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Kristine Knutson

2 years ago

I really needed help for my dog but couldn’t get in to her regular veterinary and I tried for days to get an appointment so finally I saw Aborn vet and took me the next day! I was so happy, they are very thorough and explained everything to me and very helpful and I’m bringing all my pets to them because I trust the doctor and the staff!

Carol Gao

2 years ago

Dr. Gill and his staff are amazing at what they do — highly professional, experienced, and has transparent pricing. They accurately diagnosed a rare disease in my dog and helped to obtain medications and testing in a very timely manner and saved my dog’s life, who was barely alive two days ago and looks perfectly healthy now. Previous comments on “excessive testing” is not inaccurate, but the comprehensiveness is truly an asset in my case. No words can describe how much I appreciate the work they’ve done:)

Julie Juenger

2 years ago

I unfortunately need to update my previous great review. When I first came to aborn I was happy with the service and now I'm not at all. Amelia was still great over the phone. The first appointment we had was just for my dog to get shots and he was having skin irritations so the doctor saw him and diagnosed him with atopic dermatitis. We tried cytopoint injections which seemed to be helpful the first time so we continued with it twice more and both those times the cytopoint didn't seem to help so I told the young lady that I want to try something else we tried benadryl, Claritin, natural remedies.. nothing worked. Then the vet suggested apoquel so we ordered it and it was amazing but so expensive. A few months later im told by a friend that apoquel is horrible longterm so I try to order a different medication and aborn denies it because they have to see my dog again even though its their diagnosis in the first place and for some reason they must make sure he has the same ongoing atopic dermatitis before approving a prescription? I dont understand why he would need to be seen for the same thing they already diagnosed because id like to switch to a medication that isn't horrible for long term use. I am currently looking for a new vet because its been made quite clear that they do not care about the animals as much as they do making money. Stay away from here.

Michelle S.

2 years ago

We came to Aborn because our dog was sick. 1 thing I can confirm from other reviews is : Excessive Billing. They realized how pet owners love their pet and take advantage of the fact that the pet is sick to rip off the owner. Even money is not a problem, should we, pet owners, really bring our pets to this place to encourage such kind of behavior? Dr. Gill might be capable to treat your pet, but it doesn't seems to me that he has that love to animals, who would give that much of unnecessary tests and medications to a sick dog ? P.s. and once they have your email address, they won't stop sending you their so call "promotion offer"..... This is just annoying.

Rayana Egea

2 years ago

I was accommodated with an appt for my dog who had a broken toe nail. I really this doctor but I feel like I get gouged here and pet was given unnecessary treatment without fully explaining why it was occurring. I was not told over the phone there would be a higher exam fee for bribing my pet in on a Saturday with a last minute appt. my dogs have been coming here for years and this has never happened. I was told after my dog was in the clinic. Then I was quoted a price of over $400, almost $500 for my dogs broken nail. After negotiating and removing some medications I was quoted almost $400. I was desperate with a newborn baby at home so I agreed. Then I found out I was charged a sedation reversal only because the clinic staff does not work on Sunday and the dog would not have enough time to recover. Never was I warned about this. So a broken nail on my dog could have costed me $500, really could have been $300, and I ended paying $400. I don’t agree with this and probably should have waited until the weekday or gone to another clinic. I love the staff here and they take care of my pets, I know things are tough since pandemic, but please stop gouging customers

Denise Tapia

2 years ago

This debt has no patience with the animals owners they are rude on the phone they backtalk for you and give you one price then when you get there it’s a more of an expensive price. and then they backtalk us again saying well I’m sorry you’ll have to bring your other cat back later or tomorrow. yes that is why we have chosen another vet and for them to have over four-point stars.

Rose Hunt

2 years ago

Very please with the staff. Dr. Mann was very conscientious. I felt I was in safe hands.

Allison M.

2 years ago

Good service and care for my dog. The staff are considerate, listen to my concerns and provide excellent medical care when my pet needs it. Thanks for helping me keep Scout healthy!

Kathy Rosiles

2 years ago

Went for our puppys first visit they are really friendly and explained everything to me on what to do and when to help my puppy grow healthy ill definetly keep goin here

Michelle Abad

2 years ago

I was very happy with the care & treatment my 9 yr old received here. They explained all the procedures my cat was in need of and exactly what it would cost. The staff are very professional, caring and attentive. I trust the vets and staff here with the care of all my fur babies.

Tammara Keil

2 years ago

I love Aborn pet hospital, the only place I’d ever bring my beloved pets. The staff and veterinarians go above and beyond with excellent care.

Barbara McAuley

2 years ago

My beloved cat is nearing the end of his magical life and the staff and medical practitioners at Aborn have not only provided excellent care for him but also have supported me with warmth and caring during this very trying time. I am grateful.

Naivette Carlton

2 years ago

My dog started coughing Friday evening. I called around and no one could squeeze him in. I knew he had kennel cough. Aborn was able to see him Tuesday. We talked over the phone and the person on the phone listened. That was the first awesome thing they did. Then when we arrived Tuesday, Rianna came out and again, she listened to my concerns. She was professional in a fun way and even talked to my dog. She made me feel way better. They actually listened to what I thought it was and didn't dismiss me. I loved that. After completing the forms, Rianna came back and got my dog out of my car and he's a huge dog. She brought him in and even though they were busy, she said to leave him and they will call me and not to worry. They couldn't see him right away, but offered to kennel him inside until the doctor could see him. After a couple of hours, I received a phone call from the doctor. It was, as suspected, respiratory infection due to bacteria. The doctor talked to me explaining everything and he even added that my dog did well during examination. He didn't need sedation or was too hard to control because of his size. They kept him until I could come pick him up. They sent him home with medication, detailed instructions and a reasonable cost for exam and med's. The young man who returned my dog to the car and gave me the med's was so nice, professional and polite. I didn't catch his name. Aborn is professional, but not overly stuffy. They make you feel at ease. I really liked that because I'm freaking out already about my dog. They are cost conscious, another concern of mine. Great staff. Great experience

Shelton Welch

2 years ago

Pleasant experience received from a longtime customer. Very pleased with pet boarding, well check up visits & friendly staff.

Lisa Meagher

2 years ago

My dog's long term vet recently retired from another facility and the new Vet's that took over are terrible so I was forced to find another Vet. My friend recommended Aborn. It was an excellent experience and they had caring staff. It was easy to get an appointment, and they treated us with compassion and respect. I highly recommend them.

romar ronquillo

2 years ago

Kiwi had her first visit today and wow, the service here is GREAT. Almost ALL of the vets I’ve been to were really rude or even too busy to explain in detail what exactly is going on. The staff here was great. They listened and were very patient with us. I look forward to having more visits here for kiwi and would highly recommend!

Alison Symonds

2 years ago

I cannot thank Aborn Pet Hospital and its staff enough. My beagle Darwin has always been a sick dog. He has suffered from various medical conditions, including cancer, from a very young age. We were loyal to our primary vet, who seemed to "treat" him when needed, but I never felt like they truly tried to get to the root of his problems, or offer a long term treatment/preventative plan. Our vet retired during the pandemic, and recently, Darwin was having some type of reaction that was causing itchiness and redness throughout his body - he was absolutely miserable. This wasn't the first time it happened, and previously, he would get prescribed prednisone and nothing more. It worked short term - but it would happen again. I wasn't able to get into the vet I usually went to, and after calling 10 vets that were too busy and turned me away, I called Aborn. The woman on the phone was very friendly and was quick to get Darwin an appointment. I got seen the same day and instead of giving him a steroid and sending us on our way, they suggested Darwin get an allergy panel - which we obliged. Three injections, and two allergy panels later, we were hopeful we would get answers. Darwin was already feeling better by the next day and made a full recovery within two days. When we finally got his test results back, everything started to make sense. He is allergic to so many things that he is often exposed to. We now have the tools necessary to treat Darwin accordingly, and I am happy that he was given the care he deserves. Aborn Pet Hospital brought so much relief to my family and I am very grateful for their services.

Catherine De Jesus

2 years ago

Dr. Mann and his staff are AWESOME! Lucas had an emergency situation and was given the best care from the attentive, friendly staff at Aborn Pet Hospital. THANK YOU so much for saving our dog, Lucas!

Susan Guerrero

2 years ago

The staff at Aborn was kind, professional, and knowledgeable. I appreciated their explanations regarding my pet's condition, treatment and aftercare. It definitely helped put me at ease..

Patricia Platt

2 years ago

I’m so glad I decided to choose Aborn for my new puppy, Donut. They are very thorough in their exams and follow-ups, and I know Donut is in good hands whenever we visit. 10/10 recommend!!

Laura Avila

3 years ago

Aborn Pet Hospital is absolutely wonderful and I highly recommend them for all of your pet's needs. The staff is always courteous and professional and I have never been disappointed with any of their services or products purchased on line. The best part is that they are there for you when you need them the most.

Gone to Green Organic Market

3 years ago

We have been bringing our 2 Boxers here for the last 8 years and have always had a positive experience. Everyone in the office truly love animals and always give us excellent service. I highly recommend Aborn Pet Hospital!

Jannat Firdaus

3 years ago

The whole staff is very nice and helpful.I took 4feral kitten to neuter them .They did a good job .Niw those feral kitten are happy and healthy .

Catherine Williams

3 years ago

I love Aborn, the staff are always so friendly and helpful, and they obviously love our little fuzzy friends. I've never had any issue getting an appointment within the following 24hours, and they all go out of their way to help.

Angela Carpenter

3 years ago

Front staff very nice. I didnt like, after my dogs test result came in, I received a call from Dr stating Bella had high liver enzymes and needed a prescription 90$. to help the liver. So after picking up the med . I noticed it wa an over the counter liver supplement, not an actual prescription med. I was not informed of this. I would have liked to have had the choice to buy it from the vet or pick it up for 1/2 the price somewhere else. I was also charged for a difficult dog nail cut which cost me aprox 50$ (cant remember actual amt) but was told that she did really good with her nails. Not sure what that was about. Hubby took her in so he went with the flow on the bill. I did call vet about my concerns but haven't received a response.

Andrew Sha

3 years ago

It was quite nice, they got our little cosmos medications and now he's feeling better

Vic Evaristo

3 years ago

I bring my dog 2 to 3 times a year for boarding at the same time for medical and physical checkup. Staff is friendly and polite. Paperwork is done ahead of time. My dog is well fed and full of energy when pick up. Short wait time. Both me and my dog are happy.

Adriana Pinto

3 years ago

Very good team. The doctor is very friendly and listen to you carefully about your pet.!!

Yans QnS

3 years ago

We have taken all our pets to Aborn since we moved here. From intensive surgery to the usual check-up, they've been absolutely wonderful with our family.

Cathy Keys

3 years ago

The staff was very helpful, nice, and caring. This was my first time here. I will definitely come back for any of my cat's needs.

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