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Brandon Betz

2 years ago

Rude staff but doctors are awesome

Carol Wellman

2 years ago

Very efficient, friendly & helpful

Joann Pool

2 years ago

This place just want your money and does not care for the dogs

Walt Thompson

2 years ago

Dr. Karan is phenomenal in his approach to the care provided to our animals. His passion shines through like the sun at the beginning of the day. Dr. K is very personable, which is a bonus because many times, I've rarely had one on one conversations about the status and outcome of the service provided by the vets and mainly speak to the vet techs and while they tend to be in good spirits that are not always the case. However, I believe that will change after watching the example of what excellent vet care and customer satisfaction means. Vet care with good intentions and excellent customer service. ???????? Anyone who comes here will receive the utmost care and respect for your furry family. Great job, VMC. You are starting to look like rock stars!

Raj K

2 years ago

BEST veterinary medical center in FOLSOM. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. Dr.GILL IS AWESOME.My cat feeling much better after surgery

Kim Sofia

2 years ago

Thoughtful, knowledgeable, considerate, our dog was not unhappy there

julie limbaugh

2 years ago

Love Dr. Gill and the rest of the staff. They've taken great care of my cat.

Elizabeth Shelnutt

2 years ago

They always answer the phone, return calls promptly, friendly, REASONABLE FEES, and genuinely care about my pets.

Beth Duncan

2 years ago

They you and your animal with respect... Love them...

Amanda A

2 years ago

The veterinarians are wonderful. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Interactions with the front desk staff can be a coin toss. Some staff are friendly and helpful while others are seemingly clueless. If it weren’t for that I would rate five stars.

Lauren Serra

2 years ago

Dr. Gill and staff are nothing short of amazing. Their love for your pet is palpable, as is their holistic overview of their health.

Anthony Colvard

2 years ago

Horrible customer service. Dr. Gill is great, but the front desk staff is extremely lazy and disrespectful. I like Dr. Gill, but will not be coming back because of his front desk staff. Currently switching vets.

Payal Shah

2 years ago

I have been taking my Shihpoo there for 2 years now. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate. Dr. Gill is professional, thorough and effective. I trust him and have confidence that we get the care and advice that we need.

Brandon Lathrop

2 years ago

Very friendly staff. Took my 3 cat's in to get spayed and neutered. They did an awesome job ????

Felicia Martinez

3 years ago

Other than the rude and unnecessary comments I would get sometimes from staff, I didn't have many problems here until recently. I took my German Shepard puppy here and did a puppy package. My sister did the same with her German Shepard. My GS got all her shots and she was good to go. I ended up moving 2 hours a way so i haven't been since. However a few weeks ago my sister gave me her GS due to not having enough time for her. When she went to go switch over her GS in my name the receptionist at the time told her when she called that her GS did not finish her Vaccines and would have to restart them, They told her it was going to be Free since she had already paid for a puppy package and only missed one shot. She also confirmed that it was in my name and I could come back and get them done. Because I was told I was able to redo her vaccines at no cost I called 2 days later to schedule apts. However i was told that she was not in my name and they did not have any record of my sister calling in. My sister called in same day and talked to a different receptionist who said that they can put her in my name but i would have to pay for whole package again. I'm not sure how that conversation went but they were basically not going to honor what the first receptionist said to my sister about being able to redo shots for free. Gave them 2/5 stars because the doctor was always very nice to me but the staff and this most recent experience was not friendly. Maybe we just caught them on a bad day but unfortunately we will not be going here anymore for multiple reasons.

Marlene Montelongo

3 years ago

Dr. Gil takes good care of my Duke. He does so much for the community too! Staff is super helpful too!

Analeah Alexander

3 years ago

I'm very disappointed in his care he never even put his hands on her to check her out, all he wanted was money, had to take my dog to another vet he told me the medicine he prescribed was making her more sick. I took her to another vet and she was better by next day she had a swollen pancreas. he didn't have to do x-rays or blood work to tell me what was going on with her.

Steve Schulte

3 years ago

Brought my dog in for an emergency on a thee day weekend to stitch up my dog stomach and also her tongue that she bit during a fall. Their office was booked that day but as soon as said the my dog needed stitches they told me to come in asap. Ended up my dogs tongue was allot worse than the stomach which they did not know until after they put her under. Even though the tongue was worse they still stuck to there original estimate. Dr. Gill was very knowledgeable, professional and confident. It's great to know they are close by.

Steve Brenflick

3 years ago

After.taking my dog to this vet spent several hundred dollars things got worse for my dog. Went to another vet and was actually upset with diagnosis and treatment, went different direction with treatment and everything has improved. Bottom line is I should have left there feeling something was accomplished, this is my first review ever

sandra aceves

3 years ago

Great service office stuff very professional

Nicol Patton

3 years ago

Staff is so sweet and caring. Service is fast and efficient. I will be going back

Natalie Sudborough Martinez

3 years ago

First of all, because some organizations pay for fake reviews, I only read the negative reviews to get an idea of the worst that can happen. So, to reach fellow readers like me, I am going to include the bad with the good. BUT THE GOOD IS SO VERY GOOD, YOU SHOULD DISREGARD THE CRITICAL PARTS OF THIS REVIEW. As we were leaving the clinic, I turned to my husband and exclaimed, "If only we had brought Sméagol here! She might still be alive!" By that I meant that this clinic is budget conscious. When our previous cat was sick, I called vets all over EDH, Folsom, & Placerville. I couldn't find any who would diagnose her for less than $500 (much less treat her). We are a low-income household. We cannot afford $500 (plus whatever it would have cost to treat) for a cat. And we are unwilling to go into credit card debt for ANY reason, least of all a cat. So, when it comes to pet health care, PRICES ARE a LIFE OR DEATH issue for our furry loved ones. Cost saving policy #1 at this vet: The cost of a consultation is in the $30 range. All the other area clinics that I have been to charge in the $70-$80 range. We have 2 cats. This means, up until finding Veterinary Medical Center of Folsom, we couldn't even afford to get shots in the area. We had to drive up to Placerville to get them at the shelter, which is only open during limited hours and you cannot make appointments = long wait time. What a relief to not have to go through that anymore. Cost saving policy #2 at this vet: The vet is willing to make some simple (common cat complaint) diagnoses WITHOUT running full blood work. Many clinics in the area absolutely will not diagnose ANYTHING without verifying with expensive blood work run first ($200-300). BOTTOM LINE: Our cats caught a common infection. Had we taken them to our previous vet in El Dorado Hills on Francisco Drive, it would have cost a minimum of $600 just to get both cats diagnosed. Who knows how much to get them treated. But, yesterday, at the Veterinary Medical Center of Folsom, it cost $80 total to get them diagnosed AND treated. That, again, is a life or death issue. We simply could not have afforded the $600, which means that our cats would have suffered an infection indefinitely or that they would have died of it. This clinic is in the business of saving lives BECAUSE it is budget conscious. Negatives of the experience: (1) I have now been to this vet twice. On the first visit, we experienced a long wait and abrupt greeting. However, yesterday, I experienced practically zero wait time and greetings were helpful and friendly. (2) Due to COVID-19 (obviously not the vet's fault!), office procedures are a bit awkward. That being said, I should point out that the doctor (vet) has been wonderful both times I visited: he was very patient and willing to work through all of my questions and concerns. Considering both visits were late in the evening after what surely was a long day of work for him, I was particularly impressed by such forbearance. So, the doctor is old-school in that regard as well: excellent bedside manner. To conclude, there are very little downsides to this clinic and the upsides are phenomenal: here my cats are treated by a competent, cost-conscious doctor. I am so grateful that we are no longer at the mercy of other area clinics' casual approaches to $600 bills.


3 years ago

Gave it a 3 star only because they need a welcoming packet for those bringing in they're new pup/kitten especially when they introduce a vacine package for you to purchase and save $$. As 1st time pet owner's, we are nervpus to begin with. Having more information on each vacine being given and things to expect during 1st growing year would be helpful and keeping owner's more at ease. Staff on the other hand was VERY friendly. During the covid shelter in place and restricted office visits, the establishment should considered customer's emotions as well.

Lindsay Conway

3 years ago

Took my senior yorkie in for a dental and they also removed a foxtail from my cats eye. Staff was sweet and professional. I plan on using them as our main vet from now on.

Jigar Vyas

3 years ago

This is such an amazing vet in Folsom and El Dorado Hills. Absolutely love the team here. They have been taking great care of my puppy Boots, all staff are kind, great with animals and extremely reliable. Boots loves going to see them and I do not worry about him when he is with team. Highly recommend Veterinary Medical Center of Folsom, Thank you!!!

Kirstie Wangan

3 years ago

We took our brand new puppy here for her initial vet visit check up and were less than impressed. Pros: Reception staff was friendly. Location is convenient. Their puppy plans are fairly convenient and reasonably priced. Cons: The vet was condescending and gave poor advice from my experience as a vet tech with a different hospital. I was initially told that they carried Revolution, after signing up for their puppy plan i learned that they don't carry it so they gave me a written script for a single dose. Come to find out the next morning that it is near impossible to find anywhere that sells single doses of Revolution. When I called the vet for assistance they were highly unknowledgeable. A routine puppy visit with no vaccines or procedures took over an hour. Unfortunately I made the mistake of signing up for a puppy plan which you apparently cannot get out of even before actually using any of the services (shame on me) so I'm stuck dealing with this vet until I've used the services on the plan or be out $260. As soon as we've gotten our moneys worth from this vet we will be going anywhere else.

Jill Huckaby

3 years ago

I can't say enough about how I have been treated by this office and vet! I have a 17 year old, 6 lb shorthair Chihuahua that would never let me brush his teeth. I honestly thought he would pass away before I'd have to deal with his rotting teeth. When he was young I put him under for teeth cleaning, but as he got older and after seizures, I tried the holistic approach where they wrapped him up and scraped teeth clean. (that resulted in a neck injury and him turning blue in the hands of the dental hygienist). Recently he was in a great deal of pain and I knew I had to do something. Most vets said it was not recommended to put him under due to his history of seizures and heart murmur. I saw a review that gave me hope that this office could help me. Dr. Gil was honest, straight forward, and let me know he was willing to try....but of course the outcome might mean he doesn't make it through surgery. His quality of life was greatly affected and I knew that if he passed away in surgery it would be better than suffering his dental issue. 11 Teeth pulled. HE MADE IT! I couldn't be happier! As well, I didn't get the feeling, like I have in so many other Vet's offices, that they try to take advantage financially. The charge was reasonable and its not like they try to get you to do more tests or get unnecessary prescriptions, etc. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Gil! His bedside manner is not super warm and fuzzy but that is okay. I want serious when dealing with my dog (family). He listens carefully, he's calm, and professional. Also, super convenient hours! Who else stays open as late as he does! Very hard worker and clearly dedicated. Thank you Dr. Gil!

Angel A

3 years ago

I took my cats to this clinic for neuter. Everything was top notch. The staff were very helpful and friendly. I also really liked the way the staff take care of the distribution of Covid-19. My cats were fine and now we are happy together. Thank you very much! Also, thank you for the very cute handwritten name card I received today. We were very pleased to receive it! :)

Ann K

3 years ago

Dr. Gill is patient and thoughtful in explaining what procedures need to happen...He is open to starting simple and slowly moving to more complicated (and more expensive).

Bernadette Poulin

3 years ago

This place was very understanding and very nice employees had my dog cremated and I really loved how what they did with him

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