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connor sullivan

2 years ago

The staff from the receptionist, vet tech to the vet were all very professional, caring and helpful. Service was quick. Will definitely bring my pet here again.

Dianne Pirtle

2 years ago

I'm at thrive right now. My appointment was at 1:30. 2:20 still waiting

Erin Flores

2 years ago

If I could give 6 stars I absolutely would! The vet technicians are always very helpful and kind, and even text me the following day to ensure I was satisfied with the care they provided. The vets themselves are extremely competent and want to do whatever it takes to keep your pets happy and healthy. As a college student, I also appreciate that they really try to keep costs as low as possible, without jeopardizing the health and safety of my dogs. I highly recommend THRIVE Plus as it’s only $10 a month and waives the $35 vet charge for unlimited visits during that month. (Which costs $70+ per visit at the VCA) Ultimately, THRIVE has been fantastic and I am so grateful of their wonderful staff.

Panda Nguyen

2 years ago

Super friendly staff. Able to work around my schedule. Obviously care about pets. The membership is a great idea

Aisha M. Pitts

2 years ago

The vet was truthful and the prices were fair.. nice to both my boys.. puppy and jr cat

Jessie Trinkaus

2 years ago

I always get wonderful and caring service when I go here. Everyone is attentive and knowledgeable.

John Erlach

2 years ago

Thrive in Long Beach is awesome. The only problem is that when they change their number (which is quite often for a business) you're forced to talk with the awful, awful answering center. Why is it when you ask them a question they just can't answer it instead of making you ask the same question again?

Christopher Lamas

2 years ago

Amazing and kind staff and the no contact process is well thought out.

Ashley Bonham

3 years ago

Showed up on time, the insistence on you calling a phone number they don’t answer is crazy, and the charge $45 for microchips, when you can go down the street for $19... not affordable, or reliable. Not impressed and we will not be coming back for sure. You call and are told one thing when you get here a very different story. We left with no care, and no vet. The search continues. Do not recommend.

Esh Tahno

3 years ago

I was put on hold for ten minutes just to have them hang up on me. I asked for information on what flea medications they sold and they asked for my information. I told them that I would need to know the availability first before giving my information and they just hung up on me. Why is the availability such a secret?

Jenae Ramirez

3 years ago

I had my first visit today and I am beyond grateful for the care and attention that was given to my new kitten. Dr. Anne and Jacqueline (sp?) were very attentive and thorough. They both made me feel at ease. I will be bringing all my animals back here from now on.

Jenay Edwards

3 years ago

The staff is so amazing and they really took good care of my dog

michelle lee

3 years ago

I have been coming to different Thrive locations for 6 months now ever since I adopted my puppy. I have no experience with other vets and I thought with the monthly membership, thrive was affordable. So I cannot comment on how affordable they are or not. All I know is that their medications are absolutely expensive. Most of the times 3 to 4 times more expensive than buying online such as and Chewy is owned by Petco so I don't see any logic there. Today, I made an appointment with Long Beach location at 10:30am to have my dog checked up since he was vomiting. I got to the location on time and due to COVID, they don't allow you to walk in but only call when you arrive. at 10:33 am I received online checkin link. I filled out the check in and by the time I was done filling out, it was 10:42. I called them to say I was here and that check in forms were all filled out. She put me on hold for at least 5 minutes then asks me why I was calling. She forgot that she put me on hold to ask the vet if they could see my dog. Then she puts me on hold again and comes back 5 minutes later and says the vet says we were late and the vet won't see my dog. I was NOT late, I was in my car filling out the check-in sheet and was on hold waiting for them to respond and according to them I was late and won't see my dog. Why don't they inform owners that we need to fill out the questionnaire well BEFORE the appointment and call the front desk FIRST when you arrive so you are not marked as "LATE". Poor operation, short staffed, poor service!! I am not happy with this location and come to think that they book pets every 15 minutes just tells you what kind of care your pet will have. It is like a factory here and obviously the vets are tired of seeing so many patients a day. I will be cancelling my membership with thrive and take my dog to a different vet. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS VET!

Miss Cooper

3 years ago

The worst experience I had. I drove for over an hour to get my dog vaccinated, they didn’t have the Lyme vaccine, I asked for my dog to be dewormed that was not done. It was nice of the vet to come speak with me. But, the girl that was helping was aweful, my needs were not met, I waited for 15 min after calling the number over and over just for them to tell me he didn’t get dewormed because of the time. They are slow, worst customer service, if you care about your dog take him elsewhere. Biggest mistake ever and the vaccines are not affordable they are 2X more than a vet place. There is nothing affordable about this location.

R Mew

3 years ago

DO NOT GO HERE! Affordability seems very tantalizing, but it is worth going to a REAL veterinarian. I noticed things seemed off when I brought my pup in for their first check up after adoption. I've been to some really amazing vets who handle and care for your animals like they are their own. Ones that go far and beyond what you would expect. Don't expect that from this Thrive. Affordability =/= Quality. I was new to the area and was still looking into local vets. I thought this would be a great place to get the shots out of the way and can at least get a guesstimate the age and breed of my dog. They barely checked my dog over infront of me before doing everything in the backroom. I had no idea what they were doing and how they did anything. They came back with my puppy and were quite short with me. Barely answering any questions. I wrote in their review and they reached out explaining the situation. I sighed some relief, but it wasn't the end. My puppy started to develop some sort of infection on their stomach. It started out small and localized. I scheduled an appointment and they basically said it will go away, that they must be laying in a dirty cage and in urine. (Always clean, but okay w.e I listened to their directions.) The infection was spreading. After another try at the vet I was given the exact same answer. I began researching and even posted a few pics on some sites. They all came back with a bacterial infection that was easily curable and common. So we made an appointment with a different vet. And guess what? Diagnosed with a bacterial infection. We were given a medicated shampoo. After 1 use my puppies belly already showed improvement! We spent 2 months with a rash, hoping the vet would take it seriously. TLDR: In the end, I spent LESS money at different vet, got the care and cure she needed, and vets that my dog didn't feel the need to bite.

Tanya Dees

3 years ago

Truly affordable pet care. Tanya here is super nice and caring and does a wonderful job at answering all of my questions! Definitely recommend

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