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Lynette Rabara

2 years ago

There are no correct words for me to fully express how amazing Judge is. When I first met him, my female German Shepherd had just turned two. To put it simply, she was more than a handful. Excessive barking, pulling while walking, and extremely reactive to so many things. It got to the point where I wouldn't want to take her out or even on a walk. We found out about Bay Area K9 through a friend who had trained his shepherd with Judge. I immediately reached out and scheduled a consultation. Koda boarded with Judge for eight weeks. If you're anything like me, then you can imagine how hard it was for me to leave my dog with someone I had just met. Putting Koda in the boarding program was the best decision I have ever made. He sent daily updates including pictures and videos, and I never had to wonder how she was doing or if she was being cared for. We continue to have group sessions with Bay Area K9 weekly, and it has become our favorite day of the week. Judge put in the time and effort to train and care for Koda, and his work definitely paid off. He's equipped me and my family with proper methods on handling her and we'll never be able to thank him enough. We take Koda almost everywhere we go and she's even capable of being off leash in some situations (something I never would have dared to try before her training). We still have things to work on, of course, but we are so fortunate to have Judge's continued support through all of it. Honestly, if you are looking for someone to help you train your dog, then reach out to Judge. He really takes the time to tailor his training to your situation no matter the size, age, or breed of your dog. His knowledge and skill are very clearly demonstrated in the results. Judge and Bay Area K9 have changed our lives for the better.

Angela Bilyeu

2 years ago

Long story ahead, but in summation: My German Shepherd desperately needed training and Bay Area K9 has been a blessing. They are flexible, cost effective, personable, and the training is customized to fit you and your dog. I am a travel RN and take my German Shepherd Jackson with me. I had trained my previous dog but it became clear early on that I did not have the proper tools or knowledge to train Jackson. I needed help. Jackson constantly pulled when we walked, jumped on people, and went after dogs passing by. It wasn't fun for me or the dog! Traveling for work I knew I had to have a well behaved dog so set about looking for a trainer. I needed someone who I could get started with right away because I was only in the area for the length of my contract. I contacted a few, but Judge was the only one who could see me for an evaluation the next week, and boy am I glad he was able to. The evaluation was about an hour and at the end Judge told me he had a spot and we worked out what length of program would be right for both mine and Jackson's needs. One of the things I really love about Bay Area K9 is that the costs are listed on the website, so you have some idea of what you will be paying. My work contract was originally ending in August so he offered to finish the last few via Zoom if I had to leave. Judge sent me the contract, I signed up, and started the next week. Thankfully my contract has been extended and I can complete my training in person (and may even sign up for extra classes). I have not completed all my sessions, I am a little over half way through, but the difference in Jackson is AMAZING! We can go for walks, I can take him out with me, he's learning so many new things, and so am I. We are both much, much happier. In fact, during today's sessions another dog came up to us while we were training, got about 15-20 feet away and Jackson stayed in his down position. That would not have happened 2 months ago. Judge is a great trainer and tailors the training to the dog. Instead of having a program of "First A, then B, then C, then D" he figures out what works for each dog and introduces tools when the dog is ready instead of at a specific time. Judge has also been extremely flexible with my schedule. As a nurse I don't have set days off and while we try to do the same day each week it isn't always possible. Having a trainer with that kind of flexibility is invaluable. Look, dog training isn't cheap, and the cost may be a deterrent for some people, but the value you get with Bay Area K9 is more than worth it. Judge is not overcharging (he's likely on the lower end of the cost spectrum) and the results are worth it. I started with a 16 month old, 75 lb, nippy German Shepherd who would practically pull my arm off to get to another dog; and now I have an 19 month old 95 lb German Shepherd who I can confidently walk around other dogs with almost no issues (we still have a few but hey, we're working on them). Jackson and I are both so thankful for Bay Area K9.

Maribel Mercado

2 years ago

Training with Judge has exceeded my expectations and has become one of our favorite parts of our our (my dog and I) week! My dog used to bark non stop, would try attacking bigger dogs, among other things. My dog is a lot calmer and way more obedient. I enjoy taking him on walks and I no longer have to worry if he is going to bark at other dogs. I am so excited to keep learning and seeing my dog's progress!

Shubham Gupta

2 years ago

IF YOU HAVE A LARGE BREED, STOP SEARCHING AND CALL JUDGE. Above and beyond my expectations of a trainer. Judge truly is one of the best in the Bay Area and thats putting it lightly. I started my German Shepherd With Judge's program for advanced off leash obedience in the course of 4 months. Right from the first session I could see a little spark go off in my pup and ever since she has been an absolute amazing dog to train and play with. Judge sets very specific goals and things to do during his program, and it is all tailored to your pup and progress. This ensures that you and your pup get the most out of every session. There is no sugarcoating here, very upfront so don't be shy to talk about anything that is bothering you with you pup. Judge will have something for you to do. YOU put the work in that he tells you to do, and I GUARANTEE you will see results. He for sure knows the psychology of dogs, and can even figure out what you truly worked on based on what he sees in the sessions. The best part about the private training program I am in is that although we are ahead of our planned schedule, he always has something new for me to learn and try out so that we are always moving forward and adding pieces to the puzzle. Im not even complete with the training yet and I already am comfortable having her off leash in some situations. The board and train program is also very solid. Ive seen the progress and effort Judge put in when we do group sessions. Absolutely phenomenal work. Very happy I stumbled upon the yelp page and contacted him. I guarantee no matter what dog issues or breeds you have, Judge will be able to help you out.

Julietta Mendez

2 years ago

Our then 7 month old German Shepherd was in desperate need of basic training and obedience training. His needs were beyond me, and a professional needed to step in. I contacted Judge, and by luck he had an opening. Dante did a four week board and train, and within a week we saw an amazing, and impressive improvement in his behavior and obedience. Judge is very knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced, which gave our family such comfort when we left Dante with him. Judge also gave me daily updates on Dante by sending me videos of his training. Now that we have him back, we are able to take him out for walks without struggles of him pulling or running off on us. He is now kennel and crate trained, and made such an improvement, that he's now become an inside dog! Something we never imagined Dante could be. We are very happy that he can now hang out and play with my two small children, both in doors and out doors! We are also doing the follow up group training classes every weekend, and although we live about 2.5hrs away, it is worth the commitment of keeping up with the training he received ! I highly recommend this business!

Aldo Bendaña

2 years ago

I hear all the reviews on punctuality and professionalism, but in our experience it was not nearly as bad as some say. We did have to verify if classes were on a few times but the FACT of the matter is that my dog is WAY ahead of where he was prior to enrolling in Bay Area K9 obedience courses. I have learned the skills to work with my dog and frankly the training was for the handlers (wife & I) and not the dog. Sometimes you have to be stern with your dog to correct unwanted behavior they have grown accustomed to getting away with because the handler has allowed it. It's a stepping stone to getting the dog where you want him to be. Once corrected there is no or less need for sternness IMO. I've been to the group trainings, I've seen all the different level of handlers and how a dog will not cooperate unless corrected immediately at time of infraction. Some folks just don't have the stomach for discipline. Go look at a pack of dogs and see how they would discipline a member of the pack who is not in line. I guarantee you it's not with licks and kisses. I'm very happy with my pups progress and looking forward to higher level courses in the future.

Masato Hayworth

3 years ago

We found Judge through friends who went through his program with their two pitbulls. Their pitbulls are super obedient, and we wanted the same for what was at the time our smart, but crazy, aggressive, stubborn, mean black Labrador. Our lab would not listen to any of his commands, counter surf, pull leash, lash out and growl aggressively towards other dogs, and we wanted to fix that because we want our smart Labrador to be the best that he can be. Judge's program is setup in a way where the first meeting is free and he will assess your dog. He will introduce you to his dogs as well and show you how incredibly obedient they are. After that, you can decide which program to go with. We opted with the 5 private and 5 group class package. The first few classes were private classes in which our black Labrador builds up his skills. During these first few weeks, he learned how to heel properly, sharpen his sit, stay down for long periods of time, etc. These skills go hand in hand for his success in his next steps: group classes. The group classes is where all of us owners portray all of the skills we learned from our private classes. This is where all of our dogs learn to be around each other, and not get distracted by each other while we gave our own dogs commands. Overall, I am happy with how far along my dog has come. Coming in I thought the boy was going to be the problem child in the classes and just be difficult. However, the training has taught us a lot about how to be an owner as well. Our dog is WAY more obedient and listens to the commands we give now. He does not pull on the leash anymore when we take him anywhere. His aggression is still there though, but way better than what it was at the beginning. We have the option to keep attending group classes, which we will. I know over time, being exposed to more different dogs in a group class environment, he will be better. Thanks Judge!

Lubna Singh

3 years ago

Hi Guys! I’m sure a lot of you know how hard it is to raise a puppy. Training, time and attention go hand-in-hand and it can be extremely tasking to train a dog if you’ve had no experience in doing so. Our pup Remy (while he is extremely cute and cuddly) was a nightmare! He is a 55 lb Goldendoodle at 6 months of age and loved to literally DRAG US on walks, chewed on everything, didn’t listen to any commands unless he was in mood and wouldn’t let things go that he picked up from the ground and put into his mouth (sticks, socks, etc.). We just couldn’t handle him anymore and decided to bring in the big guns with Bay Area K9. Judge and his team took Remy in for a 5 week board and train program and worked on improving Remy’s bad habits. Honestly, without their help, we would’ve been so lost! Remy has now come back home and is such a good boy! Of course, we have to maintain the training that he received while he was in the program but he already has an amazing foundation of knowledge all thanks to them! If any of you have a dog that requires some training, I would highly recommend them. They do private training sessions, group classes and have a Board and Train program. Remy will be continuing with private training sessions and group classes. Please check them out!

Valerie Castillo

4 years ago

My family and I were struggling to find someone to watch our dog while we left for the Philippines for about a month. One of our family members spoke to us about how a friend of theirs left their dog in a board and training program and it sounded like a great idea since we first tried out Petco's group training sessions which did not last past 2-3 sessions. My mom actually came across Judge and from there we got into contact with him. We had 2 meet and greet sessions the first one was to meet us, our Labrador, Waimea, and to get more sense of him and his business. The second meeting was to get Waimea a little bit more familiar with him before we were to drop her off to him. Before leaving her with him Judge& I exchanged snapchats which allowed me to see her progress the whole time I was away in the Philippines. When we got her back it was like having a different dog! She listens more& is now way calmer. He not only teaches your dog, but he also educates you as an owner.

Jaime M

4 years ago

I took my dog here in hopes of teaching him something right at the beginning I noticed the trainer was under the influence of marijuana or something else. couple of times he would tell me to meet him at the Marina at a certain time and …

Chris Field

4 years ago

Judge is a good dude, my dad got an amazing dog (Malinois) from him, one of divinci’s daughters. Even tho he specializes in protection dogs he is helping get my Lab’s obedience dialed before this hunting season so I can focus on gundog skills with her. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed!

Carol Freeman

4 years ago

We take our chocolate Labrador for training and occasionally doggy daycare, and she loves it.

Carlo Vargas

4 years ago

Judge is a great overall trainer, help me get my dog we're he's at today. Everyone that sees My dog is impressed by how well he behaves.

Carlos Gudino

5 years ago

I signed my Cane Corso up at 12 weeks with BayAreaK9 for the Basic Obidence Package and I have been going back since. My dog is now currently 8months and I cant express how happy and pleased i am with Judge Service. My dog is fully in tune …

Karolina Garcia

5 years ago

Very unprofessional to be short and to the point. Since the 1st assessment Judge was late, he will just not show or even call to reschedule at all. Tried to give him few chances and it was just a waste of time. We got the package of 5 …

Maricel Tinio

5 years ago

I want to say I had an awesome experience with Judge when I needed a trainer to help with a hyperactive Malinois rescue. He was very knowledgeable and he himself had a Malinois and felt connected to him in that respect. I decided to have my dog Rocky board and train with Judge. It was a month program and at the end of day 30 when I received Rocky back he was a completely different dog. He didn't pull on his leash, he didn't jump on us and nip at our heels, he was well behaved compared to when we first adopted him. I highly recommend Bay Area K9 for any training needs for your dog!

Ryan Sadsad

5 years ago

I found judge on instagram and have been following him for a couple months before hitting him up and getting my dog evaluated. We both agreed on a place and time. Once seeing my dog and asking what I wanted to do with him training wise he knew he could get it done. He then showed me 2 of his dogs and I knew I had came to the right place. We came to an agreement on payment plans (i pay the days we train) and he has always been on time and ready. I'm now 5 sessions in and I must say the work is paying off! He's a great dog trainer, but is also great at getting the handler involved and on the right track with every session! You will not be disappointed! I brought him a 18 month old German Shepherd who was very head strong, people aggressive. We have now gain more focus on me, no very minimal aggression and now I can take him to the park with no worries! Judge has been doing everything he's said he would and more!

gabrielle ureta

6 years ago

I've have had a problem with my shepherd Dakota From the time I got her at the age of 2 1/2 months to now at the age of 3years. I went through two different trainers and spent well over $2,000 worth of worthless training that failed with Dakota. The problem I was having was no obedience , fear of people and the biggest problem was dog aggression. After doing research I finally found a dog trainer that understood my problem and corrected it. I had so many doubts about my dog and thought she was untrainable but after working with Judge I can finally say my dog is perfectly fine now. She respects me and listens to me now. She use to hate children and new people. She would bark at them and now she's happy and wants to interact with everyone. My biggest fear was the dog aggression I never thought in my life I'd see the day when Dakota would actually play with other dogs. She went from full on attacking dogs to now a socialized playful dog. I recommend Judge to everyone You will not be disappointed.

Lake Merritt Plaza Security

6 years ago

When acquiring a work dog, Cane Corso AKCxICCF it was clear to see that I was in over my head. Once my dog was only 3-4 months of age, I realized that my at home "training" wasn't really effective and I needed professional help. …

Diana Hong

7 years ago

I rescued my 1 year old dog Spencer a couple months ago at SPCA in Oakland. I contacted Judge for a free evaluation and signed Spencer up for his classes. The changes I have seen in Spencer are drastic. The first few days he was in our house, he was very timid. By the third day, he was aggressively barking at anyone beyond our immediate family. Taking him to classes with Judge, I gained a whole entire understanding to Spencer's needs. He was lacking order and leadership. He didn't even have any interest in toys and his tail was consistently tucked between his legs. Other dogs made him uneasy. Now, he is able to focus, take commands and have become a lot more social. Group classes are always fun because it gives Spencer a chance to not only exercise but socialize with other dogs. It has been great learning what I need to do to help Spencer in a private indoor setting for some classes and socializing him with some lessons at San Leandro Marina. With plenty of distractions, it gives us a real "hands on" experience and ability to see Spencer focus and build his confidence. I've also signed Spencer up for Judge's Doggy Day Camp. Judge made sure to ask me about feeding times for Spencer and any special needs. By the time Spencer comes home from day camp, he is tired and ready for bed. I appreciate Judge's patience and expertise while teaching me how to engage and build trust with Spencer.

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