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John Doe

2 years ago

Sooo many dogs and cats ready to find homes.

Lisa O'Laughlin

2 years ago

We adopted our baby Buster from Pet Adoption Fund about 6 years ago. I never did a review so here I am. I remember the professional and caring staff. One volunteer came to check out our home and make sure it was safe and secure. I was happy to see the effort made to ensure adoptions were a success. I have donated throughout the years to express my gratitude and when we are ready for another baby, there is no other place I would go to find out next family member! Thank you Pet Adoption Fund

Mangisty 100

2 years ago

The people at Pet Adoption Fund are very helpful and really care about their animals. They want to set you up with success and to help make the transition as smooth as possible. They are there for us and our new rescue Thor! I really appreciate that!

Andrew Pavlov

2 years ago

PAF is an excellent shelter in all aspects. From their care and love for the animals to their responsiveness and friendliness in all interactions. I have adopted several cats from them during Covid and they bring a smile to my face everyday. Maggie is wonderful and really tries to place the animals in the best homes. Adrienne is very knowledgeable and both have been there for years. The volunteers are extremely friendly and happy to show you around. Overall, PAF is a wonderful shelter that I would recommend to anyone

ELizabeth Jarnagin

2 years ago

Absolutely fantastic. The volunteers do a wonderful job.

gabriel sedas

2 years ago

It has all kind of dogs

Narongrit Pissara

2 years ago

I apply to this shelter on their website to a adopted a dog but they never called me back ????????????????????boooooo boooo.

Corinne Schnur

2 years ago

Long time volunteer. Just dropping off donation from friend of doggo biscuits.

Lynnae Hitchcock

2 years ago

We adopted our sweet Jack there, and couldn't be happier with how he's adjusted into our family. Maggie does her best to make sure the dogs are matched with the right family, and we really appreciated that. He is friendly, sweet, healthy and well-adjusted. Thank you, Pet Adoption Fund for caring so much about these dogs!

Eric Baxter

2 years ago

Very nice people that care for the animals. I got my kitty here and she was housebroken, spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.


2 years ago

The animals were sweet, and so was the staff.

Luisa Goncalves

2 years ago

I adopted 2 amazing dogs from the Pet Adoption Fund, a black Labrador that we had for 6 years before he passed,Tony, and a hound named Huckleberry that joined our family two years ago. They love their animals and do what is best for them. They make certain they are being placed in good homes with people who will love and nurture them. If you are looking to adopt, highly recommend them. Save a life! Adopt don’t shop ???????? ????

Armin vossooghi

3 years ago

Great place to checkout (website) if you want to adopt a cat or dog.

Em Jia

3 years ago

I've never had a great experience with an adoption center, but Pet Adoption Fund really stepped it up for me. They were extremely helpful with our recently adopted dog Willy! Pat contacted us immediately helping us with any questions we had for our fur baby, and so did the volunteers! It really felt like everyone was family there. They recommended us to the best Vet hospital too. Please come here for the best experience to adopt. They really care about their animals.

Jocelyn Smith

3 years ago

It has been a while since we adopted our doggie dog from Pet Adoption Fund! She was a 9 month old German Shepherd/ Collie mix when we adopted her. She was an amazing dog, we lost her 3 years ago at age 15. She was my 3rd child and we loved her dearly. My son and his family adopted a terrior mix from Adoption Fund about 4 years ago. His name is Jaxx, the cutest little fuzzy guy. Our family has had very good experience with this no kill shelter. If you are unable to adopt at this point, please consider calling them and asking them what you can donate to help the pets.

Patricia Wang (Patty)

3 years ago

They were very kind to me. I could not keep our cat for we were moving out of state with not a place to live yet. They took my cat for us.

Randie Britton

3 years ago

I adopted the best dog from this rescue many years ago (a 70lb Airedale mix). He was loyal, loving and of course a clown (I think all terriers are that way)! He made me laugh every day with his antics! We spent many wonderful years together and for that I will always be grateful.

Raquel Safdie

3 years ago

Very well organized and responsive. Description of the dog very accurate. Very caring for their dogs, and most importantly, we found our sweet Ralphy.

Brian Guzman

3 years ago

Rude and unpleasant experience, just wanted to see what dogs were present, looking for a new pet companion . Filled out paperwork and kept hearing excuses just to view the dogs. Volunteers were nice and respectful, thank you for your service.

Jeanette K

4 years ago

I went to go look at their dogs as I wanted to adopt rather than buy. I was shown a few dogs. I was shown a sweet cute little fella, whome my daughter loved and they got along well. They got very personal with their questions (which are unnecessary) they told me that I had to take all my 6 year olds toys off the floor (which there were only a few on the floor that she was in fact olating with), they told me I had to fence off my balcony (which I was more than happy to do). The staff was rude with the Exception of Linda who was a very sweet woman. They called to tell me that I could not adopt said dog and fed me a lie that he needed a yard (which at the time I saw said dog they said he was perfect for an apartment) and my house was unsafe for him All lies my house is clean and well kept. They took my daughters dream dog away from her. This place wonders why they have so many dogs in their shelter, they are way too picky about where the dogs go. Good job guys denying an dog his forever home for unjust reasons! I will be taking my business elsewhere and warning my friends and family about this place!!!

Erica Schrull

4 years ago

I just recently lost my soul-mate cat named Bear of 17 years. I got him as a kitten when I was 11, and he passed away from multiple complications at once including CKD, pancreatitis and anemia. I lost him sooner than I was expecting to and it took a serious toll on me. Bear had moved out to California with me when I moved here 3 years ago from NJ. So when I lost him, I was feeling pretty lonely, not to mention depressed from the trauma of losing him. About a month passed and I figured I would just browse the cat listings knowing how many cats need a home. I found a black cat named Inky at the Pet Adoption Fund in Canoga Park. His pictures resonated with me, and I know black cats are the last to be adopted as well as black senior cats. I called to ask some questions about him and that's when my correspondence with Maggie began. Over the next week, she was extremely helpful in getting every question I needed answered while I debated whether I was ready to have a new cat buddy in my life. I finally went in to meet him and took him home within the same hour. He has been with me about 3 weeks now and I know I made the right decision. He is amazing and the Pet Adoption Fund has been more accommodating and helpful than I would have ever expected. I highly recommend them and if you are skeptical from the other reviews even after reading mine, ask for Maggie. She is amazing, and truly cares about the animals there. I especially love that the cats are out of cages, and share large rooms with each other and a bunch of cat trees. They seem much less stressed that way, and I feel it is more humane while they await their furever homes. Thank you again to the Pet Adoption Fund for being so courteous and ultimately helping me out of my depression. Inky will be well-loved.

Janet Savage

4 years ago

These people know dogs and they know people. They carefully steered me away from dogs that they knew weren’t a fit even when I wanted them. We adopted our doggie and could not be happier. Almost adopted a second. They can be relied upon to present to you dogs that can be saved by a loving family.

Jaye Mackenroth

4 years ago

I adopted my PRECIOUS little stormie from here and I had her an amazing, blessed 18 years!! She was perfect in every way. She went to Heaven on friday and we are grieving ???? but this little girl has been the best friend ever! Thank you for saving Stormie and giving her to us, we had great lives together ❤

daria linderssen

4 years ago

I visit with the cats every weekend. I wish there were more people who would visit the cats on a regular basis, at least once or twice a week. I wish I could afford a cat.

Carlos Hernandez

4 years ago

Truly a sad sight. Now while this is a no kill shelter and I respect that the living conditions for these animals is hard to look at. They are kept outside in very hot temperatures and are very close together. The prices were way to high and meeting the dog in the play area was uncomfortable. There’s no grass for the dog to play and use the bathroom comfortably, also they didn’t seem to have a good amount of control over the animals. The volunteers were nice but it seemed as though they lacked the knowledge needed to properly take of/control the dogs there. The kennels seemed dirty and all that was out side to keep the dogs cool we’re some fans blowing mist around. I get it most animal shelters are very crowded and frankly nasty but some level of care should be taken especially at those prices. I was disappointed with my experience. However I’m glad that they do not put any animals down.

Badge Busters

4 years ago

List of animals I've adopted from here since before 2001. 1. 7 year Sara (epileptic with a 2 inch deep medical chart) who was with us til passed away at15. 2. Tony, shy 5 year old who passed away at 13. my little soul mate 3. Buddy, a 5 year old 120 lb. akita/golden mix who we loved unconditionally passed away at 11. 4. 2 cats 4 years ago. One was 11 with a skin condition that we had treated successfully right away. Our most grateful to be adopted. She was so happy to be with us. She passed away this year of kidney failure. The second cat a 1 1/2 year, Duchess is still with us. After all this I will not go back again because I went for another dog last year. They had no records of any of my adoptions although I have given generously each time I went there. I was given the 3rd degree although volunteers have visited my home 4 times for different animals. My grandkids and I selected a dog. After many questions suggesting I had ulterior motives they changed the price to $250 after saying it was $100. I have never donated less than $200 each time. Something has changed there. I felt uncomfortable. The workers had no record of my patronage. I will not return.

Ana Zuniga

4 years ago

The entire staff works tirelessly to take care and find good homes for their furry friends. I noticed comments about Pat, but even if her approach doesn't please everyone I had no doubts that she looks out for the animals 110%. Someone should, considering how awful they are often treated in the world ???? They helped me meet and adopt my little sweet dog. No regrets and I support PAF.

Ale Magana

4 years ago

Horrible place. They ask you how much your willing to pay so they can upcharge you. Crazy! A mixed pup will cost you $600 here. Like what?! You can get a purebred with that money. Your there to adopt and give these dogs a life not buy a pup.

Lior Horwitz

4 years ago

The moment they heard that I'm originally from Israel, they said I can't adopt a dog from them, because in case I return to Israel, the flight would be is too long for the dog.... Very upsetting.

Diane L

4 years ago

Special lowered adoption fees for senior dogs and cats for Memorial Day weekend!

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