thorough checkup. She also took time to give some health tips on the phone. It’s not the cheapest but I will take quality over price any day when it comes to a pet. The exam was cheap. The suggested extra things not so cheap. But she felt so much better after. She is an indoor cat but we also took her for vaccines just in case. The vet said she wasn’t quite ready for them because she hadn’t had enough water or food. And advised us to remedy the situation and come back. I mean it’s a 5 pound cat who eats 3 tins of food a day and has a water fountain with bottled spring water in it. But it was good to know. Now we give her extra dry food and a second water bowl. I really appreciate the vet taking the time to evaluate her and change the plan from vaccines to what our cat baby needed.

L A (Machine)

3 years ago

Awesome staff and service was quick, following covid guidelines.

Tomache Peoples

3 years ago

When im in Hollywood...I love and trust them with my puppys health care.

Simone Timatyos

3 years ago

Very friendly, thorough, and also they were patient with me picking up my kitten♡ plus I found out HER gender! :) definitely a great choice. Also the building is modern and plenty of parking!

Liz Liu

3 years ago

BE CAREFUL THESE VETS DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEIR DOING. Terrible care. This clinic looks out only for making money. Pushed unnecessary surgery after ‘abscessing’ an infected area incorrectly. Charged me for ‘abscessing’ when the vet actually me he didn’t do it. No communication between their staff and the vet techs are very rude. Had to take my dog to an emergency vet who confirmed my suspicion that the incompetent job Dr Praxton did made my dogs infection worse. Run in the other direction. Also while spending 1 hr and 48 min in there parking lot, I watched a vet tech return and animal to the wrong car (even though COVID restrictions are lifted in LA country you have to wait in the car so the staff can walk around unmasked inside chit chatting and hanging out, all which you can see through their giant windows), I saw an owner explain his dog was deaf and the tech still keep holler at the dog without changing his approach to lead him up the ramp, I heard a women in the car next to me argue loudly with a different vet about her pets care and ask for blood tests. Worst vet I’ve ever been to. I think they survive off overcharging people in Hollywood for vaccines but actually ability to practice veterinary medicine is not top priority at this clinic. Wish I read the Yelp reviews first, so many other people describing the same poor treatment and up selling behavior!

Natalie Gallegos

3 years ago

Friendly staff. Very professional. Took care of all needs.

R Paige

3 years ago

I take my fur babies here....great staff....I so recommend...your sweeties are in good hands

Shelly Tidino

3 years ago

Very happy with the service very happy with the staff. Dr Robert Goldman rocks

M. Fowler

3 years ago

This was my 1st time here with my cat. Considering you have to wait in the car for your pet and can't attend the appointment with them (due to Covid restrictions), I was still quite impressed by their professionalism and process. They keep u posted via phone and you are still able to speak to the doctor and ask questions. It doesn't beat being right there with your anxious pet, but if they're not feeling well, that's not a comfortable feeling either. They will allow you in to use the rest room however. I was able to see the main lobby and how well kept and clean that area and the bathroom was. So all in all, although they're just as expensive as any vet (the $72 office visit fee was reasonable), they do show they care about your pet. I was impressed that Dr. Nishiyama called me later to make sure I understood the Rx for my cat.

Evan Litchfield

3 years ago

Helpful and quick. Can't thank them enough for their help. I needed records for my pup and her boarding facility. And I got them within minutes.

James Bumatai

3 years ago

Amazing place with friendly employees!

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