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Athena-Glezel Galvez

a year ago

Mission Valley is always so great! Every staff member is very knowledgeable and kind. The vets especially take their time with my pet. They specialize in bunnies so I am so grateful they take care of my bun, Truffles. Would HIGHLY recommend to any bunny owner! (I have also left a review on their yelp about an instance they were able to help my bun)

John McCown

a year ago

Our Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic could not be any better, all the other veterinarians have extremely limited availability. Mission was able to accommodate and take care of my dog Aggie for her exam and update her shots. The staff was great and very personable which is hard to find these days. They let me be a part of the process, so my fur baby was comfortable and was at ease with her visit. First impressions are very lasting, I highly recommend this vet as a one stop care for your companions.

Kevin Yoshiyama

a year ago

They have taken care of our rabbits for years now

Luisa Correia

a year ago

They are the best. So sweet and caring. Love them

Theresa Evangelista

a year ago

I had a wonderful experience at MVVC! The staff and Dr Virk made me and my dog, Miley feel welcomed. I appreciate how Dr. Virk genuinely cared for my dog at her first visit.

Stefy Paganoni

a year ago

Professional, friendly and very caring!

Alejandra Vaquerano

a year ago

Really strong communication. Loved the staff, so friendly and kind. Made my little guy feel special and well taken care of. Will definitely be coming here.

Hao Cung

a year ago

My overall experience was great! Dr. Stone and Stella were very thorough in answering all my questions/concerns. I felt reassure that my dog was in good hands.

Mike Schuster

a year ago

Great group of doctors and team. They genuinely care about the pets that they care for. Great bedside manner.

Rajesh Kukreja

2 years ago

I am using thier services from last one year for my puppy and I am pretty satisfied.

Gelli Turingan

2 years ago

Not a lot of places in the tri-city area take my bunny rabbit to get seen.. I'm glad i have this place!

Nicole Pense

2 years ago

We received our care for our dog here because it was close, and she did receive very good care here from the vets, but after shopping around I realized that it was very expensive, even for the area. We ran out of prescription dog food that our dog needs to stay healthy, and apparently our dog hadn’t been in for a checkup at mission for over a year, though she had a checkup at another vet 6 months ago while we were out of town fleeing the fires. Mission wouldn’t accept the other pets visit, couldnt see us sooner than two weeks away, and wouldn’t give us even a holdover supply of food. They wouldnt even do a vet check to express her glands, which previously burst causing her to lose a lot of blood and need surgery. I was surprised abouth the extent that they cared more about the business side of things rather than making sure pets are healthy.

Jennifer Evans

2 years ago

Mission Valley Vet is a top-notch facility. We trust them with the care of our pets.

Shannon Arndt

2 years ago

Staff is absolutely kind and are super helpful! Dr. Virk is absolutely amazing and always concerned to get the best care for my Pup Lewie!

Helen Dong

2 years ago

Hard to find bunny savvy vets. Mission Valley and Dr. Verk provide great treatment and the staff is wonderful. Clinic is very caring and they are excellent at Covid protocols

Brenda Torres

2 years ago

I had to find a new vet since mine retired and the new owners are not what I want. I have taken two of my cats here and they have been patient and understanding about my cats health


2 years ago

Our visit could not be better. I am thankful for the support and care of my pets. Rates are reasonable. The staff is curious and polite. I was referred by a neighbor who has gone to their over 20 years. They practice safe COVID protocol.

Sara Golbek

2 years ago

Felt like they didn't care about my rabbits. They spent a lot of time talking to dog owners but barely even talked to me about my rabbits. Made me wait over an hour for my appointment. Then wouldn't even fill the prescription until the next day nor would let me pick it up so now we have to wait 3 more days for it to be shipped. The prices for the prescription were outrageous. Will only be coming here if we can't find another rabbit vet.

Pong Ching

2 years ago

This place over charges you and provides worst value! and poor quality of service! My cat wasn't eating well and had her for a check. First of all, the vet could not figure out what went wrong with her losing of appetite, so she took a shoot gun approach -- giving her several medications and prescribed Geriatric screening (lab tests). The total cost was over $590. With such sticker shock, I had to decline many. For the Geriatric screen, most places only charge around $85-$110, but they charged more than $300. The deworm medication was $15 for one tablet, and you can get from Chew.com for $4.50. When I asked them if I could get the medication from store, and I was told it was a prescription drug and I can only get from them. I later found out you could actually get the exact same medication for 1/3 of the price they charge. To increase their profit, they were not honest. In addition, the instruction for the tablet only had a vague "taken by mouth" instruction. The nurse who gave e the medication never explained. Not knowing it means forcing the tablet into cat's throat, I mixed it with cat food and the cat refused to take it. I called them about the issue and they refused to provide a complimentary tablet for the unclear and vague instruction. This place only cares about their profit and less on customer satisfaction. Also based on my experience, I don't' think the vet was very skilled. I would recommend you go somewhere else. If you really want to visit this place, I would recommend checking their charges carefully and compare so you don't get ripped off.


2 years ago

Worse vet experience, look else where! We have been a couple of times but never had a good / comfortable experience when interfacing our dog who was a little afraid due to the new environment and the cold / formal interaction with the vet Dr. You can be sure that they where there for the money not for the love of the animals... But even through that it wasn't enough to take my time to write a review. However after today, I am clear that using them is not in my families best interest. Today my finance went in to get some medication, medication that we can easily get on line (Rx needed however). She was given the medication and then upon leaving decide to check how much Chewy was charging. This vets prices was 50% higher. She decide that due to the exuberant prices that she would return them and we would buy online (this whole process was 30 mins). She was greeted by the Manager Angel who refused to process the refund even though they have no written / posted or verbally communicated policy for this. The product was unopened and again from the time of purchase to wanting to do the return was 30 mins (I would understand if this was next day, etc.) I understand everyone needs to make a dollar, but 50% mark up is a little much on top of the terrible service. Either way, we had to keep the product but will for surely never return to this vet and will also let all of our friends and family know that they an do much better when looking for a vet in the area.

Kay Vargas

2 years ago

I went here because I wanted a vet that actually had experience with rabbits. The reviews seemed great so I scheduled an appointment. Idk if they were having a bad day, or scheduled too many appointments but I waited over 25 minutes in the car with my rabbit on a hot day. I had the air on but didnt trust it as my rabbit was shaking a bit. I'll admit they seemed genuinely sorry when I called to say I was leaving. I would give this place a second chance.

PawPrint Boxers

2 years ago

Emergency with my young Boxer. The staff was awesome. Took immediate care of him at a critical time. Happy to say he is 100 % recovered from anaphylaxis shock. Thank you!!!

Scott Setterlund

2 years ago

We scheduled our 16 year old dogs euthanasia at Mission Valley Vet because I had used them a few years ago and with the COVID regulations no vet would do in-home euthanasia and our normal vet wouldn’t allow us inside. Mission Valley Vet office manager Julie said we could do the procedure outdoors on their grassy lawn on blankets so we agreed. When we showed up the vet tech brought out blankets and tissues and got us all set up. Then the vet came out to do an exam which she never actually did- she only asked what was going on with our dog- she never touched or looked at him. He was clearly in distress, panting very heavy and unable to walk unassisted. She told us that she would clear a room inside for us and we told her the agreement was to do the procedure outside. We did not want our 16 year old dog to be in any further distress by knowing he was in the vets office. This vet insisted and at this point I had already paid and we had prepared ourselves for the end of our dogs life. I was beside myself for what to do, so we went along with her decision- we felt helpless and distraught. She said it had to be done in a controlled environment and we told her that we agreed to come there only because the process could be done outside. She played on our vulnerability and time of sorrow and loss and manipulated us and we feel extremely cheated and lied to and feel it put us in exactly the kind of situation we did not want. To make matters worse, she refuses to let us hold his head or have his head rest in our hands while she gave him the injection. He had already been sedated and was groggy so there was no possibility of him being able to do anything threatening. I have never been so unhappy, upset and feel Like this vet, Dr. Leon- did a huge injustice to us in the last few moments of our dogs life. Even the vet tech told us, after the vet left the room, that she agreed it was very wrong of the vet to do that to us. She apologized and was very empathetic- too bad the vet wasn’t. My worst experience ever with a vet. We will tell everyone we know about this horrible experience and hopefully spare them the disappointment and lies that we received.

Beth Newell

3 years ago

Very good with my pocket pet. A very thorough wellness exam. Removed her from room to do her nails and I did not understand why they did so.

Tyler Miller

3 years ago

I can't explain how amazing this staff was with me and my cat. There wasn't a single lack of compassion with my situation, the entire staff stayed late for us. This is our obvious choice moving forward with pet care. Thank you, to all of you. You're all such saints.

philip tsai

3 years ago

Knowledgeable Vet & Friendly staff, couldn't ask for more.

Matt James

3 years ago

Wonderful, very caring staff. My family has been going there for decades and have seen the medical staff change but they are always excellent.

Fatima Baaghi

3 years ago

I just want to acknowledge and thank the Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic for changing their signs to family friendly and appropriate messages. Thank you.

Marie Miglietta

3 years ago

very clean, great service, welcoming staff

Devin Ramdutt

3 years ago

Wonderful clinic that took care of our puppy right up to the end.

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