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Rachael Robles

2 years ago

Have you ever seen a lady being dragged down the street by her two extremely naughty dogs? Did you see that one of those dogs was people and animal aggressive, and the other didn’t listen to a word that the lady said? Did you notice the road rash on that lady’s cheeks and the tears in her eyes as she begged for those dogs to listen? I was that lady before enrolling Blizzard and GreyC in Sit Means Sit. We want to thank Kyle, Blake, Frank, Luis, and Trent for their fantastic work and dedication. They were incredibly supportive, listened to our concerns, and resolved any issues we encountered. If we needed anything between sessions, they were always just a text away. We were taught to believe in the process and be consistent with training in between lessons. They changed our relationship with our dogs. They are saving the world one naughty dog at a time! I am now the lady that can walk anywhere with my two wonderfully well-mannered dogs. They walk behind me, unconcerned about human or animal passersby. Last week, my husband and I casually walked the dogs to a local restaurant and picked up a to-go bowl of Menudo (soup), and walked it home without spilling a single drop.

Gwenivere Chrisney

2 years ago

I had a wonderful experience here. My dog was good in a thousand ways, and kind. Then she suddenly became dog aggressive and protective over my daughter and I. I asked for a consultation and they got back to me within a few hours! I had a consultation the next day and everything was settled. I thought my dog was great. They took my good dog and turned her into an amazing one. Things were easier than they ever had been. And I never even knew they were hard. They are so incredibly supportive also! They’re there for questions and follow ups. They acknowledge your concerns and help you and your dog work through them in a way that works for everyone involved. Thank you so much sit means sit. I will continue to bring my dogs forever.

Diane Perez

2 years ago

This has been by far the best experience I've had and exceeded my expectations. Trent answered all my questions in the initial Zoom meeting. I've been encouraged to call or text when I had any questions outside of the scheduled training. The biggest tell is my puppy always being excited to go to training and happy to see Kyle and the rest of the trainers.

Angee Spencer

2 years ago

Took my puppy for a consultation and demo. Very impressive!! My puppy will start hopefully in a few weeks ????

Rick Shellenbaum

2 years ago

Just visited website for information purposes only. Nice website though, had the information I was looking for.

Salimah S

2 years ago

The private classes were just what I needed to get me and my pup (Lady) on the right track!! Irma and Shae knew exactly what I needed to do to help Lady trust and respect me and eventually behave responsibly near other dogs. When I first got Lady from the shelter at 2 years old, she couldn't walk on a leash and barked aggressively at other dogs passing us by. I became insecure about bringing her places and worried about what she might do. I tried a few different trainers, and while I did see some improvement.... it does not compare to the success I've had with Trent and his team. After the private lessons, I have been able to train in covid responsible group classes. Lady and I can practice our obedience skills near other dogs and distractions. Months of consistent practice and support from the trainers has been great. And recently, Lady has graduated to be able to train in group classes muzzle free. At least one of us doesn't have to wear a mask any more. I'm so proud of her, and proud of us. And thankful for the support! Thanks Trent, Irma, Shae, Kyle, Jackie, Hailey, and Patty


2 years ago

I recently rescued a 7 year old mini schnauzer who was severely physically and mentally abused. He was so anxious and afraid of anything and everyone. He would hide in the corner of a room and wouldn't go out to the restroom. At the very least I needed him to be house trained because I work. I was amazed at the end of 3 personal day classes at how much progress my little guy was making. His confidence level was gradually increasing with every class. He has continued to attend group classes every week. And I'm looking forward to see his continued success. Definitely worth the cost investing in my dogs mental health. All of the trainers are so good with him. They all are so friendly and assertive in their lessons. They truly have your pets best interest in mind.

Sharon Gideon

3 years ago

I selected Sit Means Sit for tramy dog and I. They are professional and wonderful for helping my dog and I work together as a team. Love them.

Karen Ortolani

3 years ago

This is the best training place for reactive dogs. Mine couldn't go anywhere without pulling me down the street and barking at EVERYTHING. Now she has great leash manners and pays no attention to the chaos around her. I've also boarded her for long periods of time. I'm retired and travel from time to time. She gets to go out to play and shop and train. They can even get her to eat. Not always easy. Trent and all the staff is great.

Kaitlyn Geiman

3 years ago

The trainers are EXCELLENT as is the training. The trainers are professional, friendly, and know their stuff. They do a great job of assisting the clients in how best to help train their dog. The receptionist is also extremely friendly and they are all very responsive. During this training I was able to not only teach my dog, Zuko, the basics (sit, come, etc), but also a variety of fun tricks, sitting in place for an extended period of time even without the owner being visible, off leash training, moving the dog left, right, or even reverse from a distance, having the dog stop what they are doing from a distance, jumping over obstacles, going under obstacles, etc. You name it, they can probably teach it. The group classes that they offer are EXTREMELY helpful. They expose your dog to an outdoor environment where there are other people, dogs, loud unexpected noises, and other distractions and they help you keep control over the dog despite the distractions. They do a free eval and give you the best recommendation for your dog. There are a few different training options you can choose and they did not push the most expensive option on me because my dog didn't need it. Sometimes you can feel like places are trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge and overcharge. They don't do that here. Which I greatly appreciated. My dog is a weimaraner. He is STUBBORN, mischievous, SPAZZY, jumpy, hates not being able to see anything behind him, hates doing anything he doesn't want to do. But with this training I can work him through all of those things. I now have full confidence of controlling him off leash, from a distance, with other dogs and people running around. I saw results after the first day of training. On the way to the lesson, I had to use all of my strength to keep my dog in the back seat of our car. After the first lesson, he sat in the back with little to no issue. I do remember the first month being a bit challenging, but that was only because I was learning how to speak dog. Which means I had to learn how to change my movements so my dog could clearly understand what I was trying to get him to do. TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY

Julianne Carsey

3 years ago

The staff was knowledgable and kind. We got right to training and stayed with it the entire time. The facilities were clean and well equipped.

Brianna Vigil

3 years ago

We have had our cattle dog Milo for 2.5 years and have been to many trainers and tried everything, but Sit means Sit is by far the most progress we have ever made with Milo. For background Milo is a fearful protective dog and can be aggressive towards other dogs or strangers (mostly males). While we have learned to manage his behaviors with other training, we pretty much came to the conclusion that we would always have to live with his aggression. We did the private courses for 3 weeks and have continued the feisty fido group classes weekly. We still have a lot of work to do, but Milo has made great strides thus far! I also want to note how amazing the trainers and staff are at Sit Means Sit. Our trainer Irma did amazing with Milo, kept us updated throughout the day, and was able to teach us how to accomplish what she had accomplished with him during the day. They have also given us plenty of extra help whenever we have needed it (and we have needed it). I had a very tough time training Milo the second weekend because he was acting out more at home than at training. The very next day on a Sunday, a trainer ( I apologize I forgot his name!) came to our house for 2 hours to help me - no extra charge. I can't say enough good things about Sit Means Sit and their staff, they have really made a difference in what we thought ours and Milo's life would look like. We only started about 1.5 months ago and still have a lot of work to do but we are looking forward to continuing training with SMS!

Caitlin Harries

4 years ago

WOW! After a few group classes and 3 full days of training, I am so pleased with the results with my 9 month old GSP going to Sit Means Sit. Trent and his entire team are exceptionally friendly and truly care about the dog and what you want out of it, plus they want to see results just as much as you do. They are always offering to reach out if there are any challenges or are in need of additional help. After the training, you learn what they taught so you can take it home and continue the training to be successful and take it to the next level. Overall, so happy with the results and continue to be motivated to continue at home and with their group classes. I am overjoyed with the results so far and eager to continue working with such a great team to reach my goal of a fun, loving obedient pup!

Debra Baker

4 years ago

You get what you pay for!!

Gailee P

4 years ago

Amazing. We had our 2 yr old rescue that bit and was so fearful to this place and she is a new dog. The trainers are amazing and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Kathleen Rodriguez

4 years ago

The trainers and staff are friendly . We were very pleased with the training tips and classes. Samantha was excited to go to school and see her trainers. Recommend this training class for anyone that wants a well behaved fur baby.

liz obando

4 years ago

Ludo is a bouvidoodle those who dont know what that is he is half Standard Poodle and half Bouvier de Flanders. I acquired Ludo when he was 10 months old he was purchased him and his brother from a breeder in Colorado by a family that in my opinion just didn't completely understand the needs of large dogs and didn't really have the time for furry family members. They were confined to the kitchen weren't aloud to roam the home or be left unattended in the backyard because they barked so much. They made the ultimate decision after having issues with the neighbors and their barking and the inconvenience of having to pay someone to watch them when they wanted to take a family trip to either ship them back to the breeder or rehome them. They had a family member (a client of the shop i worked for) reach out to see if we could find them homes. Needless to say my "foster" attempt was 2 hours and i decided i was keeping him (my boss had kept his brother). There was just something about him we made a connection but i quickly discovered he needed ALOT of love, patience and some training. I had the kind of job that allowed me to take him to work everyday. He's never been aggressive or reactive towards dogs BUT he was very bossy and fearful of people. So he would run and charge the front of the shop barking at people he hated family members and the growling was so intimidating to people they didn't want to pet him but i knew he was a good boy he just needed some encouragement and a job. I started looking online for trainers my only goal was to be able to bot have him bark and growl at people just be able to enjoy a shared space with strangers. That was it. I ended up scheduling a free demo and consultation with Sit Means Sit. We met with Trent and went over how the program works and showed us some of the things his dog Bounce can do. Then he wanted to show us some of the things he could potentially get Ludo to do in just a few minutes. Now i will be 100% honest i was nervous about using a remote collar on him because i was your typical protective mom i thought his personality would change but i caved and gave Trent the leash and just fyi Ludo wasn't Trents biggest fan he growled at him he barked at every other employee that came in so i was just thinking please don't bite anyone. Trent slipped on the collar worked him around the room and Ludo was not happy about it at all he was fighting him and avoiding getting on the place boards and after about 5 mins Ludo was doing just as Trent asked him he gave me the stare down but he was doing what Trent asked him to do he brought Bounce back out and her being a distraction to him and he did great so we were optimistic and decided to sign up. You do 3 private sessions before being aloud to join group classes obviously to evaluate his progression but to make sure he was ok and not a threat to any other member of the team or other clients both human and furry. I think i was more nervous than he was. But we passed our 3 private lessons! Ludo and I had worked so hard that at our 3rd session Trent gave us the green light to go down the street to the park and join the group class that was about to begin so we high tailed it out of there (pun intended) we were so nervous but the other trainers and all the other clients were so welcoming and helped us learn so much. 6 months in Ludo was ready to test for his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and we passed with flying colors. Im so proud to say that after being in training for a year and me doing the majority of the learning because lets just be honest the human needs more training than the dog does. Ludo just became certified to be a therapy dog and we joined The Go Team! Can you believe it? My only goal 2as to have him not bark at people and now he is a therapy dog and has new people from all walks of life petting and loving on him everywhere we go. I really could not thank Trent and his team enough and can't ever praise them too much. If you are skeptical just give it a try you won't be disappointed i promise you. Ludo is a more balanced and happier.

Lynette Soto

4 years ago

They are very understanding and work with you to create the best plan for your pet

Mayra Delgadillo

4 years ago

Sit Means Sit completely delivered on getting our dog trained. They were friendly, knowledgeable, honest, and worked to accommodate our schedule for trainings. Everyone was such a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend their training program, it was a great investment. Thank you very much for all of your help!!!

Sally De La Peza

4 years ago

Can't say enough GREAT things about Trent and his team!! SPECTACULAR skill set and super friendly. I adopted a 150 pound Mastiff that had absolutely no training...he was completely out of control. After 15 mins with Trent, my out of control kiddo was sitting, walking on a leash and no longer jumping and biting. Then Trent trained me was not as easy as training my dog, but I'm happy to say he was successful. Bane, my Mastiff, is the best dog I've ever had. I will never again have a dog that is not professionally trained. He has amazing manors and is an absolute pleasure to take everywhere. Sending a BIG MASTIFF THANK U for your amazing work with my little monkey. Highly recommend Sit Means Sit San Gabriel !!

Candice Jackman

5 years ago

Nice staff. Very helpful. Only had a consultation meeting but they were awesome!

sandy crosthwaite

5 years ago

Trent is an outstanding trainer!

Anuj Tyagi

5 years ago

You can train a dog in many ways. I can't say what is right and what is wrong as long as it's humane. When you call their office the representative is very nice. Trent the guy who owns this place has forgotten how to talk to people because he thinks he is such an amazing trainer. We adopted a small 1year dog about a month back. He is a Beagle, Rat Terrier and some other mix. He is very smart and understands and follows most of the stuff we tell him. But he lived on the street and pound his whole life, he is easily sacred of loud noises. He meets all other dogs and strangers who want to talk to him very nicely. Trent asked us about what is the issue we have with our dog. My wife and I talked for about 10-15 minutes. Then he ignored everything and started telling us how he is going to train him. He told us about the shock collar. I thought it's actually going to emit an electric shock. But then he handed it to me and my wife and triggered the shock. It's a very mild shock like the one you get from handshake buzzer. It contracts muscles basically. But it's irritating. We didn't want that for our dog. We didn't want the dog to be trained to do police work or do acrobats on command. We wanted basic training, so he can learn to play and not be sensitive to noises. He kept advocating how good he is and how affective the collar is. When he saw that we are not interested in this and my wife had strong reason against the collar. He brought and German Shepherd under training out and gave him commands to perform a lot of tricks. Which honestly were really good. But he was using the shock trigger the whole time. He once he was done, he sent the dog back, tribes and said "Well thanks for stopping by". ??? Dude, who are you trying to impress? No one else was in the room. You ignored our problems, you laughed off my wife's views about shock collar, put up a show in front of us giving shocks to the dog when it was his rest time and didn't end the conversation properly. Trent you are not fit for talking to people. If you say oh well I have so many friend and so many satisfied customer, then that's not what defines you. How you deal with people who you disagree with or you don't like, that's what defines you. Hire some people for consultation and focus on training.

Carlos Jason Halili

5 years ago

Difference for my pitbull-lab Dixie before and after training is night and day. We only use them for boarding as well

Ellyn Carmack

5 years ago

I adopted my 1yr old cattle dog/ pit mix in April. She is the sweetest girl but needed some guidance as she was showing signs of aggression towards other dogs (barking, growling), and can be very dominant. Another company told me she would be nothing but managed at best, and I should consider not keeping her. I happily decided on Sit Means Sit instead. We were welcomed with encouragement that she was and would continue to be a well rounded member of the family. With the help of Trent and the amazing trainers, my girl has come such a long way! She LOVES going to class and is now comfortable and calm around other dogs! This training, guidance and knowledge has truly been life changing; I learn as much as she does! Forever a believer in this program, and I am always thankful for Trent and the Sit Means Sit staff for all they do. They are so dedicated and invested in the success and happiness of our dogs and it shows!

Juan Leon

5 years ago

Súper friendly staff and they did a great job with my bear bear!

Mark Hiller

5 years ago

Very helpful with our doggie problem

Melinda Kuhn

5 years ago

My husband and I adopted a 135 pound St. Bernard. He growled at strangers, barked and lunged at dogs, and used every pound to walk us around the block. We knew after just a couple days we would need a stellar dog trainer. After doing some research online we found Sit Means Sit and booked a free demo. We were so impressed, Trent had Dieter following his commands in less than 10 minutes! We were sold immediately. We have gone from a dog could not be out in public with out a battalion holding him back, to dog who can walk around the block and ignore anyone and everything that comes our way. If you put in the effort and follow what Trent teaches you will be 100% satisfied!!!

Monica Akaraphanth

5 years ago

They helped me and my boyfriend with our German Shepherd, Bear. Trent and Jackie are experts as professional canine trainers. I absolutely keep coming back to group classes even after Bear was done with his individual lessons. The group classes are free to join when you enroll in their individual one on one classes. Highly recommend to everyone who is looking into dog training and it doesn't matter how old your dog is! They're miracle workers.

Yamini Sharma

5 years ago

So we rescued a 1 year old terrier a month back and he is shy and gets scared and nervous very easily. He has never been house bound and is trying to get accustomed to it. He is a very intelligent and a good boy. The idea behind the story is to give an idea of what we want for our pup and any intelligent person would get it. "Just to make him happy". We wanted him to stop getting scared of skate boarders and start understanding the concept of playing. Coming to the point,we met this Trent guy who was super arrogant and sorry to say only knows to control dogs. Rather than understanding the temperament of the dog and applying positive motivational techniques,his idea was to make the super sensitive nervous dog wear a shock collar. To give him a migraine and make him obey. When he saw our disinterest in the shock collar he even tried to intimidate us by ending the conversation by showing us off a traumatized dog into performing tricks. I know dogs because I trained my two german shepherds when I was younger than this guy. They were super happy dogs and training was a game to them. We only came here because the dog we adopted is a year old and has gone through so much already.We wanted to make sure that a trainer might know how to motivate him but I guess we will go ahead and train him ourselves. We have done a good job within a month already. Really annoying place,annoying guy.Dogs meet new people they love us and get adjusted according to us but we still want to control them. They can understand our psychology why can't we understand theirs??I am sure anybody can obey if they have a shock collar in their neck according to the intensity of their species. I would not recommend this place and specially this trainer to anyone who is not a dog lover at all !!

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