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Kathy Leivas

2 years ago

Was fast service and my cat was examined all under 20 minutes.

Dee R

2 years ago

VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. NOT WELCOMING. RUDE. Had a horrible experience at this vet. To begin with, I had an appointment at 1:45 pm idk if they never scheduled me or what, but didn’t actually get seen by the vet till 3:00 pm. The vet walked in, very rude. Did not introduce herself. I still till now don’t know her name. She supposedly checked my kitten but missed to see that she had tapeworms. Gave her a Vaccine mind you, the reason we were there was for a dewormer. Mentioned it to the vet and she completely ignored us, told us our kitten was too small for her age but failed to give us any solutions. The receptionist is sent in answering all our questions but is not a veterinarian, that is not her job. Left without a dewormer for our kitten until I called back and told them we see worms coming from her tail area. They told us to come back & finally gave her a dewormer. Their excuse was from receptionist, “I completely didn’t think to check her tail”.. yeah because that’s not your job. The vet should have caught that. Will not be returning again. I recommend you all not to bring yours pets here. They do not have the right care nor hospitality for animals.

Jazmin Tomas.

2 years ago

Nicest Vet :) my Cats love coming here, the vet makes my cats feel so comfortable ❤️ thank you !!

Rocio Munoz

2 years ago

The vet was great unfortunately her employees are not, completely unprofessional eating, cussing while you wait. One of them asked me to have my dog shut up. How? Cover his mouth? This is supposed to be a vet clinic how are you not used to dogs barking?! My first time here and not pleased

Cinthia Garcia

2 years ago

I took in my dog in for first time , I was overthinking many things about leaving her there for surgery which I’ve never have anywhere else . But what can I say really great service the staff were very caring I felt comfortable leaving my dog there after all . I will be going back to take my cat in this time . Highly recommend .

Daryn Kuhlman

2 years ago

This vet is a great gem on Crenshaw Blvd. Dr. Harrison is great and contrary to some of the reviews on here I have had excellent experiences with ALL staff. My only caveat to this 5 star review is they are appointment only and so busy (and I'm assuming understaffed) that if you have an urgent need for an appoint they won't necessarily be able to see you, in my experience, for 1-2 weeks from when you call. That said, the care and responsiveness we've received from this clinic is great. It's fairly easy to get appointments for shots and treatments (ie gland expression) that you don't need to be seen by a doctor. The care is extremely affordable. I think I paid $35 for annual exam fee and ~$60 for three vaccines, $25 for glands. Overall definitely highly recommend, but if you have something urgent I would recommend having a secondary vet office that you may be able to use for any overflow needs.

Justine Lang

2 years ago

Fantastic vet and definitely the best value for money in LA. I travel an hour to get here and while you often have to wait a long time it is always worth it. Dr Harrison is a great vet and so friendly. Staff also great, always happy to answer any questions. Great juice place over the road if you need

Mckenzi Bogan

2 years ago

I was recommended this clinic by my boss after my dogs original clinic wouldn’t call me back after leaving multiple messages. I’m very happy with the service so far! Everything has been affordable and they’re very friendly. My dog is in need of a major surgery and they answered my 1847362 questions with pleasure, the front desk girl even said she understands how stressful these situations are for pet parents and they’re always happy to answer any question that comes up to help ease our minds. That was so nice to hear and it seems as though they genuinely care.

Cc na

2 years ago

Awful! So to start I adopted my fur baby and paid $150 dollars to a non profit named CATMANDOO, I was told not to purchase a kitten package as my baby would be covered through them for his first set of shots and a host of other things, well when I discovered he had not even been tested for FIV and clearly needed deworming and a flee treatment I was told to reach out to Miss Suzanne Moller and she informed me that she would deworm him herself and provide the flee treatment and at his neuter appointment with the vet they could provide his shot needed and test for FIV, well I text Miss Suzanne and ask her when she would be able to give the deworming and flee treatment and no response. I took my baby to his appointment with the vet at Quality Vet Clinic that had been scheduled for him and when I say RUDE! The female assistant bedside manner was ridiculous to say the least but I still remained calm she informed me the flee treatment would be at my expense and so would the deworming and said the shot was not covered neither (previously told to me by Miss Suzanne would be covered) I told her I would pay due to the fact these were services needed but what the assistant failed to mention that I had more affordable options!!! (she quoted me the highest options available) I found this out when I noticed while paying with the male assistant later that day and Miss Suzanne walks by me and she is saying “no, why did you pay” I told her you never replied to my texts and she denied it until we referenced texts together and the dishonest female assistant yells out “I told her!” No she did not, she told me the shot was not covered and quoted me high for everything else and as Miss Suzanne is trying to explain the female receptionist starts pushing us to head out! If this is due to the lobby capacity then kindly states this don’t put your hands on people and start pushing them out as she is explaining something vital to my baby’s wellbeing, Miss Suzanne agreed in that office to reimburse me half the fees but, jokes on me because now once again no reply. My heart broke to know that this is how people are in this profession and of course I requested to speak to the vet and she has yet to respond. To know we treat our pets as family, to care for a fur baby can be more out of pocket then human healthcare as if a human get sick a hospital will see us and not hold us if we can’t pay the bill but vets work differently and this Vet is awful and I see why her staff is the way they are. This business showed me what they are really about and I wouldn’t trust them with a roach. And beware of these non profits because my question is if you coming out of pocket $150 and then still paying the vet in the initial phrase with testing and shots missing then what was the adoption fee for?

Killer Zombie

2 years ago

Told me my dog had two broken back legs and needed surgery and they'll contact me for when they find a doctor to do the surgery. A week later after I paid for for X-rays my dog was walking fine with no issues after a few months she's still walking fine with no issues. This place only wants your money

Denise Roze

2 years ago

Dr Harrison and her team was so sweet and helpful and let us talk and voice our concerns. All of which were addressed and made us feel great about being first time dog parents. Everything was clean and ran very efficiently. Thank you for a great experience!

Gabriella Benjamin

2 years ago

I know from other reviews i’m not the only one. Please listen when we tell you the front desk receptionist is chasing patients away and offering some of the worst customer service i have ever seen.

Peaches Shelby

2 years ago

My dog is a year and a half Never had issues with fleas or ticks. Took her to this vet to get her shots and 3 days later she's infested with fleas and flea dirt. She doesn't socialize with many other dogs and we're very selective when taking her to parks, we haven't gone to any parks in a few weeks. The one facility we took her to was this vet and now look where we are. Please quarinitine and clean your facility.

Hello Kitty

2 years ago

Staff and Vet super friendly. Love the clinic.

Kate failor

2 years ago

Dear Lupe, Learn some professionalism. I never lost my temper with you, My direct tone is to convey how unhappy I am with your lack of response. You were the one who gave my dog the wrong medicine. I am sorry if your uncompassionate heart can't understand how disappointed I am in that I trusted you and paid you for a service with an animal that is basically my child but here were are... You mixed up the meds that we have been giving our dog daily for 6 months, 3 days is plenty of time to investigate its called a sense of urgency and when you mess up, you make time to figure it out. Again....you mixed up the meds. On top of this, your brushing it off and blaming others doesn't really fly either. An apology goes far...you did nothing of the nature... I called the clinic to talk to the vet this morning and discussed this with Eddie....I got you. I didn't ask for you, I have nothing to say to you. Thank you for putting everything in writing. It makes it all easier to file complaints and to share. Over the cliff doesn't even describe, the tears and guilt we have felt for our pup. We trusted you with him and you let us all down and then turn around and blamed us for not being "ok" with how you handled this all. Perhaps you will continue to blame others as you are now blaming me for being upset. Do what you got to. I will do what I have to to protect my pup. And to the Vets at Quality Animal Clinic....take a good look at who is representing your practice. Your compliments are great but your complaints all stink of the same issue or person should I say..... To reiterate this all...we were looking for and deserved answers and an apology not excuses. I had every right to be upset and to call to find out what was going on...the meds may not have been doing him harm but the fact we thought he was being helped by them does. Your former customer, Kate

Andy Hogben

2 years ago

Always friendly and great service, overly helpful! highly recommend this place cos of its people.

Vanessa Chow

2 years ago

This review is specific to the front desk receptionist. She's very rude and unprofessional.

Jessica Reyes

2 years ago

Veterinarian was ripping my grandmother off and was not really helping our dog at all. The veterinarian didn’t even bother looking at my dog and was not professional at all. I couldn’t believe that this woman was ripping my grandmother off and wasn’t even trying to help our dog and her situation, she was actually making things worse for our dog and our family.

Yvette Sanchez

3 years ago

Worst experience of my life! Wrongfully diagnosed my baby after even getting blood work done.... If they seen my dog so sick why not communicate. They rather sent her home and have her die slowly and in pain. Prescribing meds that would do nothing and take our money.????????

Alamnie sharew

3 years ago

They are responsible easy to approach and their price fair. I recommend to friends

Azita Kerendian

3 years ago

The only problem was the wait.

Deneene Johnson

3 years ago

My 14 lb shih Tzu was attacked this past Saturday by an off leash pit bull that was left unattended by owner. I posted my frustrations of the attack on Nextdoor and as a means to warm neighbors out walking their dog in that area. Dr Harrison responded to my post and took the side of the attacker and victim blamed. She stated it was my dog walkers fault this happened and she should have been more attentive. This pit bull was off leash and left its yard that was not fenced in and attacked my dog that was on a leash walking down the street. And the owner of the Pitbull was down the street riding bikes with her son. Despite her claim that she was trying to prevent her son from getting in the street. Neighbor reports this dog was off leash all morning roaming the street. She’s lost my business!

Diana Toulet

3 years ago

They are very attentive and care about what you have to say. It’s a drive but you get quality service.

Ellie Vasquez

3 years ago

First of, it isn't open about walk ins not being welcomed. It is not posted online, nor on their door. I couldn't call since it was an overnight weekend emergency, so I brought my dog in first thing in the morning. My dog has congestive heart failure, and since we have been going here since November, figured I'd have the person familiar with her situation look at her. My dog was clearly having difficulty breathing, the front desk person just turned me away, didn't even suggest taking her in to the ER since she clearly was having a difficult time breathing. Update, I did take my dog to the ER and she was rushed in. I got asked a lot of questions about her condition that i was not able to answer since little information was given to me by the staff at this clinic My dog is being hospitalized for the next 24-48 hours. It might be affordable and close to where you live, but you definitely get what you pay for.

Gina Papa

3 years ago

I've taken my cats there several times, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming and Dr. Harris is the kind of vet that actually looks at your animal and thinks through what might need to be done, rather than rushing off for ex-rays and trying to up the sale. I highly recommend this place if you live close by or it might be worth a bit of a drive. There is also ample parking, and a large waiting space. Well worth it

Katie Jones-Volovik

3 years ago

We have had our bulldog mix and tabby cat seen here for over two years, and the accessibility to care, services and appointments have been excellent. Their patient care as well as education provided to us pet parents have always been on point and invaluable. The staff is always patient, caring, and knowledgeable even when they are extremely busy. I recommend this vet clinic over all others in a 10-15 mile radius --note: I've only been to two other clinics around that area of LA. One of our affiliated animal recused uses this vet as well. They highly recommend their care. We haven't had one unpleasant experience. Even the atmosphere in the waiting area is calm and positive.

Lauren A

3 years ago

I went there for the first time taking my cat in. Even though I really liked the doctor and the tech, I do not want to go back there because of poor communication I received on scheduling the appointment and their lack of strong enforcement on mask policy during this pandemic. I understand many businesses are frustrated with enforcing it and facing resistance and even violence by people who refuse to wear them, but being healthcare providers put them in a stronger position and also raises the expectations with covid awerness . I didn't feel safe there with one of the visitors and a receptionist having their masks down. Perhaps when the pandemic is over, I will go back, but for now i am shopping around for another vet

Linda Isaacs

3 years ago

We took a neighbours dog ???? in for some emergency care- we didn’t know the dog especially well and had never been to this office before. What a great experience, all of the staff and the vet were so welcoming, kind and efficient. This is a great neighborhood vet, I’ll definitely be taking our own dog here next time she needs a doctor ???? thanks guys.

Meany Mami

3 years ago

Great and fast service, the staff is very professional and caring. Highly recommended.

Meenakshi Jasuja

3 years ago

Staff is very professional and definitely cares for your pet. Affordable pricing. Would have given five stars but they don't have parking and I am not very comfortable with street parking.

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