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Leticia Ruiz

a year ago

My cat had a UTI,call them and got an appointment right away,it was fast no waiting, I call other places and no one was able to give me an appointment, thank you so much for your help,my cat is doing much better.

Rebi Kay

a year ago

Since it is so difficult to get an appointment at the vet these days, I got an appointment right away at Angelus pet Hospital. I brought in my six-year-old cat who turned out to have kidney failure… He told me to euthanize him within the next few days. Since he is so young I decided to get a second opinion and the current vet is saving him!! So I truly would not recommend this hospital for an emergency! He also told me I was inhumane if I didn’t put him down soon… The last thing I am is inhumane I assure you I love animals so much I won’t even eat one!


a year ago

This doctor simply does not care about your pets or his job. He scrapes his feet when he walks and barely puts on his mask. he's very rude and prefers not to answer any questions. Professional and good staff but unprofessional doctor.

David Angel

2 years ago

This pet hospital is by far the best in the area. We've taken our dog here for years but finally it was time for him to be euthanized due to health problems that came with age. We were given the right amount of time to be with him before he passed and allowed us time to grieve. I am incredibly grateful for the kindness provided in such a difficult time of losing a family member. The pricing was competitive and they helped with finding an associated mortuary for a Private Cremation.

Cynthia Hovsepian

2 years ago

They took really good care of our kitty. She was feeling unwell for sometime and we took her to another pet hospital and they prescribed her medication but it didn’t help. This place is amazing, the doctors truly care about the animals here and so does the entire staff in general.

Christopher Caballero

2 years ago

Highly recommend this place for all your family pet needs. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. The doctor, well he's the doctor and extremely kind and patient... ????????

Deborah Youngs

2 years ago

Very friendly and clean facility. " Sammy is feeling super now!" ????????????????????????????????????????????????????


2 years ago

The worst experience I’ve ever had with my pet the VET is old and rude he definitely doesn’t care, I’m taking my cat elsewhere to get checked because her incision seems as if it’s infected, and he couldn’t help me with that. If something is wrong with her prepare yourself to hear from me.

Veronica Castillo

2 years ago

I've been going here since 2001 with our German Shepherd then and now continue to go with our husky. Friendly and great customer service.


2 years ago

Best vet and staff. My husbands family has been going here for decades and now i bring my dog and anyone i knw that needs a vet i always recommended angelus pet hospital!

Jonathan Evans

2 years ago

Dr Khalick is a really good vet. I will absolutely come back here again. His diagnosis was immediate and accurate, he allowed me to be a part of the experience and hold/comfort my cat while observing, the cost was much less than I expected, and after treatment my cat made a 180 health recovery the following day.

Xaolynn-Xiaolin L

2 years ago

Always my to-go place and the doctor is super nice!

Exotic Bengals

2 years ago

Been a customer more than 8 years. Very good for routine medical and minor surgeries. I love the Doctor and the Staff.

Bonnie Hayes

2 years ago

Great veterinarian ! Wonderful staff !


2 years ago

Staff were friendly but charge for things they don't tell you upfront about.

Jo Trust

2 years ago

I have foster failed 3 dogs from the rescue, the doctor always does a good exam

Shelly Lyons

2 years ago

Doctor doesn't bother to wear a mask during a time of pandemic? WTH? He seems really out of it, oh and like some other vets we've encountered he likes to suggest pricey and unnecessary blood tests. Staff is nice, though.

Alan Hernandez

2 years ago

They are very friendly here. First time cat companion and they are very helpful.

Ela Ahmady

2 years ago

Take your puppy with peace of mind for neutering! I can’t appreciate them enough

Latin 8264

2 years ago

Today we said good bye to our fur baby, after 11 years with us. We have been going to Angeles pet hospital for over 20 years and I am glad they are here. Thank you to the team and the doctor for taking such great care of our fur friend and us. It has been a journey and I am glad you were with us this whole time. Thank you , thank you, thank you !

Marco Cano

2 years ago

The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Clean place! They also take LA city vouchers.

Matt Greene

2 years ago

I payed for removing a gland and ear deep cleaning but they just removed the gland and in couple weeks my pet ear was infected so , went back and asked me to pay for some antibiotics , it was the second period of antibiotic after surgery and it was almost killing my pet Stupid doctor

Nancy Prieto-Pina

2 years ago

Made Waffles feel so much better

art casillas

3 years ago

Love them. Good service at reasonable price

Danny Ironstone

3 years ago

Low cost, very friendly, helpful vet hospital. Not crowded with no bells & whistles, or "extras" 2 charge u...will be going back there as a regular now!

Dave Bradshow

3 years ago

Not the prettiest or slickest place, and the doctor isn't anything approaching charming, but seems to know what he's doing. I do believe they provide a huge service as an affordable pet hospital. My elderly dog had an incredibly painful eye condition that was not going to go away. The eye specialisti had taken him to previously wanted to do an incredibly expensive surgery to remove the lense. It would have possibly restored limited eyesight, but wasn't guaranteed to be effective at fixing the glaucoma condition, possibly requiring more surgeries down the road. None of which I had any way of affording without going deeply in debt. I called around and got recommendations from friends, and eventually went to Angelus to have his eye removed. It was a torturous decision, but the best one in the end. A very hard part that they kept him for 2 days to make sure he was recovering properly, which I understand, but added to the trauma. It was heartbreaking picking him up, and I wished they had cleaned his face up a bit, which still had dried blood from the surgery, and mucus crusting his other eye which was uncomfortable for him, and made him look way worse than it was.


3 years ago

Always its a good time

Mary Juarez

3 years ago

We picked up our cat there

Mrs.webslinger 1115

3 years ago

I had just adopted my dog from the shelter about a month and a half ago and was send to this hospital automatically for spaying. The shelter had informed us that our dog had a small hernia in her stomach. They advised us to ask this doctor if it was possible to do something about this hernia, not only was the spaying done incorrectly because a week after taking her home she started bleeding from her vaginal area and had to take her to the emergency room, they also told us that the small ball in her tummy was dried up milk that had build in there and would go away in a few weeks. While at the emergency room they told us that she was bleeding because when they "spayed" her they left part of her uterus still inside and that part had gotten infected. Fortunately, a different hospital was able to give us antibiotics for the infection. A week after that, we noticed that the "dried milk" was not going away but in fact was getting bigger and harder. We had no choice but to take her to another doctor where they confirmed our suspicion of it being a hernia. The hernia had gotten so big that they had to rush her into surgery as an emergency. Thanks to good doctors she is now healing and recovering into a healthy beautiful playful dog. We do NOT reccomend this place at all. If only I could give this place zero stars, I would.

qadeer azam

3 years ago

My dog could not pee. I took him to Banfield because I have insurance with them and they said they could not do anything for him . Take him to Emergency. I took him to Emergency ACCESS on Ventura Blvd. They said we do not have time for surgery till Monday. This was Saturday Morning. They said I could leave my dog with them and Monday they will perform the surgery. For 2 days they said the bill is $3000. For Monday Surgery $ 4900. They do not accept insurance. When I asked for a discount they offered $200. I told them that was too much. I asked for my dog . They charged me hundred bucks for the visit. I was desperate to take my baby for urgent care and immediate surgery. No body was available to help my pup. I called Angelus Pet Hospital, because they had helped my other dog to be fixed. They were closed .I left an urgent request for the Doctor to help me. 30 minutes later the Doctor returned my call and said bring him. I rushed there. The Doctor rushed back to the clinic and was waiting for me. He examined my baby and said he needs immediate surgery due to the blockage. He said he will perform the surgery immediately. I thanked God as I was in tears. This doctor is an Angel. It was Easter Eve. He cancelled his plans to take care of my dog. He did not ask for anything not even a dollar or credit card. All he cared was to relieve my pups pain and suffering. He performed the surgery and took care of my baby for 9 days. He even modified my dogs apparatus so he will not have to come for surgery again. I would like everyone to know YOU CAN TRUST THIS MAN BLINDLY. The doctor charged me a fraction what others wanted. He just charged $1700 whereas others wanted $8000. My prayers are for him. Honest hard working, caring, loving experienced doctor. Make him your primary pet doctor and you will able to have a piece of mind. WISH THERE WERE MORE PEOPLE LIKE HIM. MAY GOD ALWAYS BE WITH HIM AND BLESS HIM

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