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Arctic Kat

a year ago

The folks here are sooo compassionate and caring. They helped my cat, Ozzy when I had nowhere to turn for help to give my cat a flea bath. Other groomers, Petsmart, has a no flea bath policy. Thank you very much, you are some truly awesome folks.


a year ago

Vet insinuated I wanted my dog spayed

Breanna Pink

a year ago

This shelter is very sad. No one answers ever, voicemail is full. I’ve tried to save Niño who was caught by Animal Control. My neighbor gave him to me because she didn’t want any trouble because he got out while they were moving furniture. I was hoping I could get niño out but I can’t without any valid proof even though an airtag I bought him(and black collar) is on him. I am very sad the original owners can’t give me something in writing. This place charges $17 per day, $35 for un-neutered pets, 160 general fee $20 for registration, $45 for chipping I believe fees for no vaccines. The woman who answered my husband’s call tried to pin him as rude and supposedly called her names but I doubt that. She just doesn’t want Niño to be with us. Sounds like she wants to keep the airtag and Niño. After i post this she’s really not gonna work with me. That’s fine keep telling me no. Im getting ready for Plutos surgery so I can’t help Niño anymore. But to whoever is trying to adopt him PLEASE don’t think about it just do it. He is a wonderful baby and just loves to love.

Patrick mccarthy

a year ago

We adopted Miko and this place is so caring went above and beyond and I really want to say thank

emmanuel lara

a year ago

This place is not open for you to come see the animals, would of helped if your website would say that before showing up. So people please call first and make an appointment if your interested in adopting a pet. Website could use better pictures of the animals.

Eric Costantino

a year ago

After being hung up on by the lady answering the phone, I realize this place is not humane at all.


a year ago

Wouldn’t accept a dog I needed to surrender only because I live in Huntington Beach and not Garden Grove despite it being a desperate situation.

Ryanne Brooke Hughes Hedrick

a year ago

I give this location references all the time

Wa Sa

a year ago

Nice, good prices & services.


a year ago


Balck&White s

a year ago

The lady with black hair and tattoos was rude like she didn't even wanted talk! Please change your job if you don't like your job.

John Perkins

a year ago

Great place for sick pets

Brenda Chandler

2 years ago

I got my dog Chloe from here 8 years ago and it's the best!

Dan Campbell

2 years ago

Unfortunately, I had to put my dog to rest this weekend. The doctor & staff were very professional and empathetic. If any of you see this (my dog was Didi, the white Toy Poodle), thank you, and I really appreciate you all.

Gary J

2 years ago

Great food and good service

Jeff Blakely

2 years ago

Due to COVID restrictions, going in to see the dogs is not allowed. You have to pick one to meet online first then they bring it out. Not sure If you can pick multiple. You also have to fill out a form to meet the animal.

Kelly Anderson

2 years ago

I can't rate them as an adopter, but as a volunteer for a TNVR program. Animal Control captures stray/feral cats from a specific city. The cats are brought to the Humane Society for spay/neuter and vaccinations. The Humane Society holds the cats for a day to heal. Volunteers pick up the feral cats and release them back into their community to their caregiver. I'm grateful in their role in helping feral cats live better lives.

WEST Coast

2 years ago

Nice staff. Decent selection of dogs. We always go look but due to CoVid they want you to look online. We donate old dog beds and excess food to them as well!

Jose Ramirez

2 years ago

This place is great from time to time. I just have a concern about the chicken, not here to bash I am a customer. I just feel the chicken is a bit off

Sara rodriguez

2 years ago

The girls that work there are sweet and very knowledgeable

Tina Le

2 years ago

I've never experience such a terrible service like this place before in my life.... the receptionist lady here is the rudest self-center and judgemental that I ever met she's seriously have the biggest issue!! She doesn't want to hear anybody else but herself own voice... We tries to contact this place with the information they provided us but tries to call for 2 days and we can't even get a hold of them so finally we use an email address that my friend used to adopted a pet before... to be honest this place is so awful their service don't even deserve one ☆ if I have a choice????????

Lilian Oscar (Dr. Lilian)

2 years ago

We found this place by accident, meant to call another place but I’m glad we ended up here. Wow ???? wonderful place, clean with friendly staff, service is great and they don’t charge you arms and legs. Our 16 years old family cat was very sick so we needed a veterinarian to see her. Dr. Rodriguez saw our cat ???? Asal. Although she told us the very hard reality but she also was so kind and compassionate. ???? we give 10 stars ⭐️ to the doctor and staff. Dr. Made the journey for our beautiful Asal very easy and pleasant. Thank you doctor ????♥️???? I’m loving memories of Asal who went to heaven on April 28 2021 ????????♥️

Cristiane Bettinger

2 years ago

The lady from the reception should be fired. She has lot of problems.


2 years ago

The old lady who works in the front has a lot of problems. She must be fired. She doesn’t represent the shelter.


2 years ago

They will only accept animals from Garden Grove.

Gum gum

2 years ago

They wanted a $800 to release my ESA after not contacting for 6 days but they took the time to send a letter about my dog which take time I called as soon I got my letter how messed is that why is the surrender fee more then getting my dog back I can't even afford that just sad

Rich B

2 years ago

Managed by rude staff, I can only imagine how they treat the rescues in the shelter.

Taylor Tunstall

2 years ago

THE FRONT DESK LADIES ARE INCREDIBLY RUDE. It’s sad that animals are in their care. I’m shocked with how many bad reviews there are on these ladies they haven’t been fired.

Eliana Ulloa

2 years ago

They are the reason we never saw our dog again. A while back we called to see if they had our dog. We had not found our dog because somebody had purposefully let her out (she had a dog door and was barking by our gate door). We told them what she looked like and told them she was chipped. (she was a pure bred yorkie and considering how small the shelter is and how distinct yorkies are they should have known). They said she was not there. We went in person as well and found out she was given to a RANDOM PERSON who said she was THEIR DOG. They lied to us and we have not seen Frida again, hopefully she is in a better home now.

Gillian Farr

2 years ago

Called the front desk and was totally and utterly disrespected by the front desk worker while I was talking she told be to pause so she could take a bite of her food but I kept talking then she said how rude to me and hung up. Would not take my animals here

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