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hermit 6501

2 years ago

My 12 year old shepherd mix was diagnosed with cancer just before we left home for three months in LA. She became quickly worse, not eating (even hamburger) and developed trouble standing and walking. So here we were far from home without our usual support. After trying several vets who had no available appointments I found Center Sinai and got an appointment there. Even though they were very busy the staff was able to get my dog into x-ray and seen by a vet in a short time Dr. Matthews was very understanding and caring with my pup, and patient with me, and made the decision to end her suffering one that left me with no regrets. I highly recommend her and the practice.

Kenneth Lahn

2 years ago

Chose this vet because no one else had available appointments. They saw us on time the doctor was very professional and answered all my questions without condescension. Price was reasonable too.

Ms. D

2 years ago

A decade+ of service here! They are a wonderful staff! The last visit was putting my dog to sleep.???? He loved getting his haircuts here!???? He would look amazing as a shaved pug!???? They were very gentle, caring, and understanding by allowing you time to say your goodbyes.???? Thank you, Center Sinai, for your amazing knowledge of pets and service for all my pets throughout the years.????

gr P

2 years ago

I have brought my pets here for many years and am very pleased with the center. Dr. Williams is my vet and I think she is amazing-very caring and compassionate. The front office staff and the Manager have always been helpful and courteous. All the Techs I have had were very loving.

Robert C

2 years ago

Dr. Baum is brilliant and patient. The place is always crazy busy so you can drop off your fur children and they'll call you when they're ready. They are efficient and move through the waiting list relatively quickly. For best results, make an appointment.

Carl Ginsberg

2 years ago

Took one of our new cats for spaying. The surgery went well. They have a large staff so wait time is short. Make an appointment as it's a busy place.

Zanni Giese

2 years ago

Rushed appointment, didn't check my dogs temperature, gave me very little advice, I didn't have enough for the tests & my dog died 4-5 days later. My other dog I've returned repeatedly for antibiotics, reoccurring UTI. SHE STILL HAS IT. They didn't give me strong enough antibiotics even after 3 visits. I have to take my dogs to a new Vet because I don't feel they w been very helpful aside from one emergency surgery. I've spent LOTS of money to get no answers. Sorry Center Sinai.. you let us down.

Dolen Harden

2 years ago

Nice Dr., helpful staff, we'll be back!!


2 years ago

We came here because our guinea pig wasn’t eating and feeling unwell. They did an exam and fixed his teeth and said THAT was the problem. Three days later, our guinea pig passed away. If we had taken him to Access Urgent Care instead of here, perhaps our pet would still be alive today. Don’t make the same mistake our family did. If your piggie has a serious condition, take them elsewhere and give them the proper attention and care that they deserve.

Johnny Gray III

2 years ago

This place deserves NEGATIVE STARS. From the front desk all the way up to the owner. This place KILLED my dog. While on vacation in Tulum with my family of 6, they call me stating that my dog Ginger, whom we dropped off perfectly healthy, no health issues, no problems whatsoever, was found dead. All they can say is she was fine at 9pm and found at 9am in her cage stiff. Then proceeded to ask me, yea so when can you come home to get her. No explanation, no idea if what caused it. It's a better veterinarian hospital for God's sake. This place is terrible and I'm not sure when they went downhill... To add insult to injury the condescending owner/doctor was terrible at softening the blow for my 4 kids. I should have known the day I dropped her off to listen to the THREE customers who were furious with the management as I was walking in.

Joel O'Leary

2 years ago

So sad…. We’ve been coming here for so long but the past few years things have been going downhill. Call in = 1+ hrs wait times Walk in = 2-3+ hrs wait times Appointments = website doesn’t work, no responses from contact forms etc, or you have to call them to make appt (but then you get 1+ hr wait times) Staff are unapologetically slow and seem overworked. I’ll admit the vets themselves are friendly and do ‘decent’ work when you actually get to see them, but the admin is sadly the most frustrating system you can imagine. Prices have gone up too it seems over the years. It’s no longer a good value vet and I would not recommend to others. So sorry! I hate leaving bad reviews but can’t not for this place.


2 years ago

Lack on customer service! Including the Vet's. They don't call back when left messages regarding your pet that received treatment.

Gannet Wystix

2 years ago

Make sure you ask about insurance pet insurance dental insurance and make sure you have a clear line of communication so you don’t pay out-of-pocket for things that are covered through insurance

Dino Red

2 years ago

Excellent Vet my boy has been going here his whole life and he's 10 and he had two cousins before him and they took good care of them too!

Giuliano Argenti

2 years ago

Communicative and understanding on the phone, doctors are thorough

Jesslyn Mitchell

2 years ago

Go anywhere else. Every single interaction I have with Center Sinai leaves me mad. This place consistently has me WAITING for subpar service. I wait on the phone for an hour for a person to give me very little effort and ultimately no help. I wait forty minutes in a hot car after my appointment time for my dog to be seen. I wait an hour in the parking lot just to pick up flea meds. I would rather pay more per visit for a positive experience.

Juan Zavala

2 years ago

Great Service! ???? Very COMPASSIONATE Towards our pets!!! Thank You So Much !

Kristi O

2 years ago

Very compassionate doctor and staff.


2 years ago

I take my cats here despite moving downtown, it’s a place I feel I can trust them to give me accurate and quality care with decent waiting times for drop off/walk in. Staff is great.

malisa bickers

2 years ago

I like Dr. Baum a lot, it is a wait, but they are always busy, All my fur babies go there. The care there is great. But, it is so expensive. One of the female doctors, maybe Dr. Kaum, not sure the name, needs to be more patient and not get sassy with the customers, she needs some bedside manners. She wanted to run all these tests all at once and I had to ask her to do one at a time, it was like she wanted my money, I ended up spending close to a $1000 and she wanted to charge me another $1000 on top of that for the tests. That was very disappointing. There are two young girls at the front desk that I adore, I think one of the names is Rebecca, anyway, she calmed me down and is awesome, they work hard. Overall, I do trust them with my pets.


2 years ago

I'm going to start with this: I really think highly of the vet who helped my dog but I spent over $1,000 and got like 15 minutes of time talking to the vet--all post visit instructions were done by the staff and maybe that wouldn't be so bad if the staff wasn't so unfriendly. The staff barely look at you and want to rush you through. They're all business and they're unhelpful. Requests to talk to the doctor are met with resistance. They said they'd ask the doctor a question I posed but I never heard back--I doubt they ever asked. They have a followup app that sends you a query to which I also never got a response. The wait times (with an appointment) is crazy long (1.5 hours for me). Their lobby is overcrowded, hot, in disrepair. Their prices are expensive and for that kind of money I expect better service and a less grimy hospital. Would I return? Maybe in an emergency because the vet was knowledgeable, kind, friendly and seemed to care for my good boy. But outside of that, I don't have many positive things to say.

Annette Means

2 years ago

My Jack Russell Terrier is suffering from some sort of irritation of his paws for the past 48 hours. My friend brought my dog, Binxy, in to see this walk-in but there was a 2-hour wait, it was recommended that he came back later before closing at 9pm. Brought him back and then was told he needed to have a doctor that he had seen there before, when I explained that he was a walk-in they rejected him. My dog is in terrible pain and I can't even figure out what to rub on his paws that wouldn't be toxic if he tried to lick it off. Something doesn't jive, these 20-something year olds even laughed when he was whimpering. Close this place down!


2 years ago

My puppy saw Dr. Mathews today who was really awesome. She explained everything that needed to happen with the puppy today and going forward, she provided some training recommendations and spent extra time answering all my dumb questions. I really appreciate the above and beyond quality of service from the doctor and would highly recommend Dr. Mathews to anyone who needs a vet.

Jim Reisman

2 years ago

I love Barry Baum. A great vet and a really good person. He has taken care of my animals for near 40 years. I have to say, they are too busy. I'm glad for CSAH but the waiting is frustrating. They are amply staffed but they are so busy. It doesn't matter, they are worth the wait and even when Dr. Baum isn't available, his team of vets and the crew are wonderful.

curtis christoff

2 years ago

Took my cat for an issue where she is not eating and I have been forced to feed her via syringe. They performed an exam and we were told that we would have lab results the following day. 6 days later and no results. When I call the clinic, I was on hold for 73 minutes and was told they don't have the results and no one knows when they will have them. Poor customer service. Rude staff and they just don't seem to care. If my cat dies, I WILL sue. After a $500 vet bill, I'm still waiting on results. PLEASE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE IF YOU WANT YOUR PET TO LIVE!

David Brown

2 years ago

Really loving and caring when I had too put my dog down. Recommended fully❤

Elana Golan

2 years ago

They have not been reliable since COVID started. Used to have an easy sign-up process to schedule an appointment but now you sign up for an appt and get notified that you will be called to schedule an appt within 24-48 hours. It's been 8 days, I've followed up twice, and no call for an appt. Been on hold for 20 minutes so far. Now I am just calling to request my cats records so I can take them to a different vet.

Michelle “Mikiala” T

2 years ago

The waits are crazy even if you have an appointment. I know things have changed since covid but they were crazy before. They do not always return phone calls. Now they have a new phone system. Everything people are saying is true about wait times/hold times. I drove from Downtown Culver City to Downtown Burbank using the 405 on a Friday night at 6 PM. I was still on hold when I arrived in Burbank. I was on hold for 46 min, got disconnected...ugh, had to call back, and was on hold another 35 min before I just hung up. I emailed them and received an answer pretty quickly. On the day of my appt, they asked if I used the new Televet system. I shared with them that I did use the new system but never heard back from them regarding an call, email, or chat. After reaching out to Televet with no response, I called and was on hold for 50 min before I was able to speak to a human. The person picked up the phone and then asked if I didn't mind holding. I said I was on hold for almost an hour, what's a few more minutes. I did start going to another vet. Unfortunately, I'm on their wellness plan. I feel stuck until Feb for certain routine things. When I have to go for an appt, I treat it like going to the hair salon....I'm gonna be waiting for a while.

Trina Price

2 years ago

We took our sick dog there when our vet was too booked up! We waited 5 hours to be seen because they were short staffed! We patiently waited in our car! We appreciated everything they did for our fur baby! Got medicine and our dog is feeling much better! Thanks to all the vets and assistants for working short and hard for our dog!

Daisy M

2 years ago

I've been going to this animal hospital for years. I refuse to go anywhere else.

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