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Rose Drake

2 years ago

Went to dog park it was fun for our dog

Chris Elz

2 years ago

Do not go get the neutering voucher from them (caring veterinarian) they are awful and mean . Go to a different animal shelter because I am sure that they know that the caring veterinarian is an awful place

Jim Wright

2 years ago

I couldn't drop off some dog food as a donation ???? I see people moving around behind the glass but to busy to answer the door. I hope they take better care of the animals .

Sandra Perley

2 years ago

The woman that I talked to was very nice I just rat wrote down my name and everything I didn't use the internet cuz I didn't know how to do it very well and I wanted there was a dog that was for adopting which I wanted I never heard back for maybe it got adopted or maybe they haven't finished checking it out yet I don't have any idea this was about 3 weeks ago. longer than 3 weeks now.I must be writing this to myself.

Sumaya J

2 years ago

Super unprofessional. Had the worst experience with them. I put in an application to adopt a cat and they called me and gave me an appointment (what day and time to come in). The person on the phone congratulated me and assured me that I would be able to get that cat on the day of my appointment, and take it home then. My entire family was super excited to welcome our new family member and we had everything prepared. We were impatiently waiting all week. The morning of my appointment, I receive a call from the shelter "reminding me" that my appointment was canceled. No one had ever called me apart from that initial phonecall, let alone to remind me that it was canceled. As to be expected, I was super upset. I didn't understand why my appointment was canceled and the employee on the phone kindly explained to me that it was "first come first serve". I understand that, as it is a shelter and they want their animals to find homes ASAP. But what I don't understand is why even give me an appointment and assure me that I'll be going home with that animal, only to send it home with another owner. Absolutely heartbreaking and unprofessional. Maybe the initial employee I dealt with was new? Who knows.

Edward Raygoza

2 years ago

Adopted two cats. One is a trouble maker and my female kitten is really calm and cuddly. I definitely recommend meeting the animal you plan on adopting before officially adopting them. I'll keep in mind to be cautious when adopting virtually.

Meghan Shoven

2 years ago

We did not have a good experience here. Due to COVID they are now operating by appointment only. To get an appointment, you have to put in an application for a specific animal. We put in an application to see a kitten, and were informed they were not offering "meet and greets" with kittens, only cats over age 1, because kittens personalities aren't fully developed. Upon arriving at the shelter, they would not even let us see the kitten without adopting it sight unseen! We have fostered and adopted cats and kittens from a number of agencies throughout the years, and I have never experienced this type of service. It seems frankly irresponsible to expect people to make a lifelong commitment to a pet without even having the opportunity to see or meet it. While small kittens personalities are not completely set, you can definitely get a feel if you connect with a kitten and how it reacts to you (also I would argue for kittens 6+ months you can definitely start to get a sense of their personality). What a disappointment, I think a lot of animals are missing out on good homes due to this absurd policy.

Venkat Shankar

2 years ago

You rock! Keep it up!

Gina Bishard

2 years ago

We are fostering a litter of 5 bottle fed kittens. Everyone is super helpful, answer all my questions, provide everything needed to care for them.

Megan Rivera (Meg SJCA)

2 years ago

Not open during covid. No adoptions they only take animals in but none are going out.

Alex Sunny

3 years ago

I think it’s a great place for dogs and cats but sometimes they have to get homes

Dennis Holmes

3 years ago

Great staff that care about the animals that are there

Jennifer Fagundes

3 years ago

There is a guy at the front desk who asked me “why” after I asked for his help in bringing in a stray cat for the TNR program. I’m making an effort to help out a starving stray and make the neighborhood a little bit nicer for some poor abandoned cats and he asks me “why”? Then he proceeded to “mansplain” to me the difference between a feral and a stray. Ladies, if you’re single, there’s a winner here for you. What an uninspiring experience. Fremont’s finest.

Kathleen Gonzales

4 years ago

Take very good care of their animals, very caring.

Michael Kelly

4 years ago

Clean place, friendly staff. Once you sign in you are allowed to roam around. I went in looking to adopt a dog. Didn't find one this time.

Msrisela Garcia

4 years ago

The people here seemed like they were lost themselves, not all of them but a few on their staff. I came in to pick up my dog, all the way from Patterson. All they can tell me was that someone brought him in and couldn't use their common sense to get their information because clearly they didn't just find him all the way out in Fremont or at Union City Walmart where the people said they found him. And had the audacity to tell me that the woman who brought him in was very attached to my dog. To top it off there was a young woman, who was very rude and I don't know why she would make assumptions on why my dog was a nervous dog is a Chihuahua. If you don't know Chihuahuas are nervous dogs. I hope to anyone who is going through the loss of your dog, doesn't have to go through this. I guess thank you for your compassion.........

patricia rose

4 years ago

Not very helpful or friendly. Not very many animals.

Melika D.

4 years ago


Vincent Basquiat

4 years ago

Adopt a your next best friend today!

Inez Stone

4 years ago

Great place for pets. They care.

Eugene Cunningham

4 years ago

Friendly people, very clean runs.

Dean P

4 years ago

We adopted a bonded pair of cats recently in good health....knowledgeable crew very helpful. Provided lots of information and guidance. Place was clean and animals were treated well.

Chitra Patil

4 years ago

City-owned shelter. They do the best they can with volunteers.

Carla Ré W.

4 years ago

The staff are wonderful. You can really tell they love animals.


4 years ago

I had a stray cat that showed up at my home. I brought in on a Saturday and the not so nice girl t"like to use another word" to make me feel like a criminal. When all I was doing is trying to help!!!

Ashley Penegrin

4 years ago

The tanned young girl at the front desk (the one facing the door) is rude.

Andy Mesecher

4 years ago

Have been volunteering here for a while. The staff always have the animals' best interest in mind. Whether it be diet, surgery, exercise, etc., I trust the honesty of this staff when helping pups, cats, goats, & more find their forever home.

Alyssia Kim

4 years ago

I called inquiring about some of their dogs because of the limited info online for their individual profiles. The person who was on the phone with me was very curt, short, and he didn’t hide his annoyed attitude with my questions. He would talk over me and not help me out. I’m extremely disappointed, considering you would want to be helpful in order to get your dogs adopted out.

Alan Bosco Ocampo

4 years ago

The staff is friendly and puts high considerations for the animals. They have high expectations for adopting parties so that animals have good homes.

Jose j. Paz II

4 years ago

It's okay because they're doing their jobs, the other 2 stars are missing because i didn't want to pay.

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