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alexander alamro

2 years ago

As good as it was, I had better in LA man.

Patrick MacKellan

2 years ago

The most unprofessional set of communications and interactions I have ever participated in from a pet store re: a grooming appointment. So "precious" and I was essentially accused of lying by two separate employees. I have had NO issues of ANY kind in over two decades doing business with TAILWAGGERS and, more recently, HEALTHY SPOT -- -- nothing, zero, zip, nada, and certainly nothing even remotely like the interactions I had this morning -- and I should never have tried Posh Pet Care out. I would highly recommend either of the other companies, and will be happily and joyfully returning to them. (That's HEALTHY SPOT or TAILWAGGERS, folks.) If you do try Posh, avoid Jeanine the groomer.

geoff jacobson

2 years ago

My poor, curious, little boy got skunked in the face! Wrong b.hole to stick his nose in apparently...posh was AMAZING! Great people, great and clean store, all around great experience!!

Rita Blaik

2 years ago

I came here when I was babysitting a friend's dog. The staff here are pretty nice in the space is cute. The dog we were watching over seems to really love this place, so there's not a lot to dislike. I would only subtract one star for the grooming, since we brought in a doodle and the groomer entirely blew out the dogs curls because they used a blow dryer. But still, it's a nice place overall. ????

Kailin Chase

2 years ago

I absolutely ADORE this place and the staff. I have 2 dogs - a cavalier and a cocker spaniel. Chleo, my cavalier is so sweet so I was always really nervous to have someone groom her cause I wanted her to have a positive experience and she 1) always comes out looking gorgeous!!! she's been multiple times and only came out "so-so" one time 2) it's so great because we live nearby and walk by the location and Chleo gets crazy excited when we walk by and she has to go in and say hi. I love that she has such positive experiences here that she literally asks and gets so happy when we walk by. The staff is amazing, Chleo is allergic to flees so I called and they didn't have any availability but they worked to get me in same day to help treat her and Ru, I didn't even have to ask - the staff is just so great and they care so much. Also the groomers give you the cutest little report cards - I love them cause I can see what was done and just request it by bringing the cards in. it's also just so cute to get those. Not only is the staff the best staff I've ever experienced in dog-care, the prices are SO great!! Cannot say enough amazing things about this place, the staff. They've definitely made a life long client out of us. We'll be doing boarding for the babes this weekend so I'll provide an update but getting them started so far has also been amazing! ☺️

Michelle Givens

2 years ago

I thought this place looked wonderful on the inside until I picked my pooch up. I took my poodle here last week and now she has flees. She is a house pup so it could’ve only come from this business. Please check your pets or just go somewhere else ???? so disappointed.

Mary-Jane Burke

2 years ago

Sabina is an angel. I trust her with my most precious beings. They love her.

Laura Guzman

2 years ago

As you walk in you are greeted with great customer service by Brian I love this facility I love the staff i have been coming to this location for 6 months now my cats pixie and Kelly Have been well taken care of by Sabina , and other staff they makes sure my babies are getting there shampoo ,nails , ears and all the works being done they are professional at what they do. Even though I can understand that my cats can be a bit hard to work with but I have never had any problems with any of the staff. The times that I had to go out of town they have taken care of my babies great I have no complaints but much appreciation for what they do! With all the COVID-19 they have stayed open to help us with our ???? ????‍⬛ Pets I totally recommend this facility for your Pets !! If you do stop by ask for Sabina she’s an excellent pet groomer !

Saul Ramirez

2 years ago

Is a very nice place to live your dog...very clean and all that people that work there are nice...

Philip Chou

3 years ago

Friendly service, many dog toys to choose from, opening until late night which is awesome for my hectic schedule!

Natalia Poveda

3 years ago

My dog has so so happy after his bath! Amazing service and amazing care! We love Posh

Marc Annotti

3 years ago

Wonderful place to get your pets groomed

Ant Davis

3 years ago

Best in the city either location. Needs boarding or day care

Alla Montchak

3 years ago

Double charged my credit card for $400. I had my dog stay there while I was on a work trip. I called them to solve the issue, and I was assured I would be credited the $400 they overcharged. One week went by. Another week went by. There was no callback, no reply to my email, and I still didn’t see my money back. So basically instead of $400 I paid $800. I finally called AMEX and filed a report. AMEX got me the money back, the owner of this place simply “forgot”. As for boarding my dog here? I found out they keep them on cold concrete floors. Not even a blanket or doggy bed.

Sir Lord Damme

4 years ago

Love this place. My pup was returned to me all smiles. Whenever I ask for a behavior report upon pickup, it's given. A useful tool to have when training and the socializing needs to happen.

Hollie Gruber

4 years ago

I love Posh Pet Care, we have been loyal fans for over 5 years now and are so happy we can send our little guy there knowing he is fully cared for and well looked after!

Dr Jill DeLeon

4 years ago

This review is long over due ....I’ve been bringing both of my dogs for the last 4 years. Not only do I live 30 mins away but I do this because my dogs are happier here than anywhere I’ve ever taken them. They literally cry when we get to the corner because they know all their favorite people are inside and plenty of kisses and belly rubs are waiting for them. Literally they jump out of my car with excitement. Nothing makes me happier than to see my furbabies this happy. All worth the extra traffic. I rescued both but my last one came super shut down & broken spirit and I explained to everyone there and collectively the village made him feel safe and loved and he’s the favorite there now. Our sweet Romeo. ❤️ I also get grooming monthly and have nothing but a excellent experience with Danielle & Jenine. The owners Brian and Oliver have also opened their place to stray dogs I’ve picked up off the road. Both are total dog people. Their heart is so genuine when it comes to animals. Total dog people. Victor the manager who’s been with them since they opened says a lot and he personally gives the babies the extra love and care. If you’re considering trying PoshPet - do it for your for their happiness and wellbeing. They feed them on your desired schedule and when you pick them up they’re exhausted and happy balanced pups. Thank you everyone who works at poshpet. Your love for my babies are priceless. Xoxo Coco & Romeos mom ❤️

Donna Caggiano

4 years ago

Sabina took very good care of my senior cat. She didn't stress her out & she looks gorgeous since she groomed her.

Darin Weeks

4 years ago

Wonderful place with wonderful people

Ant Davis

4 years ago

great employees been taking are dog there for years.

Jess Stertzer

5 years ago

DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE WITH YOUR PET. First of all, I never write Yelp reviews. But my experience with PoshPetCare was so horrendous that I would feel negligent if I did not tell people about what PoshPetCare did to my puppy (i.e., the light of my life). HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED: THEY GAVE MY DOG EAR INFECTIONS IN BOTH EARS. If you're interested in the back story: My dog has always been in perfect health. I've had him since he was 10 weeks old, and his health and wellbeing is an utmost priority for me. I took him to PoshPetCare for his first grooming because his hair was growing into his eyes and I had read that a PROPER grooming would be necessary for his hygiene as well. Putting aside the rudeness and unprofessionalism of PoshPetCare's employees for a second (they were terrible) - my dog woke up early the next day crying and shaking his head and scratching at his ears. I immediately took him to the vet because his behavior was so alarming and he was clearly in so much pain. The vet confirmed that my dog had terrible ear infections in BOTH of his ears. The vet said this was unusual, (especially for my dog's age), so I explained the only difference in our routine lately had been going to the groomer's the day before. The vet said that was almost surely the cause. WARNING: the following includes graphic language not fit for anyone who may be squeamish.. It was clear that my dog had ear infections, because he would cry/yelp even when his ears were lightly touched. The vet first noted how inflamed and red his ears were, and then showed me that there was literally white pus gushing out of my puppy's ears. So not only did my best little friend suffer, I had to spend $200 in vet bills to clean up the mess that PoshPetCare made. (in addition to having to apply drops and cream to my dog's ears twice a day for the next week) I have raised my dog from the time he was 10 weeks until now (nearly 6 months). I have a private backyard, and we have a routine where he has been totally fine. I asked the vet if the ear infections could have possibly resulted from plants or allergies, or maybe another dog (even though he was not exposed to any other dogs). The vet said no - it was clearly a bacterial infection from the unhygienic practices of the frauds who call themselves groomers at PoshPetCare.

george tevelde

5 years ago

Our doggy loves them and always comes home happy

Celeste Peterson

5 years ago

This review is for grooming and our groomer Danelle. We love her and are happily loyal to her. She is profoundly kind to our animals and patiently listens to us when we have requests for their haircuts or care. Posh Pet Care is the best and we are lucky to have them in town.

Robert Shadpour

6 years ago

Excellent location for dog sitting and grooming. They are not cheap, but they are well worth the price. When you leave your dog for grooming, they are open until 10:30pm for pick-ups (not necessarily drop offs). I don't know if they are OK with me saying that, because maybe they don't want to advertise that. But I know if I am not a customer, just knowing that they are so flexible will make me their customer for life. Amazing establishment and they sure care enough for the pets' comfort that they even up-keep their A/C regularly and immediately take care of any breakdowns or service issues, if any. Also a very clean atmosphere for the pets.

Robert Maiolo

6 years ago

Great business Please support this business kind and caring. Helpful dog lovers. ????????????????????????????

Leah Raquel

6 years ago

Love this place for daycare and grooming

Carm BW

8 years ago

I love taking my dog here, I feel like the employees are helpful and friendly! I definitely feel safe taking my little lady in for a wash and grooming. On occasion I let her stay for doggy daycare, and each time I pick her up I have good report and know she has been taken care of efficiently. I have referred Posh to every person I know who’s looking for a new groomer, my dog is always returned looking immaculate with clear eyes and her hair feeling wonderful. A little pricey for the grooming and daycare combo, but peace of mind is priceless.

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