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Teegan Goldberg

2 years ago

Love this place!! The owners are so friendly and helpful

Kristy Rogers

2 years ago

Love these wonderful people ????????????????????????????

George Oleary

2 years ago

From the moment we walked in, we were treated like family. Juan, the owner, his wife and two boys are so wonderful! Juan spent more than 2 hours showing us all the birds and helping us choose the right Bird for us, & he allowed me to hold & pet quite a few birds!!...And to top it off, they fed my husband and I with homemade tamales, which were out of this world delicious! Juan and his wife, I forget the wife's name and the two boys. I had breast cancer and had chemo for a year, so I lost my short-term memory. Anyway, they spent so much time educating us and telling us what to & what not to feed them how to care for them what to look for, even books he said he could hook me up with! ???? I was just so impressed with everything that this family did..they were incredibly wonderful sweet and gentle and nice to everyone. Thank you Juan and family for being so wonderful!! Part two of my review will be coming soon, so look for it under Kristy Rogers. Ok .going to bed, it's 1:56 a m. and I've got to finish my laundry. Good night all and Merry Christmas to Juan's family and to everyone else God bless you all, Kristy Rogers of my review will be following very soon under Christie Rogers Merry Christmas everyone and God bless.!!!

Alex Mendoza

2 years ago

Great guy knows a lot about his trade . Definitely a place that works using love to treat their animals before you have them at your home

Jason Biberston

2 years ago

Great family run business. Always very helpful. Best reptile store in the high desert.

Crystal Reay

2 years ago

Lots of awesome different kinds of animals..a lil pricey..but good

robert valdez

2 years ago


Tammy Feinberg

2 years ago

Animals look healthy for the most part, but they are overcrowding some of their birds and lizards.

Amanda Brown

2 years ago

I personally really enjoy this pet shop. Nice and knowledgeable.

Kimberly Martinez

2 years ago

Great prices. They have everything and anything you need. Great and friendly staff

Jasmine Ayala

2 years ago

We bought a lovebird very recently and it very suddenly just dropped dead. Called the owner and they blamed it on us "cooking near it" even though it wasn't even in the kitchen it was in its own room fed and watered regularly.

Ron Colorado

2 years ago

Person over the phone was rude.

Rachel Sazo

2 years ago

They have all kind of birds,and other animals

Julia Adams

2 years ago

This place is very disorganized. animals crowded into one cage. snakes cages are growing mold. To many turtles in one cage making them flip on back. I won't be going back

Josh Kaliher-Valdez

2 years ago

This place is the biggest scam ever. They sold me a bird who I wholeheartedly believe was sick. We watched birds die in their cages, there were sick birds and the birds and other animals are kept in terrible conditions. I bought the bird for my girlfriend who is extremely experienced in bird keeping yet the lovebird died only a couple of days after purchasing. She is extremely devastated and the man who spoke to me over the phone insisted it was her fault because she "cooked something around it" but her bird wasn't even in the same room as the kitchen! Would rate it 0 stars or less if I could!

Isabella Cisneros

2 years ago



2 years ago

I like this pet shop great selection of birds a bit pricy like pricier than most other shops thus one less star but the staff is friendly and they fad a baby pig so highly recommend

Bridgette Walker

2 years ago

This store sold my cousin a bird that died less than 2 weeks after she purchased her and are refusing to compensate her. She is a fairly experienced bird owner who has kept birds for many years and already had a bird prior to getting this one. The two female birds got along very well and rarely fought, and always had access to food and clean water. This bird was housed next to one that appeared sick and I am certain this shop knowingly sold my cousin a sick bird. DO NOT shop here, especially for pets. To sell sick animals is unethical and simply wrong. This store is scamming people out of their money.

Malibus Empire

2 years ago

Small family-owned business very knowledgeable and very nice. My son got his tortoise here

Tanya Zipp

2 years ago

This is such a cool place with all kinds of different reptile's and a lot more!

veronica varela

2 years ago

When you walk in you're greeted with a sign that says "no photos or videos". Animals look overcrowded in their cages. There were roosters in with the little piggies, watched the poor little piggies get poo'd on ????. No one said hello to us when we came in, and there was like 5 people working. No one said anything to us the whole time while in their. Very small, inventory boxes all over the place. Looks like a fire hazard waiting to happen.

Fredrick Hess

2 years ago

They're very helpful they are very kind and all their pets are in very good health so if you are looking for a pet I recommend them

David Mielke

2 years ago

This is a nice place. The reptiles look really healthy. Good service

Maria Valdivia

2 years ago

We bought two draft hamsters and specifically said males and gave me a male and female . Returned the first time came home with another female (twice now)reproduced . I called and ask the manager that we were supposed to get males from the beginning. Asked that if we could take all of them back and exchange for a guiena pig which at $6. Each should of been enough . And if not I would pay the difference. The the manager says oh we don't sale them at $6 . Well I have my recipt and it said $6. Then she makes an excuse oh because sometime we sale them at 4or 3 .How funny she didn't want us to exchange but she wanted me to bring her all of the rest of the hamsters . That makes no sense so she can sell them when she gets them from free. Should of exchange out of courtesy for their mistake. Well obviously they don't know what they are doing there so do expect to go home with a certain gender because eventually they have no cue . I would of gave them a zero star but was not allowed inorder of reviews

Vanesa Mejia

2 years ago

Loved this location very helpful and clean location.

Stephanie Rodriguez

2 years ago

Love this place, staff is very friendly and have a variety of pets. However, the birds are in very tiny cages. The ROOSTERS are in BIRD cages. Animal control wouldn’t like that...someone please let the owners or animal control know these poor animals need bigger space.They also sell small cages as well. yikes!

Sherri Davis

2 years ago

I come here to stock up on my dog food, the ladies are friendly and super helpful. Best deals around!!

Jordan Fuentes

2 years ago

Wonderful selection of equipment and decent pricing. Very nice staff, ready and eager to help.

Joceline Lopez

2 years ago

The animals are not well taken care of here- i wanted to take pictures for proof but they have signs saying no photos. I came in looking to buy a live aquatic plant for my aquarium and they had no idea what i was talking about. Not sure how they remain open.

Brian Russell

2 years ago

Overpriced and bad product almost killed my fish with a price of wood from here avoid it buy online

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