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Marcus Thompson

2 years ago

Exceptional customer service, even after the loss of my beloved furry friend. Thank you so much.


2 years ago

Mixlab is amazing ???? ???? I wish I had a human pharmacy like this.

Nature Mann

2 years ago

I love that they offer clean med's but I don't like how long it takes them to fill the prescriptions and I definitely do not like that they don't contact me to let me know that the perscription has been filled. I've had a few issues where they said the medicine would be ready and it wasn't and even when I try to give them at least a weeks notice prior to running out, it still seems hard for them to get it filled on time. On top of that they don't let me know when the prescription has been filled causing me to call them multiple times just to find out if it's ready. I believe the being open 4 days a week is part of the reason they struggle to fill prescriptions but the being closed Wednesday really confuses me when wanting to pickup my meds in the middle of the week.

Sabrina Sepulveda

2 years ago

Awesome ! Really helps getting my chihuahua to take her meds. I brought my dogs script to them in person since they ask for the original script your pet’s vet wrote. No copies, can’t send via fax etc. It has to be the original script. Otherwise, I believe you can ask your vet if they could communicate with MixLab regarding the script. I waited til they filled the script, they offered to mail the meds to me, but to me, it didn’t make sense to have it mailed since I had to bring in the original script and I was already there… might as well wait right? It was worth it. I received a small box, custom made for my chihuahua “Baby”. There were toys and extra goodies along with a note. I was not expecting such a well thought out box like this one from MixLab. It was pretty awesome to know that this company takes the time to curate each pets box like this, when all I was really expecting was a bottle of meds made into a treat. I’ve added pics but NOTE these are NOT my pics, these are off of Google. Just to show anyone interested an idea of how cool a MixLab box looks like.

Kimberly Farha

2 years ago

Brought in prescription.They delivered it same day. Real highly recommed this lab.

Josh Case

2 years ago

Had a sick pup, got our medicine from Mixlab. Was easy to navigate their page. Arrived the next day. No problems. Best part, they sent a cute donut squeak toy, hand saniter and a personalized note. Spent over $100 dollars on puppy toys, and the donut from Mixlab is her favorite!

Traci Campbell

3 years ago

I cant say enough good things about this company and their staff. I wish they were involved in 100 other businesses I use--thats how fantastic they are. Also wish I'd known about them years ago. They are friendly fast and helpful. Even the way they ship the meds shows care and personal detail. I will use this company any chance I get and recommend them highly!!

Jill W. Fox

3 years ago

Totally impressed with this company from top to bottom! The entire customer experience was carefully and loving thought out. Everyone you speak with is so nice, well informed and takes the time to answer your questions. The pharmacist even got on the phone with me to help me pick out the best flavor for my very picky little dog's medicine. They delivered the medicine to my house, FOR FREE, the same day. Even the girl who made the delivery was super sweet! And then, I opened the box expecting a medicine bottle and pharmacy print-out, only to find this! (See Picture.) If there were 10 Stars, I would give Mixlab all of them!


3 years ago

Mixlab takes customer service to an unparalleled level. I love the follow-up texts and messages letting me know I need to refill my pet's prescription. Other pharmacies should follow this model.

Waffle Falafel

3 years ago

I only learned about Mixlab after all the local pharmacies including Costco and my vet were out of my Dog's medicine who has cancer. I was so relieved and happy. Mixlabs is VERY reasonable in pricing, better than Costco. The box was personalized with my Dog's name and a cute little gift for him. Totally unexpected and good timing, since this is a very emotional time for us. Thank you Mixlab for making my first experience so pleasant. You have a customer for life.

Tracey O'Connor

3 years ago

Simply the best. Boutique, personalized service for my cat, Cali. She felt like a rock star! Everything was sent in her name with well wishes AND a handmade knit birdy catnip toy that she loves ❤. They sent a little something for me as well, a purse sized hard sanitizer spray. Getting medication has never been fun, but mixlab has changed all that. THANK YOU!!!!

Rowena Rey

3 years ago

Fast and smooth delivery. Friendly customer service. Spoken to both the reps/techs as well as the pharmacists. The compounding formulation is impressive! Usually my cat hates taking her medicine but she eats it up like her usual food. The packaging is so cute and well thought out. I’ve ordered twice from them already and have had no problems.

Olyvia Pronin

3 years ago

Incredible speed, great service and very thoughtful approach!

heddy nam

3 years ago

We were introduced to Mixlab by our vet because our dog stopped taking his pills for a chronic condition. Mixlab created a liquid formulation that he's able to take easily with his food. They mixed with Bitter Blocker, sweetener and flavorings. They were so empathetic and communicative throughout the entire process, it was a really tough time because our dog was getting sicker each day from refusing to take his pills. Checkout & delivery was super easy. Even the unboxing was exciting (you wouldn't expect that from prescription meds would you?) All wrapped in tissue paper, easy to read & beautiful instructions & info, and even came with a little toy for our doggie which cheered him up right away! We wouldn't dream of going to any other pharmacy for all of our vet medication needs!


3 years ago

Wow! I’ve never had a vet medication compounded by a pharmacy that my dachshund licks the syringe for his dose! This place is phenomenal. Same price as another vet pharmacy I’ve used in the past, but with wonderful classy service. My only issue is with the large amount of paper packaging used: cute and recyclable but actually unnecessary. I’ve found my new doggie pharmacy. Quick, pleasant, excellent service and product. Thanks!


3 years ago

My 7 year old husky, Shiloh, has a condition called Cushing’s syndrome where if she isn’t given oral meds twice a day she could die. I was having problems getting her medication from another lab and was so happy when my vet recommended Mixlab. Not only are the people who work there always friendly and helpful, they can get the meds to me the next day or same day if I’ve run out. They always send adorable dog toys and some spray on hand sanitizer in the box with the meds too. I highly recommend Mixlab for pet med needs.

Polly Wilson

3 years ago

Friendly, fast service with so much thought put into the package!

Gaye Frisby

3 years ago

What’s not to like about Mixlab? I have difficulty deciding which aspect I like most about this pharmacy. They are more than friendly. My pet did not like the initial flavor I chose and Mix lab not only replaced it with my second choice but with over night mail it was delivered before the next dose was due. Even though I don’t require the service, the large print instructions on the bottle right down to how to fill a syringe, must be wonderful for those of us who have vision problems and/or never used liquid medications. Thank-you Mixlab. Gaye

Megyn Bell

3 years ago

Really wonderful experience using this pet pharmacy! They provide cards with all those sometimes hard to read instructions and they even threw in a toy for my little dog. The best service around and they even let me come in and pick up. You even get a real person on the phone when you call lol!

Jacquie Morris

3 years ago

Not only we received the best price for our dog’s medication but also received the most incredible service - put in an urgent request for our Med and got a delivery hours later (on a Sunday) without a shipping charge - package included a big nice toy for our dog as well as a small sanitizer bottle all wrapped in a package I would expect as a gift from Nordstrom! Also great to receive a texts with alerts along the way including one to track driver. Couldn’t imagine a better experience. Really glad to have been referred to them by our doctor.

Gary Lazer

3 years ago

This place is amazing! They have a great crew. So helpful and knowledgeable. There's a surprise toy in the cool boxes that the prescriptions come in and maybe something fir the humans. Love this place.

Sophia Stone

3 years ago

I’m very impressed with Mixlab. They are efficient, responsive and reliable. The meds arrive promptly with clear instructions and as a bonus some fun, pet friendly extras.

Jonathan Staffeldt

3 years ago

My vet began using Mixlab to fill my cat's prescription. The customer service is sort of unbelievably fantastic. They communicate via text, fill scrips very, very fast, and deliver to your door. This is a very well run business.

Judy Goldstein

3 years ago

I am knocked out by my superb experience with MixLab. It is always a scary time when you have to have medicine for your furry loved one. They package beautifully with a toy and love card. Their kindness on the phone with any questions is first rate. They go above and beyond. Highly recommend. Highly professional. First Class!

Kathleen Harriman

3 years ago

My beloved cat had cancer and needed some specialized medication. I was referred to MixLab and can’t say enough good things about their pharmacists. Their personal care and human touch made a terrible time a bit better and I will never forget it. I simply cannot recommend them highly enough.

Marcela Stathopoulos

3 years ago

We appreciate all of you at MixLab for your great service. Thank you a million times over. We will definitely be back! ????

Megan Mitchell

3 years ago

I absolutely love Mixlab and have been using them for my patients and own pet for several months now. They are so prompt, friendly, and easy to use. They even text you refill reminders with a simple “yes” to refill. I cannot recommend them enough. An added bonus is the toy for your baby and usually a little gift for us humans too.

Merri Jamison

3 years ago

I have worked in Vet medicine for over 15 years and I have never worked with a better compounding company! I have been very fortunate not to need meds for my pets until recently but through the years had heard stories from owners about how much of a pain getting their meds where. Mixlab was so easy I almost could not believe it! They checked in on me and my kitty regularly and made adjustments when I needed. They got my meds to me THE NEXT DAY! No extra fee and when it came it was packaged in the most adorable box with a cute note and a toy she just LOVES! Their attention to detail and amazing communication will not only have me back forever but I will send every client I can to them!

Paris Bernhardt

3 years ago

My vet ordered a compounded prescription from Mix Lab for my cat Tiger. I find it impossible to dose liquid meds and prefer small capsules that slide down her throat easily. Mix Lab is new to me and turned out to be such an easy and quick solution compared to the previous compounding pharmacy they used in the past. I live in LA/Marina Del Rey area so a pleasant surprise was the free delivery. Also a pleasure was how quick my custom order was turned around. Tiger’s meds We’re ordered around 5:00pm Tuesday and delivered to me by 11:00am Wednesday. They text you a link and you use it to setup your account and pay. You can respond with questions or requests to the same text making it easy to get in touch and expedite the order. Price wise, I have no idea if it’s a fair price since it’s a first time prescription and pet stuff seems to cost around the same or higher than people meds. It seemed fair enough and with delivery it felt like a nice added value. Plus they gave Tiger a little cat nip toy and for me a handbag size hand sanitizer. The verdict on the little critter cat nip toy was 2 ???? up x3. Yeah, Tiger has a cat family that seemed equally thrilled to bite and kick the heck out of the toy. So a winner experience and well worth trying if you need a pet pharmacy. I will definitely use them for my future orders. The packaging was also nice and secure with little personal touches. Do try them!

Shannon Dean

3 years ago

Mixlab is so easy. I love how I can pay online and how my prescriptions arrive so fast, which is important when you need medication for your furry family members.

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