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Garrett Klatte

2 years ago

Dr. G is the best. Everyone at Carlsen is very friendly. I cannot recommend them enough. They have taken excellent care of my cat.

Tom Alper

2 years ago

Where do I start? After having two dogs go to Carlsen Animal Hospital for the past 25 years I received the most callous and non-responsive treatment from Carlsen Animal Hospital imaginable! My dog woke up very lethargic and refused to move from the front door. I called Carlsen and asked if I could bring in my dog because I had never seen her behave this way. They told me they were booked up and 'it didn't sound too serious, and I can bring her in the next day." When I persisted she told me to take her to the emergency room if I was concerned and then rudely said, "hold on please" and disconnected me. I called back and asked if I could speak to a tech or a vet, since (Debbie) was just a receptionist. She said, "no, they were too busy." I asked to speak to her supervisor, whom she said was not in yet (it was already 10:30AM), but she would leave a message and call me back. Two hours passed and I called back and asked to speak to Supervisor ("Devin") who told me she got the message but didn't have time yet to call me back. I informed her of my dog's condition and how I would like to speak to some medical staff if I should take my dog to the E.R. (knowing how expensive an E.R. visit could be and I would like a little professional counsel). She told me everyone was unavailable and I should use my own judgement. I then spoke to another callous, detached person (Danielle) who reiterated the same information. "Doesn't sound too serious. We'll see you tomorrow." This is after giving them 25 years of business! Bottom line: I found another vet who squeezed her in and told me to immediately take her to the ER, as my dog was bleeding out and needed emergency surgery (which I did). Carlsen never even called to inquire about us not coming in for our appointment the next day, or even how our dog, who has been with them since she was a puppy, was doing. Carlsen Animal Hospital states on their website that "Empathetic, efficient and thorough care is what you can expect as a pet owner." Well maybe that was once true when Carlsen owned this hospital. But he has since retired and sold his business, and what has replaced him is a callous, uncaring and soulless staff! Needless to say, I will never bring another pet to this Hospital and i urge you to be very cautious having them take care of your pets.

Katie Grand

2 years ago

Carlsen Animal Hospital is the best vet that I have been to! From the vet techs to the vets, they are all incredibly caring, responsive, professional, and accommodating. This is the only vet where my dog is actually excited when I say we have to go to the vet!


2 years ago

Never enter or return, in recommendation. This place has absolutely solidified its view regarding complete disregard for long-standing customers and care of those pets deemed "family". William "Bill" Carlsen, DVM, actively lived up to his widespread and highly-deserved professional reputation as a constantly-rising star within the animal health industry; as one of the most expert treating physicians to ever exist, operating for, roughly, 40 years, before his 2018-19 retirement from the veterinary world; the doctor and healer was not only incredibly well-known across the Golden State, but his talents remained well-known across the entire nation, with the country's foremost animal health care professionals constantly recognizing the expert's professional insight, talent and gifts when dubbing the doc, "God" of the animal kingdom's medical realm. When Bill Carlsen more recently retired, the greatest disservice has proved to be the incidental, assumedly accidental, "poisoning" oh his professional AND HUMAN, name - which should've been stripped from the business upon sale. One of the greatest men I have ever known, treated my most beloved family members, for more than 15 years. I would trust this man with my life. I did entrust this man with the beings I love most on this earth. And Carlsen Animal Hospital failed miserably, in every respect. I actually informed staff I would ultimately be posting review, an action which I assume has been long forgotten by the staff members and office that turned me away at my most vulnerable moment and time of need. The office staff clarified that any posted words in review were of no importance or relevance to the business itself. But at least customers and animal lovers must be notified of the truth regarding this business and complete and total lack of care, on par with a level of, simply, disgusting.

Amanda Margaret Lopez

2 years ago

We love Carlsen Animal Hospital. Always helpful and available! I think it’s also worth it to mention Dr. G would come out and talk to me during the pandemic every visit. From my experience other offices weren’t doing that. I’m also always given a clear breakdown of my bill which I appreciate. Very responsive to email.

sandy Bruhn

2 years ago

Dr Kim Bhuta was the whole reason I have been going there for the past 10 years. The staff was awesome and friendly! Now, Dr Kim is no longer there and when you call, they place you on hold for 20-30 min plus. The staff is unprofessional and I will not be coming back. I will find where Dr Bhuta has gone to and I will go there! I have never seen a vet so caring and truly good at what she does! She was what kept this whole business together so hopefully now she is somewhere much better! She deserves greatness!

Michelle Fama

2 years ago

A very poor experience in terms of customer service and administration that I do not recommend this practice. Dr. Buhta was the only reason I tolerated the crowded and insanely chaotic waiting room or the insanely long (never less than 30 minute) on hold phone waits, or the insanely long parking long waits during Covid... I got a call that I had an outstanding bill from over a YEAR AGO of which I was not aware of... since it was pick up and drop off in the parking lot and it was for flea meds. ASsuming they had charged me per usual... I left the state and to my surprise, one year later, I get a "we will be sending to collections at the end of the week if not settled up" phone message. Of course I called because it was the first time I knew of this... I'VE CALLED 4 TIMES!!! On hold for more than 30 minutes on each day I've called and the receptionist once said she would have the manager ("who would handle this") call me back. Nope. Nothing. No call back. I just want to pay my damn bill. I write this as I've been on hold yet again 22.4 minutes. There are much better vet practices around that will provide a much better experience for you and your pet!

julia montgomery

2 years ago

Dr. Bhuta and the team at Carlsen Animal Hospital are amazing. My dogs have seen her for all of their medical needs since 2010. Highly recommend.

Robert Wayne

2 years ago

This is how Carlsen Animal Hospital works. You will spend 30 minutes on hold each time you call and 30 minutes in the parking lot waiting for your pet when he/ she is ready to be picked up. They leave you a voicemail about a biopsy, that your dog has cancer and he’ll need to come in for surgery. Your card will be charged for an amount that makes your eyes bulge. You call back to speak with the vet and wait another 30 minutes on hold. The vet is unavailable. You repeat this punitive process; call, wait, try again. The “hold music” recycles the same jolly melody, over and over again, a hamster wheel of terrible melody. You never get through to the vet and you’re thankful you didn’t because one year later your pup is completely fine. You decide to give the place a second chance and bring your other Dog in because he has an ear infection. 30 minutes on hold, 30 minutes in the parking lot. When he is ready to be picked up - you will say “I’m actually in the parking lot, you can bring him out now,” even though you’re still at home. You arrive in 20 minutes and it still takes them another 15 minutes to bring him out. They have sapped all your energy and then they sap your bank account. You cannot seem to get in and out of there without spending $500. You are upset with yourself and go home - nearly driven to the whiskey bottle. A few days later, your dogs ear infection has not gone away and you repeat this castigatory process again. They give him the same antibiotic and it still doesn’t go away. You realize you are in pet purgatory. The end.

Yami Aponte

3 years ago

Fantastic Vets and staff! Easy to schedule appointments, professional and friendly on the phone and in person. I highly recommend :))

Kevin Thompson

3 years ago

The vets and vet techs here are amazing but I’m sad to share that every time we’ve been here there have been really bad snags during their check in process. Today we had a drop off scheduled for the morning and called the office line when we arrived but sat on hold for 15 minutes before we reached a live person. They took our information and said they’d be right out. After an hour waiting after this I called again to follow up and was bumped to hold again for 10 minutes. They apologized and said someone would be right out. 15 minutes after speaking to the desk someone did just come out to check up in and take her but this makes for a frustrating experience that hasn’t been totally out of character for visits. I really appreciate their level of care once we are seen but it’s something that I thought folks should know ahead of time when looking at reviews and maybe the office will consider improving in the future. Based on our recent drive through vaccine experience, one suggestion would be to place a laminated number under the wipers indicating cars that have checked in so that staff could visually see status and perhaps say hello to new cars while they’re in the parking lot. Another suggestion would be to use a web camera or two that would allow the front desk to monitor arrivals/status/etc to help be more proactive. My assumption based on experience is that this might be a staffing and/or resource issue that the ownership of the hospital can provide more support to. It’s strange to have such a disconnect between the level of experience of the check in process and the awesome experience that occurs while you are being taken care of.

Julia Corbin

3 years ago

This is the best place to bring your furry loved ones. Everyone is friendly, professional, responsive and truly care about you and your pet. My family has been using Carlsen Animal Hospital for over 30 years.

Armaghan Ghassemi

3 years ago

I have been coming to CAH since I moved to LA 9 years ago. The staff is very professional and very kind to my dog, Simba. We have always received number one care, and they have always accommodated us with our needs. Even during this pandemic, they followed all CDC guidelines and continued to provide the best care to their patients/animals. I love our Vet, she is the kindest and most compassionate with Simba. I highly recommend this clinic,

Candace Culp

3 years ago

There is no better vet hospital in Los Angeles. As a patient parent I have been coming here for 30 years. They have taken care of 11 of my pets, two from birth till their death. Always, sensitive, intelligent and accurate in their diagnosis.

Navid Amidi

3 years ago

If you enjoy siting on hold, and getting tons of attitude, this is the place for you. The staff is dismissive, and disorganized. Took 30 minutes on hold just to get our cat's records so we can get to a real vet.

Alexis Sexton

3 years ago

My senior citizen cat receives great care from the Carlsen team. I feel comfortable leaving him in their care knowing they treat him like a king.

Mark Yamazaki

3 years ago

Dr. Cyrus addresses issues with explanations and invites questions which she answers clearly and to my satisfaction. Her evaluation and management of my Labrador’s health has been thorough. All members of the clinic staff have been very helpful and have gone the extra mile to keep communication complete with the Doctor, even during the COVID crisis. Recommend highly.

Jerico Alicante

3 years ago

I just want to spend my time to give an honest review to this facility and their staff, most especially to Dr. Jillian Cyrus! Dr. Cyrus was the only DVM who really intervened and resolved my pup, Jeff, chronic diarrhea issue. I have been a VCA Club Member at VCA Hospital in Van Nuys since I moved here in January this year, but the veterinarian did not do any help at all! Then at one point, I had to rush Jeff at the VCA West Los Angeles ER at 12 midnight due to continuous diarrhea but we were turned away at 2AM without even seeing my pup by a vet and said he was not critically ill at all! What a ridiculous assessment of a vet technician! No wonder why they only have a 3-star Goggle review! So the next morning, I googled and found Carlsen Animal Hospital which has an excellent review! Jeff was immediately seen the following day after I explained his situation over the phone to a staff. They did fecal and GI panel test, prescribed with an antibiotic and probiotic. Jeff was diagnosed with gastroenteritis (a diagnosis that should have identified early only but failed by VCA). After about 2 days, his stool started to form and has not been experiencing diarrhea since then. Thank you so much Dr. Cyrus for your excellent care, and to the staff as well, and making sure that Jeff's chronic diarrhea will be resolved. I was reviewing your biography from the website and made all sense to me why you showed genuine compassion in taking care of animals. You are an extremely excellent provider! As a health care front liner, I knew exactly what it means by being not so well. And Dr. Cyrus saw that to my pup, Jeff. She is truly a veterinarian by heart who works with full of compassion and dedication. Thank you a million times!

Launa Romoff

3 years ago

Staff are friendly, caring and wonderful with the animals. Dr. Bhuta is incredibly thoughtful, listens and explains things in a way that is totally understandable.

Carolyn Childers

3 years ago

I’ve taken my several cats over 20 years to this clinic. First to Dr. Carlsen who is now retired and more recently to Dr. Bhuta. This is one of the best vet services in Los Angeles. Dr. Bhuta is an incredible veterinarian. I trust her completely in caring for my animals. Not only is she a great doctor, she is compassionate and easy to communicate with.

Cathy Campfield

3 years ago

Love Carlsen Animal Hospital. My dog Cooper has been coming here since she was a pup. She’s now 12 and I am very happy with the care she has received. Although she doesn’t love going to the vet and gets very nervous she loves Carlos and Dr. Bhuta. They both always take such good care of Cooper and she loves and trust them both. Both are very compassionate. And all of the office staff is wonderful as well. Covid has been difficult but they have done a wonderful job navigating through it. Thank you all for everything. Cooper thanks you too.

Ann Rogers

3 years ago

We have been with Dr. Carlsen's practice for 16 years and they provide outstanding care. Our first dog, Murphy, they looked after for 14 years, from his puppy years to when we finally had to put him down. They have always taken care of our dogs with compassion. I love the staff and appreciate how hard they work.

Allison Cobar

3 years ago

Carlsen Animal Hospital, in particular Dr. Bhuta, is hands down the best vet. After many years of going to different vets, she was the only one who could solve an ongoing issue with our dog. I trust her inherently, and always know she is providing the best care, and always going the extra mile.

Debra Walsh

3 years ago

I drove all the way from the San Fernando Valley to West Los Angeles just to go to Carlsen Animal Hospital. Dr. Golshani was the most caring vet who has treated my dog. Reasonably priced too. I will be a recurring customer!

Judith Fisher

3 years ago

They are very caring and concerned about their patients (four legged and two legged ones). Dr Bhuta saved my dog Lulu's life shortly after I rescued her. Even though it wasn't likely that Lulu was going to survive Dr Bhuta didn't give up on her.

William Marcus

3 years ago

Care for my baby wonderfully and with heart and compassion. A great vet!

Silvia Kloc

3 years ago

I can always count on Dr Buhda and all the friendly, caring and professional staff at Carlsen Animal Hospital to take good care of my two senior dogs.

Kristen Siefert

3 years ago

The vets and staff at Carlsen are very professional and extremely caring. You can tell they do what they do because they genuinely love animals. My cat has been treated so well here, and I will continue to bring him here for checkups and whenever he eats something he’s not supposed to.

Jessica Earnhardt

3 years ago

My three dogs have gotten the best of the best here. As far as I'm concerned you get what you pay for and in our case we've gotten a lot more than that. I would recommend anyone who loves their pet/s to bring them here. ????????????????????????????????????????

Robert Barnes

3 years ago

We've been taking our dog to a couple of the vets at Carlsen for >2 years and we've been very happy with the care provided. The staff is thoughtful and hard-working, and the vets are knowledgeable. We recommend Carlsen!

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