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Janet French

2 years ago

Had a pleasant experience with my cat. Very clean looking place. Receptionist was curtious & professional.

Leslie Kalman

2 years ago

My cat was neutered yesterday. He was purrfect. It was as if nothing happened to him. Thank you Warner West Pet Clinic.

Randy Wright

2 years ago

I've been to so many vets and this one is one of the best. The staff are friendly and helpful, they are completely professional. My cat Dax was spayed while in heat, they also sent us home with a prescription for flea meds and all her vaccinations. I paid about $330 for a full round of vaccines, the spay, the meds, the exam, flea meds. This is by far the most reasonable pricing I've found. Everything about my appointment was efficient and hassle free. All my questions were answered and they have been really helpful over the phone. I will definitely recommend them to family and friends.

Michele Del Valle

2 years ago

I have been to 4 different vets in the past year and ones that say are low cost. This was the first to treat you and your pet with respect and not try and threaten you to buy more just too make bill higher needlessly. I was able to see Vet on person and I really liked her and felt my pet was safe with her and her staff. Great place to take your fur babies.

Karen Duclos

2 years ago

Dr. Karen Brink sets the bar for all vets to try to achieve. Not only is she compassionate and caring, but her knowledge and honesty go a long way for people like me who consider pets as family members. Dr. Brink has great communication skills and presents options for care in an easy to understand manner. Furthermore she is respectful of your time and doesn't keep you waiting 45 minutes for a scheduled appointment. She is always upfront and honest about pricing for any special procedures my dogs have had. I highly recommend her!


2 years ago

We've been going there for 25 years.

Ernie Fifield

2 years ago

The Doctor and worker are the best.

Daniel Esparza

2 years ago

They take VERY GOOD CARE of our Sharpei Brandy, we won't go anywhere else.

brahna pastorini

2 years ago

This place is amazing! They are so nice and caring and honest! They took such good care of my fur baby!

Stacy Frezza

3 years ago

Wonderful experience. Nice people. I only went there to spay my kitten. I was referred to them by Seal Beach Animal Care Center.

Samuel Dobbins

3 years ago

I’m finally posting this after months of disbelief that it actually happened in the first place. We are new to the area and were recommended to board our 2.5 year old staff/boxer mix here by a coworker. Unfortunately his family’s experience was far different than ours. I called ahead, asking about how the dogs were handled and what their daily routine would be like and was assured that they are kept in a monitored area and walked 3 times daily. I brought food with specific instructions and offered to have a friend come retrieve our girl if she wasn’t acclimating well, as I was going to be gone for 5 days for work. The team assured me that they would take the best care of our girl and call me if anything came up. I called halfway through my trip to check in and was assured that she was doing great and getting on well with the other dogs and handling her kennel just fine. However, when we arrived to pick her up it was clear that her care was not at the forefront of the clinic’s attention, or even on their radar. When we arrived, shortly after they opened, we were told she was getting a routine bath and would be right out. 15 minutes later, we were still waiting and told they were just finishing and drying her off (she’s a short haired staff/boxer, not much hair to dry or wash). When she finally came out she was frantic, barely recognized us and darted for the door, almost escaping off leash into the parking lot because the staff just let her free in the lobby. Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of many days of recovery. I had to go straight to work but my fiancé brought our girl home and her untrusting and skittish demeanor persisted. She even hid in the closet and wet herself, something she’s never done despite being adopted right off the street. She would not respond to her name or food, and was completely exhausted—but unable to relax enough to sleep. When I got home that night she was excited to see me, and as she started wagging her tail we noticed blood spraying all over the wall beside her. I took a closer look and realized that her tail was severely wounded and bleeding, blood spattering all over. At this point I inspected her body all over and found that she had dried blood on all her foot pads and stomach and it appeared she had nervously been biting her tail (to a raw state) while in captivity at Warner West. After further consideration of the pick-up circumstances it became clear that the team there knew she had been having a tough time adjusting and had to give her a bath (not part of the daily procedure I was given when I first inquired) because the staff found her with open wounds and bleeding and needed to clean her up in the hope that we wouldn’t notice upon receiving her. To make things worse, they assured us she ate regularly and gave back an accurate amount of extra food, but when we weighed her that night she was 3lb lighter than drop off (went from 38lb to 35lb in 5 days). My fiancé and I were terrified of what happened, lost all trust in Warner West and had buried the memory deep inside as our girl recovered to her normal self. After a couple months and someone recently asking for a dog care recommendation her experience was brought back fo the forefront of my mind and I couldn’t help but share. I would never want another animal subjected to such treatment and conditions and feel terrible that my delayed review and story may have jeopardized other animals. Do not bring your animal here and do not trust the staff. Just reliving this to write this has reopened our wounds and filled us with anger.


3 years ago

Great staff and so much better than going to petsmart for our needs!

Rachel Jacques

3 years ago

Staff is friendly and the Dr is very polite. Our new puppy Nala was not feeling good and she helped to calm my nerves.

Marie Ramerez

3 years ago

Live this place they take good care of my dog only thing is they charge a bunch for medicine and only send u with a little home. My dog is still in pain and put of meds 2 and a half days after surgery . That was all we were given for after her surgery . This bottle is tiny too

Erin Temple

3 years ago

Reception staff is nice.. But the Doctor has been in business too long for her own good! And Ill leave it at that.

Denise Whitmarsh

3 years ago

Very friendly staff, nice and clean office and Dr. Brink was very knowledgeable, kind and loving to our little Fur Baby.

Aric Plumley

3 years ago

Dr. Brink oversaw my pet's health for the entirety of his life. She was so pragmatic in the way she offered advice about his health and never pushed unnecessary procedures or products. She showed compassion in the end days of his life and helped me through what was an unbelievably challenging time as I said goodbye to my best friend. Truly an amazing doctor and person. In addition, the staff is amazing. They treated my boy McCoy like he was their own. Always passionate about the care they gave him. This speaks to the culture created within the practice. If I ever choose to get another pet, Dr. Brink and the staff will be my pet's medical staff for sure. Cannot give them a high enough recommendation!

Robert D

4 years ago

Groovy and pricey, but worth it.

noel glass

4 years ago

They are the best here. They have tamen care of our little sarah her whole sweet life

Lymaris Rivera

4 years ago

Compassionate vet who cares about all of my furry children. She is patient and kind. She takes her time explaining relevant information..5 stars

Luana Enriquez

4 years ago

Great staff and awesome vet.

Edgar Perez

4 years ago

Great customer service, everyone is amazing there. Specially the doctor, her assistants my friend Tolo I recommend this veterinary to everyone . Today I got my beautiful cat fixed she did so good I'm so proud of her !!

Alisa M

4 years ago

Trust them with our fur babies. Dr Brink is very good.

Jacqueline Foster

5 years ago

My go to vet for decades...always honest and compassionate and accommodating as much as possible.

Tanya Weinheimer

5 years ago

In our most difficult time of putting our 4 legged family member to rest, the process, the staff and accommodations were incredibly compassionate. It was the tiny details in the process they used to be sure our experience allowed us to focus on our loss, without interruption and administrative hassles. Dr. Brink and her staff supported our family perfectly through our grief. Thank you so much!!!!

Misty Hutchinson

5 years ago

All the ladies up front are so friendly and sweet! I am always able to get my dog an appointment when needed.

maryJane oc

5 years ago

Nice people. DR. BRINK is very nice to my pets.

Joe Hughes

5 years ago

This is a good place to take your pet.

Jamie Swartz

7 years ago

Great vet. Awesome clinic. Very professional. Reasonable prices. Highly recommend.


8 years ago

TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE! BEWARE! DON'T GO HERE THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU! I took my dog, Sophie, here around September and afterwards I felt robbed. I took my dog in because she has been scratching her ear a lot lately and I thought maybe it could be an ear infection. I do a walk in and it cost extra as opposed to an appointment, but they weren't even busy (only one person ahead of me and she was leaving soon after I got there). When the Vet comes in her expression and attitude was that of contempt towards me (I don't know why). I tell her my dog might have a problem with her ear, maybe an infection, and so she checks it out and says the dog is completely fine. Relieved, I tell her that's great and then I get ready to leave then she says wait and that she wants to do a ear wax cytology (not telling me it cost extra); and this is after telling me my dog is completely fine. I agree to the cytology to assure my dog's health. Afterwards the test says my dog is fine. Then the Vet says since she was scratching her ear she might have fleas; so she runs a comb through my dogs fur and doesn't say anything about my dogs conditions, but assures me that I need flea medication. And prescribes 6 months medication. I go to pay and the fee for a walk in is $50, Cytology was $50, and the flea medication was $200+. Fed my dog the flea medication that night (as instructed) and next morning I took her to another Vet. He said my dog doesn't have fleas and I tell him that I gave her medication last night, and he says it takes 24 hours to fully work. OUTRAGEOUS! I stopped feeding my dog the medication after this. Till this day I have no problems with fleas. DON'T GO HERE! IF THEY THINK YOU'RE IGNORANT OR DON'T LIKE YOU; THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU!

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