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Charlene Kennedy

a year ago

Wouldn't even give 1 star if I didn't have to. I placed an order online in which I paid $35 extra dollars for my item to be overnighted. I never got an email confirming my purchase but my card was charged. I emailed them today to verify …

Rick Andrius

a year ago

EIGHT DAYS! 8 DAYS, AFTER I PLACED AN ORDER, AND 6 DAYS AFTER MY VETERINARIAN OFFICE SUBMITTED PRESCRIPTIONS, CALIFORNIA PET PHARMACY HAS DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. HASN'T EVEN CONSIDERED SHIPPING THE MEDICATIONS I ORDERED. This is grossly incompetent and clearly disdain for their customer base. Outright disrespect. (Although I have gotten AN AWFUL LOT OF SPAM EMAILS since I gave them my email address.) I have attempted repeatedly to contact them and GET NOTHING BUT SPAM EMAILS IN RESPONSE. Including a great many emails from them trying to get me to order from them again so they can again ignore me and my pets' needs. You should definitely order medications for your animals from california pet pharmacy if you want to be COMPLETELY IGNORED AND RECEIVE NOTHING!


a year ago

Order most of my meds here for three animals

Jake Raju

a year ago

Stay away from this pharmacy. After ordering my prescription and sending in the written prescription from my vet, they informed me the medicine is unavailable. After substituting a generic version (after a week and a half of waiting), they have yet to inform me of a delivery date (despite me paying for expedited shipping) and can't tell me when they will receive the generic brand from their supplier. I asked to cancel the order, and now they tell me there will be a cancellation fee. Three customer service agents I've spoken with have no idea what their job entails, and when I've been transferred to the "supervisor", all he can say is "sorry we can't do anything else for you." To top it all off, they won't honor the coupon code I used for the medicine they are substituting, telling me that "sorry, that's already the best price."

Luke Rodman

2 years ago

This company in bogus. Do not buy from them. They'll take your money & not send your order. I ordered pet medication & provided all required information from my local vet. After not receiving my order on time I emailed cpp & no response. After a few weeks pass I realized my bank account was charged a $10.00 fee from this company (CPP = California pet pharmacy) upon contacting them another time, I receive an email back saying that I was charged a $10.00 cancelation fee because they were unable to fulfill my prescription. Do not get taken like I did. Go to a credible online pet medication site.

Nicole Letchworth

2 years ago

Buyer beware- I had an issue getting my order to go through because their computer system kicked my address out as not being my address because I have a physical and PO Box. They refused to speak to my bank, accused me of yelling at them when I did not then TRIPLE charged me each time they tried to! 542.97 was taken from my checking balance that I then had to go and fight my bank to get my money back. Never again!

Madylon Harper

2 years ago

I really wanted to love this place , really did. Read alot of reviews before having my pets prescription filled here. They really have not preformed well. I called for my refill Friday morning and was on hold for over 20 mins before I opted to leave a call back #. I left me number and never received that call. I then went online to leave a message , went through checking out and a note saying this was a refill and have heard nothing back. Just not the best customer service I would expect.

Pavel itskovskiy

2 years ago

Unprofessional customer service. Twice I have submitted an order and agent disappears. Escalated to a manager who told be they have 24 hour SLA to respond although in my case no word from them well beyond their set time. Avoid this company at all costs if your loved one requires medicine in a timely manner. I would advise to order from Walmart. Although they are larger company their customer relations is on top of their game. Always call back and expedite medicine in some instances at no cost.

Brad Nickman

2 years ago

Great prices on medications for my dog. They will contact the vet to get the prescription. Shipping is really fast in California. I got my last order in two days. My dachshund and I Love CPP.

Brenda Wheeler

2 years ago

I used to order my pet meds from Ali vet and they were out one time so I started ordering from California pet pharmacy and for years they have been good and this last year they have had terrible customer service, I have been lied to time and time again I last month had to go buy from someplace else because they lied to me about when my shipment was sent, it ended up much later so I ordered 3 weeks in advance this time to make sure I would get in time,, I've been lied to now 4 times and my medication for my cat that has to have it every day has still not been sent and I got another message that they don't have the medication once again late today as once again they promised it would be mailed today.. I do not know what has happened to this company in the last year or who has taken control but I am going to look into going back to ALI VET or check in to or PETMEDS.COM online pharmacy. I'M ANGRY ???? AND DISAPPOINTED IN THE FACT MY CAT HAS NO MEDS AND THEY HAVE LIED AGAIN! I WORK FOR AN AIRLINE AND I DEAL WITH THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE DAILY AND I WON'T EVER SEND ANOTHER PERSON THEIR WAY AGAIN!! // /I'M UPDATING MY REVIEW AS I WAS CONTACTED BY A SUPERVISOR AND HE MADE THINGS RIGHT SO I WILL CONTINUE TO ORDER FROM THEM AND HOPE THAT THINGS ARE GETTING BACK ON TRACK TO HOW THEY USE TO BE!

Janine Ryle

2 years ago

Great service, easy-to-use website, and the best prices around! Thank you, CPP!

Meredith Mark

2 years ago

Every month that I order with them I have to deal with unnecessary delays caused by their antiquated process. It takes 1-3 (!!) days for them to process the order, and THEN they ship it. So when you PAY for 2-3 day shipping, it is actually 6 (!!!!) days OR MORE before the medication will actually arrive. Speaking to people on the phone is insufferable. It doesn't seem like they have a clue what is going on.

Tiffany Munster

2 years ago

Horrible. You’re not allowed to ship meds to a different address other than you’re billing address. Completely ridiculous considering many people have to live in different cities than their billing address is located. Especially in the middle of a pandemic. Not understanding or flexible. I ordered medicine for my cat that she needs ASAP but I cannot have it delivered because my billing address is in a different state. So I had to cancel my order and now I have to re-order from somewhere else and this has wasted several days, now she’s out of her medication. Time to update policies guys. You need to be more flexible for people who have different circumstances. Not willing to work with you or make adjustments. Shameful.

Becky Geist

2 years ago

Great prices and super easy to use. Plus they keep in contact with me through the whole order! I've recommended them to all my pet parent friends!

Bre Chambers

2 years ago

Great prices and super helpful customer service!

Brian J

2 years ago

They have medication in stock when most other do not. Shipping is quick and ordering is easy.

Cassie Bowman

2 years ago

I've had great experiences with California Pet Pharmacy and have used them for 2-3 years now. I order Bravecto and Interceptor Plus chews for my dogs and Revolution Plus for my cat. I also order Dasuquin with MSM and Icelandic Sardine/Anchovy Fish Oil. They have always reached out to my vet for prescription, approved and shipped quickly. I have never had an issue and had good experiences. I can recommend using this company. For some reviews I read saying charges being pulled, you are given the option for auto-ship or one time ship. I always do one time ship. I'm assuming those people did auto-ship and then complained. Just pay attention and choose which one you want. I have also compared prices with other companies and found California Pet Pharmacy to be the cheapest.

Celeste Leaver

2 years ago

Shipping is ridiculous. I ordered 3 bags of dental chews that I used to buy through my vet. I bought 3 bags because they're a good price. Originally shipping was a little less than $7. The pharmacy emailed me and said due to the weight of the item they would have to charge me an extra $10 to ship it. They don't weigh that much. Each bag is about 18 oz which is a little over 1 lb. That's a $17 shipping charge for about ~ 3.5lbs.

Chris LaFaille

2 years ago

Every other local vet and online pet pharmacy was out-of-stock, but I found my dog's hard-to-find heart medicine at CPP! CPP worked quickly with my vet and they offer his Rx at a good price. Refilling the Rx is easy and always arrives in good shape and in a timely fashion. I’m very happy with CPP..

Eagle Of Jesus 7

2 years ago

I always order online my pet’s medications, they have good prices and excellent customer service. The medications have high quality and they always send asap, you wait basically the time for the shipment you chose. For refil you have your account with the rx and previous orders. I rightly recommend.

Kang Kevin

2 years ago

I was able to buy Proviable DC here, when it was out of stock on another site. Contrary to expectations that the delivery would take a long time, I received it quickly, and I price was good because they always provide coupons.


2 years ago

Wish I could give ZERO STARS! I ordered over $200 in meds for my 14 yo dog and when I received the package, 1 of the medications was missing. I called customer service and spoke to Hailey. She had no idea how to handle this. She spoke to management & they wanted a picture of the packing slip & of the medication. How either of these items prove that I didn't receive the medication, I have no idea but I did it. When I was speaking with her, I asked to speak to a manager & no one would get on the phone. I called back and spoke to Sienna - very nice & helpful. Now the medication I should have received is OUT OF STOCK because it shipped to someone else & I have to wait until tomorrow for it to ship and they will only do 2 day shipping because it still 'falls into the window of the original shipping time' BUT if it was in the package with the others, I WOULD HAVE IT ALREADY! I spoke to manager VINCE OCHOA who was snotty and unhelpful & told me if I wanted upgraded shipping, I would have to pay for it. RIDICULOUS!

Kelly M

2 years ago

(Editing review: they eventually shipped this about a week after original ship date.) This place takes forever to ship. If you need medication for your pet in a timely manner, it won’t happen. They “shipped” my order 4 business days ago and it still hasn’t even scanned into USPS. I reside in the same state as this company, which should be a 1-2 day transit point at most.

Matthew Weissner

2 years ago

Very easy to contact them and work with them to set up a prescription order. Cost was 400% le$$ than my regular chain pharmacy. Delivery has always been early or right on time for 6 consecutive months and the notifications for shipping and tracking are both brief and informative. Although I found a local pharmacy that was even a bit cheaper, I still renewed my pets prescription with CPP without any hesitation.

Rebecca Geist

2 years ago

Great prices and easy to use. Plus they are great at keeping me updated throughout my order!

Robert Boudrie

2 years ago

Excellent service; no delay in shipping or contacting my vet. They also have decent prices and will be getting my future business. In compliance with FTC regulations I am disclosing that I am being compensated with a $14 product discount on future CPP orders as a result of a solicitation for this review, and that discount is contingent on giving 5 stars. But, they would have earned my 5 stars without a bribe.

Lisa Scott

2 years ago

Hard to order and hard to communicate with. I talked to them 3times in one week just for a refill. Mistake was made in quantity and even after talking to vet, wouldn't fix it. Now I have to call every week for a refill. But won't let you order more than 5 days out even though it takes a week and half to get to you. Always a laspe in medications.

LaDreeya M. Taylor, MPA

2 years ago

CPP has excellent customer service, reasonable prices, and always stocked.

Rich moubar

2 years ago

Do not ever purchase anything from this site!!!!! I have been ordering from this site for years and have always ordered the same thing and used the $100 to get free shipping. Now they want to charge you $10 because it evidently reached a ghostly weight that they now have to charge you. It defeats the purpose of ordering for free shipment.

Brigitte Cooper

2 years ago

I order from the CPP for over a year now, since one of our greyhounds was diagnosed with TCC ( bladder cancer) Not only do they have the best prices ( even cheaper than my Vet can order wholesale) they are so helpful, kind and friendly. Violet's meds are on authorship and it couldn't be any easier. I wish all Pharmacies were as good and customer friendly as CPP.

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