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Vanessa Macias

2 years ago

If I could give this a negative star I would. On the 28th of December my dog had an emergency and had to be put down, my kids father took her to the hospital as I just gave birth to our preemie he signed papers not fully understanding what …

Gurinder Multani

2 years ago

You guys need a new security guard cause he’s out here swearing at people and talking to women as they walk by.

Kendall Coley

2 years ago

Attacked me from the second I walked in to when they ganged up on me and I left with a still sick dog. I feel sorry for these wounded people , it's systemic maladaptive treachery.

mateo bogino

2 years ago

If I could rate this horrible place lower I would. Our kitten recently had to be put to rest here. Not only did it take 30 minutes to be able to see him, they left him with us alone for an hour. No one came by or checked on us. Finally when the doctor came, after we rang the bell multiple times, she euthanized him and gave us maybe 8 minutes with him. Now a few days later we get a call stating they have misplaced the body of our beloved pet. How dare they try to charge us so much and only for them to loose our loved one. I have had more problems but no matter how much I complain he will never come back.

Tony Poland

2 years ago

Our Catahoula Hound had an allergic reaction for the first time this morning. Access took him in right away and treated him with care. They updated me along the way and released him when his symptoms decreased to a safe level. I spoke with the Vet on the phone and she gave me printed instructions on medication dosage and timing. The front Receptionist, Vet Techs, and Veterinarian we're all very professional and polite. All seemed knowledgeable and understood what needed attention when. The price was even reasonable, for an emergency walk-in.

Trevor Layne

2 years ago

This place was great, our dog ate rat poison so we took him here and they took him in right away. They did everything that needed to be done and we went there for our 3 follow up appointments as well. The wait was quite a while but it is an emergency center so that is to be expected, a little pricey to but not to bad considering they saved our dogs life. Would definitely recommend having a personal vet for the follow ups but they did just fine there.

Tanya Trabanino

2 years ago

Very friendly staff. Great & fast service.

sharon solloway

2 years ago

Dr. Carey is an amazing surgeon. Access is a great facility and everyone has been very kind especially Erin!!

Rolling Axel

2 years ago

If your pet needs medical attention take them elsewhere! This place just takes your animal and tells you they can’t do much and they should put them to sleep. Aside from that they’ll charge you an arm and a leg for simple tests. $800 just for them to see my rat. All they’ll do here is make you pay for them to kill your pet.

Katherine Borsecnik

2 years ago

Left to wait with my sick dog for 4 hours..knew the wait would be long but not once did anyone communicate or be able to give any sort of estimate of when we’d be seen. Finally left when someone shrugged and said it could be 2 or 4 more hours, care provided

Access animal hospitals

2 years ago


Wilson Park

2 years ago

Had an appointment, showed up on time. Took so long to check in because of the line that they bumped my appointment. Had to wait several hours for a checkup that should’ve taken 45 mins after driving an hour to get there. “Some of our staff is new.” That much is obvious.

David Salazar

2 years ago

DO NOT CONTACT ABOUT EXOTIC PETS Ive tried to contact them about a turtle and literally seems like they are avoiding it.

Coco Case

2 years ago

My husband and I had to take our senior dog to Access after our regular vet and 2 other vets couldn’t help Belle’s rapidly declining health. She was in terrible shape when we arrived which ultimately led to us having to say good bye to her the following night. Its every pet owners nightmare but the ENTIRE staff was incredible - from the receptionist to the several nurses/technicians who we interacted with to the doctors that treated her. We worked with Dr. Street & Dr. Thomer, both doctors were extremely patient, informative and compassionate. We left Belle there overnight for treatment and the doctors called to give us updates whenever they could. Yes their pricing is a bit higher and wait times are longer than a regular vet but this is a 24hr EMERGENCY hospital, that’s expected. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing we’ve had to do but we’re thankful for all the help and kindness that the staff showed us.

Glennis S.

2 years ago

I have special needs cats. Access has been fantastic in diagnosing some rare conditions and treating them. I’ve always felt like they have gone the extra mile for my pets and me. The ER can be a bit of a wait, but they have never turned me away and I have always felt heard.

Mr. Patterson

2 years ago

Some of the staff here is terrible, especially a doctor by the name of Kristen Lahey. She's arrogant, neglectful and outright rude. The biggest issue is she falsified verbiage on important documents and then refuse to change it. It is simply unethical for a doctor to be this way.

Yuni Choi

2 years ago

So this place is the last option you would have after calling all the vets around your area. I suggest you to seek for second opinion based on my experience. My cat was pregnant and she all the sudden stopped giving birth. And I had to check the kittens inside of her asap since if they are dead inside, the mom cat would have serious infection I was told. And the ACCESS said they did the ultrasound and theres no more kittens. And guess what my cat gave birth few days later. Good thing that the kitten was alive and made it to the world but it would have been disaster :/

Laleña Nash

2 years ago

**An update: after finally reaching the manager of this hospital, I was repeatedly spoken over and she refused to simply listen to the complaint that I was trying to file, ultimately using profanity and hanging up on me. Whilst trying to find a way to contact a "higher up", I discovered that this hospital has been sued for fraud--repeatedly. I am altering my review to reflect one star and wish there was a more suitable rating available. --original review-- I prefer to promote great businesses through this platform, but occasionally it’s necessary to give people a heads up when an experience is extraordinarily bad. I am giving this clinic two stars and not one, only because they agreed to see the patient, four month old puppy, Stella, despite having stated that they were “at capacity” (odd for a 24 hour emergency clinic). While bounding down the stairs, she had tripped, and broke one of her front legs. As I write this, the call timer in my phone just passed the thirty minute mark as I wait to speak with a manager. In the last 24 hours, we were promised four times that we would be called by the manager and they’ve failed to do so every time. This is why we need to speak with a manager, and why you should proceed with caution when considering this clinic for the care of your beloved pet: 1. Our pup was x-rayed and it was determined that two bones are broken in her front forearm. A soft cast was applied, and since they did not x-ray her bones after having done so, nor did they explain, it’s unclear whether the bone was reset. This fact, and that Access Veterinary is seemingly refusing to address that we’ve repeatedly requested that the x-rays we paid for be emailed to us, are making it very difficult to seek help from another vet clinic, without carting out wounded dog around to different clinics. Aside from having every right to seek care elsewhere, why would we want to do so? 2. Because we were informed the following day, when we called looking for copies of (the incomplete set of) x-rays we paid for, that when Stella was treated hours earlier they scheduled her with a specialist—TEN DAYS OUT. Now, I’m no veterinarian, but my logic says that a significant amount of healing transpires in a ten day period. We aren’t looking to have our dogs leg rebroken ahead of repair. Having written this review, I have now been on hold for more than forty minutes. This experience has fallen so far short of professional, courteous, or sufficient. Don’t do it, it is clearly a craps shoot. There is a reason why their rating is mediocre.

Jake Southard

2 years ago

What is the deal in Los Angeles.. 15 hour wait times for emergency rooms.

David DeGuzman

2 years ago

If you guys have an emergency and youve called literally every other vet in your area already, try here only as a last resort. We brought in our dog because his stool was suddenly bloody, and were on our 7th hour waiting here with no update. checked in at around 3:30pm. they took him in at around 4:30pm and have been holding him here since. Its 11:13pm and they havent even come out to tell us whether we should leave him here and come back later. Asked reception whats going on, like should we go home, come back later, etc. was just told to wait. Not sure when were gonna be able to leave here, but seriously, try literally everywhere else first before coming here. Only advantage here is that its a 24hr place but apparently be prepared to wait that long. Im tired af.

Ann Griffith

2 years ago

Spent a ton of time diagnosing a very complicated health issue with my beloved pit bull. Thanks!

Rosario Pozo

2 years ago

I took my precious angel here, during the visit I was told what we as all pet owners fear. "Your dog isn't looking too good, I'm afraid putting Wookie down seems to be the best option", I appreciate the honesty the doctor gave me, and he was very sweet and empathetic towards me and my bf. However, among all those crazy emotions of sadness payment was TOP PRIORITY for ACCESS, I was immediately charged for the emergency visit, euthanasia, memorial, and aquamation (pets ashes). I called to follow up on my pets’ ashes, since he meant the world to me I wanted a part of him to still be with me and my family. Unfortunately, I was told more DEVASTATING news, an employ FAILED to input in the system that I wanted to retrieve the ashes of my pet but was so quick to charge me for them! Wookie's beautiful ashes are now FOREVER LOST and GONE. I will NEVER be able to have him with me, I am completely devastated and at a loss of words! How can a PET HOSPITAL make this type of mistake?? Access has refunded me all the costs that I spent during my last visit with Wookie. However, this is the BARE MINIMUM they can to do "try" to fix this mistake. No money can buy Wookie's ashes, they are forever lost. I was told to pick a memorial out for Wookie, and that I would hear from the manager personally. This was a week ago and I still have NOT heard from the manager. I am writing this review so all pet owners are careful and to stop this from happening again to someone. No one should have to go through this.

Mayra Papaya

2 years ago

Their emergency room doesn't see exotic animals, they tell me to go somewhere else even though I showed up to their door with my pet, ive also called on different occasions to speak to different people and they also told me no... very disappointing

Eve Makoff

2 years ago

Worst place. No compassion. I was holding my dog and they handed me paperwork that I couldn’t take. Long wait after telling me there was a neurologist then after 2 hours said no neurologist. Very defensive and unkind staff.

annie rose

2 years ago

EXOTIC PET OWNERS BEWARE!!!!!! I wanted to write this review so other exotic pet owners do not make a horrible mistake in bringing your beloved pet here. Unless it is a very very dire medical emergency, do not bring your small exotic!! The ‘exotic department’ is not knowledgeable and does not know how to properly treat or diagnose guinea pigs. I should have noticed the red flag when the person on the phone did not even know what bumblefoot was and read me a google search back (one of the most common infections exotics can get). The horror stories from this vet office is not something anyone should put their pet through, as they majorly result in death. A 40 mile drive out of LA, to an actual qualified exotic vet, is MUCH BETTER than bringing your exotic to this death factory.

Alice Greenfield

2 years ago

my ex's cat almost died here. they openly admitted to neglecting him when he had a urinary blockage saying they weren't checking in with him every 30 minutes like they needed to. he would've died if we didn't call to check on him. they still had the balls to charge us for care after that.

Cris Fajardo

2 years ago

My Great Pyrenees, Luna, was recently diagnosed with Portosystemic Shunting and has undergone a liver shunt ligation procedure by Dr. Kim Carey. I am so thankful and grateful for the detail, attention, professionalism, and best of all the quality of care that my fur baby received from Access Animal Hospital and Medical Group. Dr. Carey followed up with us and involved us in every step of Luna’s procedure, from her initial consultation, during and after her surgery and post surgical discharge care. She even took the time to contact me and check on her condition when I reported my concerns. The staff was very friendly and courteous . I’ve seen some reviews about how pricey this place can be, but if my dog is receiving top quality, then it is absolutely worth every penny! Also worth mentioning is that they keep a tally of activities to justify the end total cost and I felt like the use of resources justified the overall cost. Dr. Kim Carey and her staff are rock stars at what they do!

Veronica Contreras

2 years ago

All around 5 stars to good quality, reliability, professionalism, responsiveness and the value of care that our bulldog Rocky received. Pets are expensive, that's just it. We know as pet owners if our pets get ill it will cost a good price to get them better. I talked to 12 vets in my area trying to find where Rocky could get his endoscopy done. Although all were professional and responsive, none gave me the support I received from the staff at Access LA. I knew we made the right choice for Rocky, even when it was a 4 hour drive just to get there. To all the Staff at Access LA and especially Dr.Kuntz, thank you so much for the care given to Rocky. We are off to better days and its thanks to your team.

Natalie Testa

2 years ago

Not sure why they have 3 stars, this place is amazing. They saved our tortoise’s life. Dr. Schachterle was kind, informative, and patient with us. They took Kirby in immediately when we brought him in for an emergency. The staff was quick, efficient and helpful. Kirby was in a lot of pain because of a large bladder stone in his tail and Dr. Schachterle was able to get it out successfully. It’s difficult to find a vet that can handle Russian tortoises, and we got lucky that Access could help him especially when he was in so much pain. We are so grateful for what they did to help our Kirby, and we highly recommend them!

Yessenia Ponce

2 years ago

Worst experience ever. Don’t take your pets there unless you’re willing to wait 7 hours + ! They do not care about your pet! They just care about the money it seems! I’m very dissatisfied and disappointed :( They lie and lie tell you they’re going to see you in a few minutes and in turns into hours!!! They can’t be honest with you

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