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Britt Richards

2 years ago

I took my rabbit here for a dental exam and they tried to charge me for a whole lot of extra things that she didn’t need. The estimate they gave me was around 2,600. I left and went to San Joaquin On Blackstone and they checked her and knew it was her teeth. I proceeded with her surgery and the total bill was $400. I wish I would have read reviews here first. This place stressed me out.

Chris Potter

2 years ago

Absolutely the best Vet experience we have ever has. We have a green cheeked conure and they handled him like experts.

Gino Valverde

2 years ago

My wife took our kitten Gary in on 12/29 and we received the best care ! Thank you to dr JC and staff for taking good care of our fur baby when he needed it the most. We felt comfortable leaving our kitten with them as they worked to make him feel better. They were also very kind, compassionate and super friendly! Definitely will be bringing him back to this place ! Thank you thank you !!

Jackie Mendes-Evans

2 years ago

Wonderful people here. This vet is very personable and informative. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I'm happy with our choice to take our dog here.

Westley F

2 years ago

Treated one of my rats for a mild upper respiratory infection, seemed to know what they were doing with them, which was good since a lot ot vets are clumsy with rats. Worth the drive from visalia to find somewhere with experience with exotics. Exam and meds came out to 140$, which is pretty reasonable.

Jonna Aluisi

2 years ago

Sweet Bella had eye surgery today. As always, they took very good care of her and eased my mind, too. She's home resting now... ????????????

Damien Kala

2 years ago

They worked there hardest to try to keep our little Spots healthy. They were very communitive. Very friendly. And genuinely cared for our little family member. They did everything they could. i would highly recommend there service for your pets or little family members thank you Northpointe

Robin Ediger

3 years ago

Dr. McIntyre has been my vet for many years. I won't go anywhere else. She and her staff give excellent care to all their patients.

Pamela Dempsey

3 years ago

Dr. McIntyre and her staff are wonderful people — caring and extremely professional. Our dogs have been patients at NorthPointe since 2013 and I wouldn't think to go elsewhere. I like that there's an almost small town vibe with their personal attention plus overall warmth and kindness. But more importantly, the medical care our dogs receive has always been first rate. Highly recommend NorthPointe/Dr. McIntyre.

Jason Garcia

3 years ago

This place was professional during COVID, not only did they work around the mandates they were given but they still were able to provide great customer service. My dog had hives and they fixed him up without price gouging. Thank you Dr. I will be back.

Gricelda Walters

3 years ago

I missed my appointment. They are suppose to do reminder calls and they didn’t. It’s still my responsibility I realize but I was expecting a reminder as I misplaced my appointment paper. It was Memorial day weekend and my appointment was Tuesday there was no way that I could get a hold of anyone. Usually the office would call the customer I. Friday. However, when I called to reschedule there was much attitude from the older lady ( sounded older) and she informed me of the no show policy to which I answered “I understand”. She proceeded to imply and “read my mind” and assuming things that never took place. She implied that if I had a problem with the policy that maybe this was not the vet for me. All I said was “I understand” I was upset that she just didn’t want to deal with me because I called her out on the fact nobody called me to remind of the appointment the Friday before. She agreed that they are suppose to call. So, she implied I should go somewhere else since “ I don’t think this is the place you want to bring him to” which was never discussed and I will gladly go somewhere professional and kind and patient. But not before I say how unprofessional she was on the phone and what a short fuse she has. Must not need much business to treat customers so very unprofessional. It makes me wonder about the rest of the staff and doctors might be like. Sounded like a manager or owner. Sad...... Benji’s owner

Gisel buitrago

3 years ago

I took my rabbit in to get a check up on a lump he had and they told me it would be $55 for the exam. It took them over 4 hours to check him out and the bill came out to be almost $300 All because he had an abscess and they wanted to charge me over $1000 for a surgery that he didn’t really need. I had asked if could make payments on the bills and they insisted that I pay right then and there. I wish they were more considerate during such a hard time and informed me before instead of pushing all these medications and surgery.


3 years ago

Very good experience bringing my two rats here! I had a difficult time trying to find a vet that would treat small animals so I was very pleased to find a place nearby that could take them in asap and seemed to care just as much about my little guys well-being as they would a larger animal. Appreciated them following strict social distancing guidelines as well! My rats were prescribed meds to be administered for around three weeks and their respiratory infection cleared right up, very grateful to everyone there!

Diane Volpp

4 years ago

We have two dogs that visit this Veterinary clinic. Both dogs do well, from the check in, weigh-in, visit, to the check out. NorthPoint Anima hospital Is clean, organized, and efficient. All of the staff attend to our pets needs. I am very pleased with the experience. Considering the dogs don't show signs of stress when we return, I fell comfortable saying they like it also.

Daniel Huggins

4 years ago

My dog and I love this place and the staff AWESOMENESS

Trina Jones

5 years ago

Good place to go for rodents. Very clean, friendly staff, and nice doctor

Tim Crane

5 years ago

Excellence in our dog's care. Great Vet and staff. You'll know your animal is very well cared for.

Mike Michael

5 years ago

Recommended Northpointe to my daughter because exotic animals--in our case, pet rats--are an advertised specialty. Elder, Dumbo rat had growth/skin-flap on back leg, and we needed an assessment. Skin problems also erupted on both pet Dumbos, so both were brought in just in case. After screening, the doctor prescribed an anti-parasitic injection for both rats, to address possible mites, which can lead to mange and other health concerns. The "skin-flap" did not present as painful, oozing, or growing. As our rat is older, a surgical solution is the last resort; we decided to wait. If the lump was a tumor, and the doctor doubted it was, we could look into it again. Neither rat was 100%, and the stress of surgery coupled with our rats age, was something we could postpone for a bit. The doctor and staff were helpful, prescribing skin-care meds, and a spray for the rats' cage also; both rats. Cost: $250. Unfortunately, one of our rats had a major, personality change, post-visit, becoming aggressive toward our other rat. We had to separate the two (the doctor made the same suggestion, but as rat-people, action had already been taken by us). My daughter, caregiver to both rats since they were babies, was inconsolable. I called Northpointe. What's going on? Or doctor was empathetic albiet rushed--it was an early, morning call during regular business hours--assuring me our rat's response (aggression) had nothing to do with Northpointe care. After being awakened, 4 am, by a screaming rat, then having to separate the rats, I wanted expert advice as to what was, or could be, happening. It is not unusual for older, male rats to be separated, and there is a question of "...underlying illness..." in rats, as quoted by others, which brings me back to the lump on the leg. Did we have any alternatives or immediate, solutions? The doctor reassured me, three times, Northpointe did nothing wrong. The assurances made me more nervous! I am not inferring any wrongdoing by Northpointe. I would, however, like more information, more OPTIONS, than initially offered., and most certainly if problems develop. We declined the standard skin-scraping. The cost was not prohibitive, but the remedy would be the same, so we skipped a step, all offered by the doctor's office. All in all, the experience was...uncomfortable. My daughter felt there were unanswered questions during the visit; I felt the doctor was not interested in the startling/sudden change in our pet rat, post-exam. We BOTH felt there was too much emphasis on procedures and money, and aged, animal-health was secondary. It does not bode well when you sign waivers "in case" the meds prescribed do unexpected things becausr the meds are not meant for exotic animals. I have had no sleep. Northpointe has treated us okay. I do not feel our needs were met, as fully as expected. Northpointe did give options--surgery versus no surgery--but $250 (down from the original total!) is quite a bit to drop, no surgery, no labs, and have significant problems once your pet is home; and I do not like feeling hurried off the phone during consult. We were trying to help our baby. We were trying to be proactive. We were given a substantial bill for services rendered. But our baby is not the same. Hence, 3-stars only. I recommend, without malice, you redirect small animals to another veterinarian. Too much missing information and/or suggestions seems indicative of not enough knowledge.

Lowen B

5 years ago

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I had to make a follow-up appointment to have my exotic pet put to sleep and everyone there was so nice to me and assured me i was making the right choice.

Amber Lambert

6 years ago

Took my pet in. They were very attentive to my pets needs and were friendly.

Tracey Ann

7 years ago

The veterinarian and vet tech were wonderful. They were so helpful, kind and patient with us through our difficult decision to put our 14 year old family pet that was ailing down. It took us quite some time to decide and wait on family members to arrive, while occupying their room and they never once made us feel rushed at all. I am very thankful for their patience and empathy. Thank you again. RIP Leo Fryer.

Ozsa O

8 years ago

I am very happy with my 1st visit to NorthPointe. My cat has an inured leg and the Dr. didn't ask for x-rays, she was able to determine it wasn't broken by observing and handling my cat. Most vets that are out to over charge would have insisted on x-rays. The office staff are very helpful and pleasant, they even called me the next day to make sure everything was ok and to see if I had an questions. We just moved to Fresno, and I would recommend this vet, I like them equally or even more then my previous one. Thanks for taking such good care of us and not over charging us for un-needed tests.

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