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Hildelena Zepeda

2 years ago

Nice,clean n efficient place. An the greatest you can walk in no appointment❤????

Melissa Hofmann

2 years ago

Fantastic Care for my dogs - I love the vets, so friendly and informative. I will refer all of my friends to this clinic.

Nyomi DeMello

2 years ago

Staff was so kind and caring with my cat. Made me feel like family.

Natica McCombs

2 years ago

Mission Veterinarian Clinic has a clean and professional atmosphere. I love the new look. My Jack Russell recently had surgery there and they did a great job with her. Thank You!!!

Reyna Bravo

2 years ago

I called them at 7:40pm they had me on hold about 10 minutes. At 7:50 they picked up explained my dogs problem they told me up come in they're excepting walk ins. I got here at 8:01 and they tell me they're not accepting walk ins. Why would you have someone drive their sick dog in and tell them you can't take them??????????????

Jesus A.

2 years ago

Great place they always taking care of our babies and give great advice. Can be very busy sometimes but most places are. Very Professional and clean atmosphere.

Sonia Brown

2 years ago

No more appointments being made just walk ins only. Besides that everything is great. Staff is kind and prices are reasonable

Erna Kumarasiri

2 years ago

This place lacks empathy and refuses to effectively communicate with the visitors. I do not recommend going here and the staff is very rude. Addressing your response: Family member? The lack of your professionalism is apparent in your assumption. I don’t know what you’re trying to insinuate. I do agree with what the client below me stated, but no, we’re not related by any means.

Farshad N

2 years ago

When I fist joined this small and humble Vet group 13 years ago it was owned by Doctor Nakhla one of the nicest Vets and I actually Left many Good online reviews because they deserve that and they really cared about the pets. However for the last few years since the ownership has changed to a young doctor things are no longer the same priorities have changed.. Now you have a shrewd business man Dressed as a Vet.. I will leave the rest up to your own wisdom. In regards to your boiler plate response it seems like you don’t have much rebuttal but to personally attack my family’s integrity .. yes there is reaction for every action we had enough of your abusive practices .. taking advantage of good hearted people and Their unconditional love for their pets..

Ingrid Gilbert

2 years ago

Mercenary prices, very slow in spite of no other patients and the pet's distress. They wanted 800 dollars just for 3 tests (which I had to decline) and charged 440 for euthanasia after leaving off cremation and any other optional things. I intuit the vet could have told me what the problem was without all that. It would be a bad place even if you had a lot of money, for sure if you do not.

Mihali Gunasekara

2 years ago

The quality and service of this place has decreased dramatically. This place no longer does appointments, they prioritize money over patient care- this means just walking in to see the vet will cost you $89 (not including treatment and other things they try to throw on you. The staff here are not welcoming at all. The staff here lack empathy, respect, and try to drain you of your money. They are always in a rush and distracted all the time. If you ask for clarification, they are dismissive and will raise their tone and start to have an attitude. If you try to advocate for your pet and/or explain what is, or what you think is going on, again, they are dismissive- they will cut you off and disregard anything you say. If you want great care: a place that actually focuses on your pet, takes their time, a place that actually listens to your needs, but also is empathetic, explains everything, and the price is worth the quality… this is NOT the place. *In regards to your response to my review*: Thank you for your passive aggressive response. Firstly, this is the first time I’m hearing this is ONLY an emergency hospital now- as we had been with you for the past 4 years; the clinic name is misleading as it implies it’s both a clinic and emergency hospital. Secondly, my tone may have implied I was “satisfied.” However, if I was, then why would I have called your front desk to inquire about who I should contact in regards to filing a complaint- you should check your records for that, unless you guys purposely didn’t record that part. Thirdly, I understand being rushed when working in a fast paced environment. However, that shouldn’t mean clients should feel like their concerns and pets aren’t prioritized.

Patti Miller

2 years ago

Sadly, I had to have my elderly cat put down. It was after hours and I found Missionary Vet (online search) had extended hours (it was about 7:30pm). The staff was nice and professional. The bill for euthanasia and cremation was twice as much as I have EVER paid for this procedure --- $750 I looked up the definition of highway robbery in the dictionary and it was, you guessed it: Mission Veterinary Clinic

denali rides

2 years ago

I would never recommend this place! Don’t bring your pets here if you value their lives.


2 years ago

DONT bring pets here, they were nice but failed to tell us how two of the medicines they prescribed could cause seizures when used together. They gave him what seems too be too much medication as he began having a few seizures after his second doze. They also seemed to be impatient.

Teodora Reyes

2 years ago

I am never a person to leave reviews but I beg you all to listen and read my experience at this “emergency clinic”. Please do not take your injured or hurt pet to this hospital if you have never visited or if you have a pet emergency. They are not there to help you or your pet return home safe. This clinic will prefer for your pet to die than to help them survive. Financial gains is all they care about and will only give you the options to put your pet down or pay their fee automatically. This is not normal behavior for a clinic and I highly suggest that if you’re from a low income background not to come in. They will not help you get your pet home healed and will only offer help if you apply for credit. They didn’t even put my pet down correctly and had to re-inject TWICE. It was torture on top of the lack of accommodations. they won’t give you the time to save or collect the High amounts of payments for their services.I would give them below 0 stars if possible.


2 years ago

New fan of this Clinic. Truthfully, we were fearful reading the reviews, however, after calling around to other Vet services, No one was Open and not going to be Open for days. We were stuck. We had to take a chance. Our 14 year old Terrier Mix had teeth issues. It was after 5pm, they were open and took Walk in's. The office Visit Fee, we felt was almost the same as any other Vets Office. and Office Doesn't Take Walk Ins and Wasn't Open. Upon Arrival to the Clinic, We felt they were patient and efficient in handling and filling out the paper work with us. Once that was completed, they cautioned us that it could be a 1 to 2 hour wait to see the Vet. We only waited 20 minutes! They took us in to the examining room, The Vet gave her a look and came back with an Estimate. We felt the Fees were surprisingly affordable and Very Similar to Other Vet's Fees for same procedures, and those Vets were Now Closed and Not Open to help us. All of the Employees at the Clinic were Very Nice and Compassionate. The procedures took about 3 hours as they told us in the Estimate and She was good to go. They gave us complete Written Aftercare Instructions along with the medications. They also included a list of things we might need to know. We are very pleased and Our Dog is on the Mend. We are Glad we took a chance. Thank you Mission Veterinary Clinic !

Ashley Jauregui

2 years ago

My poor dog was attacked and required surgery after hours. They took great care of her.

Mary Beth Logan

2 years ago

Friendly staff and fast service!


2 years ago

You should never bring your dog here I wish I would have realized sooner and my puppy would have still been here they only care for money and don’t care for your pups. I had multiple tests done (xray, blood work, and stool exam) they just said i dont know whats wrong with your dog. This was before my pup got really sick and if they did a good job and actually cared to find out what was wrong I would not have lost my pup. Its really sad that they dont care for your pets and only about money dont go here plz! The only reason I came here is because every where else was max capacity and they were the only ones who would take me. They prey on desperate owners trying to save your pet its terrible

Tamar Zepeda

2 years ago

Had a very good experience with both my cats at this clinic. Front staff and the Vet treated my cats very well. Do recommend this place.

Victoroa Marroquin

2 years ago

They don't deserve any stars, I was desperate because my dog didn't wanted to eat and because of that she had nausea, they said need a blood work and x rays, I was desperate and said ok. They charged me $570.00 and said nothing is wrong. Next day I went to Petco and one guy said try this food because maltese are very picky and he saved her life and of course I paid only for food. Now she's very happy and healthy again. This clinic is only about money. They know that we really love our animals, they don't care

Sheena Kapil

2 years ago

Thank you Mission Vet Clinic for getting me a same day appointment when my pups got kennel cough. As a new dog mom, I was super stressed and called 10 different clinics. You guys picked up, answered all my questions and got me an appointment within 2 hours of my call. Pricing was reasonable, all medications explained, staff was very friendly, Dr was no nonsense and straight to the point! Loved my experience so much I transferred my dogs information to this vet.

Rebecca Mcgarrigle

2 years ago

The worst vet visit I have ever been on. My senior dog has not been able to stand up on her own lately. I go to this vet office to wait over 3 hours and pay over $340 just to find out that they have NO IDEA what is wrong with her, and they want her to go on medicine that previously gave her a bad reaction (an additional $100). When i tell them no, they want me to virtually sign a document saying i'm refusing treatment but they wont let me see the document before i sign the electronic signature pad....umm no thanks! I will go ANYWHERE else.

Nicki Marie

2 years ago

THIS PLACE DOES NOT DESERVE ANY STARS! Went in because my dog was bleeding from his private area. I made an appointment for 6:00pm and I get there just to be turned around because they were over capacity. What was the point in making an appointment? The women at front desk was not helpful what so ever. One lady has blue hair with glasses and the other lady was either a ginger or orange hair were not helpful and very unprofessional. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE!

mary watanabe

2 years ago

The vet lacks prof bedside manner. He walked into the exam room without introducing himself, and spent less than 5 minutes of touching our pet. Then announced that he needed x-rays & blood works, which total to around $900. Mins you that’s without the cost of consultation & shots/Med. Highway robbery! Avoid unprofessional gouging…

Julie Bennett

2 years ago

I’m so grateful for Mission Veterinary clinic! I had a very sick dog and they not only saved her life but they I’m so appreciative of the compassion they showed for my sweet doggy. The Veterinarian and all the staff were wonderful! And the cost was very reasonable especially considering all the X-rays and testing that needed to be done!

Christopher Parra

2 years ago

One of the best veterinary clinics out there. Your pet will be treated like a king/queen when they're taken in, and great people running the business!

Jamie A.

2 years ago

This place should be your last resort. Mission's prices are much cheaper than what the big emergency clinics charge but they're still going to rip you off just like the big guys. I'm talking charging you 20 times the price for generic OTC medicine that you can buy at any pharmacy. Meds are one of the biggest profit margins for vets so some padding is expected but we've been to several who aren't just trying to take advantage of you and who offer to call in prescriptions or recommend other options to help save you a buck. Not here. They're very very pushy and guilt trip you if you have any reservations. Like if you say you want to get a second opinion before doing anything major, they put on the pressure to get you to pay for the extra tests through them, buy all the meds from them, have all procedures done by them right then and there. But what really sets this place apart is how filthy it is. I heard they've just moved into a new space a few doors down which is good because their office is a dump. It's not that it's old and outdated; there are plenty of old, outdated offices that are kept nice and clean. This place is dirty and falling apart. If that's what the clients can see I shudder to think what the back looks like. They can move all they want but the fact that ownership let it get so bad in the first place reflects poorly on their standards. On the positive, the receptionists are very nice and the tech was fantastic (sorry, I don't remember her name). Too bad the doctor wasn't so great and the environment was gross. I'm giving them an extra star because they are relatively affordable.

Juan Martinez

2 years ago

Most of the staff is very nice as well as display professionalism especially my man danny he's a very great asset to their facility I wanna thank them for taking care of both of my dogs wish u guys much success

Kaitlyn Parra

2 years ago

This is the best vet clinic in the valley. You’re pets are in good hands here. ???? newly remodeled and so nice inside!

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