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Nikita Dave

2 years ago

SAVE YOURSELF AND YOUR PET. GO TO ANOTHER VET! I wish I read the other reviews before going here! "Veronica" was beyond unprofessional! I showed up for my appointment and she claimed that I called to cancel when I had confirmed just an hour before. She consistently told me what I must have done to cause the mix up on HER end. Not to mention, when I was very audibly upset she continued to patronize me and ensure that my feelings were not valid and I had made a mistake. She could have so easily gotten a new loyal customer but due to her extreme rudeness, I would never send my dog or let anyone else send there dog to a place that can be so unprofessional, patronizing, and rude. Especially when an owner is just trying to get help for their pet! If they are this rude to vulnerable humans who are just trying to get help for their sick animal, imagine how they are to a creature that can't speak.

Vincent Periolat

2 years ago

not very impressed. receptionist was curt and I waited longer than expected (20-25 minutes past appointment time). but it's nice inside.

Edison Baldeon

2 years ago

Friendly staff and they always treat our puppies with love.

Matthew Pollock

2 years ago

This place is racking up the one star reviews. Front office service is underwhelming. Different story each time you speak with them. They rescheduled a spay on us three times. The third time we noted that we need to drop off our kids for school in the morning and needed flexibility so they agreed to 9am. When we showed they said the appointment was at 8am and the appointment was no longer available. Many other places to choose from and that's what we'll be doing.

Eleanor Patterson

2 years ago

Great, clean and very professional

Dara Crippen

2 years ago

Horrible!! I Basically Paid 300.$ For An Educated Guess That I Had Already Gotten On Google Search ????!! The Dr. Only Saw My German Shepherd For Literally Less Than 30 Second's!! She Was Having Major Bleeding With Blood Clots Which Could Be Kidney Or Bladder Cancer/Stones Which German Shepherds Are Prone To.... Just Treated My Baby Girl For A UTI & Waited 7 Hrs. The Worst Thing Of All Is You Can't Go In With Your Dog ????‍???????? Just Hand Your Baby Off To Them While You Wait In The Parking ????️ Garbage.... What If She Started Bleeding Out While I'm Outside (Thank God ???????? She Didn't) I'm Just Going To Not Be With Her In Trauma Or Worse!!?? ????‍???????? NO WAY!! NEVER AGAIN!! But I Do Have To Say That The Tech's Were Way More Polite Than MOST ALL Of The Customers Coming In Screaming At These Ppl Like They're Their Personal Help, Honestly ???? OMG What Is Wrong With Ppl Today!!?? Save Your Money & Go To Any Other Animal Hospital, Even VCA In Silver Lake Is Way Better!! ????????️????????????‍???????????? Dara Crippen

Best Rentals

2 years ago

Had my first ever vet visit with my puppy here and unfortunately I was seen by Dr. KAREN(figures ????) Halligan. She had a terrible bedside manner. As soon as she realized our puppy was a designer dog from Korea she was super judgemental, was more interested in talking about my puppy's price than answering any questions related to my puppy's health condition. Also trying to push vaccinations when she already had her shots. She was quickly rushing out of the appointment without showing any care for my puppy whatsoever. Didn't answer our questions. Was just trying make money and sell us dog food and shots. She almost let her fall down from the table as well. This experience was traumatizing and I will never go back. She had that typical female doctor inferiority complex chip on the shoulder attitude. Probably developed it in vet school having to survive in a male dominated field. Do not take your pet here ! Unless you want to get a attitudy judgemental Dr KAREN who doesn't care and just wants to make money.

Sean Rawlins

2 years ago

Big fans of Dr. Moss. We have two German shepherds and we’ve had less than great experiences at other locations in LA as it almost seems like vets around here are not used to larger dogs. I know they can be a little bit more to handle than small dogs and both of ours are high energy males. Dr. Moss and the team have been great though, and they have not only taken great care of our pups but they are extremely communicative and keep us in the loop on what is happening and why. They also never try to price gouge us and have even made recommendations on saving money on prescriptions that are to their detriment. Will continue using them!

Nicole Reed

2 years ago

I am so disappointed with this vet! My dog had a bad reaction to the leptospirosis vaccine so I called to see what was wrong and how to handle it. The receptionist told me I should have known the side effects. They are so incompetent that they literally brought my dog out without telling me where the shot was on his body and laughed on the phone when I was upset. I will NEVER go to this vet again and they will be hearing from me on Monday. Save your money because they don’t care about your pet. I don’t know who was working today but they don’t deserve a job caring for animals.

Jennifer Rose

2 years ago

The staff was professional and they kept me in the loop when it comes to my new dog. They gave him the vaccines that he needed and then some. They need I was homeless and they treated me no different then any other animal lover. I forgot to ask them about the breed of my dog and yesterday I seen an email to register on their site so I could make appointments, see my dogs medical records, and more. I found our how old my dog was and what his breed was. I would definitely recommend this clinic to others.

Christopher Nolte

2 years ago

Professional, very clean, and quickly seen at our appointment.

Kelly Witters

2 years ago

This place left a bad taste in my mouth. The staff are not at all welcoming or friendly. Receptionists spend most of their time whispering and giving out dirty looks. I got about 3 minutes of face time with the vet the first time I went and 0 the second time. They forgot to look through my pets records which I had sent over a week before the appointment, so none of my questions were answered and it was quite expensive. I have never felt so dismissed. Also my dog just about ran the other way when we took her the second time and she's never done that at a vet before. She's 13 years old.

Maya Parker

2 years ago

Need an antibiotic for my dog, just wanted to clean her teeth for $$$. VERY GOOD otherwise

Nicole Smith

2 years ago

I've been taking my pets here for about 2 years. My Golden Retriever suffers from frequent ear infections (during allergy season) along with other allergy issues. Marina Veterinary center was able to keep me calm and reassured throughout the numerous visits we had. They were always thorough, polite, and would often follow up post visit just to see how our pets were doing. Do recommend taking your pets here if you live in the area! They will be sure to do what they can to help them feel better.

Who Person

3 years ago

Dissatisfied with their staff employees getting run around with their staff at the office visit. I want to speak with Veterinary physician inquiry about some tests about my pet. Marina veterinary staff, she telling me my pet need a specific tests, without me talking to veterinary doctors. Staff want me paying lot money out of my pocket. Marina veterinary staff, will return call make scheduled appointment for tests. Two weeks later, I call Marina veterinary speak to same staff member, what happen to follow up tests schedule appointment with veterinary physician? Staff member reply, oh I forgot. I can hear her unprofessional behavior tone voice to me!!!!. Wow what rural staff member. She schedule appointment on this coming Saturday noon. On that day of appointment, same Marina veterinary staff call me, explain that my appointment physician is her regular day off!!! Wow I can't believe this staff unprofessional of her works. Staff members ask me if I want to reschedule appointment again. I reply, No forgot it, you just lost regular customer. She just hang up on me!!!! Wow this staff need to be fire!!!! Now going to Westchester Veterinary Center, in Westchester area LAX. I'm happy to make big change veterinary now, physician happy to take time to explain to me, without any pressure to me, medicine or treatment about my pet. They care about my pet. I happy with them Sorry Marina Veterinary Center I don't miss your business and your unprofessional rural staff member.

Becky Siewell

3 years ago

Dr. Moss is an amazing vet!

Lauren Conley

3 years ago

So kind and they were able to take my sick cat right away.

Angel Jimenez

3 years ago

This was a good place. It was clean, awesome customer service, and they we're friendly

Customer Service

3 years ago

This review is to inform the public Marina Veterinary Center has absolutely zero compassion toward all the animals they serve. Please do your research and go elsewhere. The owner needs a reality check!! It's up to the public to show him that compassion is a basic requirement when helping. Not profits!!!! Shame on you Owner of Marina Veterinary Center.

Darlene Burton

3 years ago

I am so lucky to have found this veterinarian within walking distance. I just moved here and found a feral kitten at work who was deathly sick. I am happy to say that with their help Darth Vader the feline is healthy and happy.


3 years ago

We had been to several other vets in and around LA with no success for our ailing cat Lovey. After one visit, this doctor knew what to do, helped us nurse her back to health and did not over charge us. We feel very lucky to have finally found our vet for life.

Christine Heriat

3 years ago

Have done an incredible job taking care of my dog, especially during a very unusual and challenging issue. Incredibly responsive and clearly concerned about my dog's health.


3 years ago

Very knowledgeable and thoughtful staff, quality care thats not too expensive, clean facilities, prompt appointments, and overall a very good place to take your fur babies here on the westside.

Phil Harnage

3 years ago

had to wait quite a while but other than that, things were good.

Ryan Wiley

3 years ago

If you care about your dog as much as we do and he has a recurring skin problem, don’t bring him here, PLEASE! Quality is very important to me and our pet, they seem like they know what they are doing but don’t give full diagnosis very well. Our dog supposedly has allergies and I have no idea what the medication was but one of them worked and another didn’t - Our dog left last visit with no meds and a terrible rash. They didn’t refill the med that helped and gave us to goto a dermatology appointment with nothing to help the dog until he gets to the other appointment. They REFUSED to give him even a few meds because they believed I was too stern with a doctor that misread my dogs charts. They couldn’t even help the dog until his next appointment or listen to what helped, just shut me down and left him until the next doctor to see him. They said for sure it’s 100% allergies and didn’t even offer to leave him with an antihistamine because they felt some type of way. They didn’t listen to me well and every single staff member interrupted me there, there wasn’t one person who could sit and listen for 60 whole seconds to an unhappy client explaining symptoms of his dogs skin condition. Complete bogus 1/5 stars solidly, after spending 1000s here they simply shunned us when an issue came up, completely unprovoked, immediately hated these people when they didn’t offer to even give the dog meds that helped his rash (cleared it up but not cured it)

Susan Abbott

3 years ago

Extremely poor service. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET HERE< They actually lied about the California law! In order to get you to pay $78.00, even though my dog is up to-date on all his shots, and just had an exam, they insisted on charging me 140.00 to express the anal glands, and cited laws to me that were not true!

Thomas Bonin

3 years ago

Our visit was quick and easy. The doctor and technicians were all very helpful and quick to share tips and all the information we could need. It’s very nice to have a one stop stop shop for everything our puppy could need!

Vanessa Van

3 years ago

Fixed my dogs ear up and was fairly priced, really nice vet!

Wendy Roca

3 years ago

Love this place. Very professional and they help you tremendously. Very honest and caring. Dr. Moss was amazing. Everyone is amazing!

Maja Z.

3 years ago

they refused to help a dying bird found on the street outside their building.

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