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Carolyn Ramirez

2 years ago

After having an issue with them not picking up their phone. I decided to call again 1.5 hours after they opened and this time I was helped out by two nice employees.

Leanna Rizzo

2 years ago

its a kill shelter. they euthanize animals that dont get adopted.

Susan Totaro

2 years ago

First time visit. There are a lot of adult pitbulls here, along with hamsters and rabbits. The animals are well cared for. City staff and volunteers are quite knowledgeable about the different species of dogs, their temperament, ideal home environment and have an abundance of resources to ensure a successful adoption. I was impressed. As a result, my daughter adopted a mixed bred Jack Russell that is deaf but so affectionate and lively. We are so appreciative of their support and encouragement which overcame our initial trepidation to adopt. FYI, not only did we receive a beautiful dog with all her shots up to date, the City also provided free private vetinarian services for a limited introductory time period. TOTAL RED CARPET TREATMENT. AMAZING AND EXTREMELY GENEROUS INCENTIVES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CARING ABOUT THESE ANIMALS!!

Liz Hooker

2 years ago

It's important to make an appointment and you have your own animal handler escort you thru the facility. Very helpful! I really liked the one on one customer care handler who wants to help find a good match!

terri wardle

2 years ago

I’ve had cats my entire life… and this volunteer woman wouldn’t even look at me. She prejudged me and couldn’t spare the time to show me any of the cats. She was so rude! She lied to me and told me there was only one cat at the shelter. Skinny chick with a ponytail possibly early 50’s. Or 40’s if she’s done a bunch of drinkin and drugs. Definitely on some sort of power trip like she knows best. Don’t ever go to this place… stray cat alliance or other cat and dog shelters are much better. Since then I’ve heard nothing but bad things about this place! And it’s really sad!!! These animals might die. At stray cat alliance… they won’t! I don’t get it!!!

Miguel Rocha

2 years ago

The worker there are awesome people.

Polina Goloputova

2 years ago

I dropped off an injured squirrel they took it but stuff was very rude , they barely talked to me , I asked if I can help with anything if not then what they gonna do next with animal , they just said “thank you, bye” and closed the door in front of my face.

Ashley Ruiz

2 years ago

Person who answered my call was rude. He gave me no info and just transferred my call with no explanation. Don’t answer calls with that tone and attitude. Just called for some advice and didn’t even get that. Can’t imagine how they are too the animals

Edwin De Los Angeles

2 years ago

they mainly have pitbulls barely any small dogs. you need to be vaccinated to enter and be tested within like 72 hours

Sara Perez

2 years ago

Everybody is so rude here, i would expect them to be a little more genuine and educated since they do work with dogs, but unfortunately that's not the case, they lack communication skills, and do not give the proper information. It almost looks like they all hate their job/duty there, giving everybody attitude, i mean if they aren't happy there maybe they should sail somewhere else, i would hate for my pet to be near any of these people, specially the girl with tattoos all over.

Wilma Kanwar (Willigirl)

2 years ago

Couldn't see the dog I wanted because the dog virus hit this shelter. Said by end of Nov Dec should be opened. Very sad...

Allan Terrill

2 years ago

Adopted a cat. She was a little small but well get her in shape. Nothing a little love and food can't take care of

Anna Fierro

2 years ago

Happy people everywhere, and I thought that only happened at Disneyland ????

becca g

2 years ago

I had a horrible experience here. We came in 2 weeks ago and found a dog we were interested in but we were told we have to wait until a certain time for the dog to be ready for adoption. Not one person told us we had to make an appointment as we walked in previously with no issues. I was at the center as soon as they opened at 8 am and the workers were rude. We explained the situation to them and they made us come back at a later time even though no one was there. I comply with COVID rules but this was unacceptable as not a single costumer was there yet. Their attitudes were beyond me. The supervisor was passive aggressive. You would think they would have better costumer service considering it’s a shelter and the goal is to save as many dogs but no, they are rude and unprofessional. For the most part the other workers and volunteers were helpful and nice but the supervisor was the issue. Other than the bad customer service, I would still recommend this place for adoption because it is always better to adopt and save an animals life.

Elizabeth N Mandarino

2 years ago

Honestly- I went to the store and bought brand new blankets and beds for them and they seemed like they didn’t even want them and acted like I was a Nuisance and was a burden. Very rude staff- acted annoyed. Honestly I’m not sure if any donations truly are given to the animals. I’d never go back.

Jane Mycroft

2 years ago

Friendly, caring and helpful staff

steven szocs

2 years ago

Paying the annual licenses fees for our Little Friends

Stefan Dwornik

2 years ago

It was very difficult to find, and the available dogs was a Small amount, but they do have cats/kittens. Unfortunately due to allergies, as much as I might want to foster, We are not able too. Anyone out there that might be interested in helping thru fostering, the SPCA, and LA shelters are overflowing with kittens, and cats needing fostering- Very Needed, Wanted.

d g

2 years ago

Very rude. Petty. Unprofessional workers. I was beyond shocked to see the way they treat people. Disgusting customer service. The manager is the worst. Find a better shelter to go to.

Peggy Baker

2 years ago

My 21 year old cat passed away in my home yesterday. I dropped her off at the W. LA shelter to dispose of her remains. The woman who took her was so rude. Total opposite of previous experiences I've had with animal shelters. I was going to go back and drop off some donations but I don't want to go back there. It's too upsetting to think about.

bethlehem tsehayu

2 years ago

I found a tiny kitten 2 weeks old in a parking structure. This shelter took it in the same day and an aduption organization adupted it in a week. The lady at the door helped a lot. I want to say THANk YOU to her and THANK YOU. to The Shelter.

Beverly Cravatt

2 years ago

Our first experience at WLAACC was absolutely the best a 2 hour drive and wait in line was all worth the wait love my 15 week old kitten she has already stole my heart. A high shout out to one of the most kind and very knowledgeable staff Kelly she answered all of our questions walked us through the process explained each and everything we asked from food to surgery which also went very well. Thank You For Our New Addition To Our Family????

Don porsi leagofeo

2 years ago

Don't go to this place , there is a colored lady she looks like is mad , this place used to be a good place for adoption a pet .

Emad Barsoum

2 years ago

The only reason I am giving this place a one star is because it looks o.k. on the outside. I took my mom there to adopt a dog for her. I will be honest in saying that you need an appointment in which I did not know. We went on a Tuesday mid afternoon and the place had only one person visiting to drop off a dog. The security guard seemed o.k., but the two ladies that worked there ( one being the supervisor) were very unwilling to be helpful. Very uncaring, and the supervisor went well beyond uncaring to the point of starting off with a very aggressive uncaring attitude! While I tried to explain that I live far from my mom and can't always come there, and that finding a dog would help her emotionally, they didn't even seem to show any care. I'm not saying I was right to be there without an appointment, but hey, at least show some professional courtesy. While we were there, one other lady showed up and politely told them that she was referred from another facility to have her cat neutered. They were not very courteous in their response that she was at the wrong place. The supervisor returned baxk to aggressively addressing me, saying that her staff was overloaded. I found this interesting being that there was absolutely no one there to look at animals. The parking lot was empty. I hope this review finds it's way to upper management, or even more so, to animal rights organizations. Here we have a situation were animals are being put down if they are not adopted, and we show up sincerely hoping to adopt an animal, yet are refused with aggression! What chance do these animals have with people like that who don't seem to care even in being professionally courteous?!?

Joseph Herrera

2 years ago

This place was super helpful including the receptionist and the staff as well. I would like to thank them for taking a wildlife animal injured. Also for the other animal shelter located on Lacy st was the ones who gave me the Info.


2 years ago

The people were nice and the place was clean. I met techs from the vet's office next door and they were happy to help in locating my children's stolen therapy dog. Sparkle was reported missing on August 8, 2021 Saturday night around 9:30p in Mar Vista, near Inglewood & Venice Blvd. No tags or leash. 35-40 lbs. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD/JACK RUSSELL MIX, frmale, spayed and 6 years old. Dark brown spot, dark eye mask and cropped tail. She is chipped.She requires special food and my kids are heartbroken. REWARD OFFERED!!!

Romance Douglass

2 years ago

The games these people play is down right wrong the attitudes here or the worst then when they don’t want you to have a dog they put up road blocks and make up all these excuses . Then I get here to get the dog all of a sudden he’s been adopted by another animal rescue . Then for them to make sure they take away the animals right to produce makes it even worst. I don’t recommend this place to know one and hopefully they get a new manager because the older lady that’s there was a complete b**ch. but at least the facility was clean and the volunteers was helpful.


2 years ago

Adopted from this shelter before.An dog with one eye that nobody wanted.Now for 11 years a beloved family-member.They have small dogs too.Clean facility.Recommended!

Linda Marin

2 years ago

I got my big boy Zeus

Amatullah B.

3 years ago

We adopted a small kitten, it's been 3 days and we love him so so much. Thank you for all of your help when we adopted! Mr. Scratchy

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