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Caroline Appel

a year ago

Omar is the absolutely the best????

Silvana Fino

a year ago

Hey guys! Both of my dogs loves the new food the Dr. Bob Goldstein's WISDOM. Thank you for taking your time each time.

Elena Mendoza

2 years ago

Great service, awesome place to buy my doggie his food. The go to place to find quality.

Jay Gold

2 years ago

I brought my German shepherd here for a regular grooming with a special need for a veterinarian prescribed shampoo to be applied and left on for 5 minutes to treat an infection on his belly area, They did not even hesitate with this request no additional fees or questions. The staff here are all so wonderful and accommodating and knowledgable! Our dogs coat is beautiful his nails are perfect he is now happier and cleaner and even more beautiful!!

Antoine Peterson

2 years ago

They greet you when you arrive and take you to the items you're looking to purchase! Friendly and helpful staff.

Erica Prosser Marshall

2 years ago

Brought my dog here for grooming today. I'm giving 2 stars because all the staff- both in the store and the groomer, were extremely friendly and put my often shy puppy right at ease. However, both when I made the appointment and when I spoke to the groomer before she was taken in, I very specifically said I did not want her shaved or cut with the clippers, we asked that she be scissor cut. I made sure to say that when i made the appointment because I know it adds time and can come with extra charges- which I told them I was okay with. I then said not to shave her directly to the groomer. I also asked that her face and tail be cut and for them to be shorter. I just picked her up and her face and tail are still long but the rest of her was clearly shaved with clippers. Basically entirely the opposite of everything I asked for. Then the website says 50% off for first time grooming customers, and I was only given 10% off. Disappointing all around especially because the staff and store seem great and I had heard good reviews.

Jessica Tello

2 years ago

Un organized products plus some products are not even on the sales floor bad wack

marie romero

2 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE the grooming by Eric! My Pepper is excited to stay with him and comes home happy and BEAUTIFUL! Eric is - by far - the BEST groomer for my pup ever!

Ms Kharrazi

2 years ago

I had previously given a glowing review of the Healthy Spot -I am amending that. This review is in regards to Yvette in daycare and Natalie. Natalie is the commander in chief.-the drill sergeant, that barks out orders. When I had my 18-year-old poodle, Eric, who is fantastic, and kind and caring , groomed my dog, my 18-year-old poodle had a reaction to his shots when he was 16 so I stopped giving shots. I did a titer. My dog was completely immune to everything. I brought the paperwork from the vet however Natalie demanded a letter from my vet which basically said that my dog was old and infirm, therefore not getting vaccines. This is strictly a liability issue it doesn’t mean that HS cares about your dog, it means that they are afraid that somebody is going to come in and say “oh that dog didn’t have his shots and you made my dog sick” and get sued. Which never happens as impossible as it is to prove. That could get kicked out on summary judgment. Forcing to produce a letter for the obvious is ridiculous when Natalie had the paperwork. After my 18-year-old dog died, I got a puppy. I wanted to bring my puppy to daycare so he could play and get socialized. My puppy had all his shots, was four months old when he started daycare. By the time my puppy was six months old, I was told the policy for the Healthy Spot was that dogs must be spayed or neutered to be allowed into daycare. After reading paperwork from the university of Davis California in conjunction with other veterinary schools of studies done on dogs that are neutered early six months etc. there are findings through this study that multiple health issues later in life can manifest. I didn’t plan on neutering my puppy until he was fully mature at a year. So I was told by Natalie that my dog could impregnate a female, is the at daycare. Natalie does not have a way with words. Having been in management myself many years ago I would say that it would be more proper, to say something to the effect, we really love your dog and he’s a lot of fun, but our policy is that he has to be neutered. But Natalie didn’t say that -she barked out that he could get another female pregnant and that he can’t come but she might allow him to come but he would be kicked out and placed in the back and I would have to come pick him up if a female that wasn’t spayed showed up. This means females in heat are allowed to be in daycare. And if the puppies are watched, how could this happen where they would be having relations? After calling other day cares, intact males are allowed to attend daycare up to a year of age. Females however are not allowed because they do go into season. So when I called HS today and asked if my puppy could come and play if they were no females, after purchasing a package last month, for daycare, I was told from Yvette -NO. She said he could get a female dog pregnant. And there MIGHT be female dogs coming. And then to add the icing on the cake she told me that my dog was mounting. However it was never disclosed to me, the past seven times I brought my dog to daycare, that he was mounting. I think that if my puppy was mounting that that would be something that one should disclose to the owner upon picking the puppy up. I have never seen my puppy MOUNT. These people are rude. Apparently they allow females that are not spayed but males get kicked out or maybe it’s just my dog because they don’t like me and my dog I have no idea what’s going on here. But I do know I won’t be spending any more money and bringing my dog to this daycare. Will go someplace else

Simon Simonian

2 years ago

Absolutely awesome professional caring grooming by Eric. Lucky loves her new haircut. We will be back in 6-8 weeks as recommended by uncle Eric. ❤️❤️

Arthur Bartholomew

3 years ago

Great place to get an awesome haircut for your doggie. They also clip nails and floss teeth!

Elizabeth Vowell

3 years ago

Friendly and caring staff, reasonable daycare prices, and grooming all in my neighborhood. I'm so glad they've got a West side location!

Julia Zaborna

3 years ago

Great place with very helpful attentive staff! Tony was knowledgeable, kind and professional. This store is worth checking out.

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