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Summer Prueitt

2 years ago

Dr. Ma was incredible and I am so thankful I found her. She gave my 18.5 year old dog Lucy a beautiful gift by helping her trip over the rainbow bridge be peaceful and painless. She got to fall asleep warm and surrounded by love, and even grieving her loss, I am so grateful for the death I was able to give her with Dr. Ma's help.

Vinesh Nair

2 years ago

I could not say enough about Dr. Ma. Absolutely, amazing human being. I do not think anyone could have been as gentle, caring and compassionate when it was time for us to say goodbye to our Scotty. We very apprehensive and were very worried throughout but Dr Ma put all our worries to ease. I am so very thankful to people who refered us and to Dr Ma and Come Pet Hospice for everything they did during and afterwards.

Victoria Hernandez

2 years ago

My precious baby girl Minnie’s health took a turn for the worst last week (due to a brain tumor) and she let me know with her eyes that she was ready to go. The following morning, I sent Dr. Ma a text message to let her know that it was time. She immediately got back to me and quickly scheduled Minnie’s transition. I had previously contacted Dr. Ma when I was going to put her to sleep a month ago and ended up canceling since she got better. But I saved her contact information because I knew I was going to need it and sure enough, I did. Dr. Ma arrived to my house on Saturday morning and helped my family and I give Minnie a peaceful transition to heaven in the comfort of our home. Minnie was surrounded by a lot of love, tranquility and the people that loved and raised her. Although the entire process was heartbreaking, our farewell couldn’t have been more perfect and beautiful. Through this review, I would love to extend my sincere gratitude and respect to Dr. Tiffany Ma. When I first found out that Minnie had a brain tumor, I started planning her “end-of life” and knew that I wanted to do an in home euthanasia. I kept Dr. Ma’s information ready when Minnie’s time came. Dr. Ma was very sweet, supportive and patient to our family’s needs and wishes. We wanted Minnie’s transition to heaven to be peaceful, private and without any rush. As a family, we wanted to say goodbye to Minnie in our own way. Dr. Ma, with her calming presence, gave us plenty of time and space for it. She really helped us make this process very heartfelt and smooth in the comfort of our home even though our hearts were aching. Dr. Ma gave Roxy (Minnie’s surviving companion) her moment to say goodbye to her sister, best friend and leader of the pack. She informed me that it was important for Roxy to be there so that she can understand life and death. Dr. Ma’s sweet presence helped Roxy remain calm throughout the entire process even while she was grieving for the loss of her sister. Dr. Ma provided two paw clays, a heart shaped container to cut and save my baby’s curls. During Minnie’s passing, she lit a candle and ended up giving it to my family and I. She told us that every time we thought of Minnie, to light this candle in memory of her. When Dr. Ma was preparing to leave with Minnie, she wrapped her up in a blanket like a baby and placed her in a basket. Minnie looked so peaceful as if she was sleeping. Afterwards, she placed her in the car and on the passenger seat (with the seat belt on). My family and I felt that it was so dignified and respectful the way Dr. Ma treated Minnie even after her passing. Dr. Ma even provided my family and I resources and materials on coping with our grief and how to honor our memories of Minnie. Including how to help Roxy with her loss. Dr. Ma was very informative and cared about our emotional and mental health. Lastly, she took care of notifying Minnie's vet, neurologist and optometrist of her passing-- so that my family and I didn't have to deal with a lot and can focus on our healing process. When I posted on my social media about Minnie’s passing and our experience with the in-home euthanasia, I had friends and family reach out to me asking more about this experience and Dr. Ma's contact information. I was more than happy to do so and provide her web link. An in home euthanasia was the best decision that my family and I made for Minnie and we are eternally grateful for her services, comfort and guidance. On behalf of my family and I, we highly recommend Dr. Ma if you want an intimate experience to say goodbye to your beloved pet.

Shirley Harvey

2 years ago

Made a difficult experience tolerable

Andrea Atkins

2 years ago

This is an amazing service, I am completely blown away by the level of care and compassion this team provided during our darkest moments. I started looking for providers, hysterical, in the middle of the night when my super senior dog took a turn for the worse. I scheduled a next day appointment online easily, and the receptionist was totally willing to accommodate my request for an outdoor appointment due to covid. I received plenty of information before my appointment to prepare us for the process. I didn't have to worry about any details; their team took care of everything for me including cremation, giving my family time to spend together and heal. Dr. Scott has a bedside manner that is unbelievable. Words cannot express my gratitude for this in-home service and outstanding team.

Nicolas delose

3 years ago

When it came time to put down our sweet little dog, Dr. Ma walked us through this difficult process with compassion and care. She was so gentle and I loved that she said “you can take as little or as much time with your pet as you need. I will just need waiting outside of sight “ She is very detailed - used a blanket and a basket for our little dog. This experience was peaceful, loving and kind. I strongly recommend her care and support for the difficult journey of seeing your beloved pet through their last hours.

Boo Boo FreFre

4 years ago

As hard as it is Dr. Ma is fantastic.

Tancie Mette'

4 years ago

I knew the time was near that the kindest thing I could do for Asia, soulmate of 18yrs, was to let her go. I didn’t want to stress her, or me, by going to a vet. I was recommended Dr. Ma, by a fellow animal advocate. Dr Ma came to our home. She made a heartbreaking decision, bearable. She spent almost 2 hrs with Asia and I. Just talking, getting to know Asia, no rush, everything is geared towards the owners and pets comfort. If that time comes, that you need to help your companion cross the bridge, peacefully quietly, in the comfort of their own home, and in your lap, and free of pain, I can’t recommend Dr Ma enough. She is kind, compassionate. She is also concerned with you, and the grief and emotions you will go through. She will be there for you. I’m so very grateful to have found her. Tancie, Asia’s long time Mom.

Kathy Chidester

4 years ago

Dr. Ma was so compassionate and loving. I would highly recommend this service if needed.


4 years ago

Dr Ma is amazing. She was so kind and considerate in helping me say goodby to my 17 year old miniature poodle.

D Mason

5 years ago

During the entire process, Dr. Ma showed me and my family great kindness and support. She's patient, professional, and very good at what she does. It's apparent that she loves animals and receiving her level of care assured us that we made the right decision to do mobile euthanasia for our little Zoey. Zoey was in her favorite space with her favorite people, and passed peacefully. Thank you Dr. Ma for your compassion and everything that you do. We appreciate you!

Debbie Hidalgo

5 years ago

Dr. Ma helped get us through a very tough time. Our ailing 15 year old shih tzu had been sick for many months and was only getting worse. Dr. Ma made her passing a very personal experience in our home. Thank you for what you do.

Laura Gilardi

5 years ago

Because of Dr. Ma, I now believe in angels. I still get choked up thinking of the care she showed to my 'little boy' and to me. Incomparable.

Robert Jewell

5 years ago

Very professional. Extremely compassionate. Guided us clearly through the process of saying goodbye to our golden retriever of 15 years. Heartily recommend.

Robin Cohelan

5 years ago

This is THE place to go!! We tried another Doctor years ago and we didn't feel we had time to say Goodbye. But Compassion Pet Hospice was perfect. My husband and I will be forever grateful for the beautiful way this sad day unfolded.

Catherine Luce

5 years ago

Dr. Tiffany helped make our older Dog's life comfortable as he aged with some conditions. when it was time to say goodbye, she came to our home and made a sad goodbye a loving experience


5 years ago

Our family recently had to say goodbye to two of our beloved dogs within weeks of each other and the pain was immense. Dr. Ma showed such patience, kindness and genuine respect for the bond between people and their furry family members. We will never be able to thank Dr. Ma enough for the gentle, loving care that she showed to us as well as to our beloved pets. With her help, they were able to leave this world in the same comfortable and loving space that they lived. Thank you, Dr. Ma, for making Toby & Phoebe’s transitions so peaceful, loving and full of compassion. ????????????????

Richard Geiger

6 years ago

Dr. Tiffany Ma is an incredible, soulful, dog whisperer of a human..truly an "angel" veterinarian. Just after discovering an incredibly advanced gum infection coupled with an already debilitating back issue that rendered her unable to walk in our sweet 13+ year old "Lucy", it was clear we were going to have to carry her to the "Rainbow Bridge". We knew we wanted to honor our girl by laying her to rest comfortably in our home, and Compassion Pet Hospice came highly recommended! I honestly cannot imagine having any other person with us to hold us and guide us during such a difficult experience. Dr. Ma talked us through everything and helped us feel 100% comfortable with our decision to release our Lucy from her broken body and help her rest peacefully. She was incredibly empathetic and was right there with us through the entire process. She let us have plenty of time with Lucy to say good bye and to send her to her final rest, and honestly, she made the whole experience quite magical. We are so grateful to her for giving us such a beautiful final send off for our beloved Lucy...this is truly her life's calling!

Cynthia Farren

8 years ago

Dr Tiffany Ma is simply amazing. A friend of ours recommended her to help us with our 15 year old dog (Bridget). My only wish is that we had found her sooner as she really was a phenomenal help! If you have a pet that is starting to enter that awkward stage where vet visits are becoming overwhelmingly stressful or you would just like to be able to work with a vet who could spend more quality time evaluating your pet, give Compassion Pet Hospice a call. Dr Ma integrated with our existing vet (we didn't want to leave our current vet but getting Bridget in for office visits was no longer feasible) and became a member of the team. She came to the house and evaluated Bridget's living environment and evaluated her when she was relaxed at home (after having fully reviewed her chart history from our primary vet). She was able to make some key recommendations in both Bridget's treatment and tools to help her move around better at home. She spent hours reviewing her history, talking with us to understand her day to day living and evaluating her. Unfortunately time catches up with all of us and we had to make the choice to say goodbye to Bridget last Sunday. Dr Ma had discussed our alternatives with us in advance and we chose to say goodbye at home on our back deck. It was a beautiful Sunday with the sun shining and the sounds of the world around us. After spending the morning with Bridget celebrating her life Dr Ma came over and we had a caring goodbye allowing us to hold Bridget through her sedation and then the eventual stopping of her heart. Dr Ma then took care of matters regarding caring for Bridget's body until she can return the ashes to us. I fully believe that if we had hired Dr Ma earlier in the process that Bridget would probably have been with us a little longer and the past 6 months would definitely have been easier on her and us. It's always hard to say goodbye but I am so grateful we were able to say our goodbyes in such a loving and dignified manner suiting Bridget's life.

debbie mccallion

8 years ago

Our dog Bleu was part of our Family she was my best friend and a loyal companion for almost 11 years...we received the heart wrenching news in March that Bleu a tumor and may only have a few weeks to live I couldn't even imagine having to say goodbye to her We decided to spend the rest of bleus days keeping her as happy as comfortable as we possibly could and do our favorite things and celebrate her life instead of being sad that we would never much longer. We were lucky that we had her for 4 months more and most of that time ,she was happy and didn't know she was sick and then she started to show signs of the tumor. Her appetite was not the same and she was losing weight. My Husband and I were agonized with when the time was right was it time to say goodbye , was she suffering? ! I honestly just couldn't Bare the thought of that but we were getting close to that day. I thought that day had arrived and then we found Dr. Ma through our vet. I believe Dr. Ma is our angel she came to the house spent hours talking with us examining Bleu and told me she didn't think she was ready to leave us yet! Dr. Ma suggested pain medication, we bought her a special Bet ( Dr. Ma Suggested) she actually came over to our house the next day and let us borrow a ramp so Bleu could get on the bed easier to sleep with us which had become difficult for her. she also brought us a harness to make it easier to walk her. Dr. Ma was in constant contact with me either by phone email or text she made suggestions to make communication was there for me anytime I needed her ( and Bleu) I felt an instant connection and her compassion heart and loving spirit just shines through. She really cared about Bleu and really knew what we were going through having lost her dog "lucky" which she said the experience of taking care of lucky in his old age made her want to help others as she knew first hand how difficult it is to care for a pet at the end of it's life and try to keep them comfortable and to know truly when it is time to let your friend go. Thanks to Dr. Ma we were able to have our precious Bleu almost 3 more weeks...we saw her perk up get her appetite back and even start playing again. . Unfortunately, the tumor just got to big and her breathing was compromised and she suddenly took a turn for the worse. I called Dr. Ma because I didn't know how to make the decision she came right over that night and helped us decide it was time to say goodbye because we didn't want to see her suffer it wasn't about extending her life it was about giving her the best quality of life to the very end so we weren't going to be selfish and keep Bleu if she was suffering at all. Dr, Ma was wonderful and made the heart wrenching decision of having to say goodbye To our Bleu, such a peaceful experience for us. We did it in the comfort of our home while I was holding my precious girl Dr. ma took her time talked is through the whole thing made us feel comfortable I never felt rushed and it was just like watching my dog go to sleep. Dr. Ma stayed and comforted me she was sad for me and for my Bleu and I really felt like she was a friend genuinely cared. She was also grieving for the loss of such a special dog . she took care of getting Bleu cremated and then brought her ashes back to me last week. She greeted me with a big warm hug offered me information and Pet loss support groups and told me she still there for me even though Bleu is gone and that really means so much because I truly believe the Lord sent her to me and this is her calling. I know many people don't want to think about the loss of a pet it is very painful but I truly hope that if anyone out there is faced with a similar situation that I was in or even an aging pet that needs extra care I hope you're lucky enough to have Dr. Ma she truly was a blessing and helped us so much she's an amazing person and a wonderful that I will forever be grateful for what she did for our precious Bleu. I wish we would have found her sooner

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