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Toni Cox

2 years ago

Priced for working class pets. Dr. Singer is a decent human being. Grateful he is different from other blood sucking vets.

Gary degero

2 years ago

Team is great and so nice. Dr. Singer is great ????

Anne Barron

2 years ago

We appreciate the personal attention Dr Singer givesv to our senior dog every time we come in.

C Aldana

2 years ago

At times, felt the vet was unnecessarily rude/short with me but I try to understand that he is seeing pets not only at their best but also their worst and in many cases at their last breath. Although they are busy, they try to take good care of my felines, offer best suggestions, meds, etc so pets can live as long as possible. They have reasonable pricing for exams and pet meds.

Gill Ulloa

2 years ago

They did a surgery on my two-year-old German shepherd scout and I'm blessed that they did they did an excellent job Thank you all

Kerry Griffin-Balogun

2 years ago

Took Great Care Of My Bruno!! The Staff Is Very Professional and Friendly

anthony pimentel

2 years ago

My animals have been patients here for over 15 years I called to get my pets some flea medication the staff told me no problem to come in when I get there they told me all my pets need exams which they didn't tell me over the phone And would not let me get their medication. I was upset about the situation and left try to return a month later to then get the medication and was told that they will no longer see my animals do That's right to not being nice to staff Excuse me but isn't this a free world and I have the right to be upset from being told something and and then wasting my time and trying to get more money out of me. I will never Refer anyone to this place as they are non professional and need to get better staff

Theresa Madrid

2 years ago

They are so attentive to me and my dog. They show so much love towards my dog Everytime they see her.


2 years ago

This clinic “accidentally” THREW AWAY our family’s dog ashes & did not plan on informing us until we reached in regards to when we would be receiving them. I’m not sure what more I could say about how heartbreaking this is for us.

Jay Kessler

3 years ago

We were concerned about our daughter's gecko not eating and were offered an appointment the day we called due to the practice's longer hours on Wednesdays. We were greeted in a very friendly manner by Laurie and Dr. Singer was very knowledgeable and informative.

Cyndi Schaar

3 years ago

I had a kitty issue and was helped thanks to a great staff I'm so thankful to get my kitty help she need desperately needed. The dr was very quick and responsive with questions and concerns and communications after care is awesome ty you so much.

Jose Sic Cua

3 years ago

This is a great veterinary practice. Dr. Singer is a knowledgeable and ethical vet. The whole staff is a caring and compassionate team. The prices are reasonable. I highly recommend this practice.

Teresa English

3 years ago

I'm always confident that my pets are going to get the care that they need! I've been using Noble Vet for many years! The staff is always very friendly, and helpful, and the Dr. Singer is a top notch Vet in my opinion! ????

Rhya Kim_93

3 years ago

They took care of my cat without any issues it’s a must that you take your pets here

Soledad Padilla

3 years ago

I called about my beloved chihuahua who has been battling an illness and we had to do the inevitable. It was probably the most difficult decision we've made as a family. From the moment I called and gave them my name they knew who I was talking about and guided me through the process. They gave us privacy and allowed the family to be present to say our last goodbyes. I would definitely recommend this clinic. They understand your needs.

Ruben Esqueda

3 years ago

I took my rooster for the vet, to check on him because of his wing maybe it’s a tumor not sure, but the vet didn’t know neither, so he suggested to cut the wing for close to $500,00 so I said that’s too much, they tried to give me some options to pay but I said no, then they offered some programs to put him down to which I said no thanks, so I told my wife to pick up the Rooster( by the way I don’t fight roosters, this one is a pet my family’s favorite). Seems that because I didn’t do any of what they suggested, they call animal control and a sheriff came to my house that we’re not supposed to have roosters in Castro valley, which I know but I have the roosters in Ceres not in alameda County, I just brought him to Hayward to the vet because of my work , so why did they call the sheriffs? They told me that because they worried about the rooster health, really how is he gonna be? I have a dying rooster why don’t you answer that for me? What if I had pay the $500 that’s my question, so don’t trust this place they will get you some how if you don’t spend your money, to all of this I paid about $80 so they could call the sheriffs on me.

Michael Saner

3 years ago

This is a place that you can take your pets to be cared for by friendly and professional staff.

Ana Estrella Rodriguez

3 years ago

They are very welcoming and they always treat my fur baby great.

Jeanne Charles

3 years ago

Dr. Singer and the staff truly care about my fur babies, which I greatly appreciate. Everyone is nice, and they're always honest about what care options are necessary.

tom joe

3 years ago

Dr. Singer is wonderful, hands on and very loving with your pets!,extremely knowledgeable,saved one of our feral's eyesight!

Sylvia Choi

3 years ago

Staff didn’t seem to be caring and the manager’s attitude is unprofessional. Went to a second vet and got a different diagnosis that this clinic didn’t catch.

shamond wilson

3 years ago

It's great in price and really professional lil spot to go to. I'm very happy to have gone here. They are now are now our number one spot and we want to 3 other places that were pretty good but this spot is the best. I'm happy to have found this place!

nicole channel

3 years ago

I have no words to describe how incompetent this doctor is, my beloved budgie bird was having Breathing problems and I took him to this vet, to Get treated for his breathing problem and the doctor said my Bird was Perfectly fine, I mention to the doctor my concern about the tail bobbing, and that I think that was a sign of a respiratory infection, He told me that I was probably right? and he was going to administer Vitamins and a Antibiotic shot, after a week my bird was not getting any better, in fact he was getting worse I made an appointment with another avian vet down south, As soon as I drop him off to the new vet, I get a call from the new vet and she told me that my Bird was in Bad shape, The doctor told me that my poor bird had a stomach infection and also a breathing infection And I need it to leave him overnight because he was doing very bad, I agreed. The next morning I had a call from the doctor telling me that my beautiful bird had passed Away! I was devastated, as well as my daughter and my whole entire family as we loved our bird dearly Now I have to pick up my bird in a box and bury him, so sad???? All I have to say if you love your birds don't ever bring it to this doctor, as he'll give him the wrong meds, He doesn't know anything about birds I will never bring any animal here. Fyi this place has 4.8 stars on Google, I wish I would had seen this yelp reviews before I brought him here.

Mitch Culver

3 years ago

We've got 8 animals.. takes care of all them.. they all healthy.. thanks to Noble.. very knowledgeable.. helpful explaining what's the best way to keep them that way.. been a customer for decades.. tried others thru the years..But realized you can't beat the best!!!

ellen amedie

3 years ago

Very professional, caring, great customer service, reasonable price.

Annie Goddard

3 years ago

They were awesome! Came in for the puppy package and they answered all my questions. I am new to puppies have always adopted older dogs. They loved on my little husky Millie May and made her feel safe and loved. Dr. Singer and the techs are beautiful people. This will be her lifelong vet. :)

C Smith

3 years ago

I'm very happy with Dr Singer and his staff. They are caring, and do great work. I appreciate that they consider we are working together for the health of my pets.

Earl McCauley

3 years ago

Dr. Singer has provided excellent care of our 2 kids for the past dozen years. He has been all we would expect; professional, personable, compassionate and very transparent. One aspect that sets him apart from the many vets we've seen is he explains things in great detail, which is so much appreciated. Our 2 kids have since "moved on", but we have many memories of the great care Dr. Singer provided to our 2 kids and to us personally.

Cathy Livingston

4 years ago

We were very satisfied patients of Dr. Mobile's for many years, so I recently brought in my 3 yr. old ESA cat for a urinary tract issues. Dr. Singer apparently did an examination without my presence, made a diagnosis (made excuses for not exactly knowing what the problem was,) and without any consultation with me or providing a cost estimate, he administered treatment consisting of LRS fluids subcutaneously (not intravenously. No blood work or urinalysis was performed, but Dasuquin was prescribed for "crystals" in the urinary tract. Dr. Singer was unable to give me any information on the medication and, frankly, told me "they don't really know how or why it works, but it does." I paid approximately $150 and didn't receive an invoice or explanation and breakdown of the charges. He also provided me with Ziploc bag containing a urine specimen jar with a small amount of aquarium gravel, a syringe, and detailed instructions for collecting a specimen which was to be returned to him in 10 days. (The gravel was only a sample, and I was to purchase a large bag of the non--absorbing "litter" to accomplish this. No cost estimates or advices were provided about SUBSEQUENT visitsThe next day, I called to tell them the cat was experiencing significant swelling on the left side of his face. I brought him back in, examined him without my presence again, and gave him an injection of, apparently, antibiotics, citing a temperature of 102.5. An additional $111 was paid, in full. A week later, my cat is still in distress, presenting bloody urine droplets. When I arrived, I was asked to pay an additional office exam fee of $54. On a limited income widows benefit, at the end of the month, I explained that I didn't have funds immediately available to cover it and requested to make other arrangements, i.e., waiving all or a portion of the follow-up exam fee, making payment after the 1st of the month, or smaller installments. Again, the cat was examined in my absence, and returned to me in the waiting room. They told me that because of my "financial hardship," it would be best to take him to the SPCA "because they handle stuff like that." Dr. Singer was sitting at the reception desk when I clarified my request for an accomodation on the billing, not free or low cost services. They explained that without payment of $54 up front, the Dr. couldn't see us. I asked what my prior $250 covered, as this was a follow-up, and for clarification of the diagnosis; had there been a urinalysis, was there a bacterial infection, or an obstruction? I basically wanted to know what I had already paid for and what had been done so I could tell the other vet. With that, Dr. Singer stood up and told the techs to leave so he could handle my questions. He was immediately condescending of my financial position, and suggested that I was irresponsible for the health and welfare of an animal. I asked him to consider alternative payment plans, and he refused to see us without payment of a $54 exam fee up front. He then told me to leave and not come back. They provided a printout of the services as Dr. Singer berated me for forgetting that he had "explained" everything to me already. When I asked if we actually knew what the problem was, since the treatments obviously weren't working, and a urinalysis to confirm the appropriate antibiotic for bacterial infection, he refused to answer. He shoved the one-page "report" at me with no further explanation whatsoever. He was arrogant and antagonistic, and I commented on his level of professionalism. He then made derogatory comments about my character and insulted me, telling me to "get out and don't come back!" I was like, Really? He then followed me out the door to my car, harassing me like I was stupid. I asked him to please back away, go back inside, and stop the rude behavior. He persisted even when I asked him why he was following me outside and wasting his precious billable time. The bottom line...Dr. Singer failed to provide professional services, and harassed and bullied me when I questioned him.

Ana Aparicio

4 years ago

My husband took our chameleon in b/c he seemed dehydrated. He received treatment and within a few hours our pet was dead. I called to and was told that my chameleon must have been too sick or the treatment was too much for him to handle. Personally, this seems very unethical, if you knew my chameleon was too sick why would you suggest treatment. Not only that, my pet was still active just behaving out of the norm. So, his death was unexpected. The purpose of taking your pet into the vet is to receive proper treatment and an honest, professional opinion. Sadly, this was our first and only visit to this place. If I could give this place zero stars I would.

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