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melissa garcia

2 years ago

Chatoak helped us so much just a month ago when my dog Casper has extreme constipation. They gave him treatment within 3 hours and had helped us so much when no other vet would take us because of COVID shortages in staff. Now Two days ago I go in because Casper is limping from his left leg and the receptionist was completely unresponsive. They did not care to share anymore information to help Casper other than to leave and they’d maybe call back in 3 days. They then proceeded to ignore me while they took my pet back to see if he “was actually in a state of emergency”. Which an animal unable to use all four legs is an emergency at any time. They did not return until I was leaving. Completely unprofessional and shameful behavior by veterinary professionals. I’ve seen other reviews like mine which is obviously this issue is not being seriously dealt with. Please Chatoak Animals Hospital yall can do better.

Stephen A.

2 years ago

Took my dog in the morning after Christmas 12/26/21 to get him checked out as he seemed extremely bothered by an ear infection. The woman at the front desk was completely unprofessional and showed absolutely no empathy for what our dog was going through. I don't understand how you have a 24/7 emergency room and then you say you can't see my dog for 3 days. What?!?! Seriously horrible service!!

Brandy H Jones

2 years ago

the front desk staff was not that friendly, given it was Christmas eve and I had to spend it taking my puppy and stay there all night. the vets+vet assistants were really friendly and helpful. Not terrible service just wish some of the staff were a little more friendlier especially with the holiday. They helped my puppy so thats what matters most to me

Berj Bedrosian

2 years ago

We took our dog there because of a rash developing and spreading on her body, they took her in (Notice: they never allow the pet owners to be present with their pets) after who knows what they did, they charged us over $350.00 gave her a prescription. We took her home and it only got worse. Called they said bring her back, that cost us another $175 or so and our dog's condition is getting worse. Now they told us she needs a blood test that they need to send to a lab COST $500 ? If these people are experienced as they claim then surely they must've of had another dog in the past with the same condition they can refer to and apply similar treatments to avoid the guessing game and ripping people off. Everything points to lack of knowledge and experience. I question if the assistants and don't believe vets working there are licensed or even qualified as veterinarians . Maybe that's why people are no longer allowed inside the facility to keep them from discovering the real truth. This place was referred to us by a family member who moved out of state 2 years ago and from reading other reviews the new ownership lags in quality care. Our dog has gotten worse and we are out allot of money, and have no choice but to go to another facility.

Chelsea Anne Harrington

2 years ago

I brought in a neighborhood stray on the night of 10/29 found with horrific injuries. Ultimately her injuries were too terrible for the cat to survive, I am grateful to the staff and to the vet who treated her with compassion and dignity and helped her gently find peace. The injuries were nightmarish but their composure and empathy in the face of it is helping me hold it together, days later. I am grateful to them for taking her when several other emergency hospitals turned me away. I would trust absolutely any animal to their care in the future, knowing that they truly do care for their patients.

Evansville Property

2 years ago

Called and spent 5 minutes explaining the issue regarding my dog. After explaining and spending my time elaborating on what the issues and symptoms were and a request on what can be done, the lady told me it's going to be 3 to 5 days for my dog to be seen. This is an emergency doesn't sound like they are equipped to service a Family Dog Member that is in serious need of assistance. By that time my dog will end up dying......unreal and thank you for taking up my time as my dog is slowly dying.

Terri Romine

2 years ago

We brought our little dog Lola for emergency care after our larger dog and she got into a dog fight. Poor Lola was in bad shape and we rushed to Chatoak about 7:30pm. Thankfully they could take her in for triage. During these interesting times of Covid we had to wait outside in the car. Even so, the Chatoak staff and Dr. Florio were in touch with us by phone and the communication was very good. The staff was very professional and kind with us as well. Eventually, we went home while Lola had surgery (lots of stitches), and she spent the night in the animal hospital. Dr. Florio was very compassionate with me as I was second-guessing our decisions and talked me through everything so I felt more comfortable. Even though it was late the Dr. called me after surgery to report on Lola. And, she also called me at 8am the next morning to let me know that Lola was doing well and could go home soon. Lola had a rough few nights, but now we're on day 6 and she's doing remarkably better. Just like Dr. Florio told me she would. :-)

Wendy Burnside

2 years ago

The people who work in the “front office” are terrible. I’ve never encountered so many attitudes in one place (Joanne, Cynthia!). They treat clients like they can’t be bothered with them. The last pre-COVID appt I had, they were complaining about their jobs in front of the clients. The doctors are okay, but maybe they should think about hiring nicer, more professional staff at the front. This place has gone downhill over the years and they just don’t care. I feel bad for the owners as they probably have no idea what really is going on. It USED to be an amazing clinic. I only came here during COVID twice (never actually made it inside this second time due to Joanne’s smart-aleck, entitled attitude) only because my regular vet was busy. Hmmmm….he must be getting all the clients leaving THIS place!

Lili Wexu

2 years ago

Dr Belding is absolutely incredible. A true cat lover, no doubt. We adopted a very feisty stray cat, and as we feared, he got into a nasty cat fight and sustained multiple wounds. Dr Belding looked after our Milo, and gave him the best care a cat can get, even after a full day of non-stop emergencies under her belt. To top it all off, she gave us much needed dietary advice and was incredibly thorough with all our questions. We are so grateful. Most vets are not be able to handle our fur baby. This Dr is simply put, a saint. We have no words to truly express our gratitude for helping our very (very) spirited cat.

anthony brancieri

2 years ago

I took my doberman to put be to sleep. The staff was kind and respectful. The Dr was perfect no BS just very kind under a very uncomfortable situation.

Christian Puga

2 years ago

If I could give you negative infinity stars I would. If only you had taken my kitten in last night when I called you in a frantic state, he wouldn’t be dead today and I wouldn’t have this hole in my heart. Avoid this place at all costs, they lack compassion and are completely apathetic to the suffering of the animals they are supposed to care for.

David Viscovich

3 years ago

To the staff at VCA Chatoak, We made our beloved dog Daisy’s final journey to you last night on Mother’s Day. It was a sad last ride for us as we knew we wouldn’t be bringing her home, at 11 years old the bond created between us and Daisy was unbreakable. But we knew that this was only the end of this chapter and the beginning of a new one. This journey is never easy but what makes it bearable is surroundings your in. All the vet techs were absolutely amazing, not only do they all know how to treat a pet, they know how to treat the family of the pet. And to us that is just as important, as the family is the lifeline between a pet and the veterinarian. I would like to thank Dr. Jackson especially, she embodies empathy and compassion to the upmost value and should be the gold standard when it comes to veterinarian care. Thank you all again as you were the silver lining to a somber end of this chapter.

Lalo Gonzalez

3 years ago

Unfortunately my first visit here was not for a good reason. My dog had gotten sick and he needed to be seen urgently. I called in advance to ask if I could make my way over. I told them my circumstances and they told me to head over and call again when I was in the parking lot. I called around 10 pm and was in the parking lot around 10:50 pm. I called again and they came to take my dog inside around 10 minutes later. The people were very nice and understanding. My dog was 10 years old and his quality of life was not the best anymore, I went there knowing this and what my options were going to look like. My dog was going to be euthanized. The workers there allowed me as much time as I need before and after putting him to sleep. They most definitely made the process easier. I asked them questions and they answered them thoroughly. This was my first time going there, and the people there were very kind. I am grieving but I know my dog is okay now. These people were great and I would 100% recommend them.

Hector Montes De Oca

3 years ago

This place started out really well and I honestly thought I was going to write a 5 star review until what happened today. My dog experienced an emergency where his nail broke on one of his paws and it was late at night. We were out of power because of high winds so we found this place and the night team was awesome. Due to covid protocols, they have you wait in your car outside while they take your pet in. The doctor called me while I was in my car letting me know what was happening and what were the next steps in regards to being charged. They bandaged him up, cut the rest of his nails, and told us to come back for a bandage REMOVAL in 3-4 days. He wasn’t going to be put on any antibiotics and that he should be fine. If the bandage ever got damaged or wet we would have to come in and pay for a new bandage. Three days pass and we come back today to bring him in for bandage REMOVAL. The vet technician took him from our car and brought him in. I didn’t receive any phone call on what was going on inside. I wasn’t asked if I wanted to pay for a new bandage on my dog since I assumed we were coming in for a REMOVAL. The vet technician just brought my dog out with a NEW bandage saying the wound hadn’t healed enough, they put some ointment, and that I would have to come back in 3-4 days again for the bandage REMOVAL. I was never told I would be charged for the services today from the vet technician. When I got home I was charged 37$ for a new bandage. When I call the place after seeing that charge they mentioned in my notes that my dog was scheduled for another bandage CHANGE 3-4 days from today not REMOVAL and that I should anticipate being charged another 37$ when I come in! Moral of the story: buy your own gauze and antibiotic ointment. This place charges your card without letting you know. There is not proper communication of charging for their services unless you ask. It seems they are taking advantage of covid protocols by not having you right there to see what is being done to your dog. I was not satisfied and will be disputing the charge for today.

Laverta Scott

3 years ago

I have used this Vet for several years with some good and some REALLY bad experiences. I called about bringing my cat in for his URI (you apparently can't make appointments). I was told to bring him in, he would be triaged and if he was stable they would send him home to wait for a doctor to call me in ONE OR TWO DAYS! Then i could bring him back for a doctor to examine him and pay the $100+ consultation fee. I live 30 minutes away and that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. My cat is stable, so why would I bring him in to be triaged only to be sent home to wait for him/her majesty to call. Guess I'm changing Vets.

Dena Smith

3 years ago

They were a great place until they were taken over by VCA. Their prices have gone up and their service has gone down. I had to bring my dog back 3 times in a row and sit in the parking lot in 106 degree weather while they kept sending her back saying her vitals looked fine. I had to insist that she was really sick. Finally got them to do bloodwork, which led to more detailed tests. She had cancer and had to be put down. After paying my $2K bill, they were not compassionate and were quite rude.

isabel moreno

3 years ago

Very friendly staff. Dr. Goss was professional and contacted me with updates. Truly appreciated the way my pet and I were treated.

Jacob Pollock

3 years ago

Truely a pleasure going here. The care team here is great. We waited in the car for the appointment they came out and got our dog. Went right in without resistance. Dr goss explained everything well and made it very easy to understand.

Jessica Barrientos

3 years ago

They have a great, caring staff. I appreciated the compassion they had when suddenly and unexpected I lost my pet. Thanks to all of them for the time and the care they gave me when I needed the most.

Wendy Shagena

3 years ago

You guys want to play that game of "he said she said" not that it matters because you quite frankly don't care! My regular vet had to cancel my appointment on Friday because she had an emergency. Therefore you guys as my secondary backup were my go to which you have been for several years, never again. I called Friday morning to explain the situation and that my dog was scratching at her ear and this was not normal for her. I get that we are in a pandemic and it's a bit different. However, I called twice that day and at one point was on my way over to wait in the parking lot. Both times, I was told I would be better off waiting at home and that you would call me when there was an opening as you agreed she should be seen rather than waiting until Monday, with my rescheduled appointment with my regular vet. Two days later, it's Sunday morning and I never get a call...not even one to say "we're sorry but we can't get you in." You claim, you initially told me that it could take 2 or 3 days before she would be seen...that's bull! Why would I even bother with trying to get her in with you when I already had another appointment on Monday with my regular vet!! Your facility is open 7am to midnight, 7 days a week and you want me to believe that in the past 48 hours not one of your vets had 5 minutes to check my dogs ear? Let alone apparently you don't even have the time to pick up the phone and call a client, quite frankly...shame on you!!

Linda Huse

3 years ago

over the last 4 years Chatoak is where I would bring Honey Bee my boxer. Last week I had to make that difficult decision none of us want to make for our pets. Dr. Jackson was on duty when I had to bring Honey Bee in, she & the staff that tended to Honey Bee were so kind and compassionate during my time there. In the 4 years I went to Chatoak, I always had a good experience. Highly recommend Dr. Florio and Dr. Jackson.

Lisa Ramirez

3 years ago

I took my dog there after we got attacked by 2 pit bulls, so you can imagine the pain and damage we were both in. I thought for sure he was going to need some serious care. But while i am at hospital i get a call saying they needed $ i. My bro sent 1.000 with 5000 balance . next i get a call to pick my dog up he is in stable condition? The next day while i was taking him back he died on the way.there in parking lot. They should not have released my baby boy a???! Anyone with a same story feel free to contact me.

Melissa Fernandez

3 years ago

Absolutely love the customer service, quality of techs and treatment from Vet and her team. They are doing their best to adapt to a pandemic and I for one appreciate them so much for continuing to work with such passion. I know my dog will be well taken care of here.


3 years ago

Terrible emergency service. Website says they’re available until 12 midnight but nobody answers the phone and nobody calls back. Guess Won’t be giving this place my business cuz obviously they don’t need it.

Renia Aghajani

3 years ago

This place is HORRIBLE. I dropped off my dog and was told I would pick him up in 3-5 days. I got a call the next morning (6:15am) telling me that my dog died and they have no idea as to why. Come to find out, they gave him morphine without my consent not once, but twice. The dosage wasn't recorded in the medical records either. On top of everything, they charged me 1500 to keep him got one night(not even a full day). DISGUSTING! Do not take your pet here. They are the worst.

Simone Gaudioso

3 years ago

You need to tell whoever answers the phone to have better phone etiquette good customer service is everything

steve taffert

3 years ago

We have been taking our pets there for many years. They have always been a great place with the greatest people. Since VCA took over, the service is terrible, they don't respond on the phone, they won't take appointments. when you do get in, the Doctors act like they don't care about your Pet. They make you waste an entire day waiting for them to call when they are ready for you..Really?? Even PetSmart is better than they are now.. Need a new Vet and I suggest you find some where else to go.

Mango 2017

4 years ago

We have been taking all our cats here for many many years. All the staffs and the vets are very caring & helpful, but our favorite vet is Dr. Srinath. She is like a cat whisperer! She followed up with the condition of our cats even after the visit by contacting us. We never had this type of experience before with other vets. We chose to see her for all of our cats care whenever possible to do so. We highly recommend this place to other pet parents

Pablo I

4 years ago

I am forced to give them 1 star, but they don't even deserve that. I brought my dog here almost six months ago with a leg infection, they kept taking my money and prescribing the wrong antibiotic 4 times with the wrong diagnosis. I spoke to Pam Geier and Linda Jackson from management about this issue and they wouldn't recognize the gross mistake they made, even though they prescribed the wrong antibiotics 4 times, they said that they stayed behind theirs vets and not their customers. After that, they tampered my dog's record. I don't recommend for anyone to bring their dogs here, unless you don't care that they don't care about your family pet and all they want to do is keep billing for inaccurate diagnosis. While I was in the room with my dog, my daughter stayed in the lobby and she over heard two gals making negative remarks about my dog. This is disturbing, especially when you're taking your pet to the vet because your pet is sick and yet they don't take their clients health seriously. Instead, they charge for services that won't help your pet get better. Please, save your money and avoid going here! They are not customer or pet oriented and will inaccurately diagnose your pet. You wouldn't want your pet sick and suffering for six months like mine did. ********** IT IS VERY INTERESTING HOW THE OWNER ONLY REPLIES TO POSITIVE REVIEWS (PROBABLY FROM FRIENDS) AND NOT REAL REVIEWS LIKE MINE. WONDER WHY? I DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU TO BRING YOUR PETS TO THIS CLINIC, THEY ALMOST KILLED MINE.

Pablo Vazquez

4 years ago

Wait times are pretty long. Been coming here for years and every time you can count on spending 2 hours waiting around. Even for something as simple as a bandage change that is expected after a surgery. Care is good and that is why we come here but they need to figure out how to plan better so they get 5 stars.

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