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Chelsea R.

2 years ago

Although I have never been inside due to the pandemic, we have boarded our cat here a few times. They are open pretty much all day, and you can drop off / pick up at any time which is so convenient. Our cat always seems well cared for when we pick her up (cats stay in a private room here). The staff we have met are always happy and friendly. They have earned our trust!

Megan Dahlin

2 years ago

Our rescued Pit Mix Lucy is the light of my life. Wags 2 Whiskers has been the best support we could have asked for. When we first got her she was awkward around dogs because she was very neglected and they were able to socialize her into their pack so she can now play with the biggest and smallest of dogs at their camp! They are the ONLY place that we trust to take care of her. Their attention and love for animals is apparent in everything they do. Lucy struggled after we had her for a few years with anxiety and was getting snappy - with the support of Wags 2 Whiskers and their neurofeedback program Lucy was able to get back on track and has improved in her attitude, anxiety and socialization. I recommend Wags to anyone who has a dog they love for boarding, socializing, neurofeedback, or just a fun day camp for your pooch to get out their energy!! Update: They no longer take large dogs!

Shaunnie smith

2 years ago

I love ???? these people! They take such good care of my little fur baby ????. I took my dog to them for help to socialize him and they knew exactly what to do. Now my dog ???? looks forward to going every day. They really know their stuff and they genuinely care for your furry love ones. I'm totally grateful for them.

April N

2 years ago

The staff took their time with us on the phone and in person testing out their facility. Very helpful

Christina N

2 years ago

Carolina and Dillion are both warm and receptive. You can tell they really take their grooming services and boarding seriously. Yes, they were very strict about our dog, Buster, being up to date with shots—as they should be. So keep that in mind. Buster was scheduled for two night but, last minute, we had to make a change and board him for three nights. They made this change happen seamlessly. I just sent an email and their response was, “yes!” The place is clean and I could tell my dog felt really comfortable with them. Also, they do a great job with grooming. It seems to be a family owned and run business—which I’m happy to support. Thank you so much! You’ll be seeing a lot of us

Alisha Hartarto

2 years ago

Best place in Culver City to groom your dog!

Esoteric Tendencies

2 years ago

I hadn't heard of this business til I was reviewing my bank app and saw a FRAUDULENT CHARGE on my account. If the employees had done their job and actually asked for proper I.d, this could have been prevented. (My card has not left my sight) Not once have I ever stepped foot in this location, nor will I ever. I just wanted to warn others of the type of business this is. Beware.

Oliver Bustamante

2 years ago

Great gem ???? in Culver City downtown. Small family owned and operated.from pet grooming pet sit/walk/ overnight stays. Very accommodating to your needs and the pet needs. During my dog stay I ask the update how he was doing during doggy day care and the owner sent me pictures of him playing. Money well spent. There are too many rules at Health Spot for dogs to be consider at their day care. healthy Spot doesn’t have two separation for big dogs and small dogs. Last HeathySpot is Overpriced. Wags2whisker is affordable/reasonable. The shop Wags2whisker have Covid protocols, drop off is an ease bc the staff comes out to your car to pick up your pet. That’s it. Forever customer in Culver City or Westside.

Gisele Bevini

2 years ago

The very best place to bring your pet! I am so thankful that I did my research and found them! Always very professional, kind and reliable. They are so accommodating and my dog LOUIE loves coming here! We do half a day of day care and then he gets groomed. If he could stay all day he would :) They truly care for every animal and take special care to each animal individually. I am very picky on where I bring LOUIE and do extensive research. I could not have landed on a better place! 10 stars, highly recommended!!

Ashlee Hitchcock

2 years ago

Wags 2 Whiskers is Nana's home away from home. The level of care and love Carolina and Dillion provide with every service exceeds any expectation imaginable. They don't just provide services they want to each dog they touch to thrive. They are constantly researching the most healthy and natural ways to promote total well being of dogs and implementing use in their facility. Nana had hot spots on her belly on her last grooming visit. Carolina and Dillion shared their research, experience, the benefits of hypochlorous acid and a bottle to sample. I've read that hypochlorous acid is the same substance our white blood cells use to fight infection. To avoid the use of stabilizers they equipped themselves with the tools to make it. I used it on Nanas hotspots and they were noticeably healing within just one day of several sprays. I so appreciate their dedication to natural and effective remedies. Ask them about their grounding pad!!! If you have not taken your doggie here you both are missing out!!! Carolina and Dillion thank you so much for being such awesome humans and making the world a better place. You all deserve 100 stars!!

ASMR Jeremiah

3 years ago

We've been taking our pit-mix rescue, Lucy, here for years (5?) and they've been nothing short of a godsend. Wags2Whiskers has always gone above and beyond in helping us with socialization, training recommendations, and just being incredibly friendly and wonderful to work with. If we even mention the word "Wags" at home Lucy's ears perk up and she bee-lines to the door wagging her tail, ready to jump in the car. Story: Last year around the 4th of July 2020 Lucy was especially terrified of all the fireworks. It led to an actual breakdown for her. Wags2Whisers offered a new type of Neuro-Feedback therapy that has worked wonders in bringing her back to her former-self. We can't thank Wags enough! 1,294,939,788,979,387% recommend for all your doggy needs!

Judith Frankiel

3 years ago

We recently had a baby so we were looking for a place to take our dog, Rosie, so she could get some love and attention while we adjusted to the new baby. We are so so so happy we found W2W. We are first time dog owners and leaving Rosie with strangers was definitely nerve racking but I could tell right away that Carolina and her team love dogs and treat them like family. Rosie on the other hand was very skeptical and the first few times we went she would start shaking the minute we pulled up. After a few weeks at daycare she has fallen in love! She jumps out of the car and runs toward the W2W door with her tail wagging and butt wiggling. We love when they post pictures of Rosie on their Instagram page! we can tell she has lots of friends and the dogs are playful.

Bryan Navarro

3 years ago

Wags 2 Whiskers is such a great place to take your dogs. Very friendly environment which I loved and especially the Thera Clean treatment for my dog Joey. The bath worked amazingly and found out he is actually allergic to fleas. This treatment has helped him tremendously he feels better and doesn't scratch anymore! If you ever have the chance to get the theta clean for your dog it's an amazing choice. It leaves them cleaner and smelling better than ever.

Tyler Steinhause

3 years ago

We know this place is amazing because our dog cannot wait to go inside every time we drop him off. We get daily reports on behavior and training which is so helpful.

sakura bready

3 years ago

Carolina and her team are the best. Their package pricing is very affordable, and very attentive to my dogs needs. They also do grooming very well.

Olivia Rodriguez

3 years ago

This review is a long time coming. As first time dog parents, my partner and I have had a million and one questions and concerns since adopting our fur baby Juno back in August'20. When Juno got a couple of hot spots deep in her paws, we wanted to get her into the right hands asap to relieve her discomfort, and thank goodness we had some friends recommend this place. Wags 2 Whiskers is a family owned and run grooming service (I think they also do daycare and other like services; as I'm still working from home because of the pandemic, we haven't needed to look into anything beyond the grooming needs). I called them to inquire about making an appointment and I ended up having a half-hour conversation with Dillion as he listened to my concerns, asked thorough questions, and gave me thoughtful advice to begin to help the problem while I waited for my appointment. He reviewed the different options they have so that I could weigh my options financially and otherwise, never once pressuring me to spend more than what I felt I could afford, or needed to spend. I ultimately scheduled Juno for a full "Thera Clean" treatment, which is essentially a glorified bath that immerses the pet in microbubbles that not only deep cleans the hair, but their skin as well. This is an additional $50 to the regular bath price, but well worth every penny! Juno looked so much more relaxed and happy after just one treatment. After two more rounds she was all cleared up and back to normal. Dillion took the time to bond with her and put her at ease every time, he tracked her progress and showed us before and after photos along the way, along with some other cute behind-the-scenes shots! I can't recommend this place enough. After setting the bar this high, I doubt anyone else will compare. We are faithfully theirs!

Michelle Solitaire

3 years ago

I’ve experienced nothing but amazing from everyone at Wags 2 Whiskers. My brother always boards his dog, Max, here and he’s always extremely comfortable leaving him here. I’ve come multiple times to pick up Max from being boarded and Max is always so happy and you can just tell he has such a great time here. Their pricing is very affordable as well compared to other places in the area. I would highly recommend!

Karen Condron

3 years ago

Such a warm and loving place for my dog! All of the work staff know her name and love her. Carolina calls her “my little love bug”. I always feel reassured knowing she is at such a great place.

alex catalan

3 years ago

I have seen them quite a few times not being nice to de the dogs. ( and I walk by every day). Don’t have to take my word for it but if they don’t have cameras inside or outside that you can look at any given moment is not I good idea to leave you pet child ( that is what I call mine ) there.

James Fogel

3 years ago

This place is amazing. They have been so kind and patient with my rescue dog. They're a vital part of her living a good life. Cannot recommend W2W highly enough!

Linda Di Carlo

4 years ago

Expensive $12 for doggie poop bags?

Jon Blakely

4 years ago

To start, I'm giving this place two stars because we did take our dog to daycare here a few times a week for an entire year while ignoring some of the problems that arose. But, I do not think many of the reviews of this place are accurate, as W2W certainly not worth 4.8 starts as a doggy daycare. Today was our last day at Wags to Whiskers. I'll tell you about our story: My girlfriend and I started taking our little cattle dog mix as a fresh, 4 month old puppy from the pound to W2W to socialize her. In new-puppy-parent-ignorance, we ignored the fact that W2W would not let us see the play areas like other daycares we were shopping for, and were consistently oddly guarded about letting us see them after multiple requests throughout our entire patronage as customers. We were never allowed to see the play areas, but do know that our dog came back filthy 90% of the time, and more often than not needed a bath as soon as she got home because of how badly she smelled like urine or worse. Our pup was timid at first, but soon warmed up and was so excited to arrive when we took her in the mornings. Our pup is high-energy with a lot of happy attitude, being a little cattle-dog/terrier mix from the pound, but they would insert odd passive comments about her being a "character" that, over-time, resolved to be more like slights than an appreciation of her personality. This is a very concerning attitude for a place that takes care of your little canine partners as a business. Anyway, we chose W2W ultimately for the price, as at the time it was about $25 bucks a day (with a package) for a full day relative to the $35-a-day we observed from (way more state-of-the-art) competitors that we would've preferred to take her to. But, after about 6 months they hiked the price up to $39 (what??) for the exact same resources, claiming they were going to open up an outside area and were installing webcams so we could watch our dog throughout the day (something common at other daycares). We expressed concern about the price change, they offered us loyalty pricing at the original rates after we explained that we chose W2W for the price and what seemed to be a family-run atmosphere (and that they had not delivered on the improvements they were claiming added value to their daycare). After a few months, I do believe they added an outside pen, glancing it on their instagram. But, it looks tiny - no bigger than a king-size bed. And filthy - just like their indoor facilities look from their instagram. The webcams have never come - and I doubt they ever will for a variety of probable reasons that make us uneasy. We take very active care of our dog. She is routinely taken to the vet for any issues and is completely vaccinated for the doggy diseases that can come from un-vaccinated dogs. Our pup came home badly sick at least 5 times though-out her time at W2W - once with kennel cough. This means that W2W did not do their due diligence on admitting new dogs into their care. I called to ask about this and the female owner IMMEDIATELY knew what I was talking about and attempted to redirect the conversation quickly taking over saying, "Oh, she has a cold?! I have to call the other dogs parents! I have to go!" No - our poor pup had kennel cough because you did not check vaccination records of newly admitted dogs. On multiple other occasions, she came home with vomiting and diarrhea. All of these issues I can guarantee came from whatever goes on behind the closed doors at daycare, as we monitor our dog 100% of the time when she's not there (we live in a small space with her). I would attribute this both to poor facility cleanliness and lack of oversight of the staff. I'll start to wrap this up, but the last straw was when, near the end of our relationship with W2W, we took her to daycare she was suddenly absolutely terrified to go in. This was around the exact same time that we noticed new staff in the evenings. I don't claim to know what happened, but this was very concerning. We started making plans to try a new daycare. (I'll finish in the comments)

Kevin Owyang

4 years ago

Carolina and Robert are great! They do a super job taking care of my dog. And are really cool about seeing to his special needs.

Kimberly Rebetter

4 years ago

Because they have the cutest lovable pets there is

Lesley Sive

4 years ago

Wags 2 Whiskers goes above and beyond in their service and care of the dogs. Our dog needed a special diet and I could not find the food anywhere since it is seasonal. I left our dog there for the night and when I picked him up the next day, Carolina had gone out and found the food for him! Really great service and a great place to take your dogs. Love them!

Mallory Yund

4 years ago

My girl, Olivia, loves going to daycare every day! She has made friends to play with, and always goes to bed early on days when she’s been there. The staff are incredibly nice and accommodating, and you can’t beat their hours of operation in Culver City.

Nieko Brown

4 years ago

Great place to leave ur dog for daycare and boarding. They also in my opinion have some of the best groomers in Culver City. Thanks for everything

Nic Scam

4 years ago

This place is awesome, Carolina is the sweetest and even my rowdy pup calms down and just loves her. She has a way with dogs that puts you as an owner at ease. The whole stuff is wonderful and kind. I’m so happy I found this place. Plus they open early enough so that I can drop off and still make it to work on time. Thank you guys.

Shawn Casey

4 years ago

We've been taking our dog to Wags 2 Whiskers for several years now (for both grooming and boarding) and have always been very impressed with Carolina and her staff. The place is very clean, everyone is super friendly and you can tell they genuinely love animals and care about your pets as if they were their own. Our dog actually gets excited to come here and pulls at his leash to go IN - not many people can say that about their boarding places haha! This past weekend, we were in Colorado for a snowboard trip when our puppy began throwing up unexpectedly. They immediately texted us photos and kept us in the loop over the next few hours. They even offered to take him to the vet immediately if we thought it was necessary. At the end of the day, a vet visit was not needed, but they did go to Trader Joes to buy shredded chicken and rice for him to eat for the next couple days while he was there... and they didn't even charge us for it. This is just one example of how Carolina and Wags 2 Whiskers goes above and beyond for your pets. At this point, they're like surrogate parents for our puppy and we would definitely recommend anyone thinking about boarding their pet at Wags 2 Whiskers to give them a shot!

Lori de Koker

4 years ago

Wags 2 Whiskers were really accomodating

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