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Paul Briganti

2 years ago

Very well run for a shelter.. they gave us a bunch of info and made sure we would have a good home for our dog. The people we dealt with really care about animals and making sure they’re ok.

Marilynn Rogers

3 years ago

I haven't been there but I do want to donate.

Marc Ching Truth

3 years ago

This is a scam - do not donate. Three articles have been published in the LA Times about the confidence trickster who runs this Foundation, Marc Ching. Also check out the Facebook page Who is Marc Ching.

Karla Bechner

3 years ago

Aileen is the sweetest little girl. Very calm. I will recommend you 100%.

Eveline Dubbers

3 years ago

This man Marc Ching does WONDERFUL work! Please keep doing what your doing about the awareness and the believes in all the cruelties against animals in their culture

Carolyn Agustin

4 years ago

Volunteered for the first time here and it's great! Such loving good dogs. Even though they have all been through so much. They still give you so much love. I choose to volunteer here because I believe in what they are doing.

Tamarah Badger

4 years ago

I believe that we meet the people we meet when we need them them the most. I met Marc in 2013 when I was looking for a alternative method in treating my mini dachshund Skye who was diagnosed with Cushing Disease. Marc guided and advised me on alternative treatment plans using supplements and diet. Since then Marc has guided me when my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer and I also was a foster-fail when I became a foster mom to Violet who I ended adopting through Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation. I feel very blessed and grateful to call Marc my friend and holistic mentor through life’s trials and tribulations. We should ALL aspire to make our world a better place as he and his foundation does every day. Thank you????✌????❤️

Sam Tarini

4 years ago

Thanks for all the work you guys do!! LOVE

Njella Lee

4 years ago

Instead of animals it should just say dogs and not mislead people to think you guys are actual animal lovers when you’re truly just dog lovers


4 years ago

Found our four legged son here! Love these guys.


4 years ago

Submitted an application 2 weeks ago and had been emailing back and forth with the adoption manager the first two days. Last thing I heard was they were reviewing applications so I wait. No response in over a week so I tried to email and called a couple times to follow up and never received any emails or call backs. I had a vacation planned that I moved up a couple weeks in hopes to meet the dog sooner. Planned my whole trip in hopes to hear back. 12 hr drive to get there. I hear back on the day I'm driving down that they are still reviewing applications and asked to please let me know if I can meet the dog this weekend while I was in the area and no response. They are not too eager to adopt their dogs out as its been 2 weeks since my application. Poor communication. Leaving back home without meeting the dog. The dog has health problems I which I was more than willing to take care of.  I sure hope the dog gets a good home.

Julia Mozheyko

4 years ago

I have been following and constantly visiting Animal Hope and Wellness for several years. Back in 2017, my little Yorkie's health became critical ( he was suffering from severe kidney failure for almost two years). I reached out to Marc Ching, and he immediately started guiding me and helped to make my puppy's last days less painful (Vets were suggesting to put him down, but I refused). After my little one passed away, I was not able to recover from this loss. For almost 2 years I have been trying to find another puppy, but no one felt right to me. A couple of weeks ago I stepped by Animal Hope and Wellness to check on dogs, and saw HIM!!! From the first second, I knew that he is "the one". I filled the application, got a call the next day, a few days later had house check, and now he is with me! Mikee Jr. AKA Tic Tac was saved by Animal Hope and Wellness from a dog farm in South Korea. I want to thank Animal Hope and Wellness for what they do. P.S. I read previous reviews and saw people complaining about barking dogs. Let's be fair... If you want to see a perfect picture and trained dogs, then you shouldn't go to an adoption center where most of the dogs were abused.

Kathy Coker

4 years ago

This place is posting a very sick video on Instagram of a grandpa choking a puppy in front of a toddler. My grown daughter called me crying. I understand that a rescue organization needs to reach people, but putting a video out on the internet that graphic is sick. I love animals but will not give my money to an organization that could possibly be traumatizing unsuspecting children, teens, and adults. A story of this sad and tragic event would have been sufficient. Shame on your organization.

Mya Rosett

4 years ago

Animal Hope and Wellness is an incredible rescue. They maintain a clean, friendly and happy environment. We love to spend an hour volunteering to walk dogs when we have the time. Staff is always welcoming!

Raymond Ramos

4 years ago

Helping our four legged friends. Just amazing! Drop on by and "help" by showing the dogs much needed kindness.

Natalia Lopez

4 years ago

The dogs are in small crapped places. The shelter is flithy and nasty. I worry for the dogs at this shelter.

Mary Lee

5 years ago

I adopted Olivia and Fin(Moon) last December . I love them sooo much.

Bunny Dorf

5 years ago

I've never been there yet but I am going to volunteer as soon as I can I have to say Marc Ching is an absolute angel for doing what he's doing for all these animals I have such compassion for him all he does

Christopher Jacobs

5 years ago

Love the store, dogs, and the purpose and meaning behind what they do! May blessing come and SEMI im waiting on ya buddy! Keep supporting this store! Its amazing what people do!

Fernando Cabaccang

5 years ago

They were easy and a pleasure to work with. Helping us find the final piece of the family puzzle together.


5 years ago

This is about how I got bit by a 55 + pound jindo at their location. I heard about this location from a friend that they did great work. Me and my best friend who’s a personal trainer went to visit them because I was looking to adopt a new dog. I was convinced that saving a dog was better than adopting a puppy. Once arrived to their Sherman oaks location, the first impersonation is that once you walk in, there’s no one in the front. The staff was just lounging around and wasn’t attentive. After standing for a minute, I decided to ask someone in the back for help. Someone came and told us to sign in and ask for what our needs was. I told him I was looking for a dog name juni. He signed me in but there was no disclosure provided. Just a simple sign in. Once signed in, the employee let us to the back. First impression is that all the dogs there are extremely uneasy. All barking like crazy. As we walk to the back, there was a bunch of dogs running around barking. All you can hear is the employee screaming SHUT THE HELL UP! I was a bit confused as to why he did that. As we walked up and saw juni, another dog ran up to investigate. The employee then grabbed the dog by the neck and THREW it to the side. The employees literally abused every dog. No wonder they felt stressed and uneasy. One particular dog was a 55+ Pound jindo that was by the restroom door. One employee advised that he bites when we first entered and was suppose to stand there and watch him. As we were in the back, I wanted to take a picture of juni and my friend. As I lifted my phone for the picture, the 55 + pound jindo jumped from his cage and bit me on my rib, the employee left his post. In huge pain, I fell to the floor only to see my friend attending me. It took the staff over a few minutes to come, and when they did they attention to care was extremely sad. They had no sense of urgency and advised me that Everyone of them was bit and it was only a matter of time before someone else gets bit. I find this extremely wrong as no one should get bit by a huge dog. I reached out to MARC CHING the founder about this situation and barely got a reply. I am extremely disappointed to learn that these dogs that get saved ended up getting similar rough treatments in the states. I am also disappointed at how the staff handles the pets and customers. This place to me seems extremely fake and have no concern for anyone but their business. Once I got bit, their only concern is to protect themselves. They didn’t even care about the situation that’s happened to me. I am appalled by this experience and wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I did. I can send pictures of the attack as well as any paper work that’s provided to show proof , feel free to message me on Instagram: ND_rf.

Shane Robbins

5 years ago

Helped with our last rescue. Friendly trainers.

Vince Sena

5 years ago

For those of who who want to be petty, nit-pick and split hairs about how it is they do things or how you think they should be doing things please consider this: This is not a local dog shelter where someone off the street can just go in and walk out with a rescue dog. If that is your expectation then that is your misunderstanding. The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation puts thousand of dollars at times into each and every dog there in terms of rehabilitation both mental and physical, not to mention the costs of bringing many of these dogs over from different continents. Most all of these dogs have experienced extreme and unspeakable trauma being rescued from the Dog Meat Trade over in Asia. Do some research and look at the conditions these dogs come from. These dog come from a hell that rivals most any case going on here stateside. Look at some of the pictures of their animals and you will see Dogs that have suffered burns from boiling water, dismemberment as well as other horrors. They deserve every right to screen potential adopters in any way they see fit in order to determine who would be best suited to give these Animals the home they deserve. Marc, Valarie and their team are amazing, loving and humane people and no one should expect anything less from them in how they determine suitable adopters because they love these animals and not everyone makes the cut to adopt from them. That is not a bad thing. If your intention is to rescue a dog in haste, then L.A. county is full of overcrowded Dog kill shelters that can meet your needs quicker.

Cija MI

5 years ago

I love love love this place. Jerome and his team are passionate, professional and truly committed to the animals. I volunteer here when I travel from Copenhagen to dance at MDC. Bless these animal Angels❤❤

Lynda Astrid

6 years ago

What you do is absolutely amazing!! THANK YOU!!

Tiffany Fox

6 years ago

Don't bother. I have a fenced in yard and the house a job that allows me to bring my pets to work with me willing to spend anything on my pets yet this organization still found a way to deny my application I would guess that this organization is more out to sell their pet food brand then to actually adopt out the dogs as I've seen most of the dogs that I've visited months ago still remaining in the shelter maybe they don't make that many trips to China and so they would like to keep their shelters full however this is a really tough place to adopt. I would stick with the local humane societies and save the wasted efforts. Check the news about this organization as well I read they were not giving medical care in other countries and majority of there dogs pass away in transport.

Pixie Raye

6 years ago

You can tell everyone genuinely loves these animals and are doing everything they can to make them well, happy and ready for their forever homes.

Palkia Freak

6 years ago

Thank you for letting us adopt the English bulldog named Emi


6 years ago

I have never experienced such a dedicated foundation like this one, truly for the sole purpose of rescuing and providing loving homes for the most severely abused and traumatized animals, internationally and locally. Come and see for yourself what love does, and how forgiving these animals are. Thank you AHWF!!

Morteza Jrshari

6 years ago

Yes is good I recommnd it

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