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Juan M

a year ago

We were turned down from 2 other hospitals. One was a 24/7 emergency one and the other was appointments only. We were losing hope that our baby would not get the care that he needed until we found this place. We called before going because we were scared to drive there only to get rejected. They took my baby boy in a stretcher straight from my car. Rushed him in and did their best. Unfortunately we were left with no other choice but but to put our baby to sleep. He was suffering from a ruptured tumor and possible internally bleeding because he had really low blood pressure. One of the hardest decisions I have been made my entire life but it was for his best. Thank you so much for everything you guys are truly a blessing. Rest In Peace my baby boy Rocky. 1/15/2022 one of the techs was such a sweetheart she cried with us while she told us this lovely quote “ their peace is our suffering” I will never forget this. Thank you so much.

Reina Cubas

a year ago

Took my puppy around 9pm. The nice tech activated CPR code right away. Both vet doctors called me to keep me updated. They even sent me pics while Mochi was under observation. Today, I received a follow up call on behalf of the VET: that was the cherry on top. THANK YOU VCA❤????

Molina Vann

a year ago

I came in a few months ago after my cat Bean was throwing up constantly. I live in Long Beach and no one would take him in due to overcapacity. I called every emergency vet and vet clinic in Long Beach throughout the night. But failed to get him checked until I was recommended to call here. I came in the morning and they took him in immediately. The staff in the front were so kind and the tech we saw was very attentive and understanding. Dr. Jin saved Bean’s life and she was really nice and knowledgeable about what was happening to him. After a week, he fully recovered after taking medication and foods Dr. Jin recommended. I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff who work so hard and tirelessly here! Happy New Year!

Dodge Charger

a year ago

Really a awful place had a dog pass a way because these monster. I don’t care about the money I care about my dog getting well and they killed my dog They never took my pet serious and wasted my whole night since is 24 hrs Not. A Trust Worthy Clinic they CARE ABOUT MONEY not a pets life

Frank Barajas

a year ago

Called this place, they put me on hold for 15 minutes just to tell me to call somewhere else. I was in the middle of asking a question and they hang up on me.

Suzzane Dickman-Perla

a year ago

I brought my 11 month old cat, Shelby in because I thought she was constipated. I called before coming in and the. Urse on the phone was so sweet. She asked me a couple of questions, told me not to worry and come on in. When we arrived, it was quick to get registered. Wait time was a little long because there was a few emergency cases that came in. The waiting area is comfortable so it wasn't an issue. Shelby was seen and the nurse. Told us what is wrong (she was just showing a temper... lol) and told us not to worry. Hopefully no more emergency needs come up but will definitely come back again. Thank you for being so kind to us.

Sebastian Sang

a year ago

The front desk person - Sandy is such a terrible employee. I called and she wasn’t paying attention to what I said, I was just trying to inquiring the cost of services, and she told me the sooner appointment will be December 24th; and I checked the website, the soonest is December 10th. I don’t understand how she couldn’t do her job???

Dynnah Delamora

a year ago

I haven’t had to get emergency help for a pet in a long while. Recently moved to the area and was having a meltdown trying to find somewhere for my ill pup at 1am this Thanksgiving morning. Thank goodness for this location and their service! They were all very accommodating and informative. Kacey Young the vet on staff was amazing and thorough. The young man who assisted in checking us is in was also extremely helpful and amiable. Nothing but good things to say about this place. Thank you for what you do and Happy Thanksgiving! ????????

Paula gzm

a year ago

Service is horrible! Very slow! They take hours to see your pet not just that but tell you that they need to be treated asap or else the animal can die when they can be treated with their primary vet. That being said they're money hungry hospital. I spent 4k when i couldve spent way less. Very disappointed ! They still owe me money because they over charged me ive been calling for months leaving voicemail and no call back now i have to drive up there waste my time to collect my money! very unprofessional .

Norma Celis

a year ago

I thank God for hospitals like this. I brought my puppy here after seeing her health decline to the point where she was not responsive. Sadly we lost her a few minutes after getting there ,but in the process Gilbert was very supportive and kept me informed of everything including her vitals and concerns. You can tell he loves his job and is very caring. Loosing my paw friend Luna was one of the hardest things I've ever experienced. But they eased my pain by making sure they did what was in their power to save her.The staff here is caring, professional and go above and beyond to treat your pet with love,and care. They even tried cpr on my dog and that there meant the world to me. Gilbert and the doctor are amazing. Thank you!!! Gilbert made sure I was okay and was very supportive towards this hard process. You guys are truly angels. I highly recommend this place. They truly care about giving you and your pet the best service. I wish I would have known about this place before .

Cathy L

a year ago

Took my dog to this VCA bleeding from an open wound, sat there for 1 hour and 10 minutes. Every time I asked, I was told one patient ahead of you. Then some vet assistant said if you go to your doctor, you have an appointment, otherwise you wait. I responded this is an emergency, are you not an emergency hospital? Her response "yes but she is not bleeding out, or having a seizure like the others". I did not see one other animal in distress. Too many people standing around doing nothing. Do not go there for an emergency. They do not know what that means. Update - took my dog to another VET who had enough sense to check the vitals of a bleeding dog. Don't waste your time here.

Andres Santos

a year ago

They tried charging us 2,500 dollars just to have our cat taken care of. “There’s nothing wrong with the cat” but we will have to run some test. Really 2,500?!!

Erica Lopez

a year ago

I don't know where to start from... but my son's dog woke up dead this morning we took him in Saturday night for vomiting green not able to walk nor drink anything.. the girls were very patient and nice.. but my son thinks they could Have done better.. we came home not knowung what he had.. nor was told the reason for his sickness.. he had to keep an eye on him ..

Lorrie Strong

a year ago

I’m not a fan of the veterinarian. He was very abrupt and not very friendly. I had to ask the staff seven times to call our last veterinarian (out of state) to get our dogs records. They said they would but never did get the records. So I called the old veterinarian to have them email them to VCA but “they never received them”. I won’t be going back. When the doctor called with the diagnosis, he said he’d have the finance department call us back to answer our questions and they never called us. If they’d only gotten our dogs records, they’d already know what was wrong with our dog. They instead just lied to us and told us they’d call.

Zeissman Zeissman

2 years ago

I recently had to put my beloved Maggie down. The absolute hardest thing I've ever done. VCA did a great job on making us comfortable during this difficult and painful time.

Tony Vid

2 years ago

I should've read the reviews first. 12 hour visit, and didn't even see our dog. We took our dog at night fall and left him over night, so he can be seen. not even a call to let us know the status. The next morning we called and it was the same excuse from the following night "we just had an emergency," "your dog will be seen soon." Excuse after excuse. Never again. This place is a bad joke. We picked up our dog after 12 hours of nothing, and they had the same excuse "we're dealing with an emergency." Take your pets elsewhere, unless you have the time to wait for nothing. Not even the Veteran Affair Hospital makes you wait that long.

Jesse Sanchez

2 years ago

First time there and I want to thank everyone who helped. Everyone was so caring and loving to all animals in the lobby. Worth the wait time which was not bad at all either. Really happy to see all the animals with there loving owners getting provided with the best service.


2 years ago

On 091721 at 6pm I brought my dog in for a urinary tract infection. After 8hrs and 2 phone calls later no assessment had been made. There was 1 doctor and no other dogs in the hospital. At 3a.m. I picked up my dog and went to a reputable vet the next morning. Very disappointed.

Emily Rodriguez

2 years ago

We called in advance if they had any room for our dog that had a medical emergency and they said they were full. Kind of weird since we literally gone before as a walk in and they were able to accomodate us quickly. No reason to flip flop like this. Luckily our local vet had everything necessary in order to treat our dog. No reason for you guys to call yourself a hospital if you can't decide if you have room or not. We called in advance hoping to confirm a spot. Very disappointing

Armando Burgos

2 years ago

Don't take your pets here for emergencies or they'll end up dead! An emergency vetenarian that takes 8 hours to be seen, what an oxymoron. I got my pet out of there and took him to long Beach animal hospital and was seen immediately.

Pete Chavira

2 years ago

I had to take my dog in due an emergency they were extremely busy, however they attending to my dog asap. They are a bit pricey however it is worth the service the Veterinarian and staff provide to your animal. Thank you again for helping save Coco's life.

Alexa Pereira

2 years ago

Beyond grateful This hospitals doctors and staff are so supportive I felt loved and cared for. Also my girlfriend and I, want to thank you for the heart warming card. I definitely recommend this hospital, I trust these doctors and staff. you will never feel alone and you are always cared for.

fredy segovia

2 years ago

Call all of them u need to wait 4 hours till next shift comes along dont want to help customers at night with their sick pet makes the customer call to different hospitals they all say the same thing


2 years ago

This place is a joke! Called to see if they could help out my pet who needed an emergency surgery and on the phone they said they could do it so I took him immediately. Turns out they lied and $1500 later they realized they didn’t have surgeon and my pet needed to go to a different location which now wants 10,000 on top of the money I already paid.

Karla Zarate

2 years ago

Worse place to bring your lovely pet. Staff are always rude and insensitive. Wait time in car is long, really long (4 + hours). We brought our Dog because she was not eating or drinking water. After a test, we were told she had parvo. She stayed at this place for treatment. We called hours later to check on her and were told she was reacting to the treatment, next day we called again to check on her, and we were told they couldn't find a Team member to give us a update on her. Later that day we received a call from the doctor saying our dog was doing much better, she was able to drink water and maybe we could take her home that night if her diarrhea was gone.. Lateeer that same day. We received a call again from the doctor saying she was very low on white blood cells, and was not going to make it!! Like really? Doctor said she needed our consent to either keep treatment or euthanized our DOG. We came over to the hospital and asked to see our dog, we were told we couldn't because again they were short on staff!!! We asked to speak to a doctor and were told she's busy taking care of an emergency. Our Pet is part of our family. They being short on staff everytime we asked, makes me think they are not giving my pet the right treatment on time!. Be mindful and read reviews before taking your pet to an animal Hospital.

raul quezada

2 years ago

Do NOT I repeat do NOT bring your pet here for an emergency. An emergency service that takes 8 hours to see your pet who is in need of immediate assistance. And all the staff can say we don’t know what is going on. Technician quoted me $140 for a test to see what’s wrong with him. Decide not to leave him overnight because he won’t be seen for 6-8 hours, I go to pay for the test and they try to charge me $370. Had to tell them I’m not paying that when I was told $140 by the technician so they need to figure it out. They don’t know what they are doing and there is no urgency for your pet.

Nakia Williams

2 years ago

The team at this location was so amazing and very support. They gave me more than one option, and was willing to work with me with the payment. And for that I am so grateful for their compassion and love to help our pet and pet familys. They even sent me a card of their condolences for the passing of my 5mth old kitten Inky. Thank you guys for your hospitality

John Moralez

2 years ago

I had to wait in the parking lot for an hour and a half before they even came out to see me when I told them my dogI had to wait in the parking lot for an hour and a half before they even came out to see me when I told them my dog shedding something good and had

Desiree Craig

2 years ago

Placed on hold for ridiculous wait times only to be hung up on. Just to wait on hold for another 10 minutes when calling back. When questioned, employee Olga states she no longer heard anyone on the phone so she hung up. Which is unusual because there was quite a bit of background noise in my house at the time. Also no attempt to verify if anyone was still indeed on the phone before hanging up.

Evelyn Camacho

2 years ago

Yes, it’s the perfect vet if you have a whole day to wait to get your Animal seen. If you love to wait on hold and get yelled at by the staff and get told your the only one who is complaining about the wait time. I guess everyone else has so much free time that they can wait. Not me, I have a job and I have to get to work on time. To get your animal an appointment the wait is about a month and even then when you arrive you have to call in and then wait 20 mins for the call to even go through for you to tell them that you are there. Additionally, you are also waiting more time for the person to even come outside to take your animal in. What’s the point of making an appointment then if your waiting an hour to just drop off your dog. When I made my concerns known to Olga the supervisor she kept muting me and in between the mutes I heard her laughing with other co-workers. Honestly it was very unprofessional and ridiculous to know that they do not care about feedback and what they can do to better there facility.

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