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Vlasta Janulikova

2 years ago

Wow, Craig is very professional and extremely helpful guy. I was looking for help to save my Betta fish. When I find Aquarium Doctor and spoke to Craig he knew right away how to help me. He didn't mind when I called a few times during the night. He was always so patient with me. He is amazing. Aquarium Doctor is the best. Highly recommend.

Jose Bernal

2 years ago

Craig was very helpful over the phone giving me advice on my sick fish.a plan was given to me to follow in During this difficult time

Viktoria Wiseman

2 years ago

Ohhh my God!!! Let me tell you!!! I'm extremely new to taking care of fish, like just knowing to put flakes in the tank new and I called and right away, Craig helped me out so much. Answered my one thousand plus questions and concerns and did everything he could to give me understanding as well as letting me know what's wrong. I have one Cichlid that I started taking care of for almost a year that was my grandpa's fish and I just got a new aquarium, since we had to throw away the old one, and I put in everything needed and let it sit a few days before introducing Little Fish (his name) and he went into shock even with water readings and everything normal but I didn't know what was happening. Doctor Craig let me know everything and was wonderful and extremely patient. Will definitely be a fish patient mom for life.

Olivia Magruder

2 years ago

I have been struggling to figure out why all my fish are passing away, I’ve gone to so many aquatic stores for help and keep telling me it’s probably hight nitrate and ammonia which mine reads 0. No one was giving me answers. I called Doctor Aquarium inc as a last resort and educated me so much and figured out my alkalinity and ph was too low. Best advise I’ve gotten!

Jessiline Berry

2 years ago

I found Aquarium Doctor when weeks of internet searches and YouTube videos about how to treat my betta’s fin rot were driving me crazy with their contradictions. I just needed a real person with real knowledge and experience to help me in real time. With just a phone call, Craig gave me some fish-mom education that I, admittedly, should’ve known prior to bringing my betta home. The learning curve is steep when they’re already sick and I hate seeing my little guy suffer! At any rate, Craig gave me some perspective about the timeline of my betta’s recovery and the importance of being pristine with water care in his hospital tank and his home tank. Craig sent me some foundational info and I ended the call feeling a renewed hope and more knowledgeable about how to help my betta. Then I joined some great betta care Facebook groups where I’ve gotten the follow up support I needed.

senders people

2 years ago

Absolutely wonderful experience with The Aquarium Doctor . Took a call from me at almost midnight when I was worried about my sick beloved Betta fish . Craig is great and is continuing to help me with the products and how to use them even tomorrow !

Paula Prosser

2 years ago

Very helpful! Explained things well!

Sam Solakyan

2 years ago

Best place for all your aquarium needs. The owner is very helpful and knowledgeable. I called him on Sunday, and even though I hadn’t spent a penny with his company the owner gave me free advice and walk me through everything step-by-step.

Alexis L

2 years ago

I had a quick consult with Craig about my betta fish. It was convenient to contact him and he was quick to respond kindly to my concerns!

K Wallace

2 years ago

Called Craig for some advice on my sons sick betta fish. He picked up the phone right away and gave me some preliminary steps on water tests. Continued communication with him via text after that where he gave me more advice. Unfortunately it was too late for the betta but I am much more educated on how to handle these situations or better yet prevent them.Thanks Craig!

tonatiuh villegas

2 years ago

I called these guys with questions about my sick beta fish and they were very quick to help me and provided a lot of information that I did not know I would highly recommend this service and I will be coming back to them in the future when I need more help they give me the answers I needed but unfortunately I exhausted my free question so I most likely will be calling back and making a donation which is perfectly fine by me

Kerry Siddhartha

2 years ago

I called on a Saturday night at 6:00pm because I w as worried about my Betta fish and Craig was amazing with me! He was compassionate and asked me to tell him everything that’s going on with my fish. Then he explained to me some facts about caring for bettas and offered a possible solution and he sent me links to purchase the items he suggested and even asked me to let him know what the results were once I used the new test kit. He really cares and it shows! Thank you so much Craig and Ned Beattyfish thanks you too!

Karo Aghavelyan

2 years ago

I found Aquarium Doctor on yelp when my Betta fish wasn't feeling well. Craig helped me and my betta with a great advice, pointed me in the right direction and followed up with useful links. Craig was very professional and patient with me and answered all my questions over the phone. He is very knowledgeable and the advice he gave me is actually working wonders Thank you Aquarium Doctor and Craig!! Highly recommend

My Stone Care

2 years ago

We've been having aquarium problems, and the store we purchased our fish from has been of little help. I called the Aquarium Doctor to schedule an in-home consultation, and was connected to Craig. In a brief 10 minute conversation, I learned more more from him than all the wasted visits to the fish store combined. He was able to provide immediate, actionable advice that may well save my fish. There is no substitute for knowledge and professionalism, and the Aquarium Doctor provided both. HIGHLY recommended!

Louis Jim

2 years ago

My ranchu was sick with dropsy, her scales puffed out and her body swollen 50% larger. This is supposed to be a death sentence I read online and so as a last resort I looked up if there were any fish doctors. I found the Aquarium Doctor and Greg texted me back immediately. After a few diagnostic questions and a picture of our fish, Greg advised me to make two changes regarding the temperature and the pH of the water. He told me that the salt I had added to the aquarium could not help until those other parameters were in place. The ranchu fought on and, within four weeks, is now mostly healed! Her scales are almost back to normal and she is back to her typical size, lively and happy as ever. A persistent white patch on her head has cleared up and her skin has never looked better. Greg is a true professional--always available and quick to recognize what is needed. My ranchu would not have made it without his expertise. This is what all doctors should be like.

Paul Krause

2 years ago

This acquatic doctor responds very quickly! I will use again in the future.

nessa t

2 years ago

Amazing person, he gave me so much advice for free and took in my call really late at night, very grateful for such a great doctor! He walked me through what I needed to do, and gave me links for additional help! So glad I contacted this doctor! I really recommend if you need help with your fish.

Jesse Wrobel

2 years ago

Craig was really informative and gave me plenty of info to make sure my new tank thrives.

Elaine Jim

2 years ago

Reached out to Aquarium Doctor at 9:09 PM about my ranchu that has dropsy, and received a reply from Craig in less than 5 minutes! That's dedication and passion! I only wish that I had found Aquarium Doctor earlier in the day so that I could have gotten the recommended test kit to test the water parameters. In the mean time, I must lower the temperature 65-75 degrees. Just extremely grateful for Craig's guidance and hope that any one else out there with a sick fish can avoid the mistake I did by not finding them earlier and reaching out.

Avalon Lafosse

2 years ago

Craig is amazing! He is an expert and very helpful! He has been giving us advice for our gold fish that is not feeling well at all. He even took my call at 11:30pm the other night and walked us through what to do and what we needed to buy to help stabilize his water. I really appreciate having someone so knowledgeable out there!!! thank you! Don't hesitate to contact them.

Rene' Coker

2 years ago

Craig was very helpful in suggesting options over the phone to help resolve the issue with the tank. It's rare these days for anyone to offer helpful advice over the phone. It's very much appreciated, thank you for your helpful and friendly advice.

Wendy Blue

2 years ago

I give top stars to Craig from Aquarium Doctor! I had an emergency with my betta fish because of bad advice from another place. He called me asap and gave me very knowledgeable advice. He took his time and explained everything with patience to me. I feel confidence in him and am so grateful I found Aquarium Doctor. Thank you Craig!!!

Antonio Patron

3 years ago

Great Bacon Avocado Cheese Burgers ???? ???????????? and the staff is very friendly. Nice to dine in too. But under these circumstances I take out M'mmmm bueno.

traci shannon

3 years ago

Aquarium pro! My formerly pet-less kids won a goldfish unexpectedly. I know nothing about freshwater aquariums (or any aquarium for that matter). Craig was invaluable when we purchased a arger aquarium for our new little goldfish, Nemo. We were worried about Nemo in moving him to a new tank, and Craig was so incredibly helpful in the process of setting up a new aquarium environment. He also recommended products for testing. Super fast response time, and clear communication, which I really appreciate. Highly recommend for his expertise in keeping our fish tank stable and safe for our fish. Thank goodness for the Aquarium Doctor!

Tim Fetta

3 years ago

Super great service and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend this service A+

Susan Elling

3 years ago

One of the kindest and most knowledgeable persons I’ve ever met. He moved my two aquariums, 62 and 40 gallons, including all the water to my new home! And he did with great care. What a great service giving me a huge stressor off my plate while moving. A couple weeks after the move I had some questions about the fish and their care and he answered and offered information that really helped. It’s nice to know this guy and his services. I highly recommend.

Shayla Williams

3 years ago

For all things aquatic this is the place to go! Very professional, these guys really know their stuff, and can answer any question for you. Chris helped me when I was at my wit's end with my aquarium, not only did he tell me just what I needed to know,what was going on with my tank and the next steps to take, he was also patient and understanding of my concerns. He also offered a six-week follow up on my tank. Excellent customer service!!

Sammy Z

3 years ago

Craig is an awesome guy. I’ve bought tanks from him. Had his help w fish that had gotten sick. He really cares to help. Great guy. I recommend him.

Omar Sanchez

3 years ago

I was truly amazed by how perfessional and knowledgeable this doctor is. Extremely helpful and answers every question in detail

Lizette Ceja

3 years ago

Craig was extremely helpful when asked about our Oscar fish that isn’t doing too well. He was super quick to respond to any questions and help guide us on the next steps. Thank you so much for all your assistance, Craig!

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