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John Jones

2 years ago

Worst vet I’ve ever encountered. My fiancé took our dog in and the vet gave the impression that she was very sick and they needed to run multiple tests and X-rays only for the vet to say that my dog ingested weed. Then when I called and talked to the vet over the phone he said it wasn’t a big deal and our dog should be fine. 2 days later we had to take our dog to the emergency room in Beverly Hills and we were able to figure out what went wrong

Lala V.P

2 years ago

Luis is amazing with my kanins!! Dr. Kumar is very knowledgeable. Thank you!!

Zeeshan Badshah

2 years ago

Going in there I was skeptical based on the reviews, they were available on the same day which was why I still went. I felt the doctor was questioning me I’m an unprofessional tone and he kept suggesting royals canine food for my cat which they seem to profit off. Lastly, they gave me a prescription for the wrong cat and I had to go back in and change it!

Elmira G

2 years ago

The doctor’s visit was less than 3 minutes. He couldn’t figure out what’s going on with my dog. My dog was prescribed two different type of antibiotics, but they didn’t have enough medicine supply. Now I have to go back to get the rest of my medicine. I wish the vet assistant could have more patience and time to answer customer’s question(s). On other hand, the front desk girl was very pleasant and willing to help, which was the only highlight of my visit.

Dirtzoo International

2 years ago

They are very good Veterinarian here that we can afford. We get ou meds and check ups here. The veterneran and the assistants we like alot. I wish the neighborhood was better but it's it's the best vet around that doesn't cost $3 million dollars they're very good they're very good

Angela Megrey

2 years ago

The best vet ever. Dr.Kumar has been Ewok's vet for 13 years. He always tells it to you straight and does surgeries right there. He's very good at what he does and cares so much. He has been backed up since the pandemic so please be patient with visit times. It's worth it.

Andrew Pavlov

2 years ago

Dr. Kumar is the most compassionate and knowledgeable Vet I have ever met

Esmeralda Ramirez

3 years ago

Came here after getting a dog recently to make sure she got a wellness check and to see if she had any breathing issues because she snorts a lot and sounded like she was having trouble breathing. She is also overweight. Dr. Kumar was very professional and asked some questions to get a better understanding of my dog's health. After an Xray and blood work, it turned out my dog was pretty healthy other than a lower thyroid level so Dr. Kumar gave her some pills. The prices were reasonable given the works my dog had done so I was happy with everything from the service to the fees. The staff was also very friendly. Definitely brining my fur baby back! I felt really good after my first visit.

Sophia Attaf

3 years ago

This the WORST vet I have ever met. If you care about your pet even a little, stay AWAY from this place!!! My dog was feeling very bad when I took her. They did Xrays and bloodwork (charged me for $800) and his diagnosis was that she ate weed. I took her to another vet 2 days later because she was getting worst and they found a neck injury!!! This vert only cares about taking your money! Don't take your pet there, they will end up being worst! This is the worst experience ever at any vet! STAY AWAY!!!!!!


3 years ago

I had very bad experience from them . Two years ago my dog get eye scratch . They send us to one and only referral eye specialist . ( usually vet will give us options but strange , they only send us to ONE hospital ) 1st visit they said …

Maria Vasquez

3 years ago

Clean hospital, friendly staff. However, the tech was going to give medication in my dogs nostril. Dr Kumar walked in and told her she was supposed to give it. Orally. Then he walked out.

harris shaw

3 years ago

Great vet! I’ve been bringing my cat here since I moved here 3 years ago.

Rico Coleman

4 years ago

Dr. Kumar has been an outstanding vet to my kitten Koko. He is very knowledgeable and I am able to call in and ask lots of questions (I’m a first time cat owner). …

Andres Rossi

4 years ago

Dr kumar the only thing that interests him is money


4 years ago

Dr. Kumar was very professional and helpful. He is very knowledgeable, and gave my cat some shots and much needed medication. The office was clean and quiet, but no one else was there. The prices are reasonable for that area. The only issues are the parking and the very rude office workers. Jen was argumentative and was mocking me. I don't think either one of them understands what customer service is, nor do they care. They earn a paycheck and don't understand the concept of running a business. They were actually trying to get me to leave when I voiced my concerns about their attitudes. Dr. Kumar, please hire people who care, not obnoxious bored people who are itching to fight with customers. They are hurting your business. I would give this 4-5 stars, but their attitudes are really bad. No wonder the office is empty.


4 years ago

Having owned a couple of businesses myself, I try to make a point not to write negative reviews. However, in this situation... This office may be a great general practice for all I know, but on Friday, March 8, 2019, my Belgian Malinois …

Hannes Zerner

4 years ago

Our dog had a pretty bad skin infection and the doc immediately saw what was wrong with him. He gave him a bunch of shots and within hours we saw our dog improve and a week later he was back to his old self. We also liked that they have weekend hours. I can recommend this vet

Jon Bush

4 years ago

Dr. Kumar is a kind, caring man, full of knowledge about and compassion for animals. The office is clean and bright, the staff friendly and flexible. Going to the vet can be uncomfortable to say the least, traumatizing at worst, depending on the situation that brings us there. I always feel I get the best advice, the most thorough care that's fairly priced (let's face it; quality care for our furry friends is expensive, no matter how you slice it) when you compare to bigger franchises. Dr. Kumar always follows up. Highly recommend.

Kyle LaRoche

4 years ago

Dr. Kumar does not care about the animals, this vet is one of the classic money grabs. Immediately ran up the bill without even doing a thorough examination. Paid $800 for him to tell me nothing and have no real treatment plan. Do not take your animals here, they will not listen to you about your animals health and will only try to get money out of you instead of healing your animal. Beverly hills small animal hospital is where I took my dog after and they were very professional and care about the animals. Paid way better prices in BEVERLY HILLS and I would have paid more for their services. Don't waste your time and money at sunset.

Paul Peña

4 years ago

Just okay. The staff is okay, the work they do is okay, the rates are okay. Nothing bad but nothing particularly good.

The critic

4 years ago

Horrible doctor really money hungry the nurses were rude. I took my cat there and they did nothing they show little to no emotion and I had to put down my cat I do not recommended taking your pet to this horrible vet

Samantha Pron

4 years ago

I took my dog here for an “exam” because she had a toe nail infection. The doctor completely missed (even after I pointed out) that she’s limping on her other front leg. He said... well there’s nothing medically wrong after he barely even examined her. She’s still limping and I’m going to a different vet/doctor for a second opinion. They charged me nearly $300 dollars for a toe nail infection and didn’t seem to care for animals in general at all. I’m sad because this place is sooo close to my house but I won’t give this doctor another cent. Stay away

yokai mlp

4 years ago

they are selfish money hungry vile cruel people that will make charges high to help your poor animals and if u put one down to sleep forever they make u pay extra just if u want to see them put them down the nurse at the front desk is rude and mean.

Vernon G

4 years ago

Worst money hungry doctor I've seen. The assistant asked if I wanted a checkup for my dog. I said no, just the shot and paperwork is fine for my travels. She tried to charge me for the checkup after the Doc gives my dog the shot (which he didn't even do).The assistant was rude and lied right to the Docs face to save her job. Then he says "well I'm not signing the paperwork saying she got the shot I'd you don't pay" after he gave the dog the shot! Stay FAR AWAY from these thieves!

Kim Jean Taylor

5 years ago

I have taken all of my pets (and there have been many!) to Dr. Kumar for more than 15 years. He is so honest and will not over charge or up-sell you the way other vets can. His staff ALL love animals. The office is a no-frills and humble place where the animals get the best care for the least amount of charge. He has even saved some of my friend's pets when other vets recommended putting them down - and they went on to live up to 10 years longer. I'm a huge fan! And, Edgar is THE BEST!

Jana Marimpietri

5 years ago

We are grateful to have been referred to Dr. Kumar a few years ago - she takes great care of our aging shepherd, is thorough and kind, and as others said won't upsell you or overcharge. Their office is no-frills in the best way - they do their jobs well and take great care of the animals!

Bart Bidlingmeyer

5 years ago

Great people, they take really good care of my dog. Great prices for LA.

Mark Fisher

6 years ago

Great vet, he cares about the animals brought in and he takes his time to check them over. The start is very friendly and the prices are fair.

Sheila Solomon

6 years ago

One of the best places to help you with your pets needs. I have been coming here for years and always feel great after. Staff is very friendly and passionate about the animals.

Ian Ziering

6 years ago

Dr Kumar is the best. Edgar is also amazing. Fantastic knowledgeable care, compassionate and thorough.

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