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Sasha Davtyan-L'Ecuyer

a year ago

Love Dr. K. He is super-professional and knows his job! I am so grateful to him for treating my cat!

El Larson

a year ago

Excellent - they’re so knowledgeable and aware of conventional and holistic options, seeing the big picture with symptoms and remedies, etc. I trust my precious mutts with them.

Harold and Maude

a year ago

We have been going to Limehouse for just over one year they're fantastic our Terriers (Harold and Maude) are almost 14 years old each and they are doing great considering their advanced age. Limehouse has been wonderful and we are very happy with the services provided and the ability to see a vet on a sunday. Thanks again Limehouse.

Kathy W

a year ago

Limehouse Veterinary took great care of my little dog. I'm pleased with the loving care from the staff and Dr. K is very personable and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Limehouse to anyone.

Brian Collier

a year ago

Have been taking our pups there for many years. Great vet.


a year ago

Saddened by the quality of service that's been provided. I gave this clinic many chances to make things right; in fact, almost $2K over the course of several months. Sadly, they nickel and dime everything; including, a separate exam fee to speak with the vet to discuss bloodwork results. I was so stoked to support a business that practices holistic care, however, between the somewhat dismissive behavior by Candice, along with a rather absent vet, this place IMO is negligent in providing the satisfactory care that customers pay for. I'm taking my business to a different establishment - good riddance.

Karen Karraker

a year ago

I came to Limehouse as a last resort for my senior cat. After spending almost $8,000 at our regular vet and emergency vet, he was near death. In fact, our regular vet refused to see him any more. At Limehouse he received acupuncture and other holistic treatments that gave us several more quality years with him. When it did finally came time to say goodbye, they were there with a loving, dignified passing. Our dog is also a patient. I love Dr. Rainey and all the staff. They never recommend more than is needed. We're clients & patients forever.

Lauren Brown

a year ago

I genuinely wish I could give no stars. I was squeezed in on the same day I called though it was only for checking out my pup's allergies. I show up at 12:45, I don't leave until 3:45. It was absolute insanity. If you dont have time to see a patient (especially a new one) just schedule them to come in on a different day. The lack of competency here is alarming. I took my dog there once and I will never come back.

Sharon Schwartz

a year ago

I've just taken my newly adopted dog to Limehouse and received the excellent care I've come to expect. Previously I'd taken my dog Charlie to Limehouse for more than twelve years. Throughout that time I'm convinced Charlie received the best of care. Limehouse's Dr. Gray was there for Charlie throughout including during his treatment for bladder cancer until it was time for him to go to sleep forever. I recommend them without reservation

Reva Kussmaul

2 years ago

I've been using Limehouse for over 20 years. I believe that tells you all you need to know. I'm on my 7th rescue dog(s) and wouldn't go anywhere else.

Nuala Kelly

2 years ago

They have given several of our dogs many more years of life. With their general and holistic approach to pet care they not only extend a pets life but improve the quality. It's worth the time and money to help ur fur baby. ????????

Joanne Parrent

2 years ago

Our 16 year old pup has been seeing Dr. Gray since he was nine and diagnosed with Cushing’s. She put him on herbs and he has been doing really well. Then last fall he started feeling bad and tests revealed he has renal failure. Dr. Gray recommended fluids and medicine and he has been enjoying life and eating well again. We are so grateful we found Limehouse and Dr. Gray!


2 years ago

So far so great. It's my first time going to this clinic and they seem to be very nice and very helpful. I sincerely appreciate that on there part. Kind and helpful

Kaitlin Greer

2 years ago

So I’m going to start with the good... I love my dogs actual doctor. Dr. K is super friendly, knowledgeable and really tries to get to know your pet and listens to you as the pet parent as we are with our animals all day and takes everything into consideration. I know my dog is in fantastic hands whenever she has to go in. Now however... onto the not so great. I hesitate to say ‘bad’ because all the staff is also super friendly. However, they don’t seem incredibly organized. They are very quick to get you quoted for a bill, but it takes longer for them to provide test results than any other vet I’ve experienced. My pet insurance has actually already paid out my last 2 claims from office visits before I even got the final word back on my dogs tests and blood work. Which is very disheartening and worrying because when I spoke to the doctor on the phone during her last appointment, he informed me she had a heart murmur. So we ran a bunch of additional tests that weren’t cheap. I called this morning to get an update to see if any of her results came back and was told that they would call me back shortly. Well that was 5 hours ago. I just tried to call back and no one answered. I would absolutely given them 5 stars and plan to continue taking my dog there. But the runaround with the communication is exhausting.

Samantha Robson

2 years ago

My animals have been cared for at Limehouse for many years now, and I have always experienced the kindest, caring, professional and extraordinary veterinary care that I have ever come into contact with. I have worked full time in animal welfare for many years and I've met a great many vets, some of whom have been great, but few compare to the love and expertise at Limehouse. I am so grateful to them for their devotion and dedication to excellence and to their unfailing kindness to my animals and me. Such a blessing. Thank you Limehouse family.

Lidia Ramos

2 years ago

Thank you for saving my Sparky. I am forever grateful. Sparky had a severe allergic reaction to an insect bite and your prompt attention saved his life. ????????❤️????????

Alexandra Kerr

2 years ago

We’ve taken our golden retriever to Limehouse for all his medical care, including check-ups, illnesses, and getting him fixed. The staff—vets, technicians, front desk—have all been amazing: responsive, caring, quick to squeeze us in for an evaluation, and always thorough and professional in their diagnostic approach. We also appreciate their holistic methods, which our dog has benefited from enormously. Having visited other veterinary clinics in the past, this is by far the best — we will go nowhere else!

Wendy Obstler

2 years ago

I have been using Limehouse Vet Clinic for many years now and I am never disappointed. I love that they integrate eastern and western medicine and modalities. They are professional and compassionate, and I completely trust them for my pets' needs.

Brian Davis

2 years ago

I've been bringing Deuce to Limehouse since he came in to my life 7 years ago. He's a pretty healthy pup and I've been a bit lazy about his check-up, especially during COVID. I was very nervous with the "pick up at the curb" element and thought it would stress Deuce out. I was also hesitant because I thought it would be frustrating juggling this all and getting the information I needed. I couldn't have been more wrong. The "wait in your car" process was wonderful. Of course, I'd rather be with him for as much of the exam as possible, but safety first, right? The staff came out and got him quickly. After a short wait, the doctor called me and gave me a detailed briefing. We talked about tests, etc. Then the staff member brought him back out. He was as happy as could be, and she told me he was an angel -- which isn't always assumed with a big German Shepherd. I think I actually liked this more than going in and waiting. The whole exam, blood work, vaccinations, took about 45 minutes and I sat in my car and got a bunch of work done. Don't hesitate because of COVID protocols! And don't hesitate with Limehouse. They are great!

Lady Fiona Armstrong Jones

2 years ago

I love Limehouse Vet! They took very good care of my cat, Lewis, until he died at 16 1/2, after having had kidney disease for over half of his life. That's pretty unheard of in a cat! Now they are shrinking the tumor in my cat Fiona's lung with holistic treatments. Out of 4 different vets, this was the only place that had a plan immediately to treat my cat's lung tumor. Other places gave me really high estimates for just diagnosing the mass we could all clearly see on the x-rays. It was nice to have someone able to start a treatment plan from Day One that has plenty of evidence of working. I love that they use both Eastern and Western medicines, giving my pets the best of both worlds. After other more traditional vets, this was the first place that ever asked if my cat's blood pressure had been checked. It hadn't, it was high, and they were able to treat that with western style medicine. I love Dr. Gray and the other doctors and staff at Limehouse! They truly care about their animal patients and their human families!

Pennie vincent

2 years ago

When I got my pups I wanted an holistic approach to raising them. Limehouse is more than being a Vet Clinic, they're like family.


2 years ago

We've been going to Limehouse and Dr. Gray for almost a decade. Dr. Grey has helped us have literally extra years (quality years) with our senior dogs. Everyone is lovely, caring and kind - we've seen most of the vets over time - and it's amazing to be able to get the best of both traditional western medicine, as well as eastern (accupuncture, chinese herbs etc). Our dogs are family and I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Kara Wethington

2 years ago

I've had nothing but good experiences bringing my pets to Limehouse. They're very accommodating, friendly and knowledgeable. The environment is clean and the staff/doctors are awesome. So much so that I continue to bring my dog there after moving back to Long Beach. They're just too good to take him somewhere else.

Kathleen McAuley

2 years ago

WARNING!!!!!!!! Your pet might not be seen by an actual vet!! I brought my dog in here on Sunday, and my dog is WORSE! I had been a long time relationship with Dr. Gray, which ended because of her change in policy. She started to only spend 15 mins with pets. My dog was older, and he went undiagnosed with bladder cancer for many crucial months. One visit to another vet, and he quickly diagnosed my dog. Still, I continued to visit, for mostly acupuncture, and had two vets. Recently, my other dog had a disc issue. My vet closed own due to Covid, so I made an appointment with Limehouse. Their Covid procedures were more lax than most, but they do have curbside. I didn't know that curbside would mean that you cannot talk to the doctor at all. No other vet is operating that way. Their receptionist, Candice, is trying to dispense medical advice. I'm beginning to believe that the vet wasn't even there on Sunday, as every time I call they refuse to let me speak to a vet. I called Monday, and today to let them know that my dog is worse than at any point of this injury, and they still will not let me speak to the vet. They forgot that I have her personal email, so i emailed Dr. Gray. My next emails are to the Better Business Bureau, and the CA Veterinary Medical Board. Contact me if you have had a simiar issue with Limehouse.

Kristina Cañizares

2 years ago

My 10-year-old Boston Terrier who is the love of my life has some arthritis in her back. Limehouse has been a lifesaver for both of us. The acupuncture, cool laser, and regular check ups have reduced her pain and increased her mobility and the staff and vets are fantastic. I have recommended Limehouse to other folks and I'm so happy to have found this wonderful place.

michelle roache

2 years ago

What a caring and compassionate veterinary place to take your babies to! Our kitty had a serious respiratory problem that was so bad we didn't think he would survive the night. He had a massive bacterial invasion in his entire face that made it so that he could no breathe. He could also no longer eat anything and force feeding was not working either. The x-ray consult confirmed damage to his airways as well. Thinking that it might be time for euthanasia to end his suffering, we decided to try a alternative medicine approach with Dr. Gray. It was our last option to try to save our kitty. She performed an Ozone flush of his nasal cavity to clear the airways and fight the bacteria. We took him home and guess what??? He started eating his food like there was no tomorrow!!! That was a year ago and today we still have a healthy happy boy that spends all day purring and making muffins thanks to the amazing efforts of Dr. Gray. You won't find a better place to take your babies to. Thank-you Limehouse doctors and staff!!!

Sharon Loper

2 years ago

Dr. Gray is fabulous, as is Candice and Mary. Thank you

wendysue rosloff

2 years ago

I just go for grooming. Great job, friendly professional staff.

Susan Black

2 years ago

My cat has chronic kidney And other issues that DR K has kept in check with herbs and diet and Meds. My cat used to have to be put under just to get a haircut he’s so terrified Of everything but. Bobby Beautiful grooming at Limehouse does it so gently he isn’t afraid . Love Limehouse! They saved Leo’s life!

Paul Pondella

2 years ago

Dr. Rainey was compassionate, caring and thoughtful. We really appreciated her caring nature at a difficult time.

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