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Elena Villafuerte

2 years ago

So I know finding a good vet Dr / hospital who truly cares about our fur babies is a struggle but Banfield fremont has been amazing . They have been so good to my puppy , I have been bringing my puppy since 8 weeks old and they always go above and beyond. We just had him neutered and they have called more than a couple time to make sure he is healing well. Love their attention and love toward my sparrow .

LuvLei H

2 years ago

Great staff.All my dogs be need in one place.

Tram Nguyen

2 years ago

Love the grooming service here. Stephanie is always did a great job of grooming my dog. Thank you Stephanie and everyone working there. ????????????????❤❤????????

luis hernandez

2 years ago

Employees are great. Services are a bit overpriced and insurance seems to rarely cover anything.

D (RiceisNice)

2 years ago

Left on hold for well over 40 minutes. They had answered three times, hence the dial tone. Someone answered then put me on hold again. My Girlfriends dog is sick and won't eat her food anymore. Definitely going to another pet hospital.

christine cooper

2 years ago

I'm giving this vet's office one star because when I tried to call them to schedule an appointment, I waited over 20 minutes, 2 times and they never answered. Luckily I found a new vet, one who answered their phone quickly!

Sudhakar G

2 years ago

Well I think they are OK

Karla Orduna

2 years ago

If I could give you zero stars, I would. You don’t have appointments, EVER. It’s usually “a month out”. Last time I was able to bring my dog with you, after waiting for 4 weeks, I told the girl at reception what was going on with my dog. Later, the vet calls to ask things that were meant for another patient. Y You only do drop off appointments, so my poor dog would have to spend all day in a crate. And the vets are getting WORSE AND WORSE. Stop selling Wellness plans to new patients. It’s a scam! We pay for a service that we can NEVER USE.

Jennifer Offner

2 years ago

My older dog is currently suffering as we wait for them to come up with a treatment due to the doctor went on vacation. I’m having to take her somewhere else to get care when I pay these people to care for my pet . She had a mass on her throat that kept getting bigger. The excuses they give are ridiculous.

What How

2 years ago

My dog started bleeding in store so I rushed over there for help. I was ignored until I spoke up to them and was met with a rude response from the front desk lady and then promptly ignored again as she spoke with another customer. I yelled my dog was bleeding and she coldly told me there was no doctors (as a doctor walked out to hand medicine to another parent). Like you're going to ignore me, be rude,and lie?? I WOULD NEVER take ny dog there now knowing they'd let a dog bleed. And yes I was sent home with ny dog still bleeding.

Patty Little

2 years ago

Then going to Banfield for 27 years with different pets. Very good and helpful staff. It is a good place to go with your cat or dog. Lorraine at the front desk is wonderful.

luis flosi

2 years ago

People here always take extra, special attention to any pet. They are always so welcoming and respectful. I had to bring in my dog for a quick shot but told them my dog had esten something strange before. They called s poisoning hotline to ensure my dog would be safe even if it had nothing to do with what I can in for. And that’s just one example. Just because it’s a big brand, doesn’t mesn they aren’t excellent!

Gaia Helper

2 years ago

Decent experience at banfield but not the friendliest service, she seemed robotic like she was trying to get the check-in over with. No how are you or good morning or any normal greetings. Perhaps she was still waking up, it was 8am. Over decent experience, nothing special.

Usha Dawn

2 years ago

We always go here for our fur baby Reyna and they take super good care of her. We love most of the people that work here, thank you.

Tim Riener

2 years ago

In terms of services offered by this facility, I only know what is posted on their website. And in terms of quality of service I have no details. But I would crucially point out that this facility is located inside of a PetSmart retail store, so if the store is closed, I assume the pet hospital is as well. Be sure to check PetSmart's hours before going to this pet hospital.

Alley Cabus

2 years ago

I take my pet somewhere else, they hurt my pet and caused him to have anxiety.

Shanna Prasadi

2 years ago

I love this hospital. They all know Millie by name and treat her so well. Thank you for all of your hard work

Michael Kelly

2 years ago

I have pet insurance thru Banfield. They call me to set up appointments for his shots and vet visits. One less thing to have to remember.

Barney Cabus

2 years ago

They are very ruff with animal care. Every animal I see is shaking and terrified about going into the store. I no longer take my dog there and my pet is never shaking or terrified when vaccines and health check ups are needed. Plus the have way too many animal visits...why is that?

Willie Madsen

3 years ago

Always great service from this entire vet staff. You can tell that they really do care about their patients. Super friendly

Stephen Mata

3 years ago

Would highly recommend taking your pet elsewhere. To start , the male Asian doctor ( Dr. carpio) was rude as can be. He clearly was afraid of my dog and tried to use my dog “ not being trained” as an excuse . He was acting timid the second my dog and I walked into the room. My dog felt his energy and did a low growl and the doctor rudely says “ you need to train your dog” . It’s not my problem my dog feels his negative energy and is very protective of me. Doctor Carpio continued to be passive aggressive with me throughout the appointment and then put a mussle on my dog. My dog has been there several times and there wasn’t one incident with other doctors where a mussle needed to be pulled out. The doctor definitely needs to sharpen his skills all around. Communication , professionalism, dog handling, and a lot more. After my dog was neutered, he came back with the whole underside of his belly (around the area they shaved for surgery) cut up and I’m not referring to the incision. It was a bunch of razor-cuts from the clippers . I know this because I used to be a vet tech myself and I know what those burns look like . Dr. Carpio ( the doctor who did the procedure) never once mentioned to me about the extra cuts all over my dog and even denied that he had any idea what they were . I figured if someone failed to do their job correctly , they would at least let me know about it before I picked my dog up . It’s pretty crazy when the razor cuts took twice as long to heal than the incision from the neuter itself !!! Save yourself the stress and if you care about your pet at all , take them somewhere where there are actually skilled doctors who are man enough to to take responsibility for their actions.

Nimer Jaber

3 years ago

I wish they were a little bit more thorough about examining records before they tried to sell me something. They tried to provide me with heartworm medicine even though they had already given me a yearly shot. In any case, they generally do pretty well, but you have to be diligent to make sure that they are selling you what your dog actually needs

Liliana Alfaro

3 years ago

Friendly staff, fast service and affordable prices


3 years ago

They helped me with my Dog I got referred by a Friend thank you they took really good care ???? of my Dog

Nex Badger

3 years ago

Banfield is an amazing place. I've been coming to this specific location for a while. The vets and nurses are all so welcoming and careful with out beloved friends, and speaking from personal experience, when the worst happens and you need to say goodbye, they do it with grace and dignity. Wonderful staff and caring vets!

Jessica L

4 years ago

I have been different Banfiled hospitals in Bay area and I do not like any of them. This place does not deserve any of your trust. If you like your pet, please do not take it in this place. I have 2 dogs and I put them both in wellness plan which was the biggest mistake ever. Whenever I call them, the soonest appointment i can get is 3 days further, mostly even later. If i cannot get same day or next day appointment when my dog not feeling good whats the point of this whole plan? Once, the stuff told me to take my dog to emergency room when I told them my dog doesn't feel good and i want appointment within 2 days. Is this a joke? If I am going to take my dog to emergency room whenever I want to see a doctor, why would I register to this wellness plan? Also, I am not very satisfied with the doctors since i never get a certain answer about my dogs condition. When something is wrong , they are like, it might be this or that.. then this would cost $$$ and that would cost even more $$$. So are you not sure whats my dogs condition as a doctor? I will not renew my membership and will never recommend this place to anyone.

Jessica Cathcart

4 years ago

I overall like banfield but this is the only banfield/PetSmart in Fremont and Newark and so there's huge demand and not enough staff. Banfield and PetSmart need to hire more staff to match demand. I can never get a timely appointment here so I usually end up having to drive to Milpitas. The wellness plan makes sense if you live in San Jose (4 banfields, easy to get an app somewhere close by) but having recently moved to Newark I wouldn't give the same recommendation.

Beau Mead

4 years ago

Good service. Lots of parking.

Nirmal Samuel

5 years ago

Stayed with them for nearly 5 years before i quit. If you love your pet even half way, then you should avoid this facility. Repeated requests to clean up consultation rooms went unattended; they charge $10 for administering flea medication (which i personally bought and took to them, because their meds are low quality) - whereas, other vet hospitals will do this for free, if you are a regular customer with them (or even live in their neighbourhood); the doctors try to hook you onto their prescription diet saying the cat is fat (even if it is average weight and well cared for); some good doctors there have left in past 2 years, which indicates that they are also not happy with the company. Yearly expense will not be less than $1000, for a healthy young cat. This is worse than HMO for humans.

Jenny K

6 years ago

Hands down the worst Banfield I've ever been to. They act like they don't want to help you. Wesley is absolutely the worst. He's rude and wouldn't let me even finish talking. avoid this place all together.

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